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Cocoon Beach Club (Bali)

By Tibs →
Cocoon is one of the hippest and most expensive beach clubs in Bali, along with KuDeTa and Potato Head. Located on Jalan Double Six in Seminyak, it is about 100 meters from the beach, and not far from many other renowned venues such as Bacio, La Vida Loca or Déjà Vu. In the inside, everything is perfect and definitely world-class: The food, the parties, the design, the atmosphere, etc... It is pricey, around Rp 600,000 for a meal per person, but you can also order just a drink for around Rp100,000. There are some more private areas for bigger spenders too in the form of "cabanas". Because it is flashy, exclusive and absolutely unauthentic, it is not for everyone. I'm sure that at least half of the people I know would prefer eating padang food in a warung instead of spending an afternoon in Cocoon.

Vi Ai Pi (Kuta, Bali)

By Tibs →
Vi Ai Pi is a bar/club/restaurant located next to Sky Garden in Kuta (Bali). When it opened, it brought a little modernity into Kuta's nightlife , then dominated by Paddy's, Bounty and MbarGo. The design is stylish, especially on the first floor, and the sound system great. Unfortunately, it is probably not as popular as expected: If no special events are on, the first floor will probably remain empty, while the second one, with dancefloor music (all the famous hits), has only a few wandering guests. To spice things up a little, they may have sexy bikini dancers once in a while (usually Javanese girls, sometimes foreign). For those used to party in Jakarta, it is very mild and harmless.   Overall: There's nothing wrong with Vi Ai Pi, only that it is not crowded enough. If you enjoy bar-hopping, it is worth trying, but if you want to go straight to somewhere happening, choose Sky Garden instead. Vi Ai Pi Jalan Legian 88 Kuta - Bali. Indonesia