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Osmosis Nightclub (Aston Hotel Cirebon)

By Tibs →
Osmosis is a live music bar and nightclub located in Cirebon, about 3 hours by train from Jakarta. It is inside the Aston Hotel and Convention Center  on Jalan Brigjen Dharsono. I was surprised to see that there are several clubbing options in the city: You also have Rockstar Mixology or Mithas Pub for instance. None of these is as happening as what you would find in Jakarta, but at least they provide decent entertainment. Osmosis is a clean, modern, and intimate space with live bands and DJs every night. They have a different theme every day (though they may change it from time to time): Monday is a student night, Tuesday is for old school music, Wednesday is for special event/open format, Thursday is for classic rock, Friday is for hip-hop/Rn'B/trap. On Saturday, they'll often have a more famous live band or DJ, sometime from Jakarta.

Mithas Pub, Lounge and Karaoke (Cirebon)

By Tibs →
Mithas is a bar, nightclub and karaoke located in Hotel Apita in Cirebon (a 3-star property, girl-friendly). It is mostly a place to listen to live music, every day starting 10pm (combined with a DJ). It is not really stylish and it is starting to get old, especially compared to other venues like Osmosis or Rockstar. If you are looking for girls though, there are quite a few lady companions you can invite for a drink or to sing with you. It is better to visit on weekends as they sometimes have more famous DJs and musicians (and also sexy dancers). Hip hop night on Friday. For special events, the entrance fee is Rp75,000 or Rp1,000,000 to get a standing table.