Jakarta Nightlife Map

By Jakarta100bars
Readers have asked me for a long time to create a map of Jakarta nightlife. I did a trial today using Google Maps, with a less-than-perfect result. I am posting it nonetheless as it might give you a better understanding of where Jakarta's best nightclubs, bars, spas and karaokes are.

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The main issue I had with the map is that there are just so many venues to list. The whole thing looks a bit confusing, so you need to zoom in to see the names well. Each place is linked to my individual review on Jakarta100bars.com.

I would be glad to hear from you if you think I can improve this feature. You can either email me (thibaud@jakarta100bars) or leave a comment below. If you are not familiar yet with Jakarta, you might also be interested by my review: Where to Stay in Jakarta?
Click here to open this Jakarta nightlife map on Google

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  1. Omggg, I've been wanting to do something like this before! Great that u did it bro!