15 Sexiest Vietnamese Models

By Tibs
Vietnamese girls are among the sexiest in Southeast Asia. If you've been to Saigon or Hanoi, you were probably amazed by the number of pretty girls you can meet, especially in nightclubs.

The girls listed below come from various background: Singers, actresses, models, DJs, TV hosts, and influencers. Please leave a comment below if you think I forgot someone!

About Dating Vietnamese Women
Vietnamese women are open to the idea of dating foreigners, and they don't usually mind if you are older than them. Many are attracted to men who can offer them financial stability.

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Born in 1987 and 168cm tall, Elly is one of the hottest Vietnamese model of all time. Her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts have a strong Asian following.

French-Vietnamese Kim Lee was voted as the sexiest girl in the World in 2011 by FHM. When she is not busy being hot, she is also a DJ under the name Kimkat and she played in the movie Hangover 2.
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This absolutely perfect beauty was Miss Vietnam in 2006. Now 27, she is a student in RMIT University in Saigon.

This 21-year old Vietnamese woman is a model/actress who was a contestant in Miss World Vietnam 2016.

There are several famous Vietnamese models living in the US, but Jennifer is probably the prettiest of all. She was Miss Asia USA in 2006.

Famous model and playmate who is sometimes considered as "Asia's sexiest DJ". She spent time in an American jail for abducting her own daughter. She did a lot of nude pics that you can easily find on google.

This classy model was the winner of Miss Ao Dai in 2016. She will represent Vietnam at the Miss World Pageant this year.

Though a bit older than many hotties on this list, Ha Anh Vu is one of the most famous models in Vietnam. She is also a TV host.

Born in 1984, she is a famous Vietnamese actress, model and singer. Mixed with French blood, she was a judge on the local edition of The Voice.

Ngọc Trinh must be pretty close from the ideal type of women for Vietnamese guys: Petite, with round boobs and a pale skin. She is quite a celebrity in the country.

A famous model and beauty pageant from Saigon, she was born in 1987 and measures 1,70m.

Jennifer is a sexy Vietnamese model based in the US. She has an impressive 1,500,000 followers on her Facebook! Most are Indonesian I think as she did a commercial there for the condom brand Fiesta.

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22-year old Elizabeth is a Vietnamese Chinese living in the US. She is specializing in sexy bikini and lingerie shoots.

A Vietnamese model and photographer living in Miami. She is not the finest beauty but she is certainly super hot.

Living in Los Angeles but born from Vietnamese parents, she is a model and video blogger with really hot photos (often topless though you cannot see much). Her Instagram account is one of the most followed among all the girls listed here.

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  1. Agree with you elly tran number one just still confused she divorce or not yet.

  2. Asian women, Vietnamese in particular, are the most beautiful, sensual and feminine of all. I have had the privilege to have these women in my life, and they are the epitome to what all women should aspire. Sexy and sophisticated.