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Hanamasa (All you can eat Restaurant)

By Nyoman →
Hanamasa is a All-you-can-eat Restaurant Chain in Indonesia, with Japanese Gril and Barbecue. It is quite popular and there are many outlets in Jakarta. I went to Hanamasa on Jl Mahakam (near Gran Mahakam Hotel) and I tried the food. I was not disappointed by the food: there is a fair choice of meat, vegetables and other condiments. You can either boil it or grill it (Shabu Shabu or Yakiniku). The crowd there is mostly indonesian and the different restaurants are pretty full on the week ends. I also found the place very clean with good service. The best part in my opinion is the price: It is only 100 000 Rp / 120 000 Rp to get a buffet menu. This is one of the lowest prices compared to the more than decent quality of the food. I would then recommend it as a good cheap alternative to a more fancy Korean BBQ.

Bumbu Desa Restaurants

By Jakarta100bars →
Bumbu Desa is a chain of Sundanese food restaurants, popular in Jakarta and in other Indonesian cities. There are quite many branches, at least 27, so I cannot say if the quality is the same everywhere. The one I tried was in Bandung, near Paskal Hypersquare.

Olive Tree Restaurant (Hotel Nikko)

By Jakarta100bars →
The Olive Tree is one of the restaurants of Nikko Hotel. If you don't choose the buffet (Rp228,000++), the menu "à la carte" consists of various popular international dishes, plus some local favourites. We tried 3 dishes, the Tasmanian salmon (Rp155,000++), the Lamb Rack (Rp180,000++) and the Seafood Pesto soup (Rp50,000++). Note that the Indonesian dishes are much more affordable. The food tasted fine, just as you would expect for these prices. However, my overall feeling was that the restaurant lacks charm. We were the only customers that evening and it seemed like the whole place was sleepy.

Satoo Buffet Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
a Satoo is one of the restaurants located in the 5-star hotel Shangri-La. It has an amazing buffet for lunch and dinner, with food from all over the globe, and in particular Indian, European, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese. Really impressing!! Considered as the best buffet restaurant in Jakarta. The décor as well is splendid, but it so big that it is not very intimate. Lots of people walking around and shouting... It is a bit tiring..