Casa Nightclub and Hotel (Phnom Penh)

By Jakarta100bars
Casa is a nightclub, karaoke and hotel in Phnom Penh catering mostly to a wealthy local and Chinese clientele. It is located in Wat Phnom, about 500 meters from the riverside and from the town center. 

If you are interested to stay there for the night, you can check the price and the latest guest reviews here: Casa Hotel Phnom Penh.

Foreigners are rare inside. They don't like the Chinese-style techno-pop music, the over-the-top and kitsch design and the absence of a real dance floor. The club also has a seedy reputation, both because of the use of drugs and the prostitution.

Casa is indeed famous for having high-class escorts from Vietnam or China, working either in the karaoke or in the main disco. They are more pricey mostly because of their whiter skin color.

In spite of this, it is worth having a look if you want to experience a different side of Phnom Penh nightlife. I recommend you to visit it on weekends around midnight at the following address:

5 France Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone number: +855 23 426 773

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