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Murphy's Irish Pub & Restaurant (Kemang)

By Tibs →
A newcomer in Jakarta's nightlife , Murphy's Irish Pub& Restaurant is the first of its kind in Kemang and it is actually owned by an Irish expat. Compared to other places in Kemang, Murphy is a little more "mature", not only attracting youngsters but a wider crowd of expats and locals from all ages. The warm interior and the friendly staff will make you feel comfortable upon entering the doors. Food is served all day, and I recommend you to try the house specialties: The Guiness Casserole, the Handut Chip and the Irish stew. If you come on Friday or Saturday night, a live band is playing starting 10pm. The rest of the week, you have a mix of Irish songs and classics.

Pizza e Birra Restaurant

By The Jakarta Team →
Pizza e Birra, owned by the Ismaya group , is re-inventing the wheel and proposes you an alcoholic version of Pizza Hut. The name is self-explanatory: Pizza e Birra has mostly pizzas (+ appetizers & soups) and beers (all kind, among which some fruit-flavoured) in its menu. The quality of the food is better than in any fast food but it’s far from being great cuisine. The beers, except for a few names are those that can be found in any other restaurant or bar. A good reason to go there is for the live music band on Friday and Saturday, and for the Beer Pong tournament that takes places once in a while. The big drawback is that of course, it is very expensive. I’m always amazed to see with how much confidence the Ismaya Group manages to transform everything it touches into something funky & modern. I would never have bet that eating junk food with Bintang, in a Muslim country, could ever be seen a hot thing to do. My opinion is that Pizza e Birra is a marketing concept that targe

The Pub (Kemang)

By Tibs →
Kemang had the reputation of being a place for high school kids, but with more pubs and expat hangouts opening, it is no longer true.