I stayed in Bishkek for a short week while visiting Kyrgyzstan in 2024. Naturally, I was curious to discover its nightlife, which was recommended to me by several friends.

Since I was there during Ramadan, I was afraid the bars and nightclubs would be closed, but everything was normal, albeit slightly quieter than usual.

My first difficulty was the lack of information about partying in Bishkek. Almost everything you'll find online is outdated or in Russian. Luckily, on my first night out I met an expat who lived in the city for 3 years and he took me everywhere I needed to go. Overall, I had fun, but the city has a provincial feel and if you are specifically interested in partying, I'll recommend heading to Almaty or Astana instead.

This review is a summary of everything I learned about Bishkek nightlife. I hope you can leave comments about your own experiences as well to make it more interesting and to keep it updated.

Nightlife Areas + Recommended Hotels Nearby
You can click on this map of Bishkek nightlife to enlarge. It features all the currently happening clubs and bars in the city as of 2024.

Most of the best bars in Bishkek are located within 500 meters from Ala Too square, and particularly along Chuy Avenue and Orozbekov Street. If you don't know where to start, you can probably just go to the latter and walk around to find a busy venue.

The nightclubs are more spread out, and you will usually need a short taxi ride to get to them.

Considering most tourist attractions are near Ala Too Square, I advise you to choose a hotel nearby. Here is a selection of the best hotels with both a convenient location and high ratings on Agoda/Booking.com.

5-star hotels
Orion Hotel - Most luxurious hotel in Bishkek with prices starting at 250$ per night.
Hyatt Regency - The oldest 5-star in Bishkek. It has its own bar. 235$ per night.

4-star hotels
Orient Hotel: Walking distance from the bars on Orozbekov Street. Affordable - Rated 8.2/10 - From 55$ per night.
Ambassador Hotel - Excellent location walking distance from many happening bars - Rated 9.2/10 - From 115$ per night.

3-star hotels
Bugu Hotel - Right in the city center, brand-new, very affordable - Rated 9.3/10 - From 55$/night

Try WakeUp Hostel and Compass Hostel, both have excellent ratings and a central location.

General Tips About Bishkek Nightlife
I walked a lot during the day in Bishkek and I never felt the city was unsafe. At night, some streets can be scary as they are poorly lit and deserted. To avoid finding yourself in uncomfortable situations, it's best to take a taxi late at night (or you can use the Yandex Go app, the local alternative to Uber). Taxis are plentiful and they are cheap (just negotiate the price in advance - usually 100 Soms for a short 5 minute ride).

I also read reports on the Internet from people who were mugged just outside nightclubs, when they were drunk. For this reason, it is best to avoid carrying too much cash with you or important documents.

Dress code
As a tourist, it seems you can get away with wearing short pants and a t-shirt in most bars. Nightclubs that mention "Face/Dress control" in their Instagram profile will definitely make sure you are dressed appropriately, with long pants, shoes and a shirt. Some travelers reported cases of racism, especially in clubs that are popular with Russians. It seems to target mainly Indians and Pakistanis.

Prices are relatively low, even in high-end venues. In general, you will pay 180-280 Soms ($2-3) for a beer and 450-550 Soms (4-5$) for a generous cocktail. Nightclubs may have an entrance fee of approximately 500 Soms (less than 5$).

Dating scene
Bishkek is more conservative than Almaty, and the dating pool is smaller, but you should normally have more opportunities than in Western countries. Online dating works well, especially on Tinder, Bumble, or Mamba. In nightclubs, be careful as the number of prostitutes can be deceitfully high.


Best Bars and Clubs in Bishkek

Elite club with a modern sound-system and lighting. About 15 minutes from the city center by cab. Open from Thursday to Saturday until dawn. DJs play various styles, from house to hip-hop. They can also have shows/dancers. Chic crowd, dress well if you want to get inside.

Open every day from 5pm until 5am. Live music or DJ. Full dance floor on weekends, great for socializing. Also crowded when there are sporting events on TV. Middle-to-upper class customers. Dress & Face control.

A live music venue with a mini-concert every night except on Monday (most often pop-rock bands singing local and international songs). There is an entrance fee (450 Soms), and drinks inside cost about the same. Very fun, mature crowd. The only problem is that it's not in the city center, so you'll need to go there by taxi.

Metro Pub
Owned by a British citizen, it is a classy venue with a colonial interior design and a rather upmarket expat crowd. They have a live band and a DJ several times per week. Also decent for eating and watching sports.
Between a club and a bar, it is medium-sized, with a nice set-up, great for meeting people. Music is house/urban/EDM, and they have dancers occasionally. It's more of an after-hour venue, so don't go there too early. It closes at 7AM on weekends! Not too crowded.

Laid-back bar with reasonable prices, popular with students and foreigners alike. Friendly staff and decent food. It gets crowded on weekends as they have a DJ.

The Lucky Leprechaun
Cool pub with some draft beer and regular live bands. There is also an outdoor area. Open everyday until 2AM.

Alternative, hidden bar with techno music and an underground vibe. Send them a message on Instagram to know the exact address (basement of the library "Qitepkana").

Large beer garden/pub serving decent food and beer. Sports on TV. Older crowd.

Bar 12
A stylish bar and lounge on the 12th floor of a building. Nice view and atmosphere. This is where the local elite and younger expats hangout. It was very quiet when I visited, maybe because of Ramadan. Recommended for a date.

Save The Ales
This microbrewery serves various kinds of draft beer in a minimalist setting (think blank walls, cheap tables and chairs... and nothing else). Founded by two Kyrgyz women, it was featured in Conde Nast magazine last year. Closes at midnight.

Center Bar
Centrally-located bar, fine for downing a few beers before heading elsewhere. The terrace is perfect for watching people walk by.  Inside there is a dance floor with a DJ. There is also a karaoke that I didn't try.

111 Bar
A dive bar, a bit messy, which is oddly located on a bridge just above the river. With its homely feel, it is popular with the expat community. Hard to find and at least 10 minutes from the city center. Pool table, darts and video games. Also serves food (burgers).

Conclusion about Bishkek Nightlife
Bishkek is one of the most laid-back and liberal cities in Central Asia. It is safe, cheap and the local people are friendly. There aren't that many clubs and bars, but enough for you to have great fun over a weekend. I recommend it!

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