You shouldn't expect much from Muscat nightlife. There are very few bars, even fewer nightclubs, and you won't find a party atmosphere like in Dubai.

That said, if you are living in the city, or if you are visiting for a few days, you can always find some decent venues to have fun, to meet people, and to drink alcohol.

Just scroll down to learn more about the best party spots in the capital of Oman.

Muscat Nightlife Areas + Hotels
Nightlife in Muscat
Muscat is a city with several centers, making it quite inconvenient to navigate. Expect to spend quite a bit of time in a car or a taxi every time you want to go somewhere.

For this reason, it is important to choose your hotel carefully. Personally, I would recommend a location near the Sultan Qaboos Highway, ideally near the neighborhood of Al Qurum. It is an upmarket district, near the beach, where you can easily reach shops, malls, and restaurants. It is also within 10-20 minutes from the business district of Ruwi.

For nightlife lovers, the Grand Hyatt Hotel is the best choice as it has three popular bars and clubs inside: Safari Pub, Habana Sports Bar and John Barry. It is quite expensive, but you may be able to find some good deals on Agoda (less than US250$/night).

In a similar price range, the Intercontinental is a good choice as well, with two bars: Al Ghazal Pub and Trader Vic's.

Al Qurum Resort is walking distance from the Intercontinental, with a beachfront and 2 nearby bars (Privé and Route 66). It costs about US$150/night.

The W Hotel has recently opened and they have a nice pool bar called Siddharta by Buddha Bar (to be opened in 2019). Prices start at US300$/night.

If you need a cheaper option, book the Beach Bay Hotel (US90$ per night) It is across the street from Grand Hyatt and it has the expat bar Milly O'Brien inside.

Also good are the Ramada Qurum Beach Hotel (less than US80$/night) and the Waves International Hotel (US50$$ per night).

Note: Hotels in Muscat may not always be girl-friendly. You should remember that it is normally forbidden for unmarried couples to live together. The international chain hotels will rarely enforce the rule, but, still, it is better to be discreet and to make your booking for two people.

Meeting Girls in Muscat
Girls in the bar "On the Rocks" (Instagram)
Like the rest of the Middle-East, Muscat is not an ideal destination for bachelors. Local women are pretty much impossible to date so your only chance is to meet foreign girls.

Oman Air has some cute flight attendants that you may encounter in places like La Vida, Trader's Vic, On the Rocks or Rumba Lattina. They are from various nationalities (Thai, Filipinas, Eastern Europeans, etc) and you can certainly interest them as long as you are handsome, smart and/or wealthy.

English teachers are another possibility. I talked to a few in the usual dating apps like Bumble or Tinder. None were my style of girls.

Finally, you also have thousands of foreign ladies who work as maids, or as shopkeepers/waitresses/receptionists/etc. Many are Indonesians or Filipinas. They rarely go out to bars or clubs, so you'll have to find them online.

Prostitution in Muscat
There are working girls, often Asians, in several expat bars like Safari Pub, O'Malley's, Al Ghazal or Rock Bottom Café. You may also match with them online on Badoo or Tinder. The sugar baby website Seeking Arrangement has a limited number of girls in Muscat, but they are the most pretty you'll see around.

Muscat Nightlife Tips
Here are a few things you should know to prepare your nights out in Muscat:

Bring your ID/Passport
You must be 21 to enter a bar or a club in Oman.

Price of Clubbing
Clubbing in Muscat is a bit cheaper than in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha. Most bars are free to enter, especially if you are in a couple. The places that charge an entry fee, like Rock Bottom, only do so on the weekends, and they give you 1 or 2 free drinks.

In a typical expat bar, a beer will cost OMR2-3 (US$5-8) and a cocktail OMR3-5 (US$8-13).

Many of the venues listed below will have a happy hour promotion, usually from 5PM to 8PM. Ladies' nights are also a great way to save money. The best ones are in Sheraton (Turbines & Taps) on Wednesday and La Vida on Friday.

Dress Code
Since most bars and clubs are located within luxury hotels, you are normally required to dress well. In particular, do not wear shorts and sandals.

When to Party
Weekends in Oman are on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, the best nights for clubbing are on Thursday and Friday. The rest of the week, it can be very quiet unless you go to a specific event.

Weekly and monthly events:
For information on the latest events and parties in Muscat, you can check the following online groups: (Facebook)
Oman Parties and Events (Facebook)
Muscat Party (Private Facebook Group)
Oman Events (Facebook)
Muscat Events (Instagram)

You can also follow the Instagram accounts of famous local DJs like Dj Djibo and DJ Pharaoh.

Finally, if you are into Salsa/Kizomba/Bachata, look at Latin Dance Muscat and Muscat Salsa Rueda.

Internet Censorship in Oman
Many websites are blocked in Oman, including porn. To unblock them, you can download a VPN like VyprVPN. This is the one I use and I'm very happy with it. If you are confused about how it works, please read my article: Why Adult Websites are Blocked in Qatar (and How to Unblock Them).

Best Bars, Pubs, and Clubs in Muscat

The Cave Complex
Rumba Lattina in The Cave
La Vida Muscat
La Vida Muscat
This unique location is a man-made cave in which you can find several restaurants and bars. The advantage of going there is that if you can do some bar-hopping and try several venues in one evening. You can also eat various types of cuisines (Italian, Omani, Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, Mexican, Moroccan, etc).

At the moment, these are some of the popular spots:

La Vida Muscat
African night on Wednesday. Ladies night on Friday (Free drinks for ladies all night long). Arabic night on Saturday. Shisha.

NV (Envy)
New lounge with a Pinoy night (Filipinos), an African night, an urban night, and a Latino night.

Rumba Lattina (I'm not sure if Lattina is voluntarily spelled with two "t")
Mexican/South American restaurant with reggaeton/salsa/EDM. Same owner as NV.

On the Rocks
With its modern design, this restaurant/lounge/bar is a bit more sophisticated than most other venues in Muscat. It attracts a young crowd of locals and foreigners, rich and trendy, who party in groups.

Wednesday is probably the best night, with a free flow promotion for only OMR10. Otherwise, they have Deep house/EDM/Techno on Thursday, and Hip-hop/Rn'B on Friday.

Safari Club, Habana Sports Bar, and John Barry in Grand Hyatt
Habana Sports Bar
Within the Grand Hyatt Hotel, there are 3 different nightlife venues:

The Safari Club is a typical expat bar with a kitsch African theme. It has live music, pub food, and pool tables. There are some Asian/Chinese prostitutes as well. Attached to it, Habana is more laid-back and perfect for watching sports.

Finally, the John Barry Bar is more stylish. It is more appropriate for a date or a quiet drink with its live piano music nights.

Other expat pubs in Muscat
There are many British/Irish/American pubs in Muscat. They are quite similar to each other so I thought it was useless to describe each of them. I rank them below starting with my favorites:

→ Milly O'Brien in Beach Bay Hotel: Simple and clean Irish pub with a good crowd (fewer prostitutes than elsewhere). Daily events like karaoke, quiz night, live music, jazz, sports, etc. Good food.

→ Turbine and Taps in Sheraton: Best bar in the business district of Ruwi, modern industrial design, nice cocktails. Bollywood night on Friday, Ladies night on Wednesday (3 free drinks).
Turbine and Taps
→ Duke's Bar in Crowne Plaza Hotel: Sports bar, good burgers, outdoor terrace with the ocean view.

→ Al Ghazal in Intercontinental Hotel: British food, pool tables, live band/DJ from Wednesday to Friday.

→ O'Malley's in Al Khuwair Hotel Radisson Blu: Busy on weekends, many Filipinos, live music, some prostitution.

→  Route 66: Busy and affordable bar in Al Qurum Resort Hotel. Special events every day: African nights, Salsa night, karaoke night, Arabic night, Hip-Hop night. In the same hotel, you also have the more upmarket gastro lounge Privé (Bollywood nights, house nights, techno nights)

  Rock Bottom in Ramee Guestline Hotel: High testosterone bar/club with an OMR10 entrance fee on weekends. The crowd is mostly Arabic, with many Asian prostitutes as well. Daily live music followed by a DJ. Affordable prices.
Rock Bottom Bar in Muscat
Trader's Vic in Intercontinental Qurum
Trader Vic's is a chain of Polynesian-themed restaurants and the self-claimed inventor of the Mai Tai cocktail. It is surprisingly very present in the Middle East, with branches in Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Bahrein.

I find it a bit touristy, but if you are a bit old-fashioned, you might enjoy it there. They have live music, exotic cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere. Beware that shorts and sandals are not allowed.

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