15 Famous Naughty Massage Parlors in Hanoi

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
Following my review about the 25 Best Massage Parlors in Saigon (one of my most read articles last year), I've decided to write the equivalent for Hanoi.

I haven't visited any of the venues listed below for two reasons: 1) I'm not really into spas 2) Hanoi is one of the easiest cities in the world to meet girls, either in nightclubs (see my Hanoi Nightlife Guide), or online through VietnameseCupid for instance.

Therefore, all the content of this article was taken from the internet, mostly on Vietnamese forums that a friend helped me translate. We double-checked every piece of information, but if you find a mistake, please leave a message in the comment section below.
Here are the 15 most famous "happy ending" massage parlors in Hanoi:

Windy VIP Massage (Windy Hotel)
Windy offers soapy massages with sexual services, some of them involving your body being recovered with yogurt and being licked from head to toe. It is open every day from 7.30AM to 9.30PM.

There are three branches but the most reputed is Windy I, which is located behind Windy Hotel (same owner). If you are looking for a girl-friendly accommodation in Hanoi, it is a fine option as it remains within a reasonable distance from the tourist center (10 minutes).
VND400,000-500,000 for the massage, VND500,000 for the girl (BJ)
For threesome or foursome, you can pay VND100,000 extra + a tip to each girl.

Note about tips: These are the prices paid by Vietnamese guests. Girls will probably try to get a higher amount from you if you are a foreigner.

Addresses (3 branches as of 2017):
→ Windy I, Villa B9 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Hà Nội (4th Floor, behind Windy Hotel on 23 Thong Phong)
→ Windy II, 18 Ngõ 76 Duy Tân,  Hà Nội
→ Windy III, 265 Kim Nguu, Hà Nội

Emperor Men's Spa - TLT VIP Club
This spa seems to go by different names, either Emperor's Spa, Men's Spa PVT (Phan Văn Trị) or TLT VIP Club. Anyway, you can find it at 26 Phan Van Tri, about 3 kilometers from the Old Quarter. Many Vietnamese consider it is one of the best value massage parlors in Hanoi. No sex but blowjobs and HJ are performed. Open every day from 10AM to 12PM.

Normal room: VND350,000 + VND300,000 tip
VIP Body Massage in Jacuzzi room: VND600,000 + VND500,000 tip
4 hand massage: Additional charge VND150,000 if you want a 4-hand massage.

24-26 Phan Văn Trị, Đống Đa, Hà Nội 
Phone number: 0422668855 
Email: tltvipclub@gmail.com

Facebook: TLT VIP Club
Website: TLT VIP Club

Also, a branch in 118 Nguyen Khanh Toan which is called Men's Spa NKT (Phone number: 0422445599)

Blue Spa
Blue Spa is one of the nicest looking spas in Hanoi, yet its prices are reasonable compared to what you would pay in tourist hotels. The rooms are neat and clean, with a Japanese-inspired design and luxurious facilities.

You can expect to pay VND300,000 for the room (60 minutes) and VND500,000 to tip the girl (for HJ/BJ). If you prefer two girls, it will cost you VND500,000 for the room and VND1,000,000 to tip both. Open every day from 9AM to 1AM.

5/5 Nguyen Khanh Toan (next to Mai Spa)
Phone number: 043 35 33 888

Facebook: Blue Spa Massage Hanoi

Mai Spa (Avoid: See feedback in the comment section below)
A massage parlor with about 20 girls, providing similar services as above. No sex available but torrid, naked, body to body massages that won't leave any part of your body untouched. Closest experience from a soapie massage in Hanoi.

VND400,000 for 90 minutes ; 500,000VND for 120 minutes, VND600,000 for a threesome.
Additional tip around VND500,000 to VND800,000 per girl depending on your requests.

47/5 Nguyễn Khánh Toàn
Phone number: 09 133 6 5555

Oasis Massage
Three unassuming massage parlors, one of which is across the infamous Fortuna Hotel. Popular with foreigners looking to be treated like kings.

The VIP massage is the most recommended service. Done in a room with a jacuzzi, you will be bathed and washed from head to toe by a young Vietnamese therapist. She will then massage you and then, depending on your tip, she will give you a happy ending (no sex). Some girls may also agree to a topless massage if you are generous.

Note: Oasis 1 Spa is located inside Oasis Hotel. It is a 3-star property with poor ratings (6/10 on Agoda), but it is girl-friendly and convenient as you can have your massage in your room. You can get one night for less than $60 on HotelsCombined.
VIP Massage: VND600,000 for 90 minutes + tip (VND500,000 for HJ to VND1,000,000 for BJ)

Oasis 1, 19 Lang Ha,  Hà Nội (Phone number: +84 4 35143 888)
Oasis 2, 77 Cau Dat, Hà Nội (seems to be closed)
Oasis 3, 56 Nguyễn Khang, Hà Nội

Sakura Club
Sakura Spa is a popular massage parlor chain, even with foreigners (mainly Japanese and Koreans). It is pricier than average but the facilities are clean and comfortable. The VIP rooms feature AC, comfortable beds, showers and a jacuzzi. Sauna available. Open every day from 10AM to midnight

Handjob and boob job: VND400,000 + VND500,000 tip
VIP Body Massage in Jacuzzi room with blowjob: VND600,000 + VND1,000,000 tip
You can also request two girls for a more naughty session.

Branch addresses:
→ 39 Vũ Thạnh, Đống Đa, Hà Nội (Phone number 04 38 51 45 14)
→ 217 Âu Cơ, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội (Phone number 04 37 18 31 06)
→ 6 Đội Nhân, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
→ 175 Quan Hoa, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội (newest branch)

Facebook: Sakura Spa Hanoi
Book: +84 94 323 33 86
Fortuna (with Boss KTV)
4-star Fortuna Hotel is home to one of the most famous massage parlors "plus plus" in Hanoi, at least among foreigners. It is called "De Palace Spa" and in the same building you'll also find a karaoke called "Boss KTV".

Even though Fortuna is pricier than anywhere else, it is popular because it is within a safe and comfortable environment. Another reason is that girls are prettier than average and you can take them to your hotel room for a price between $150 and $200 all inclusive (yes i do mean sex). These prices are valid for both the spa and the karaoke.

De Palace Spa does not look as good as its name would suggest, but you'll forget about it once your head will be pressed into a pillow. The room costs about VND600,000 and you need to tip your therapist an other VND500,000-1,000,000 for HJ or BJ.

BOSS KTV is expensive and mostly crowded with Asian guests. Renting a room with hostesses for 4 people + drinking + tips will cost you at least $600 for the evening (more if you are planning to sleep with one of your lady companions).

Note: Wealthy visitors of Hanoi may be interested in booking a hotel room in Fortuna. Indeed, you are allowed to order a therapist from the spa or a hostess from the karaoke to meet you in your room directly. It is a discreet way to sleep with a prostitute, yet expensive (more than $150 for the sex + hotel room around $110 on Agoda). You can also try to book cheaper on HotelsCombined (I've seen prices as low as 72$ there - check here Fortuna Hotel Hanoi) and settles for a handjob only (about $75 in total).
6B Lang Ha, Hanoi
Phone number: +84 4 831 3333

Hanoi Hotel is famous for having both a KTV and a massage parlors. The KTV is called Hanoi Night Club and it can be considered a brothel. You can pick up prostitutes and take them out to your room for $100++ (short time) or $150++ (long time - overnight). It is similar to Boss Club in Fortuna Hotel).

The massage parlor is on the 1st floor. It has an entrance fee of around VND400,000 that allow you to use the facilities (steam room, jacuzzi) for free + a 45-minute massage.

You can sleep in Hanoi Hotel during your stay in the city. It has good ratings (7,5/10 on Booking.com), it is within 10 minutes from the tourists sights, and the price is reasonable ($75/night).
8D Giang Vo, Hanoi
Phone number: +84 4 84 52270

Baoson International Hotel
Bao Son is a luxury hotel about 20 minutes from the historical center. Because of its casino, it receives many Chinese guests, mainly businessmen.

Their spa has excellent facilities including sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. Their massages are quite expensive though, from VND650,000 for 90 minutes to VND750,000 for 120 minutes. A tug job is possible for VND500,000 extra.

Apart from this, it is also a reasonable luxury hotel that you can book for your stay in Hanoi. Naturally, it is girl-friendly and you can request an in-room massage.
50 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi
Phone: + 84-4-3835 3536
Fax: + 84-4-3835 5678
Email: info@baosonhotels.com

Moscow Sauna Club
Moscow Sauna Club is famous mainly because it allows you to enjoy a hot tub session with 1 or more girls of your choosing. For this reason, it is recommended to come with a few friends to make it really fun. The girls wear a bikini but you can fool around a bit as long as you don't get caught. Once you are done with your soaking, the massage is average but it ends happily.

It is located within a reasonable taxi ride from both West Lake and Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

VND500,000 for normal session
VND600,000 for "sauna" session
VND400,000-600,000 for tip

11/11, F361 An Dương, Ho Tay, Hà Nội
Tel: 04 3829 1748
Website: Moscow Sauna Club Hanoi

Located near from the Old Quarter, this spa is a bit run down and a bit of a tourist trap. If you are not interested in exploring Hanoi's outer district, it is decent enough, though. 

53B, Hang Chuoi

90-minute massage: VND430,000
120-minute massage: VND600,000
If you want extra service (generally only handjob), you will need to give a tip to the girl between VND400,000 and VND800,000.

This is a luxury spa plus plus, but it is quite far from the city center and I cannot confirm if it is still open or not. According to online field reports, it is similar to Men's Spa TLT. Massage alone is VND400,000 + tips from VND300,000 (HJ) to VND500,000 (nudity + BJ).

10/55 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Hanoi
Phone number: 08 68 225 228
Website: Geisha Hanoi

12 comments to '' 15 Famous Naughty Massage Parlors in Hanoi "

  1. Went to Mai Spa today, to be told that it was "women only!". Never mind, I re-grouped and headed to TLT/Mens Spa, where I was very thoroughly serviced by a sweet girl. Highly recommended!

    1. Thanks for the feedback... It's strange because there are many reports on internet about Mai Spa... I will put a warning...

  2. Went to Moscow Sauna today, and it was a different, but thoroughly pleasant experience! The guy on the front desk tried to charge me VND900k for the VIP, but I stood my ground and he quickly reverted to VND600k.

    Very sweet, tight-bodied 22 year-old girl was my guide through 6 stations, including steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, another Jacuzzi, and finally massage.

    Massage concluded with HJ/BJ, and I tipped VND800k, which she seemed happy with. (She didn't negotiate this, before the service, which was surprising, and perhaps a sign that she new and naïve!)

    I will definitely return, the next time I am in Hanoi.....

  3. Moscow was pretty crap. 600k for 60 mins, they rush u through it with the hot tub, jacuzzi, sauna. The lady was chubby and uninterested and going through motion. Technique was terrible, price was additional 500k. Totally not worth it even if it were half the price. Stay away!

  4. Any idea where I can take my girlfriend for an erotic
    couples massage?

  5. I read an article where Hanoi are trying to crack down on sex workers. Does this include massage parlours?.And what happens if u are in the middle of something (hj) and you get caught? Can you go to prison?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Mimosa VIP Massage
    27 Linh Lang.
    Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi.

    500 VND VIP Room
    700 VND King Room
    Tip 500 VND
    Body to body massage

  7. Went to windy twice, tried 2 different girls. Both of them gave very good GFE. Massage is literally non existence. May try other parlor as i cant stand the foul smell of milk on the bed

    2nd girl asked for VND 1mil tips for "special" service and 2 happy endings. Didn't go for it as i feel it is too costly

  8. Went to Sakura yesterday, it was so so... the girl did not speak one single English word. She rushed to finish my bath in tub and continued her plain massage service. Ending with HJ, but much lower than expectation.

  9. I've been to Sakura and Emperor Men's Spa. Emperor was quite a bit cheaper, but had lower quality facilities and the girl wasn't that great. Sakura was much better, girl was cute and enthusiastic, great massage and service. Sakura is definitely worth the price upgrade compared to Emperor.

  10. are bjs with or without condoms? are the ladies tested? is it safe to get one without a condom?
    advice please. thanks

  11. Which address is the best one to go to at Sakura?