Very popular bar with many young european expats (those working for embassies and NGOs) and the alternative crowd. Reggae/blues concerts. Tony Q plays on Friday nights, bringing along a large crowd of fans. Not many girls and no working girls at all. A definite favourite of the nightlife in Jakarta.

Update August 2010: BBs is closed... It is supposed to re-open in Kemang but I have no information about that.. If you know another reggae bar in Jakarta, email me so I can update the blog.
Contact details:
BB's Jakarta
Near Jalan Cokroaminoto (in Jl. Sidoarjo 1, a little street off Cokroaminoto actually, next to the Formule 1 Hotel)
Jl. Sidoarjo 1
Menteng, Jakarta 10320

Tel.: (62-21) 3193 1890.

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7 comments to '' BB’s Reggae and Blues Bar and Club - Live performance-(Plaza Menteng, Jl Cokroaminoto) "

  1. Best bar to have a good time (except if you're looking for chiks), possible to find some happy herb there. Show starts friday nights around 11 to 12 pm.

  2. This place has been closed for a few months now. I thought it was going to be temporary but somebody told me it's probably permanent. Something about tax problems. Too bad, too. I loved this place!

    1. Yeah! They should be back soon coz am going back to Jkt next month, hah!

  3. merde alors. je ne peux plus y aller. j'aime beaucoup cet endroit

  4. The rock band now performs at Eastern Promises (kemang), I heard. Every wednesday (I might b wrong)