PP Banana - Bar, Massage, Striptease (Batam)

By Jakarta100bars
PP Banana is quite a singular place in Batam as it is the only Thai-style gogo bar. It is officially a "laptop lounge", located in a hidden location above Lucy's Oarhouse in Kampung Bule. You need to access it from the back and then go up the stairs.

We visited by coincidence on a Friday night and we were not really expecting anything. We were surprised to discover there was a full bar with a few hostesses and, more remarkably, a dancing area with stripper poles. Naturally, we asked what the poles were for and the waitress replied: "Striptease of course". It turns out 2 customers walked in at this time and they ordered all the girls to go on stage. They started dancing with their clothes on, and then one of the guy paid Rp200,000 to a dancer who started to take her clothes off until she was naked...

He later took her to one of the rooms upstairs, for a price of Rp500,000. We were told some of the girls may also give blowjobs within the bar, on the sofas (I'm not sure about the cost). You can also bar fine someone you like so she can follow you to your hotel.

Apart from the seedy atmosphere, PP Banana is a pleasant place for drinking with friends. The name "laptop lounge" actually means that you can choose the music from their laptop (YouTube). You can also put your own music if you ask nicely. PP probably means "Panti Pijat" or massage parlour, but I'm not sure about it.

Prices are standard for drinks, Rp35,000-Rp40,000 for a beer, Rp60,000-Rp80,000 for spirits.

PP Banana, Kampung Bule, Nagoya, Batam
Open only on weekends until 2/3am

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  1. I went there which was a mistake. About 5 girls there, very old and ugly. The bar was empty and when I came they started lousy pole dancing with the cloth on. After 2 minutes the girls approched me and thwy want drknks. They also offered to get naked for 200k each but definitely not worth.I had a beer and left.

  2. 200K is 20 bucks! Cheap Charlie.

  3. stupid only will for 200k for that