SCBD is the most happening nightlife area in Jakarta at the moment. This is where you will find the hippest bars and clubs, especially those that are popular with young (and rich) Indonesians in their early twenties.

The main reason for this success is its central location, combined with the presence of high-class malls (Pacific Place, ASHTA), prestigious offices (banks and financial institutions especially), luxury apartments, and 5-star hotels (Ritz-Carlton or Alila). It is also near Senopati, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Jakarta, which is another vibrant nightlife area.

The best thing about partying in SCBD is that you can easily go from one place to another, sometimes just on foot. This allows you to experience different bars and nightclubs in just one evening, with minimal effort.

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Best Nightclubs and Bars in SCBD

The H Club is the biggest nightclub in Jakarta, and even in the whole of Asia. Sprawling on 7000m2, it can accommodate more than 2,000 party-goers on its massive dance floor. It is the flagship property of the HW group, which is also the owner of multiple other nightclubs all over Indonesia (including the very famous Atlas in Bali).

It has a rounded shape with a 10-meter high ceiling and several huge chandeliers. Both the sound and lighting system are top-notch, on the level of the best nightclubs in the world. The special effects are really spectacular, using fire, smoke, lasers, pulsing lights, and LCD screens to change the atmosphere of the club depending on the tunes being played.

The music consists mostly of crowd-pleasers, i.e. famous EDM/Top 40 hits, but this might change if they have a guest DJ. Before midnight, it is actually more like a lounge with live bands playing a mix of Indonesian and international songs. If you come at this time, you can also order dinner.

Don’t forget to follow their Instagram account to know about all their special events. Several times per month, they welcome a big international or local artist (DJ, band or singer). They also have regular themed parties, such as Atlas Take Over, Halloween, etc.

To book a table, you can visit their website: HW Group.

A trendy rooftop bar (now covered with a glass dome for the noise). The clientele is made of young Indonesian hipsters and some expats. They have different music events every day of the week (live music, DJs). Sunday is for techno. Entrance fee on weekends is around IDR 150,000. Fairly busy even on weekdays. It is within the Fairgrounds complex where you will also find Zoo, Bengkel, Swillhouse among others.

Large nightclub located in the Élysée building in SCBD. Popular with Indonesians from the upper-middle class. Music is mostly EDM. Entrance fee is IDR 200,000 on weekends. Ladies' night on Wednesday.

An offshoot of the original Beer Garden in Kemang, this open-air lounge is laid-back and friendly. It is also cheaper than the other nearby venues, which makes it popular with a varied crowd from students to middle-class executives. Live bands play there regularly. 40 types of beers.

From the same owner as Beer Garden, this is a more upmarket venue, with air-conditioning, comfortable seats, better food and cocktails, and dim lighting. Live music every night, usually a mix of Indonesian and English pop songs. They serve a few craft beers on tap, including Indonesian brands like Kura-Kura and Islands Brewing. 

The Swillhouse
This medium-sized club can get pretty wild. It focuses mostly on RnB, hip-hop and reggaeton. On weekends, you won't get much space to move around near the dance floor, but the bar area is quieter. Minimalist/Industrial design (concrete walls, nothing fancy). Average prices. It is in the same building as Lucy in the Sky.

For more information, check their Instagram: Swillhouse

Mr. Fox is part of the Ismaya Group, one of the largest and most successful entertainment companies in Jakarta.

If you are a fan of Ismaya's venues in general, you might be disappointed with Mr. Fox as it does not come with their trademark flashy interior design. Instead, it seems they've tried to create a bar/restaurant for a mature audience, with a focus on quality. Good place for a date. It is normally quiet except on weekends when they have live bands.

An expat bar belonging to the Bugil's group (Eastern Promise, Double Doors, De Hooi, etc). Good for lunch or for after-hour drinks. Flirty waitresses. Live music. The clients are mostly older foreigners and Indonesians who work nearby.

One of two Cork & Screw locations in Jakarta, this Western restaurant houses a wine shop and bar. It is better to come with a group of friends and share a few bottles. Most customers are Indonesian Chinese executives in their late twenties or early thirties. Regular wine tasting events. Part of the Union group.

Located in Pacific Place mall in SCBD, this is a small, expensive club with an intimate feel. RnB and Afrobeats on Tuesdays, House music on weekends.

This rooftop bar on top of the Alila Hotel SCBD replaced Hakkasan after it closed in 2020. It is an expensive place with only a tiny bar area. Most customers are required to book sofas (2,5M of minimum spend for 4 people). The view is ok but not exceptional. Good electronic music.

Part of the Amuz group, this whisky and cognac bar features a daily live jazz band. The mature clientele is wealthy yet friendly (if they feel you belong there).

New bars and nightclubs keep popping up every few months in SCBD! Please leave a comment below if there is one I haven't mentioned yet.

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  1. You also have - The Pallas - another All In Group venue in the Fairgrounds complex. It was the old Potato Head Garage. Most nights it is a very large restaurant and bar space but they are also having some good events with local and international singers, bands and DJ's performing. In the past year they have welcomed Aly & Fila, Alex Metric, Marc Benjamin, Jay Hardway, Fatman Scoop and Grandmaster Scratch amongst other international acts. Worth checking out if something is on but also be aware they are sometimes closed for private functions especially during the week.

    1. You are completely right, I forgot to mention the Pallas which has good events... their instagram is

  2. Beer Hall seems to be a place where middle aged men meetup with young Indo college girls who need new handphones. Have a met a few ayam kampus there on Fri/Sat nights, ymmv.