This article was last updated on September 14th, 2019. I removed X2, Immigrant, Empirica, and Level II (Foundry 8) that have closed down and added Boca Rica, Loewy, Beer Hall, and Eastern Promise.

Going to nightclubs or bars is one of the best ways to meet Indonesian girls.

It is a bit more challenging than online dating because you need to know what are the best venues and the best days to be successful. You must also be careful to differentiate between the "normal" girls, the prostitutes, and the professional girlfriends (sugar babies). The latter category are all the ladies who make a living from having one or several boyfriends. Depending on what you are looking for, they can be either a great target or something to avoid.

Don't like Meeting Girls from Nightclubs? Read 10 Best Dating Sites and Apps in Indonesia.

Tips for Meeting Girls in Clubs in Jakarta

When to Party?
Wednesday is the absolute best day for partying in Jakarta. It is cheaper, less crowded, and many nightclubs have a ladies night. This means the percentage of good girls will be higher than usual. Also, you have less competition from other guys, as there are less of those tourists/travelers who come for the weekend from Singapore/Kuala Lumpur looking for one-night-stands.

On Wednesday, I suggest starting your night out in McGettigan's in Mega Kuningan (ladies night with 3 free drinks per girl).

How to Party to Meet Girls Easily?
If possible, always reserve a table or a sofa. You generally have to spend a minimum of IDR4-7 Million to get a table in a strategic location, near the DJ or near the dancefloor. That's about 3 bottles of spirits + the mixers. If you are with 4 or 5 friends, that's not more expensive than paying an entrance fee and buying several drinks separately. If you are alone or with just a couple of friends, ask the waiter if you can keep the unused bottles for another night.

Having a table will make you 10X more desirable in the eyes of girls. It's a huge chick magnet because they will be under the impression that 1) You have money 2) You can buy them drinks 3) You are important.

How to Improve Your Success Rate with Girls:

IndonesianCupid (Advertising)
Meeting girls while partying in Jakarta is not difficult as long as you are young, good-looking and confident. For the rest of us, I recommend making some contacts online before going out.

IndonesianCupid works well because the majority of girls there are looking to meet foreigners. Unlike on Tinder, many will not care if you live in Indonesia or not. And unlike in SeekingArrangement, they won't ask you for money.

For this reason, you can start chatting with them even before you arrive in Indonesia and set up a few dates while you are still in your home country.

It is free to register and to look at all the girls' profiles. If you match with them, it's also free to chat.

I'm ranking below the 10 nightclubs with the prettiest and hottest girls in Jakarta. I added some information such as the percentage of prostitutes, your chances of picking up a girl there, and the kind of clients (male and female) it attracts. It's not science, only an estimate based on my personal experience. I didn't mention the price for each nightclub because they are all in the same category: Expensive.

I took the photos on the Instagram account of each venue. It was not easy to find pretty girls as most of them are drunk and they look messy. If you are in a picture and want it removed just email me

You can click on the name of each nightclub for a complete review:

Ratio guys to girls: 60% guys and 40% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: About 25% and 25% more are sugar babies/professional girlfriends like you would meet on SeekingArrangement.
Type of male crowd: Expats and Western tourists
Type of female crowd: Indonesian office girls, students, prostitutes, professional girlfriends who want to meet with foreign guys.
Age of clients: 22-45
Pick up possibilities: High

Basque is only busy on Friday and Saturday. Avoid the other nights.

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 10%
Type of male crowd: Rich Indonesians, socialites, expats. Some students and office workers as well since the entrance is free.
Type of female crowd: On the dancefloor: Normal Indonesian girls. On the sofas and tables: Indonesian girls from the upper-class (or dating rich Indo guys).
Age of clients: 25-45
Pick up possibilities: Good

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 20%
Type of male crowd: Expats who tuck their shirts in.
Type of female crowd: Indonesian girls looking for rich expats, celebrities, models, escorts
Age of clients: 25-40
Pick up possibilities: Good

Ratio guys to girls: 75% guys and 25% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Around 20%
Type of male crowd: Diverse crowd of expats (mostly Westerner and above 30)
Type of female crowd: Girls who want to find a serious foreign boyfriend (and girls who are already married to a foreigner). Quite a few Western women as well.
Age of clients: 30-65
Pick up possibilities: Medium

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Less than 10%
Type of male crowd: Rich and young Indonesian Chinese, Indonesians living abroad
Type of female crowd: Young Indonesian-Chinese
Age of clients: 18-25
Pick up possibilities: Low

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: less than 10%
Type of male crowd: High-school, students, spoiled kids
Type of female crowd: Same as above.
Age of clients: under 18 to 25
Pick up possibilities: Low

Venue, Nu China and Dronk (Kemang)
These 3 nightclubs/bars are all located in Kemang and they are popular with a younger crowd.

Ratio guys to girls: 80% guys and 20% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 25%
Type of male crowd: Indonesian students, few foreigners
Type of female crowd: Indonesian high school girls and young students
Age of clients: 16-20 (Yes, many underage girls so always ask the girl her age)
Pick up possibilities: Medium to High due to the low number of foreigners

This smokey bar has live music every night. It is not very popular with foreigners, so you'll stand out in the crowd if you go there. The downside is that you'll have to hear a lot of cheesy Indonesian pop songs.

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 10%
Type of male crowd: Mid-to-upper class Indonesians working in the business district of Jakarta
Type of female crowd: Office girls and students
Age of clients: 20-30
Pick up possibilities: Average

Ratio guys to girls: 75% guys and 25% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 40%
Type of male crowd: Indonesian Chinese, expats, tourists
Type of female crowd: Lady companions from 1001 and Alexis Karaoke, normal Indonesian party girls with their group of friends
Age of clients: 20-35
Pick up possibilities: Low (unless you are willing to pay)

CJ's and BATS
CJ's Bar
These two hotels bars are located in the Mulia hotel and the Shangri-La hotel respectively. They are where you should go if you are OK to pay to get laid with women in Jakarta.

Ratio guys to girls: 45% guys and 55% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: 90%
Type of male crowd: Businessmen, Expats
Type of female crowd: Prostitutes and professional girlfriends, with a few normal girls who enjoy live music
Age of clients: 30-65
Pick up possibilities: Very high if you pay

This restaurant and bar is still a popular joint for picking up girls, more than 10 years after it opened.

Ratio guys to girls: 60% guys and 40% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Less than 20% 
Type of male crowd: Expats and executives
Type of female crowd: Some "bule" hunter, some sugar babies, some office girls, and some career women.
Age of clients: 25-45
Pick up possibilities: Average

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  1. The majority of your club is rates low... And its supposed to be the best 8?

    I cant imagine the rating on no 9 n onwards then, haha


  2. so much for it being "the easiest city in Asia for single guys" lol.

    1. Jakarta is an easy city to pick up girls, but not necessarily in nightclubs. Online is much better.

  3. As a point of clarification, the line between prostitutes and "normal girls" is rather thin. In Jakarta you have the wealthy class and everyone else below. What this means is that a prostitute is a girls who sells her body to any punter who is willing to pay. A normal girl in jakarta will sell herself to only one bloke who is willing to pay her rent and living expenses while under the delusion that she is loyal. The truth is whe will ride that gravy train until his wife finds out or she ages out of the professional simpanan trade. Either way, if you aren't willing to pay a tariff for night or for a year then your chances of scoring an Indo broad or any broad from SE Asia will be slim.

    1. Yes, exactly so. Some of the posts and sites give the wrong impression that things work somehow differently. They do not. Only in the way described above. There are only minor, really minor adjustments or modifications, but not really differences. Wish I knew that before arriving in SEA region for the first time... But, nonetheless, it was only couple of hundred mistakes, wrong moves and humiliations. But, I am still alive and still enjoying SEA with my full lungs...

  4. How much is it for these clubs? 5 to 7 mil for a table? That's insane. Even in Korea or Japan isn't that expensive for love room with hot girls and drinks. Any places like this in Jakarta besides loud clubs and bars?

    1. You can usually get a standing table in Basque or Boca Rica for 3-4M near the dancefloor. Dragonfly is a bit more expensive (at least 2 bottles).

  5. What is cost of entrance and beer in all this places? I mean, this website mostly cover advices for single guys in Jakarta, but here we get price for table for 5 people. I'm alone, i don't like tables anyway, like to move around in clubs, so how can i find entrance fee and price of beer? Thanks

    1. Dragonfly: IDR300,000 entrance without drink, then a beer is about 80K.
      Basque: IDR200,000-250,000 entrance on weekends, then a beer is about 70k.

      In general, expect to pay at least IDR 200,000 for entrance and more than 60k for a beer.

  6. Those that think Indonesian girls are getting rich off working the clubs have no idea how the system works. even those that have regular customers or sugar daddy turn most money over to their family. They often live in poverty to send most money home. The goal is to build a home for their parents in the village

  7. Haha i need sugar daddy !!

  8. Most of the Indonesian women who even go to clubs leave alone work in clubs are going against their culture, whether they be muslim or non muslim. Going to clubs and drinking is a part of western culture not Indonesian culture. For bules that like to make justifications about the tart they found at the bar and are now trying to domesticate, forget it, you will come out the loser. If you met your chick at a bar then be prepared to be disappointed, there is a high chance you are miserable or the marriage fails. If you think your sugar baby sends her money home, you are wrong, she sends YOUR money home. Unless you are prepared to learn to speak Indo fluently, spend at least 10 years living in country and are ready to eat Indo food the rest of your life, then just follow this website, have a good time and find a woman from your own country to eventually marry, you will have more in common after the sex ends. If you think the great sex continues with your Indo woman you are wrong. After you bring her back to your country she will spend every waking moment searching out other Indos, the only food she will want to cook is her own and the rest of the time will be spent on arisan and phone calls with Indo friends. And yes, you will still be sending money back to the kamupung to in laws that can't even pronounce your name. Good luck!