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Foreplay - Bar, Live Music, Club - Batam

By Tibs →
Foreplay is a bar/live music lounge/nightclub located in the heart of Kampung Bule in Nagoya, Batam. It is the most upmarket venue in this area, and the only one with a first drink charge (Rp100,000 every day and any time, even when it is empty). Considering this expensive entrance fee, I was expecting the place to be modern and exciting but I must say I was disappointed. I visited a Wednesday and it was rather quiet with only a few tables occupied. It is small and dark, and it looks rather old. Most of the people inside were either waiters or hostesses paid by the management. The band was playing mostly depressive love songs that seemed to put everyone to sleep. Thank God once in a while the DJ was playing more upbeat techno.

Kampung Bule in Batam - Best Bars and Hotels

By Tibs →
Kampung Bule is the main area for expat-oriented nightlife in Batam (Bule = white foreigners, Kampung = neighborhood). It is located in Nagoya, about 10 minutes by taxi from the Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal . It is also sometimes referred to as NED (Nagoya Entertainment District). Need a Hotel? Please Read:  18 Best Hotels Near Batam Nightlife and Spas . It is a small red-light district with only a few streets and not more than 40 bars, nightclubs and massage parlors.  I find Kampung Bule to be quite boring to be honest as almost all the venues are identical (which is not surprising considering they are owned by a handful of individuals).

F1 Club and Planet 1 Disco (Batam)

By Tibs →
F1 Club & KTV is my favorite nightclub in Batam. It is located on the basement of  Planet Holiday , one of the largest and most famous hotels on the island. In the same building, you also have Planet 1, a head-shaking techno disco similar to Newton , a billiard center and a big karaoke. F1 is built in a L shape with a bar occupying the whole left side. In the middle, you have a stage for live bands to perform and sofas just in front. It is not so big so you should make a table booking if you plan to visit on a weekend night (during the week it is much more quiet). They have a live band every night until 2am (Top 40 and Indonesian songs), followed by a DJ playing party anthems/EDM until 5am. There are quite many girls, most of which I believe are working in the karaoke. There might be a few normal ones as well. I also saw at least 2 ladyboys. No entrance fee. A whisky coke cost Rp112,000.