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H Gourmet and Vibes (Senopati)

By Jakarta100bars →
H Gourmet and Vibes is a new trendy restaurant and bar that opened last year in the Senopati area. As I'm currently on a diet, I didn't try the food which consists mostly of fat American dishes (grilled meats, burgers, melted cheese, specialty french fries, sandwiches, etc). If you are skinny or not particularly concerned about eating healthy, I'm sure many items are as delicious as fried cheese with mayo can be. My main interest was to test the bar. I had heard many praises from friends and I wanted to see for myself. H Gourmet and Vibes is in brand new building which seems to be still under construction. Hipsters probably love that. The best thing about the place are the large windows that let you see the nearby trees with the skyscrapers in the background. In particular, you have an original clock-shaped window just behind the bar. The rest is your typical vintage-industrial design that many new venues in Jakarta I've chosen to copy from one another.

10 Worst Restaurant Chains in Indonesia

By Jakarta100bars →
The restaurant chains listed below are on my personal blacklist. I consider they are the worst in Indonesia when in comes to the quality of the food they serve. They are also among the unhealthiest you'll find here. If you care just a little about your body, you should avoid them by all mean. Most of them serve industrial, frozen food heavy in salt, sugar and fat. Ingredients are rarely authentic, especially those that are expensive in Indonesia like cheese or beef. They will always use the cheapest stuff, regardless of the taste.  Cooks rarely have any background in cooking. They are often just high-school graduates with little training who only know how to stir-fry, deep-fry and pan-fry. It's not their fault though, the culprits are the bosses who decide on the recipes and one the ingredients used. If you work for one of these chains, sorry about this post, it's not personal. I have nothing about the service or the staff. As far as I know, you do a great j

Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails (Jakarta & Singapore)

By Jakarta100bars →
Three Buns is the current trendy place in Jakarta (in May 2014). It was opened by the group behind Potato Head. The owners should write a marketing book and give it to McDonald's. They could call it: "How to sell fast-food 3 times its normal price?". Three Buns is actually a very pretty and original place, with friendly staff and a unique concept. Unfortunately, because it is expensive, it didn't work for me. It has no aircon, very limited service, no comfortable place to sit and a not so many options in the menu. Yet their cheapest burger costs over 100,000rp net.  The overall design is great and it is the best thing about Three Buns. It plays on a hipster trend with a raw, back-to-basics setting. There is good music and it is made so that everyone can see each other. When it is full, it must have a great atmosphere. I also think that they could organize events as the restaurants is shaped like an arena. Now with the things I didn't like:

Le Quartier (French Restaurant)

By Nyoman →
    Le Quartier ("The Neighbourhood" in French, pronounced like the jewelry brand "Cartier") is a new French Restaurant, opened in 2013 in Kebayoran Baru, near Senopati. I liked the building facade of the Restaurant as well as the interior design. The decoration is well done and it really gives the feeling you are in a French bistro, with also a few modern touches. The overall impression is that it is an elegant and luxurious place, especially with their beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Safehouse Bar and Restaurant (Mega Kuningan)

By Jakarta100bars →
Update 2017: Safehouse has changed location and it is now in Menara Anugrah (still in Mega Kuningan). In just about a few weeks, I received 3 emails from readers recommending me to try Safehouse in Bellagio Mansion in Mega Kuningan. As I am a docile blogger, I went there last Friday with a friend. It is located where Piccolo used to be, and it is a mixed concept: Restaurant, Bar, Club, Store. It was opened by the designer and make of the sneaker brand "SomeAreThieves" (which is why the place is called Safehouse). The idea behind the restaurant was to promote the brand by attracting the trendy crowd of Jakarta. They hired Tomasso Gonfiantini, the Chef who opened the first Trattoria in Jakarta (before it changed its name to Pepenero ). He actually came to see us, which was nice, and recommended us one of his sandwiches, which according to him are the Signature food of Jailhouse. My sandwich was the "Gourmand" (95,000rp++) and it

Yo' Panino Sandwich Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars →
    Yo' Panino is a local, independant fast food restaurant with a large range of sandwiches and paninis. It is located in Kota Kasablanka and in Plaza Indonesia. The design and the marketing of the place puts it in the same category as Mc Donalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc...  I didn't expect incredible food but I thought Yo' Panino was a good alternative to the above mentioned restaurants as it offers the same concept, the same prices, but a much more original choice of sandwiches. I tried the Grill Chicken Pesto Sandwich combo meal for 68,000rp net with french fries and a drink. It tasted fine enough and if I was a big fan of junk food I would certainly return to Yo' Panino. Opening Hours: Yo' Panino is opened every day from 10am to 10pm (until 12pm on Friday and Saturday)

Carls' Jr. in Indonesia

By Jakarta100bars →
Carl's Jr is a chain of fast-food burger restaurants, originally from the US. The main differences I see with its competitors (Mc Donald's, Burger King, FatBurger, A&W, Wendy's, Johnny Rocket) are the following: - They have salads, which is a nice alternative if you are with someone who doesn't want to eat junk food. - They have free flow drinks - The food is brought to you at your table - The french fries are better than elsewhere: Super crispy and with a good taste. But the quality of the beef is average.

Otel Lobby (Kuningan)

By Jakarta100bars →
I visited Otel Lobby just before Ramadhan, and was quite disappointed by the place. This lounge/restaurant was opened by a famous Indonesian socialite, Gaby Bakrie, the wife of one of the brothers of Aburizal Bakrie. As such, it is popular with Jakarta's richest. We ordered 3 burgers (I wish we had tried more dishes but that's all that we wanted...) which were OK but the meat was rare, with blood dripping all over our hands when we were eating. My two carnivore friends had no problems with that, but I thought it was disgusting and could not finish. The music was loud and terrible: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, David Guetta... The same you would get in X2 or Red Square, even though it was 7pm, in a restaurant supposed to be stylish. The atmosphere of the place was dull, very un-happening. It was crowded, but the tables are so far from each other that it doesn't feel lively. Overall: I will not return to Otel Lobby because even though it is expensive and preten

Bluegrass Grill & Bar

By Jakarta100bars →
Bluegrass Bar & Grill is located next to Epicentrum Mall, off Rasuna Said street. A good place to meet other expats, it became popular quite rapidly after opening and it still is. The food is American: Steaks, ribs, burgers, wings, nachos, etc... Hip atmosphere, on the expensive side (similar with other venues like Union , Loewy , etc..). Surprisingly, I realized that there wasn't such a big offer in Jakarta for this type of food for those who expect a stylish design and decent quality. Along with the 24-meter bar, I think this is what explains part of the success of Bluegrass.  On the minus side, the service could be greatly improved, and in particular the friendliness of staff. Overall: I recommend a visit once in a while for a casual, after-work eat. It is a good place to bring a date. Update 2014: The new Bluegrass has opened, with a slightly different address inside the Bakrie Tower. It looks nicer than before I think and the service has improved! I'm c

Fatburger (fast food burger chain)

By Jakarta100bars →
Fatburger is a chain of American fast food restaurants, originally from California, with branches in Plaza Senayan and Plaza Indonesia in Jakarta. I decided to try it because they have an ad saying it was voted "number one burger in L.A. and Las Vegas". I bought a regular Fatburger with cheese, french fries and coke (Rp64,999), which is very expensive considering I was the simplest of their burgers, with one beef patty only (you can have up to four). Verdict? In my opinion: More tasty than McDonald's, not as good as Burger King. Overall: Not bad but too pricey. If it is true people in LA and Las Vegas consider it their best burger, I feel sorry for them. Opening hours: Everyday, from 10am to 10pm

Star Deli (Kemang)

By Jakarta100bars →
Star Deli is a popular venue for snacks and beer in Kemang, with a Hollywood theme. American owned and American food (burgers, sandwiches, etc.).  You'll notice that they usually hire friendly and sexy waitresses... Recommended for an easy-going early night out. It is also a good place to meet other expats. They have a pool table as well and live music on weekend nights (Top 40). Prices are more expensive than the average for Kemang, but still reasonable: Around Rp30,000 for beer and Rp50,000 for hard drink. Happy hours from 5pm to 7pm. Open every day.