This is my updated list of the best bars in Jakarta (2024).

I wrote mostly about the most established venues that have existed for several years and are consistently crowded. I also focused mostly on South and Central Jakarta.

At the end of the article, I've added some of the newest bars as well as some that are located in North and West Jakarta.

Please leave a comment if I forgot one!

Best Bars in Jakarta

These are the best bars in Jakarta. They are not ranked in a particular order: I don't think there is one that is better than the others as they each target a different crowd.

LiveHouse Kelapa Gading (Sponsored)
LiveHouse, which is part of the HW group, has just opened a new branch in Kelapa Gading (after the success of the one in Kemang). It has a fun and fresh concept which is very popular among young Indonesians. Basically, there is a live band or singer every night, and the public is invited to sing along. Most of the song are Top 40 hits, in English and in Indonesian, so everyone will know the lyrics. There is also a giant screen behind the stage where people can post updates and chat directly from their phones. After the live music and between breaks, a DJ will mix mostly EDM and pop tunes.

It is quite affordable compared to the competition, and there are interesting promos every night (free cocktails for ladies before 12pm on Thursday, 30k shots on Monday and Wednesday, etc.) Check their IG @livehouse.kelapagading for the updated list of events.

Basque (Mega Kuningan)
Basque is not the most impressive or the most beautiful bar in Jakarta, but it is one of the most happening at the moment.

This is especially true on Friday and Saturday when the dance floor gets so packed you can barely move a finger. On those days, there is a first-drink-charge of about IDR 200,000 if you come after midnight.

Many customers are foreigners, either expats or tourists, and there are also a fair amount of Indonesian girls. Many are just office girls who want to have fun, but there are some "professional girlfriends" as well (the kind you would meet on the dating site

The music is usually a mix of famous pop, rock and hip-hop songs.

On weekdays, from Sunday to Thursday, it is much quieter. Then, the focus is on the restaurant, which serves Spanish food from the Basque region, and Tapas. It's still fine for a drink, but don't expect a party vibe.

Léon Goldstein (Jalan Wijaya)
Opened in early 2017, Léon is a serious competitor to Basque, but it attracts mostly rich Indonesians instead of foreigners. It actually consists of two venues:
- The main one: A massive square room with a high ceiling, a long bar and a garden, is open to anyone (as long as you dress properly) day or night, for dinner or drinks.
- The second one, the Social Room, is a more intimate speakeasy bar with its own weekly schedule. They have a nicer selection of premium cocktails and spirits, and the music is better (live jazz, techno DJs, etc).

To enjoy Léon, it is much better to book a table ahead and to buy a few bottles.

Henshin (Rasuna Said)
This rooftop bar on top of the Westin Hotel is one of the most expensive in the city, but also one of the classiest. Superb atmosphere and view, with a fantastic service. Not too crowded, probably because of the price.

SKYE (Jalan Sudirman)
The most famous rooftop in Jakarta. The view is not as good as in Cloud but the atmosphere is less "corporate/expat" and more relaxed. A must for tourists. Strict dress code in evenings: No shorts or sandals.

Cloud Lounge (Thamrin)
Another rooftop near SKYE in the Plaza Building (Plaza Indonesia). It is conveniently located in the heart of the city and it offers fantastic views of Jakarta by day or by night. One of my favorite bars in Jakarta.

Lucy in the Sky started as a laid-back, unpretentious open-air café. Today it is a hip bar, rather expensive, attracting all the cool kids in the capital. Recommended if you are a 20-25 years-old hipster. Entrance fee of IDR 150,000 on weekends.

The best thing about Lucy is that it is walking distance to many other bars and nightclubs in Jakarta. If you are new to the city and you don't really know how to get around, you could start here then check other venues nearby such as H Club, Zoo, Swillhouse, Billions, etc.

In the past few years, they have added a location in Cikini and in Spark Mall (Senayan).

Loewy (Mega Kuningan)
Walking distance from Basque, Loewy is not new but it is still happening. It is a great place to eat casual French food and to hang out any day of the week. If you are alone in Jakarta, the bar area is an easy place to socialize, especially with foreigners living in Mega Kuningan.

Caspar (Sudirman)
The Spanish restaurant Caspar is one of the favorite party spots of foreigners living in Jakarta (along with Basque). This means you will also find a whole range of Indonesian girls interested in dating them. It gets really busy only on weekends as its main room turns into a dance floor. DJs usually play techno but they can also have live bands.

It has a whisky and cigar bar in its mezzanine, as well as an outdoor terrace. 

Cafe Cali (Sudirman)
This new rooftop bar is on the 32nd floor of the Orient Hotel. It is located in the same building as Caspar. During the day, it works as a pool club and restaurant with a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. In the evening, it can be more or less crowded depending on their events. Sometimes quite empty (except at sunset time), sometimes very busy. So make sure to check their Instagram before going.

The entrance fee during the day is IDR 200,000 with one drink included (and pool towels). At night, it can be up to IDR 300,000.

Eastern Promise (Kemang)
Slowly becoming one of the oldest bars in Jakarta, EP is a hangout for the expat crowd in Kemang. Very large with several rooms (restaurant, sports bar, pool tables, beer garden with live music), it manages to be busy every night.

If you just arrived in Jakarta and you want to meet some fellow expats, this is a good place to start.

From the same group, you can also check their sister properties, all part of the Bugil's Group: Cazbar (Mega Kuningan), Double Doors (Puri Indah), De Hooi (Pondok Indah), and De Burse (SCBD). They all have a similar crowd, vibe and menu.

This Deep South-themed bar is located inside a wooden cabin in the Maj (Senayan Golf Club). Quite unexpected for Jakarta and worth trying for those looking to experience something different.

Chao Chao (SCBD)
This rooftop bar on top of the Alila Hotel SCBD replaced Hakkasan after it closed in 2020. It is an expensive place with only a tiny bar area. Most customers are required to book sofas (2,5M of minimum spend for 4 people). The view is ok but not exceptional. Good electronic music.

BATS (Sudirman) and CJs (Senayan)
Some people prefer BATS, some people prefer CJs. Both are quite similar if not identical: They are 5-star hotel bars with imported live bands and a crowd of husbands having fun away from home. Recommended for older visitors/businessmen who are not too comfortable exploring the city. Both are very pricey. Beware as they both have many working girls inside.

Social House (Grand Indonesia)
The restaurant and bar Social House is not a really exceptional place, but it has such a strategic location within Grand Indonesia that I often end up there by convenience. Average food but a wide selection of drinks and wine. It is normally crowded every day. Nice view of Bundaran Hotel Indonesia.

Cork & Screw
There are 3 Cork & Screw in Jakarta, but the only one I've been to recently is the Pacific Place's branch. This wine lounge and restaurant is possibly the busiest nightlife spot in the whole mall. Most customers are wealthy Indonesian-Chinese in large groups. You can also buy wine bottles.

Cork & Screw Country Club is different from the others as it is located outdoors in the Senayan Golf Course. It is more like a day club with sun loungers, a garden and a swimming pool.

Also a restaurant/café, Union is very popular with a diverse crowd, from office workers to socialites. Recommended for after-work drinks or for first-time dates (easy to find). It's better to make advance reservations as they are often full.

There are now almost 10 locations in Jakarta apart from the original branch: In PIK Avenue, in Pondok Indah Mall and in Mall Kelapa Gading 3. I have only been to the one in Senayan.

Helen's Epicentrum (Jalan Rasuna Said)
Crowded live music bar with dim lighting. Popular with young Indonesians, so the bands will usually play many Indonesian pop songs. There is a location in Epicentrum (near Jalan Rasuna Said) and one in Gunawarman Street (near Senopati).

Duck Down Bar (Senopati)
A small bar tucked inside the basement of a building in Senopati. It is very packed, full of smoke and noisy, but the clients seem to love it even more because of that. Easy to meet people. Live bands play famous rock and pop songs.

Camden (Cikini)
Camden is very popular and busy almost any day of the week. They have an outside beer garden and an indoor area (very packed and full of smoke). Cheap prices, perfect for students or backpackers. 

Beer Hall (SCBD)
This is not my favorite bar, but I often go there because it is almost always busy. Part of the Beer Garden group, it is a bit more upmarket and more expensive. Daily live bands play a mix of Indonesian and International songs. The crowd is mostly local.

Paulaner Brauhaus (Grand Indonesia)
The famous German restaurant is just above Social House in Grand Indonesia Mall. Live music every night and the famous Paulaner beer on tap.

Bluegrass (Rasuna Said)
Popular steakhouse with a long bar. Quite many foreigners as it is centrally located near Epicentrum mall.

Beer Garden
A group of affordable beer gardens with 3 locations in Jakarta: Radio Dalam, Hublife (Taman Anggrek) and SCBD. Usually, they are happening every night with a live singer or band.

Queen's Head (Kemang)
One of the best venues in Kemang to have drinks on weekends. Beautiful design, delicious food and a mature crowd. 

Liquid Exchange (Rasuna Said)
The closest bar from the Taman Rasuna apartment complex (at least 18 towers), it is generally busy all week long. Indoor and outdoor area. Nothing special but good enough for an affordable drink while watching sports or listening to live music.

Halfway (Puri Indah)
From the same owner behind Camden, this is another student bar with very cheap prices (IDR 25,000 for a beer during happy hour from 5 PM to 8 PM). Cheerful, yet messy, atmosphere. Located in Puri Indah.

Melly's Garden (Central Jakarta)
This giant beer garden in Menteng (walking distance from Jalan Jaksa) is an all-time favorite of middle-class Indonesians, young or not, who enjoy the daily live music and the cheap prices. Number one bar for backpackers in Jakarta.

Vin +
A group of wine lounges with three locations in Kemang, Senayan and Central Park. It never gets crazy but it is fine for sharing a few bottles of wine with a group of friends.

Burgundy (Plaza Indonesia)
The Burgundy bar in the Hyatt Hotel (Plaza Indonesia) is generally quiet, but I really enjoy it simply to look at the view of Thamrin/Sudirman. Live low-key music.

Motion Blue (Senayan)
Jazz bar featuring different artists every week. Entrance fee around IDR 150,000 inclusive of one drink. Check their Facebook for the updated event schedule.

Shamrock (Tebet)
One of the few bars in the area of Tebet/East Jakarta. Outdoor garden with an indoor pub. Affordable prices and a nice, student crowd. Live music or DJs on weekends. It's quite similar to Camden Cikini.

One of the busiest bars in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Good selection of beers and soju. Not so pricey. They usually have live music (Indonesian and English pop/rock) followed by a DJ (EDM, top 40, RnB).

While in PIK, you can also visit Black Owl and Gold Tiger.

Usually just called Brotherhood, it is a grill restaurant during the day, but turns into a busy bar/club at night. One of the most popular places to hangout in Senopati at the moment. Live music before midnight, then DJ.

Pantja (Senopati)
Pantja was opened by two expatriates, one who was a chef for Nobu restaurants and is now heading the kitchen, while the other one is responsible for the bar. Prices are quite high so you can expect to spend at least a million rupiah if you dine and drink there. It is one of two bars in Jakarta, along with the Cocktail Club, that have been listed in the list of Asia's best bars. 

Both places are actually not that crowded and they can be a bit boring. Still, I recommend visiting if you are looking for better-than-average cocktails and an exclusive vibe.

If you follow many Jakartans on social media, you've probably seen a few selfies or stories taken from Phoenix Gastro Bar. Opened by the HW Group (H Club, Atlas Bali), this restaurant/bar is built on several floors in a style that resembles the interior of the Titanic (think about the scene with the staircase). If you come after 6 PM, you have a minimum charge of IDR 1,5M to get a sofa (for 6-8 persons). Live jazz/pop every day until 10PM, followed by a DJ until 2AM.

Missing a Bar?
If you think a bar should be included here, please drop me a comment and I will visit the place (if I haven't done it already).

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  1. One of the better live bands that I've found in Jakarta is at Shy Rooftop in Kemang. Friday and Saturday are pretty packed and have a really good vibe.

    1. Thanks for the tip... I thought Shy Rooftop was closed actually... I need to visit again...

    2. Ya definitely give it a go. I was there only about 2 months ago... don't know if it closed since. I live close by so if you're heading down, let me know! I've only checked out half the bars on this list so I'll slowly be ticking them off.

  2. Any good normal bars in North jakarta?

    1. In PIK there are a few such as Mixology, Hugo's, Bienvenue, Wu Bar... I'm not sure which one is the most happening as I rarely go there... Also you'll find a few in Kelapa Gading... last time I went to the Barrels in La Piazza and it was fine... nothing comparable to South Jakarta though...

  3. I like the way you wrote all this stuffs. To be honest, i often visit this blog just to read it. Let's grab a drink when you are in Jakarta :) cheers. Tria

  4. I'm planning to spend a birthday on solitude chilling with a drink. Which bars do you think is safe for a girl without a group of friends?

    1. Maybe Flow? If you don't like it, you can try the bars nearby like J Sparrows or Basque...

    2. What do you mean nearby?

    3. They are walking distance from Flow (350 meters away).

    4. Depending what day your bday is, Sparrows has freeflow wine promo 5-10pm every Monday for 300++ and Hurricanes has same on Tuesday 299++ 7-9pm, both bars very single girl friendly and both have vvery friendly female pr marketing staff so if you are sat at the bar you won't be alone unless you want to be, actually even Basque you would not be bothered too much on the quieter nights - usually Wed, Fri, Sat are busy nights in those 3 and more bule on the prowl but a gentle "no thanks" should be enough

  5. Basque? Really? This place is the new BATS and CJ. Not in a good way though:)

    1. What do you mean by that? I disagree if you are trying to infer it is full of ayam? Or you mean full of bule? Well it is the busiest trendiest "latest" place in Jakarta, of course it will be busy and full but I would definitely say it is not full of hookers - in fact the opposite, nearly all of the women there are normal girls with jobs, there are no freelance hookers there. There are however lots of bule who don't respect Asian girls and think they can all be bought for a bottle of cheap gin, so if you mean it's the new BATS because of the bule chasing skirt, then yes, sadly there are still a lot of d1ckheads there. But I disagree about the girls being hookers or it being anything like BATS or CJs in that respect. You could argue any bar or club is the new BATS - if you are a nice enough person, most Indonesian girls will be happy to hang out with you. Its 2017, maybe they want a one night stand, who knows, who cares, but to suggest Basque is full of actual freelance hookers is a bit of a long shot to be honest. I would have to disagree with you there. But men-wise yes sadly as usual in Asia a lot of "big fish in a small pond" syndrome where a lot of guys assume or presume that all the girls are hookers. Pretty sad situation really.

    2. very much true. I was there and standing at the bar with my BF - a bule approached me saying "do you want to go home with me?". I was like WTF man! Go back to your shithole.

  6. Depending what day your bday is, Sparrows has freeflow wine promo 5-10pm every Monday for 300++ and Hurricanes has same on Tuesday 299++ 7-9pm, both bars very single girl friendly and both have vvery friendly female pr marketing staff so if you are sat at the bar you won't be alone unless you want to be, actually even Basque you would not be bothered too much on the quieter nights - usually Wed, Fri, Sat are busy nights in those 3 and more bule on the prowl but a gentle "no thanks" should be enough

  7. I stay somewhere in the Thamrin vicinity.. A flyover from KL - Jakarta - Gili. A 3D2N tops in Jakarta. And I wanted to explore and discover the famous Jakarta nightlife. Last night, I told the hotel staff to get a taxi and bring me to Skye bar.. I wanted to just chill and have a view of spectacular Jakarta city.. Then, the driver took me to "cyber 1" which is like 15km away.. I said this is too far, thinking to myself so I told him.. Is there any other Skye bar? He says there's 2.. So I said bring me to the other one (maybe its the 2nd branch, and newer) so he took me to cyber 2 building.. What the F.. In addition to the traffic jams. I was furious but I knew it was a miscommunication.. Skye bar and cyber sound the same to the driver.. So I decided to head to mandarin oriental to see the live band.. To my suprise, there were none.. That's in Shang Rila. Took the 2nd taxi to shangrila.. And walked down to Bats.. It was half empty with a duet playing music at the stage.. I scanned the area.. 2 Caucasian, 1 single shemale, and a couple. Boring. Then, as I was sipping my beer, the unthinkable happened.. 2 white guys came over and strike a conversation with me. 1 bloke is American and the other sounds French.. Both are in the same professional field as I am. So, it was easy to have a conversation with common interest. I thought, the shemale would possibly approach me but I thought wrong. Anyways, the 2 fellas were also looking for some adventures.. So went from Alexis, Fashion hotel to somewhere I've lost track. I had a blast with these fellas. But as a single guy, I wanted to get to know a local girl/guy to befriend and keep in touch as you can see im pretty lonely and have absolutely no one to party and have an adventure with.. Anyone out there wanna chill?

    1. If you trip was the last couple of days, it was Eid and most bars and clubs were closed. In future don't give the bar name to the driver, he is not going to know, it is better to give the building name or just the general location - Skye is Menara BCA (next to Grand Indo mall) Usually hotel staff tell the driver for you. BATS is Shangri-La, CJs is Mulia, probably the best and busiest 2 5* hotel bars with live music and girls, lots of other bars have live music (usually local Indo bands) but obvviously you want eye candy too. Otherwise busy bars are the usual ones in Kuningan or Senayan, Loewy, Union, Basque etc, Dragonfly (Graha BIP) and Immigrant (The Plaza, next to Keraton Hotel, Grand Indo mall) are the busiest these days, depending on your age, ethnicity, music choice and so on.
      Jenja is busy but EMD and a long way from Thamrin

  8. Most of the places listed here are full of wanksters and I wouldn't go near 'em. 'Be seen' 'elite' 'hipster'....seriously? Good fire or explosion needed to rid us of these cunts.

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  10. Since Jan 2019 Cloud closed for refurb for 5 months

  11. Is there any shemale bars?

    1. Yes, check Apollo club in Bellagio Mall or, if you like adventure, ML Disco in Mangga Besar area.

  12. Nautilus at Four Seasons has one of the best bartenders around. Super cozy and great for a date. Music is live from the acoustic piano. Nice and classy place.

  13. Loewy will close April 2020 for 8-10 weeks for major reno and refurb

    Cloud already reopen 49th floor The Plaza, now has more sofas, a dance floor, fully roofed / cover but open walls and a vip glass igloo overhanging, also live band, worth a visit to see if you like it

  14. Руддщ! Could you advise: in which venues in Jakarta I can find a good djs playing easy listening or dreamy house music like All Day I Dream or Balearic style, down tempo, lounge etc. Thank you

  15. Swill House, Bengkel Space, Billions and Hatchi should definitely be recommended!

  16. What is the best place to stay and party in Jakarta
    Like seminyak and kuta in Bali

  17. Try Bull & Vine in Kemang.....worth a look