25 Prettiest Mixed-Race Indonesian Girls

By Jakarta100bars
If you want to compliment an Indonesian girl, just tell her that she looks mixed and you'll make her day. While I tend to prefer girls who look 100% local, the ones that have a tiny bit of foreign blood are often seen as the most beautiful for many Indonesians.

Unsurprisingly, those girls (and guys) are over-represented among celebrities: Countless of actors, singers and TV stars are "blasteran", the word for mixed-race people. This is also true among models and beauty pageants contestants. I listed a few here but you can see more on my review 34 Most Beautiful Miss Indonesia.

All the girls I chose are mixed with at least one "bule" (white) parent. I would have loved adding girls with Asian (particularly Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean), Arab, Indian, Latino or Black ethnicities, but I didn't find many. If you have a name worth checking, please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to add her name here.

The actress is the star of the Asian HBO hit "Halfworlds". She comes from a family of mixed Indonesian, Indian and German heritage.

Carissa Perusset
The young and pretty Carissa is an upcoming model with Swiss and Indonesian blood. Her dad, Pierre Perusset was the GM of the Ritz Carlton Jakarta.

33-year-old Mariana is a model and an actress currently living in New York. She was born from a French Jewish father and a mom who was herself a mix of Italian, Indonesian and Chinese blood.

Born in 1993, she did a bit of everything starting at a very young age, from singing to acting. She moved to NY a couple years ago to study in Columbia University. Her dad is German, the ex-GM of Grand Hyatt Jakarta, and her mom is Indonesian.

Francine Madelaine Zauner
22-year old Francine is a model who was raised in Bali and who is currently pursuing a modeling career in Hong-Kong. A participant in the international TV show SupermodelMe, she is of mixed heritage French, Indonesian and Chinese.

The beautiful Tatiana is a mix of Manadonese and Polish blood. She is 28 years old and she was an actress in several feature movies and sitcoms.

Born in 1997, Tatjana has a German expat father and an Indonesian mother. She is a famous actress with almost a million fans on her Instagram account.

The 24 year-old is a mixed-race actress of Indonesian (Manado) and Italian descent.

Born from parents with mixed Turkish, Arab and Indonesian blood (maybe Jewish and German too according to some sources), she started acting when she was 7 years old. Now 20, she is still popular and currently presenting a show on TransTV.

With 7 million followers on Instagram, Pevita is a superstar in Indonesia. She is only 23 years old and already a model, actress, singer and presenter. She is from mixed blood Indonesian and British.

An actress born in 1996 from an Acehnese mom and an American dad. She can be seen in 2016 in the sinetron (sitcom) Halilintar.

Born in 1995, Anjani is one of the most active Indonesian actresses at the moment. She is from mixed heritage Dutch/Indonesian.

With 1,1 million followers on her Instagram, she is one of the most popular girls on this list. The quirky 23-year old actress and model is Acehnese by her mom and Polish by her dad.

Even though Millane does not really look Indonesian (i had to check several times to make sure she really was), her dad is Javanese while her mom is German. She is a singer and she was born in 1988.

Apart from having a strange name, Yasmine is a beautiful actress who played in both sitcoms and feature films. Her dad is English and her mom is Batak. She was born in 1993.

21-year old Anggika has Swiss and Indonesian ancestry. She is a model for TV commercial, among which Pond's, and an actress.

Oceane Alagia
I'm not sure what she does, but she has quite a following on Ask.fm and Instagram. She is a 21-year old Indonesian with Italian and French blood. And she is very pretty.

Estelle Van Der Linden
Indonesian-Dutch actress born in 1994, she played in the feature film Negari Tanpa Telinga in 2014. She might be the half-sister of Oceane Alagia.

She is a 24-year old model born from a Indonesian mother (Bugis) and an American dad.

Born in 1991 from a British dad and a Javanese mom, Nadine was crowned Miss Indonesia in 2010 and she competed in Miss Universe in 2011.

Born in 1984, Nadine Chandrawinata is a former beauty pageant contestant who won Puteri Indonesia in 2005. She later shot several movies and became a TV presenter. Her mom is German and her dad is Indonesian-Chinese.

A famous actress and model born in 1989, her dad is a French-American and her mom Indonesian-Chinese.

Now 42 years old, Nadya is still great looking. Her dad is Indonesian Batak and her mom is Australian. Among other things, she presented Asia's Next Top Model for 2 seasons.

Widika Sidmore is an American with Javanese, Celtic and Native American blood. She is a model and she was born in 1992.

Born from a Norwegian father and a Javanese mother, she is a model who currently lives in Jakarta.

All the pictures were taken from Instagram. You can see more photos by clicking on the names of the girl. If you know a mixed-race/mixed blood (blasteran/campuran) Indonesian girl who deserves to be listed here, please leave a comment!

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  1. Great list, I would add Eva Celia and Valerie Thomas...

    1. Is Valerie Thomas mixed? She looks bule but I could not find the origin... she is not 18 yet so maybe better to wait...

    2. Chelsea Islan (I'm not sure but I think her dad is American bcs she was born in USA), Kimberly Ryder (her dad is British), and I think Citra Kirana is mixed too but I'm not really sure

    3. Nah, Valerie Thomas isn't Eurasian. Her mum is full Indonesian and her dad is of Arab or Indian descent. So she's very much Indonesian blood. It looks like her dad's genes took a very strong toll on her but if you see her brother Matthew, you can tell that Jeremy Thomas' ancestry has almost been rub off.

    4. Chelsea Islan mom is american - Samantha and her dad is Indonesian. She was born in Washington usa. I

    5. Chelsea Islan i think her parents doesn't from US

    6. chelsea islan is pure indonesian.. cause her mom and dad is indonesian.. and their name is also indonesian name

  2. Kimberly ryder and sophia muller please

  3. Another pretty Eurasian Indonesian girl is Sovia Karen

  4. Kimberly dan Natasha ryder, shadirra Arzya, Amanda dan Annisa Rawles juga Ps. Aku juga blasteran :p Aisyah Sofia Bravi

  5. Amber Juliana should be on your list. She's Polish and Dutch-Indonesian very very pretty

  6. lol oceana alagia isn't 21, she's born in 2000 haha

  7. Btw Océane Alagia is 17 and was very much 15 when you wrote this article...

  8. Cassandra Lee also a mixed race. She has indonesian, french & irish origin

  9. Alexandra and Alyssa Daguise are two beautiful blasteran girls with Indo mum and French dad...

  10. How about Sophia latjuba?or Ida iasha 🤔🤔meriam bellina, Dewi Sandra , chintami atmanegara , Ira wibowo there are plenty old mix race generation

  11. charlotte carey. model. indonesian british

  12. Lol the only one who looks good is salvita. The other ones look so basic, fake or ugly. And their names tf why nobody on that fucking earth give them an entlightenment

  13. check whulan dary herman. mom padang and dad was indian...not a bule mix but mixed

  14. Christa turina she's a model. Balinese Dutch beautifl mix!

  15. -Kimberly & Natasha Ryder (British-Indonesian)
    -Sophia Latjuba (German-Indonesian)
    -Wulan Guritno & Shaloom Razade (German-Indonesian)
    -Chelsea Islan (American-Indonesian)
    -Asmirandah (Ducth-Indonesian)
    -Paula Verhoeven (Dutch-Indonesian)
    -Alessandra Gottardo (Italian-Indonesian)
    -Cassandra Lee (Irish-Indonesian)

    I really wish that I could look pretty & hot as those mixed race celebrities (Too bad I'm mix of chinese, javanese & middle eastern that looks really basic :()

  16. Well this is racist,where are the Blasians?and other ethnic indo mixes?White worshipping much...

    1. Not sure if you are a troll or just plain stupid.

  17. Asmirandah too, mixed Indo - Dutch