I was in Hue for just a few days in January, on a stopover between Hanoi and Hoi An. I thought it was a pleasant town, with a fun nightlife, a laid-back vibe, some world-class attractions and excellent food.

If I had known beforehand, I would have skipped Hoi An, probably the most overrated destination in Vietnam, and I would have stayed in Hue for a few extra days.

In this review, I will give you all the information you need to have a fun night out in Hue: The best party area, where to stay nearby, the busiest bars and clubs, as well as

Nightlife Area in Hue
A couple of nights is enough to visit all of Hue's top bars and nightclubs. Almost all of them are located in a small area between Doi Cung street and Chu Van An street, which also happens to be where most of the hotels are.

Within that perimeter, Pham Ngu Lao is the most happening nightlife street. It is crowded every night until 2 AM with a mix of backpackers, tourists and young Vietnamese. The bars are very laid-back, in the open-air, and they also serve food.

Not too far from there, a few swanky nightclubs are scattered around and easy to reach by foot. They target almost exclusively Vietnamese, who often come in groups of males. 

If you don't know where to start your night out, my advice would be to simply walk to Pham Ngu Lao, near Vietnam Backpackers Hostel, and go into the café that seems the most lively on that particular evening.

Hotels Near The Nightlife
Hue is one of the cheapest cities I've ever visited in my entire life. Prices for a double room start à 8$ in guest houses, and for 30$ you can get an excellent 3-star hotel.

To be close to both the nightlife and the Imperial City, I recommend you to stay near Doi Cung street.

These are the best hotels if you want to be near the nightlife (and near the tourist attractions too!):

Backpackers: You can get a comfy room in Amigo Hotel for only 10$ per night, just 1 minute away from all the bars in Hue.
14$/night: Amona Hotel (rated 9.3 on Agoda)
20$/night: Hong Thien Ruby Hotel (rated 9.4 on Agoda)
30$/night: Moonlight Hotel (rated 8.9 on Agoda)
40$/night: Rosaleen Hotel (rated 8.9 on Agoda)

Best Bars in Hue

One of the most happening spots on Pham Ngu Lao street, DMZ is a 3-floor building with a bar on the ground floor, a restaurant on the 2nd, and a sky garden on the 3rd.

Cheap prices (VND30,000 for a beer, VND80,000 for a cocktail). The crowd is more diverse than in Brown Eyes, probably because they also serve decent food and they have a more strategic location. Pool tables and a karaoke room available. Good for watching sports and people passing by.

Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes is probably the most popular bar/club in Hue for young travelers. It is cramped and dark, with a pool table and a bar on the side. It is packed from 9 PM until 3 or 4 AM with mostly drunk backpackers, curious Vietnamese, and a small number of freelance prostitutes.

Prices are cheap (VND40,000 for a beer, VND90,000 for a cocktail, VND40,000 for a shot), and you can get even cheaper prices if you come during their happy hours from 5 PM to 10 PM (20% off). They also go around the city giving away flyers with "buy one get one" promos. Great for meeting people, especially in their small outdoor terrace. Music is a mix of Top 40 songs from the 80s until now.

This is not exactly a party place, but it is a nice hangout spot, slightly away from the busiest part of town. They serve good cocktails, but they are more expensive than elsewhere (150,000 VND or USD 6).

Gecko Café
A cute restaurant/pub that serves pizzas and about 10 brands of craft beers. Reasonably-priced.

Nightclubs in Hue
Nightclubs in Hue are not targeting foreigners but Vietnamese. For this reason, don't expect an experience similar to the one you would have in Europe or the US.

Vietnamese clubs often have a shiny, flashy appearance, with over-the-top lighting and special effects. They mainly serve groups, who book a table or a VIP corner and order bottles. This means that if you are alone, you may not meet other people so easily, unless you are lucky and join one of the groups (which actually often happens when everyone is drunk). There are also lady companions, whose job is to keep you company while you drink. They get paid with tips and commissions.

Customers dress sharply, especially women. They will wear skirts, high heels, and they will often go to the salon before heading to a club.

There is a DJ, often a girl, who mixes Vina House, and a male MC who shouts at the crowd between songs. The sound is always deafening (bring earplugs). In most places, you also have sexy dancers. The larger clubs have live bands, typically singing Vietnamese pop.

The service is particularly attentive because all waiters expect a tip. Even when you go to the toilet the janitor will do everything he can to get a few dongs, from turning on the faucet to giving you a back massage.

In case you never hear of it, Vina House, or Viet House, is a specialty of Vietnam which is just as remarkable as Banh Mi or Pho. It is a crossover between Pop Music and Techno with almost the same bassline on every track. Here is an example:

These are the popular nightclubs in Hue:

This bar/club is more popular with Vietnamese students. Loud EDM music, fun vibe and reasonably priced. 

Just in front of Dong Bar on Pham Ngu Lao street.
A more intimate and luxurious club. Beware as they tend to refuse foreigners, especially if you are not well-dressed or if you don't plan on purchasing bottles. To be honest, you won't lose much since the entertainment is really geared towards Vietnamese taste (Vietnamese songs, very loud Vina House, sexy dancers).

This crowded nightclub seems to be the favorite of young, under-18 local Vietnamese. Vietnamese techno and hot girls dancing with bikinis. In front of the Huong Giang Hotel. Dress sharp.

Asta Nightclub
Another Vietnamese-style nightclub, similar to the ones listed above. Quite expensive (VND100,000 for a beer, VND150,000 for a glass of Whisky). Many chic Vietnamese ladies inside. Vina House music or live bands, depending on the day. Sexy dancers. Closes at 2 AM.

Nightlife Tips
Nightlife cost in Hue
It is very affordable to party in Hue, especially if you only hang out in bars and cafés. In those, a local beer will cost around one US dollar (25-30,000 VND) and a cocktail around 4-5 dollars (100-130,000 VND). You can also buy a bottle of liquor for less than 1,000,000 VND (less than 40 dollars).

It gets more expensive in nightclubs, especially if you order drinks by the glass. Expect to pay 2-3 times more for these. Bottles are better priced, usually around 1,200,000 VND for one (around 50 USD).

Dating in Hue
As elsewhere in Vietnam, it is relatively easy to chat to girls online in Hue and to ask them out on a date. In general, very little happens afterwards, except an invitation for a second date, and then a third, a fourth and a fifth.

I would recommend using the following apps:
- If you are young, good-looking, and staying for a while in Vietnam, try Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, or Badoo.
- If you are currently not in Vietnam but you would like to chat with Vietnamese girls before you arrive in the country, try Vietnam Cupid.
- If you have a good financial situation and feel generous, you'll also meet plenty of girls on Seeking.com.

Safety and danger at night in Hue
Hue, like the rest of Vietnam, is pretty safe when it comes to crime and theft. It can happen and you should definitely be careful, but it is rare.

The number one danger you will face in the country, especially at night, is to have a motorbike accident. It happens way more often than you think and it is the leading cause of death among young travelers.

Limit the danger by staying walking distance from the nightlife, and if you are drunk, just use taxis or grab.

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