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The Manhattan Fish Market - Seafood Restaurants

By Jakarta100bars →
The Manhattan Fish Market is a restaurant chain specializing in seafood dishes, either poached, grilled, fried, baked or flamed. They are originally from Singapore, with branches in several countries in Asia and Middle East. In Indonesia, you can find them in Bali and Jakarta for the moment. I took one of their signature dishes, the Small Flame (Rp129,000 +16% tax and service), which seemed very appetizing on the picture from the menu (you can see all of it here ). Small Flame (Rp129,000++)

Nebula Club Jakarta (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars →
Nebula is the newest nightclub in Jakarta. It is opening on June 6th and it is owned by the Stadium group (which closed only 2 weeks ago). The group is also behind the bordellos Malioboro and King Cross , and the normal club  Exodus . I think Nebula will be a mix between both types, trying to catch the normal crowd, but also with a sexy side (dancers, karaoke, etc....). I won't be able to go to the opening as I am currently in Bali, but I'm pretty excited to visit it as soon as I will be back in Jakarta. On their facebook and twitter page, they advertise Nebula as the biggest nightclub in Jakarta. Please let me know your feedback if you visit it by email or by posting a comment on this post. Thanks!

Dharma Kitchen (Vegetarian Restaurant Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
There are few options for vegetarians in Jakarta so I was curious to try Dharma Kitchen on the 5th floor of Grand Indonesia. They have branches elsewhere in Jakarta, in Pluit, Central Park and Senayan City. I was a bit disappointed after looking at the menu, because it features many junk food. I may ask too much, but I was hoping to finally find a place in Jakarta with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients cooked in a healthy way. This is not the concept behind Dharma: Their concept is to serve you all the food you normally have in a restaurant, but to replace the meat by an alternative product (usually made of soybean or mushroom). Menu Dharma Kitchen I wanted to see if they had an original way to cook their burgers, so I went for the Chicken one. It was terrible. The taste was not good at all, it was full of sauce and the french fries had a weird taste (according to my friend they use the lowest quality potatoes). Vegetarian Chicken Burger