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12 Best Nightclubs in Bali (Updated 2017)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I already wrote last year a complete review of Bali nightlife which I recently updated. I'm adding this ranking of the top 12 hottest clubs on the island. This list of the best party places should help you choose where to go for your night out. The $ sign indicates the average price category for a standard alcoholic drink.

The following venues are all the busiest party spots in Bali at the time of writing. Please feel free to comment!

I recommend you to choose a hotel near a nightclub. You'll avoid 4 things: Drunk motorbike accidents, motorbike bag snatchers, traffic jams and crooked taxi drivers. Read my article: 10 Best Girl-Friendly Hotels Near Bali Nightlife.

1) Jenja $$$: Best overall
Photo source: Jenja Bali
Where is it? Jenja is located on the basement of the Town Square Suites on Jalan Nakula. It is just between Kuta and Seminyak and 3 minutes away from Double Six beach. There has been several cases of robberies in front of the hotel so be careful late at night.
Who goes there? Expats 60%, tourists 20%, Indonesians 20% (among which some prostitutes)
Why should I go? Jenja is popular for having the right dosage between chic and underground. Good resident and guest DJs. European-style electronic music.
Why should I avoid it? You might feel claustrophobic on the dancefloor as the ceiling is pretty low and the club packed at peak hours.
When is the best time to go? Every nights from Wednesday to Saturday, after 1AM. Read more: Jenja.

2) La Favela $$: Best bar in Bali
Photo credit:
Where is it? More a bar than a nightclub, La Favela is located in the heart of Seminyak, on Jalan Oberoi. It is just in front of Red Carpet Champagne Bar, and next to Le Bistro.
Who goes there? 50% tourists, 30% expats, 20% Indonesians.
Why should I go? The interior design of La Favela is really amazing, a real work of art. The place is rather big, with a nice, quieter outdoor area. Trendy, hippie kind of crowd.
Why should I avoid it? The music is a hit or miss, usually old-school with popular pop and disco songs. Not a sleek, modern place as it is made almost entirely from recycled materials and antiques. Popular with Westerners, much less with Indonesians. They give you plastic cups instead of real glasses.
When is the best time to go? La Favela is open all day as it is also a restaurant. The place becomes lively only after 11pm, almost any night of the week. Complete review here: La Favela Seminyak.

Update October 2016: La Favela is as hot and busy as ever, and you often need to queue to get in. They have introduced a policy forbidding Indonesians under 25 to enter. Strange and racist.

An alternative to La Favela is the restaurant/lounge/club Shanghai Baby (the hotspot for expats, deep house and cantonese cuisine) or to the Mexican open air café Mexicola.

3) Sky Garden $$: Best nightlife spot in Kuta
Photo credit: Club Sky Garden
Where is it? Sky Garden is located in Jalan Legian, Kuta. The street is often clogged with traffic so it's best to walk if you don't stay too far away. Beware of pickpockets outside and inside, especially at the end of the night.
Who goes there? Australians (50% Bogans), teenagers and backpackers from all over the world, Javanese prostitutes, 20-something Jakartans on their first trip to Bali, some younger expats.
Why should I go? The biggest club in Bali with a fun, mixed crowd in terms of age and nationalities, different music on every floors and rooms (electro, old school, rnb, live) including a rooftop and a huge main dancefloor with the best sound system in Bali (SkyDome), some great shows including sexy dancers. Girls can get free selected cocktails on ladies nights. Every day, cheap 5$ all-you-can-eat barbecue. Drinks are very reasonably priced.
Why should I avoid it? If you don't like college style parties, then you will hate it. There are also quite many prostitutes operating in the club but they are rather discreet. You may also not feel too safe as it is just a few hundred meters away from Ground Zero where the first Bali bomb went off. Many expats hate it because it is too mainstream and because it attracts quite many singlet-wearing Australians.
When is the best time to visit? Because it is always packed early in the night, SkyGarden is recommended any day of the week, after 9pm. Complete review: Sky Garden Kuta.

4) Mint $$$: Best venue in Seminyak for electronic music
Photo source: Mint
Where is it? Mint is located on Jalan Petitenget, in the heart of Seminyak. It is not far from W Hotel or Potato Head Beach Club. It is just in front of another popular bar, Mantra, which is a good option for pre-party cocktails.
Who goes there? Single male expats above 30 (from Bali and Jakarta), Javanese girls (among which many working girls), some gays, some Western girls, some tourists.
Why should I go? Intimate club with many regulars. Great electronic music. Drinks not too expensive. A fairly easy pick-up place for guys and girls.
Why should I avoid it? You won't like Mint if you are too young. It is a closed air-conditioned club that has no "Balinese" feel. Western girls might not be comfortable with the number of prostitutes.
When is the best time to go? I would only advise to go to Mint on weekends or when they have special DJs. 1AM is the perfect hour. More on Mint on Mint Nightlife Bali.

5) Mirror $$$: Best new nightclub 
Photo source: Mirror
Where is it? Mirror is located in the back of Gardin Bistro on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak.
Who goes there? The latest trendy club in Bali, Mirror attracts mostly people from the Seminyak expat community. Since the owner of the club is also behind the popular Fable in Jakarta, you also have a lot of Jakartans.
Why should I go? Unique décor, good crowd, full on weekends. They have also been bringing some famous DJs. People tend to dress up more than usual in Mirror.
Why should I avoid it? Mainstream electronic dance music. The club is made to look like a church. Personally I don't like it, it feels creepy. Others say it's a Harry Potter theme, which is even worse.
When is the best time to go? There are events from Wednesday to Saturday. You can go starting midnight. More info: Mirror Bali.

6) Boshe VVIP $$$: Best club for Asian party-goers
Photo source: Boshe VVIP
Where is it?  Boshe VIP is in Kuta on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. You will need a 10-minute taxi ride to reach it from Jalan Legian and 20 minutes from Seminyak.
Who goes there? Asians, mostly Indonesians (Javanese, Indo-Chinese, some Balinese), Malaysians and Singaporeans
Why should I go? Most people go to Boshe for the girls. They have some sexy lady companions and a popular karaoke. The events are usually quite fun: They have rather good local live bands and an excellent sound system. After the live music, you usually have a DJ playing electronic music. There is a really cool dressing code for the staff: All of them have dyed hair, tattoos and a rock attitude.
Why should I avoid it? Boshe is almost 100% Asian. Guys usually book a table or a sofa, pay for some girls to accompany them, and get drunk. There is not much interactions in the crowd. It is more difficult to meet a "normal" girl too. The live bands play a lot of Indonesian songs which can be boring if you are not familiar with them.
When I should visit it? Boshe is decently crowded during the week, and it is busy from Wednesday to Saturday night. If you want to hear the live music, come from 8am to midnight. For their latest events: Boshe Bali.

7) Pyramid $$$: Best club for late-night expat clubbers
Photo Credit:
Where is it? Pyramid is on Jalan Dewi Sri, easy to reach from both Seminyak and Kuta (10 minute ride by taxi). The area is one of the worst in Bali in terms of safety. There have been countless reports of motorbike riders (females mostly) having their handbags snatched. Be very careful.
Who goes there? People usually go to Pyramid after all the other places (Jenja, Mirror, Mint, SkyGarden, etc) have closed. It is a mix of different crowds, but mostly you will find male expats and prostitutes.
Why should I go? The electronic music is usually excellent. Past a certain hour, it is the only decent place opened apart from DeeJay Cafe (see below).
Why should I avoid it? You may not like the 80% male crowd, 15% prostitutes, 5% normal girls.
When is the best time to go? I would only advise Pyramid on weekends as most of their events are on Friday and Saturday nights. 4AM is a normal time. Complete review here: Pyramid Bali.

8) Hu'u Bar $$$: Best club for Jakartans (CLOSED)
Photo source: Hu'u Bar
Where is it? Hu'u bar is centrally located in Seminyak, Jalan Petitenget, near the new Alila Hotel. It is 2 minutes away from Ku De Ta or Potato Head.

Who goes there? Mostly Indonesians from Jakarta and Indonesian residents of Bali. The rest is 25% expats and 15% tourists.
Why should I go? Hu'u has a Bali vibe with its large garden and swimming pool. Good crowd and one of the best pick up places on the island.

Why should I avoid it? The music is mainstream unless they have events. Since the opening of Mirror, it is not as happening as it used to be.

When is the best time to go? Weekends only, midnight. For a complete review: Hu'u Bar.

Update 2016: Hu'u has closed and it has been replace by Gatsby (which is not so crowded). Jakartans now go to Mirror.

9) Hypnotized $$: Best club for under 25

Photo Credit: VH Kuta
Where is it? Hypnotized and the Velvet Lounge, also called VH, are located in Beachwalk Mall in Kuta. Easy to find, but the traffic can be horrible on weekend nights. Some taxis may actually refuse to take you there and will drop you instead at Kartika Plaza (10 minutes walk).
Who goes there? The picture is misleading as most clients of Hypnotized are Indonesians living in Bali (but not Balinese). You also have some tourists from Jakarta and other countries.
Why should I go? Hypnotized is a rather clean club with less prostitution compared to other venues mentioned in this review. Guys looking to meet normal Indonesian girls could try it.
Why I should avoid it? Mainstream music. Younger crowd.
What is the best time to go? Weekends only unless they have special events or guest DJs. It starts to fill up around midnight. More information: Velvet Hypnotized Bali.

10) Akasaka / A-Club $$: Best underground club in Bali
Photo Credit: A-Club Bali
Where is it? Akasaka and A-Club are both in the same complex, in Denpasar, on the Simpan Enam roundabout. Every taxis will know where it is. If you don't have a taxi, you just have to follow Jalan Imam Bonjol from Sunset Road, then Jalan Teuku Umar. It is a 15 minutes drive from Sunset Road.
Who goes there? Mostly Indonesians, Balinese and Javanese living in Bali. There are also some long term expats who are used to Jakarta nightclubs. 95% of the girls in Akasaka are prostitutes, freelance or not.
Why should I go? Akasaka is the most popular nightclub in Bali with Indonesians. It is also one of the craziest and at the centre of Bali prostitution scene: It's the only place in Bali where I have seen nude striptease. They have some good events with DJs from Jakarta and even international ones.
Why should I avoid it?: As a typical underground place, you have a lot of drugs including ecstasy. Very limited chances of meeting a normal girl. The techno music played in the largest room can only be understood by Indonesian ears.
When is the best time to go?: Read more: Akasaka Bali.

11) DeeJay Club $$: Best after in Bali
Photo Credit: Paradiso Hotel
Where is it? DeeJay Café is located in Kuta, in Paradiso Hotel. It is not far from Discovery Plaza Mall on Jalan Kartika.
Who goes there? Though not a gay club, I would say that most of the crowd is made of gays or ladyboys. The guys to girls ration is terrible, probably 10 to 1, and most girls are prostitutes. There are always some foreigners, usually expats, but most people are Indonesians.
Why should I go? DeeJay Café is one of the only two after-hour club in Bali (with Pyramid) so you don't have much choice. The music is rather good, in general hits by famous Jakarta DJs (Bobby in particular).
Why should I avoid it? You should always avoid DeeJay café unless you are too drunk or too high to make smart decisions. You may also not want to pay the entrance fee (from Rp100,000 to Rp200,000). A lot of drug inside.
When is the best time to go? Saturday and Sunday morning after 5AM until 10AM. More information: Bali DeeJay Club.

12) Koh $$: Most promising nightlife spot in Seminyak
Photo credit: Umalagon
Where is it? The newest club in Bali, Koh is on Jalan Dyana Pura, Seminyak. It is not far from the gay nightlife area.
Who goes there? Expats and Bali residents 70%, tourists 30%.
Why should I go? The main reason to go to Koh is for the music, which promises to be on par with nightclubs in Europe.
Why should I avoid it? Underground clubs in Europe are popular because you can take ecstasy safely. I'm not sure the safe concept would work in Bali if people are just drunk on beer.
When should you go there: For now, weekends only, 1AM. Check if they have special events for the other nights of the week: Koh Bali.
Update 2016 on Koh: It's good only if you go during events, if a famous DJs is visiting. Check their schedule before visiting to avoid being in an empty club.

Some new bar/clubs are currently happening and worth checking out.

Opium Nightclub: New club in Seminyak by the owners of Pyramid. You can read my full review here: OPIVM Seminyak.

Track 9 is a favourite for expats. It is a bar/restaurant/club. You can check their events here:

La Laguna  (a beach club) and La Sicilia (bar club restaurant) were opened by the people behind la Favela. It's very popular and trendy with expats.

Old Man's in Canggu is a laid-back bar where long term residents and expats of Seminyak and Canggu hang out. It's more hippy/new age than the rest of the places mentioned here.

Conclusion: The Best Clubs in Bali
As the beach is more polluted and the rice fields in Kuta and Seminyak have vanished, the nightlife has become one of the few reasons for staying in South Bali nowadays.

Clubs, bars and restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms but only a few manage to be busy and successful. Just two years ago, Townhouse was the hottest party place in Seminyak. Today? It is closed down and forgotten.

For this reason, I would really be grateful if you could comment below in case a new clubs open or one gets shut down. Thanks in advance!

Photo credit main picture: Bali Tonight

Are you traveling in Asia? Check also my review about Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife.

OPIUM Nightclub Bali - Seminyak (Also Spelled OPIVM)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Opened in December 2016, OPIUM (officially named OPIVM Bali Obsession) is the newest nightclub in Seminyak, South Bali. It is managed and owned by Mac Pedari (creator of Pyramid) with Mark Baker from Townhouse as a partner. Both are figures of the Bali expat and nightlife community so I guess OPIUM will create a buzz for at least several months.

The club is located on the "gay" street Jalan Camplung Tanduk (ex Dhyana Pura) and features two floors. The total capacity is not more than 400 pax. It is rather dark, with a sexy, almost underground vibe. The best part are the sexy pole dancers and acrobats that perform all night long.

The music is similar to that of other expat-oriented nightclubs in Bali (Jenja, Shanghai Baby, ex-Mint) which is not surprising considering the DJs are the same: Ben Burgess, Pyrope, Shammui. You can expect progressive house, deep house and tech house.

There is not entrance fee at the moment as it is still new and the prices are reasonable (Rp100,000 for spirits + mixers, Rp1,000,000 for a bottle of Champagne). Note that there is normally a dress code that applies: They aren't so strict with it but avoid looking like a bogan.

Opening Hours:
From 10PM to 5AM on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

OPIVM Bali Obsession (OPIUM)
Jalan Camplung Tanduk No. 7, 
Seminyak, South Bali

Phone number: +62 (0) 8 56 209 1665
Email: or (owner)

Facebook: OPIVM BALI

Seminyak Nightlife in Less Than 500 Words

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
This article will tell you everything you need to know about Seminyak Nightlife in less than 500 words.

Seminyak is a small coastal town in Southern Bali, one of the top destinations for party-goers in Asia. It is located between the villages of Kuta/Legian on one side and Canggu/Kerobokan on the other side. It is a 45-minute taxi ride from the airport.

The nightlife in Seminyak is upmarket compared to Kuta. One of the reasons is the high density of luxury accommodation, including resorts and villas. It is also where most expats in Bali live.

My selection of the best places to stay in Seminyak is available here: Best Bali Hotels Near the Nightlife. If you are on a budget, you have great hotel deals on Sunset Road just 10 minutes away from Seminyak but you'll need to get around with a scooter or a taxi. If you use a motorbike, make sure you have a travel insurance. Read my guide: Why You MUST have a Travel Insurance in Indonesia.

In Seminyak, I usually start my nights out by watching the sun set on the ocean from a beach club. The most stylish and happening venues for that are Potato Head, Double-Six Rooftop, Ku De Ta and Woo Bar. A cocktail there will cost you about US$12 and a meal at least 20US$. They normally have a DJ who plays chill-out tunes. The crowd is international and mixed, including kids.

To spend less money, you can go instead on Double 6 beach and visit one of the laid-back beach cafés. La Plancha is the best one.

Once the sunset is over, you can head to Jalan Oberoi. There are dozens of bars/restaurants, from expensive to cheap. You can just walk around and choose the one you like. For eating, the most popular is Ultimo (Italian food). The busiest bars on Jalan Oberoi are La Favela (also a club, great bohemian décor), Red Carpet Champagne Lounge (fun and chic with an older crowd), Rumours (busy with expats), Zappaz (crowd of regular, live music) and Mexicola (young crowd, Mexican theme).

An alternative to Jalan Oberoi for early-night drinks and food is Jalan Dyana Pura (also known as Jalan Camplung Tanduk). You can try the salsa bar Bahiana and the gay nightlife area around the Bali Joe pub.

Clubbing in Seminyak starts after 1am. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are normally quiet. On those days, it is better to party in Kuta.

Each nightclub has its own crowd and music (read my ranking 12 Best Nightclubs in Bali for more details):
- La Favela gets a trendy and young international crowd that enjoys Top 40 hits and retro songs.
Jenja has mostly male expats and Indonesian girls (prostitutes or not). DJs play techno and electro in the basement room and hip hop in the upper room.
- Mirror is full of rich Indonesian Chinese from Jakarta. They have mostly Electronic Dance Music.
- Shanghai Baby is the newest hotspot. It's a restaurant with a small club and a lounge. Deep house music.

Occasionally, Potato Head, Woo Bar and Cocoon have interesting special events. You can pick up the free magazine The Beat for a detailed schedule.

Photo source: timotiusutji.

Kuta Nightlife in Less Than 500 Words

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
This article will tell you everything you need to know about Kuta Nightlife in less than 500 words.

Kuta is the main tourist destination in Bali. Originally a small beach town, it is now an urban area with 400 hotels, 5 modern malls and hundreds of clubs, restaurants, massage parlors and shops. It also has its fair share of pollution, noise and crime.

To get around, it is best to have your own scooter (but you must have a travel insurance to drive one) as the taxis will invariably try to rip you off (except Blue Bird). Apps like Uber and Gojek are a good option as well. Walk when possible to avoid getting stuck in Kuta's notorious traffic jams.

Kuta is popular with every age groups and every nationalities (especially Indonesians, Australians and Chinese). While some luxury hotels have opened recently, it is still considered a budget-friendly city: You can find a decent room for less than US$50$ and eat for less than US$8. If you don't have a place to stay, you can read: Bali Hotels Near the Nightlife. Alcohol is always quite expensive in Indonesia (Muslim country): A beer costs at least US$2 and a cocktail at least $US8.

Compared to Seminyak nightlife, Kuta is not as stylish or sophisticated but it can be a lot of fun as well.

Nightclubs start to get busy quite early, around 10pm, and by midnight you already have people throwing up in the toilets. Most of them are located on Jalan Legian, near the Ground Zero:

Skygarden is the most famous of all. It is inside a 5-floor building that can accommodate hundreds of clubbers in at least 4 rooms with each a different music genre (oldies, techno, EDM, Rn'B or Top 40). It is a cheap place to get drunk and to meet girls.

Next to it are dozens of other venues, each with their own specificities: Vi Ai Pi for live music, Apache for reggae, Eikon for cool Australians, Bounty and Paddy's for Bogans (low-class Australians). There is a fair amount of prostitutes, either inside the clubs or in the street. If a girl is making intense eye-contact with you, you can assume that she is after your money.

Venues near the beach front (10 minutes walk from Jalan Legian) are more sophisticated: Velvet/Hypnotized nightclub, inside BeachWalk mall, is crowded with young and trendy Indonesians. They have commercial music, hip-hop, house or EDM depending on the night. Nearby, the Hard Rock Café is also busy with locals and Asians.

Kuta does not have sex tourism like in Phuket or Pattaya. Nonetheless, there are some hostess bars, "plus plus" spas, executive KTVs and underground nightclubs. Boshe VVIP, near the airport, caters to an Asian male audience that enjoys bottle service, lady companions and sexy dancers. Jalan Dewi Sri has several naughty massage parlours, including Delta and Star Bugar Jaya.

The infamous DJ café on Jalan Kartika Plaza is the only after-hour nightclub in Bali: It is filled with prostitutes, ladyboys and drugs, but the music is often quite good (techno). On weekends, it stays open after 10am.

For a complete review of Bali nightlife, you can read 12 Best Nightclubs in Bali and Bali Nightlife.

Mirror Nightclub (Bali)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Mirror is a nightclub located in Seminyak, on Jalan Petitenget. It is owned by the All-In group, which is also behind the popular Fable in Jakarta.

It is a young and trendy company with a deep network among the young Indonesian elite. It is not a surprise that they manage to attract all the rich kids, especially those who don't mind spending several thousand dollars in one night for bottle service.

The club, shaped to resemble a church, is quite unusual. The gothic theme makes me a bit uncomfortable as well to be honest as it reminds me of funerals more than anything else. I guess that it does not rings the same bells among Indonesians.

The first thing you should know about visiting Mirror is that they enforce strict dress code rules. For guys, this means they will not let you in if you are not wearing a pair of pants, a t-shirt and casual shoes. For ladies, you should wear high heels.

The entrance fee is usually between Rp150,000 during the week and Rp250,000 on weekends or when a famous DJ is playing. This includes a first alcoholic drink. In general, they have a foreign EDM DJ on Friday or Saturday, sometimes on Wednesday. On Thursday, they will often have Rn'B/Hip-Hop music.

You can avoid the queue and the entrance fee by booking a table in advance. For the best ones, there is a minimum spending required (at least a few bottles of alcohol, expect to spend around 5-10M as they only have premium spirits). If you choose to drink by the glass, you will pay Rp180,000 net for a cocktail and Rp70,000 for the cheapest local beer. Yes that's quite expensive!

In front of Mirror, you also have a restaurant called Gardin Bistro with overpriced food. I tried once and I just wasted money for barely average pastries.

Overall: This is mostly a club for rich Indonesians to show off. Most of them are interested to stay within their group of friends. There are a few girls from Jakarta that are open to meet foreigners though. That's the main reason to visit it in my opinion. You can read more reviews: 12 Best Nightclubs in Bali and Seminyak Nightlife.

Mirror Nightclub
Jalan Petitenget Number 106, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Phone number: +62 811 3993 010 or +62 361 8499 800
Blackberry Pin: 5B72F61B

Instagram: Mirror Bali
Facebook: Mirror Seminyak (with more photos and the list of all upcoming events)
Twitter (not updated): Mirror Allin

Opening Hours:
From Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 4am

5 Sexy Dancers and Striptease Nightclubs in Bali

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Bali does not have as many sexy dancer and striptease shows as Jakarta. To my knowledge, there is not a proper American-style stripclub where girls are dancing non-stop and where guests can order a lapdance. Your options are limited to regular bars and nightclubs featuring sexy girls on stage several times in the night. Sometimes, it is just a one-off event.

Looking for a hotel near the best bars and clubs? Read: Best Hotels Near Bali Nightlife.

Sexy dancers in Bali rarely go full nude or even topless, but the shows are often artistic and the girls know how to shake. In some venues, they will wear sophisticated hand-made costumes and perform complex choreographies. Few are Balinese, they are normally from Java (Surabaya, Jakarta).

Below are the best nightclubs or bars to go to if you want to see sexy dancers, fashion shows or striptease in Bali.

Skygarden is the most famous nightclub in Bali and the most crowded. It is open and busy any day of the week. It is built on several stories, each with a different bar or club. The music style varies from one floor to the other, from hip-hop to EDM. There are always sexy dancers, but they don't always stay in the same location. Sometimes they will be dancing at the bar, sometimes they will do a fire show in Sky Dome (the largest room), etc.

Skygarden has two types of dancers. Some are just wearing bikinis and doing basic moves, while other are part of dance companies. The latter are much better: They have beautiful costumes and they have a wider range of skills (burlesque, fire shows, etc).

Both of these nightclubs are inside the same complex in Denpasar. Akasaka is a local club that is similar to venues like Golden Crown or the now-defunct Stadium in Jakarta. Inside, many customers take drugs (ectasy) and the music is fast-paced, hardcore electro. There are many girls but 90%  are prostitutes. They have sexy dancers everyday, and sometimes nude striptease. During the 3 years I lived in Bali, this is the only place where I ever saw girls taking their bras and panties off. Once stripped off their clothes, the dancers go around the club naked asking for ladies drinks. If you buy at least several shots (one costs Rp50,000), she will give you a lap dance. 

A-Club is just next to Akasaka and it's more classy. They target Westerners and rich Indonesians with Western music and more beautiful girls. They also have bikini or lingerie sexy dancers every day. 

Located in South Kuta, about 2 kilometers from the airport, this nightclub/karaoke is one of the most popular in Bali with Indonesians and Asians (Singaporeans, Malaysians).

Most clubbers in Boshe VIP are guys who come in groups: They book a table, order a bottle and request a few lady companions to be with them.

They have live music almost every day, sometimes from famous bands. After midnight, you usually have a DJ playing house music and Top 40.

They normally have sexy dancers each time they have a special event, at least once a week. 

A recent addition to Bali nightlife, this bar is located inside the Love Hotel By Fashion TV. Officially, they only feature fashion shows but the girls are sometimes only wearing a swimsuit or underwear.

Only a few meters from Skygarden, Eikon is a bar/club popular with Australian tourists. They have international sexy dancers, probably from Russia, every Thursday. They also invite famous coyote girls once in a while. It is the place to go to see the hottest girls in Bali, but you should check their schedule in advance.

Read more about Bali nightlife: 12 Best Nightclubs in Bali.

H69 Spa: Naughtiest Bordello in Bali

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
H69 Spa is one of the naughtiest massage parlors in Bali. Contrary to other places that try to be discreet, H69 is clear about the services it can provide: Handjob, Blowjob (with CIM), bondage/BDSM (as a slave or master), nude massage, nuru body to body massage, "raped sensation (the guy or the girl is the one pretending to be raped), private striptease,  lesbian shows, threesome (2 guys and 1 girl or 2 girls and 1 guy), foursome (2 girls and 2 guys or 3 girls and 1 guy), etc.

The girls can also wear costumes inspired by Japanese porn (Jav) and some of their rooms have a theme (prison, hospital, office...).

The price goes from 550,000rp for the naked body to body massage with happy ending, to 2,500,000rp for the foursome with three girls. You can see the whole price list on their Facebook page below.

I wonder if they are aware that those services are illegal in Indonesia. If not, they are either crazy or extremely well connected.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 13.30 to 21.00

H69 Spa Bali
Jalan Bedugul, Gang Tirta 11A,
Sidakarya, Denpasar (about 30 minutes from Kuta/Seminyak)

Facebook: H69 Sex Spa Denpasar
Instagram: H69 Photos

Here is a map with the location: