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  1. is this place clean ??

  2. I think it is not that bad, but it is rather a cheap place compared to emporium spa, fortune spa, sun city, hotel alexis, or malioboro.. but I don't know if those places offer similar services of soapy massages..

  3. This place is dirty.

    I was expecting to get just a soapy massage, but the girl tried to give me much more.

    After she finished the soapy massage, she instructed me to go shower, and I did. Then she went on and showered herself.

    I was lying on the mattress waiting for her. She came out, wiped herself dry, and started licking me everywhere.

    The she proceeded to do more with her mouth. And when she wanted to go all the way, I stopped her. She would have gone all the way if I didn't stop her.

  4. What else do you expect from a Soapy Massage? The girl is there to have sex with you after she massages you... What is the point of being aroused by a naked woman sliding onto your body and go back home without anything after that? That would be very cruel...

  5. already closed may 2010

  6. Oasis Spa has closed now, but there are still a few other options to get body massage/soapy massage in Jakarta. Of course, you still have Berlian and Kartika in Jalan Hayam Wuruk, but they are not always clean. I prefer to get a body massage in Orchardz spa, in Terminal Classic, in Second Home in Kelapa Gading, or in Sumo.. I'm not sure but I think most of these places offering body massages or soapy massages are listed on this blog...

  7. Oasis Spa has not closed, I was in there during the 1st week of August 2010, and also about 6 weeks before that.
    Daytime price is 415k for 1 hour, includes a 15-20 minute soapy, 5-10 min bj then she will let you take the lead for the remainder finishing off with a shower.
    It is now Ramadan and I haven't checked if it is still open but I imagine if closed it will open straight after.
    Certainly much cleaner that 6th floor, not tried Kartika so can't compare, not as clean as Hotel Travel.

  8. can anyone tell the exact address??? thanks.

  9. It is between Peninsula Hotel and Sparks hotel on Jalan Mangga Besar Raya...

  10. hii.. this is my first visit to jakarta and i m gona be here for few weeks..based on the comments here i just came out of oasis,located in a busy market area.the girls here r not really good looking..ll of them r locals.. body soapy massage plus sex costs 360,000 rp. in the groudn floor they ll give u a key an send u to 2nd floor to select girls..i didnt find good collection of girls here.. they were round 6-7 none of them looked good and none of them had big tits.. so i had to choose one among them .. she took me to 6th floor in a room with bath.. she gave body massage for 15 minutes,fr bj she asked me extra .. i gave 100,000.then i fucked and walked away.. overall i apid 460,000 .. not really satisfied with massage or girl.

  11. this place has been open after renovation. Soft opening promo massage and body mas 390 exc. tips have live music start 19.00 wib. u can choose terapist direct no use number.

  12. March09,2011

    Hello Guys,I went to Oasis Spa,...really good experience.

    Its clean, good location and cheaper than Alexis. Located between Hotel Peninsula and Hotel Astika in Mangga Besar.

    BTW its better to use TransJakarta Bus service, easy to use, cheap and faster than Taxi, since it runs through a dedicated line, which means NO TRAFFIC JAM. only Rp 3,500 per ticket. Stop at Mangga Besar station and walk 150 meters.

    When you entered, you can choose the type of service you want, they have different services and package deal, also offer Body2body.

    Good thing you only pay on your way out. No pressure. They only charge you Rp80,000 if you use sauna-spa facilities (US$9), you can either use the Spa the whole day, then go upstairs to check the girls before deciding what to do. Which i did.

    if you go upstairs and do not like the girls, you can walk out with out paying anything, but first you have to get the front desk girl permission to do that. she speak fair enough English.

    You enter and are given a locker number, a key and free coupon for snacks-food in the second floor, right where the girls are... clever.

    You open a locker.. You change into swimpants and you can go to the sauna, hot jacuzzi, steam room and little Freezing pool.

    then I went to second floor and you are shown a room full of girls, around 50 girls total. Only 20 of then do b2b massage. take your time to choose girls, do not rush your self, spend some time there.

    I asked the girls to stand up to check legs, skin and general condition...hehehe

    then you just pick one.. there are pretty one and not so pretty ones too.
    Nice bodys and also not so good bodys.

    I took the package deal:

    1 hour b2b massage + 1 hour VIP massage: Rp420,000

    Important: the b2b massage included b2b soapy massage, sucking good and sex. It was really good, they know what they are doing. My girl was beautiful, long black hair, long legs, 24yo. you have to tip her afterwards, she earned good. I gave her Rp100,000 and she was happy.

    then went down to relax in the Jacuzzi for a while and later went back to the second floor for my second part of the deal.
    VIP massage: you have to choose a different girl for it ( from the lot that do not practice b2b massage)

    I took a little young cute Indonesian 18yo, 45kilograms, 1,55mt, long black hair, little perky boobs.

    VIP massage include only massage, after massage you have to negotiate the sex part or Tip, she ask me Rp600,000 and we negotiate paying Rp400,000.

    Advise: Lowballers gets bad service, be nice and get good service.

    she dont wanna suck but she fuck like the is no tomorrow...amazing. (anyway I got a good suck from b2b girl). I spend 40 minutes doing it and enjoyed every single minute. awesome body, cute pussy soft skin.

    Numbers as I remember for your reference:

    only B2b massage: Rp360,000
    VIP massage: Rp250,000

    Package deal:

    B2b massage + VIP massage: Rp420,000


    B2b tip: Rp100,000
    VIP massage tip: 400,000

    Towel-water-Jacuzzi boy tip:Rp30,000

    Grand Total:

    Rp950,000 (US$107)

    For your reference i went there at 2:00pm and left the place at 6:30pm, happy and fresh

    Hope this info can help you to have some fun while in Jakarta

  13. i was there now and i give anonymus 100% right. one of the best one in my live an the price was very cheap for this wunderfull service. (special offer daily)

  14. their website

  15. Is this place shut during Ramadan?

  16. Was shut today, when I went past.

  17. Right.. thx 4 the comments written above
    I just went there to get B2B/soapy massage with FS, they call it BM (Body Massage)
    BM costs Rp365k
    there were also freelancers for >500k, and standard massage which I am not interested

    Oasis is way better than Kartika/Berlian, they both looked shitty on the outside & a bit slum, and the girls here is better too

    ride on,

  18. i hope one money and other valuables are safe while u r busy with soapy massage?

  19. Cost rp365k just for BM or include Fu*k Job? How much we must give tips money for lady?

  20. i plan to go ther today. hope can have a good time

  21. yes i went there today. not so bad, but not so excellant as well. but the best part is could carry the freelance girl along with me after her duty. Spent a good night with her

  22. Hi colleagues, just coming back from Oasis, where I had a very good experience. English is not real spoked there, but you can communicate.
    I had a fast Hydro in a very very hot water (too much, as they want to boil me ...), then go up to choice the girl; find a young one, thin but with huge boobs (what I like), her name was Shakira, as the singer ....
    She was very pretty and funny, always smiling and she perfomed a very good body massage whit her tits !!! After that she propose me sex, and obviously I accepted (I was there for that). She was horny, her pussy was very thight and I had to go slow at the beginning. Good FS Good Body Massage + one drink, what else ?
    The place can be better, nothing about luxury site, but the room looks nice and clean. Rate 7/10
    You shall try and if you find the good girl come back again.
    That's all

  23. I'm confusing after read all comments.
    some mention B2B with BJ & Sex, some need to negotiate for extra. What actually RP360k or RP365k covered?

  24. The place is real nice! I got a suite with a jacuzzi which cost me 385K IDR after discount, think it was 40%. I picked my girl on lvl 2, there were probably about 20-30 girls sitting on sofa, but only half of them do full services, the other half only do massage, no sex.
    The girl I choose then took me up to lvl 6 or 7 (forgot) & we went into the room & she started the jacuzzi, then we both striped naked & she told me to lied face down on the bed then proceeded the B2B massage.
    The girl was small in my option, short (what i like) but had a nice body, nice titties & a very small pussy, I could only enter 3/4 of my johnson into her & she was in pain. Love that small Muslim pussy!!!!!
    But the thing i didnt like was she used a condom to give me a BJ, but she was quite experienced as it got me rock hard!!! My bahasa is ok enough for us to have a 10-15mins conversation afterwards while I kicked back in the jacuzzi as she sat at the edge.
    BTW, she asked me if I wanted sex after the B2B massage, OFCOZ I DID!!! She wanted 200K IDR for the sex, but I told her if she was good, I can give her more!!! I ended up giving her 300K tips for that tight pussy, told her I loved her pussy then she gave me her mobile no. I could only understand about 60% of our conversation but I think she wants me to take her out sometimes even tho she knows I have a wife & kid, but I told her not to call or sms me as she suggested, but I will just call her next time I come! Definitely will go back as I didn't get to use the downstairs spa & sauna or the other facilities coz I didnt have enough time. But I'll try a diff pussy next time ofcoz!!!

  25. Jakarta seems like a lot of Fun !!! Party on !!!

  26. Thanks for all the great info guys but What time does it open??

  27. hi guys
    is it possible to have to girls at the same time to do massage for me?

  28. I know it is definetely open by 1pm nut I seem to remember trying Travel Hotel nearby before 1pm and it being closed I headed over to Oasis. So, possibly opens at midday.

  29. hey it still exist now?
    I'll go to there on Dec.

  30. Was there today. Got the President suite for b2b. Got there just before noon and there wasn't much to choose from. But there is something to be said for experience. Started with the soapy which was awesome. It was followed by a good licking and long unhurried bj. Finished up with FS with CIM, she never asked for any money. It cost me 425k for the nice room with jakuzi and a 100k tip. You would be pressed I think to find a better service at a better price. Can't remember the girl's name but even at 30, she was hot.

  31. Went there yesterday. They offer you a shopping list when you walk in. I took the 395,000 IDR package of Body Massage + VIP massage. Body Massage is a BtoB rubdown followed by BJ and FJ.
    The BtoB girls are less pretty and sit near the front. The VIP massage girls are definitely prettier and sexier and sit near the back.
    I picked a girl called IDA for BtoB who was reasonable although a bit flabby. No communication as English not spoken at all. After had a cool beer in the bar on 2nd floor, and half an hour later took the VIP message. No HJ though as my fellow couldn't make it up.
    The girls for VIP only offer HJ's only I feel, and as I said are much prettier. The BtoB girls are 4-5 only.
    Still a good experience for around 600k including tips. Stayed around 3 hours.

  32. Planning to go there at the end of March for a b2b. Any recent experience?

  33. Spend my lazy Sunday afternoon at this place yesterday as I had time to spare and was rather bored being in the hotel. Took me about 20mins to get to this place from Central Jakarta and the Blue Bird taxi ride cost Rp 50K. Upon entry of Oasis, I was presented with the catalog with a few options and took the Deluxe Package costing in total Rp 425k after 40% discount. The package consist of B2B and Massage session but done by separate girls. Room, AC and Shower included. After bath, when up to the 2nd floor and was welcome by a sea of girls sitting next to the bar area. Took a B2B girl by the name of Carin, good service and skills, no rush and had a good time. The soapy massage experience was fantastic. Tip her Rp 100k for the good service. My second session was a massage session and done by a separate girl, much older but good strength. Made me feel lighter after doing the pijak pijak. Agreed to a HJ, after small hear ruled over the big head but was rather disappointed that she didn't undress for me to touch further. Tip her 200k for both massage and HJ. Spend 4 hours at this place and time seems to fly very fast. Cost me Rp 55k to get back to my hotel due to the traffic jam but overall experience is good. Definitely will be back to try other places.

  34. to share with this forum, olympic spa & sauna at mangga besar jakarta ,is a bad place to visit. The price is expensive, the girl is not sexy and pretty too, they have no choice to pick up and bad service. So becareful friend, you be regreat to come with they expesive charge. And I lose my money for nothing....I just wan to share my experience to u all....

  35. I have visited this place today (3/5/2012) very nice place. Nice service with affordable price. I found no difficulties to find this place due to quite famous. I took a Transjakarta - Busway from Polda shelter and step out at Mangga Besar shelter. Take a taxi bike IDR 15.000. Arrived at that place and welcomed by the receptionist. Get the locker key and start to take whir poll session. Done for the whirlpool session and continued to go to 2nd fl. There is so many young girls on the bar area. Pick one, have short chat, take a drink and continue with next service. With the girls name Juli we go to 6th fl for the massage, BB and etc. All services are good. BB ->BJ -> FJ. Total spent is at IDR 700.000 include tips. Very recommended place to have relax. Will come again to this place someday.

  36. I had been there today. Its difficult to fnd it first time if you are outsider. Went for a soapy massage. the girl was ok ok 7/10 Total damage
    435000 for VIP suite room and tip 100000

    The girl gave a nice BJ . she was nice and undertanding.

  37. I will visit here next week. I will be traveling from Hong Kong. What time is it the busiest with girls?

  38. Re OASIS:

    Question 1:
    Some guys tell about the B2B and VIP package they take...which is timewise how long ??

    Some of you have spent 3-4 hours there....I thought the massage package is only one hour. What do you do the rest of the 3 hrs ? Did I miss something?

    Question 2:
    I have read about the bar section (on 2nd floor). Here you can have a drink with the girls I believe. Do you have to invite the girls for a drink? What is being charged for the drinks ? Very high?

    Question 3:
    Some say that the B2B-girls are not very pretty. Others were satisfied. So what is the best time of day in order to find pretty girls !?

    Question 4:
    So when you arrive, I believe you can ask at the reception desk to see the girls for B2B first ?

    Question 5:
    It is reported about tipping the girls after B2B or VIP massage. - So you take your clothes (incl. money) into the massage area ? No locker for your clothes? And if there is a locker, how and when do you tip the girl (if the money is in the locker ?)

    nd thanks to all the guys here who have provided valuable information !!!

  39. Just came back from Oasis and walk out sextisfied. Took the VIP Package of B2B and Massage at RP395K.

    Gals selection are done on the 2nd level. Some of them do B2B while others are only doing the normal massage.

    B2B gal did soapy massage with her boobs but unfortunately they were only about a size 34B. After that she proceeded to give me a bbbj and cap my little junior for the fj. Tip her RP100K.

    After that headed back down to level 2 to select the gal for my round 2 of massage. She finished it off with a HJ. Tip her same as the first one RP100K.

    Overall paid in total RP595K for a most sextisfying session.

  40. I'm expat man would like to have sex with female expat

  41. Hi - was wondering if oasis was closed during ramadan? Will be flying into jakarta and then bali this fri.


  42. Hi All,
    Gonna be in Jakarta in a few days, wonder if the place is open during Ramadan. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance!

  43. Please choose Rena for soap massage and Lala for massage and tell her Lyhn recommended, they has the best face in the crowd. Her body is petite and nice little teat compared to other bomshell. Typical Indonesian pretty woman.I love their eyelaces. Keep the eyes contact guys, you will see how wonderfull they are.

  44. Going to jakarta in April2013. Not looking for a FJ but HJ and BJ will make me happy! Any reccomendations?price? Best place n time of day? Specific day? Help!

  45. I went there once and had a good massage by Indah along with HJ. Then took a freelancer ANgel, Wow. she did it and I have taken her out after that a couple of times. Wherever i wanted she did come. But later i lost her number and never got a chance to go back to Oasis to look for her. will ahve to try again

  46. what do you mean by freelancer?

  47. Visited the place yesterday and being Disappointed was a understatement. Took the VIP + Deluxe Package......Selection for BM and VIP massage was limited and everyone looked gloomy....Terminal Classic is definitely worth in based on price comparions..feedback from me and my 3 chums who were there together....

    Everyone was stumped by the so called "selection" ! It was a totally limited selection decided by the mama san....it's just plain pathetic. They totally looked dead & gloomy and we felt like intruders to a sitting around yakking session. Rooms were cockroach infested, cramped and poorly ventilated....

  48. went there last wed about 9:00 PM . 1st (ground) floor is SPA and locker room , 2nd floor is where girls are sitting, there also topless girls dancing and drink , 3 group of girls in the left the 15 freelance (quality 5-8/10)they charge 550repu + room charge too much , then 20 girls with red dress who can do B2B (3-6/10) and other 20 prettier small girls wo do the massage (5-8/10) .
    I took a packet which is 1 hr B2B followed by 1 hr massage, I took the VIP room for 435repu

    went up to B2B room which was so so , no mirrors which is big disappointing , girls start showering then she put soap in pot , i laid down on the bed then she started performing B2B massage which was so so , then shower , I asked for FS we agreed for 300repu for 2 times, BBBJ which was good then i finished (not CIM) then shower again then FS which was so so . girl was like 5/10 but i was horny only good thing was bj but the rest not that good .

    went to the SPA to recover then to the bar to have a drink , then selected the massage girl tiny and pretty say 7/10 . massage was not bad but not great . asked for extra and disappointed she doesn't do FS or BJ , only HJ and only can touch her boobs with her panties on that for 300 repu ! ( so gents discuss the extra service in advance or change the girl) wasn't worth it so i just declined , she asked for tip , i gave her 50repu which was not necessary

    total damage
    610,000 for rooms + 2 drink + SPA ( i think it must be less but may be drinks are expensive ?)

    300,000 tip for B2B girl

    50,000 tip for massage girl

    10,000 tip to SPA boy

    total about 1 juta which is too much for what i got, also girls are very unmotivated , bored and not fun at all so this place in my off list.

  49. I just went there for pure massage and standard room, which costs 165000Rp for 1h.
    I went there late like 10:30 and they told me they close at 11pm, strange.
    Anyways, i said 1h is ok, but in the end the girl finished in 30-40mins maybe less :D
    And said we are closed already sir, please understand.
    She had really nice body, but i said her i don't want anything, no HJ no BJ, maybe be she was pissed off.
    Haha, but i felt like i was ripped off.
    Never get a standard room there, very dirty, if you are just want a massage, this is not the place.

  50. try orchards, and you won't regret for the service provided by the therapists....

  51. Is there..new commer b2b sasa. White and long hair...

  52. Admin. Disitu ada new comer sasha? Ada info kah...utk dia. Yg rambut panjang and putih...trims

  53. Sasha tu yg sering pake baju panjang putih,
    kalo jalan kaki nya ngambang ga jejak tanah, bukan ?

  54. Is places like this friendly with foreigners?

  55. this week open?

  56. I think this place hd already closed. Saw an add selljng the property.

  57. Place is still open. Went there today and didn't like it at all! Took the B2B, went to the 2nd floor and could choose from 6 ladies. Took the best option which was a 4/10. We went to a small dark room and I got a so so B2B massage of 10 min. Then she asked for a FJ. I didnt want and just got a HJ. After 30 min. the "massage" was over. Showered and she asked for a tip. I gave her 50,000 rph but she wanted at least 100,000 rph. Didnt want to fight so I paid her and paid the room at the reception. Total damage 485,000 rph and a not so happy customer. Dont go here. Better spend ur money on a young chick you can get on the streets at night.

  58. Oais now no good,,,the massage to much request a tip. b2b girl (sasa) very bad..dont try...to much speak...lazy work...damn

  59. Just visited today to Oasis Spa. Took a president suite (Paid $475000) for B2B massage. It was really crap. The girls are really lame. They do not care are even or respond properly. I left middle of the massage during the HJ because of the attitude of the girl. The massage was crappy and girl was totally into a different world. I never encountered this kind of experience before. Better to go classic or hotel travel. Don't even think of Massage at this place.

  60. I agree with the above. Got here last week and the massage is terrible.B2B is done by old grumpy ladies, who ask you for a FJ right away.The room is very small and dirty. I got a very old towel which was not clean. Way too expensive! I will not go here again.

  61. the best place to go now is orchards
    all (from reception till the girls) friendly, ideal, cheap, worth
    be happy

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    1. How much for sexy girl service

  63. Anyone try to call sexy girl in jakarta

  64. i am planning to go this weekend , is the service okay now. please suggest ?

  65. Jusy came out the worst place n terrible pls i suggest dont go here

  66. This place is terrible. Just old, fat ladies to choose from. Once you are in the room with her, she starts to ask for money. The massage is terrible and after 15 minutes I decided to stop. Room is old, shower is very dirty with hair from other clients on the floor. Towels are old. Dont go here, its horrible.

    1. OMG.. i almost make plan to go there... Thank you

  67. Hi guys. How is this place recently? I am planning to visit the place next week.pls update. Tqvm

  68. Agree Don't go there... Total Rip off

  69. Is this still open or has it closed down

  70. Now what is the starting price there please

  71. I went looking for the spa, but this old man downstairs working at Original Sergeant Hainanese Chicken restaurant came up to me and asked, “massage?” I replied yes. He said closed, I asked if it was forever with a throat cutting gesture, he replied with a yes and head nod. It’s still listed as open in Google, can anyone else confirm or did he just cock block me.