Palembang is the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan. It does not receive a lot of foreign visitors apart from Malaysians and Singaporeans.

As with most provincial towns in Indonesia, you'll remark the following features when partying in Palembang:
- Most clubbers are males who either take drugs, get hammered drunk or look for paid sex
- The music program management consist of selecting pretty singers or pretty DJs, regardless of their skills
- The concept of a dance floor is non-existent. Instead, you have high tables that are available if you take at least a bottle (or less when the club isn't crowded)
- If you are hoping to meet a girl in a Palembang club, your chances are slim as most girls are either working (as GROs/LCs) or the girlfriends of the other guys
- Alcohol is always expensive, even in lower-end places. If you go somewhere with abnormally cheap alcohol, you're probably drinking methanol.
- The police does occasional "razzias" on clubs when they need some cash

To meet normal girls in Palembang, day-time action is much better, in particular though dating apps. Check Indonesian Online Dating Apps and Websites for more information.

Some Hotels Recommendation:
I found the nightclubs to be quite far from each other. For this reason, I strongly recommend you to book a hotel in the city center.

The best ones in terms of quality of service and location (near the nightlife/bars/clubs) are the following:

Budget Hotels (under $30): Amaris PalembangRed Planet PalembangFavehotel Palembang
Expensive Hotels ($50-$80): Aston Hotel and Conference CenterNovotel PalembangThe Arista Hotel 

NB: I get a commission if you make a booking using one of these links (the price is the same for you).

Best Nightclubs in Palembang:

If you are traveling or working in Palembang, here are my nightclubs recommendations (honestly, only the first 4 are suitable for most people):

Center Stage is one of the most famous and expensive nightclubs on the Palembang nightlife scene. It is rather simple: You have a main large room with an elevated podium for the DJ and a large screen behind it. 

The music is progressive house and EDM. The kind you want to hear if you are drunk or high. They have regular sexy dancers, but no striptease. They love to have pretty female DJs. You usually have a band playing at the beginning of the evening.

It is part of Novotel Palembang and you'll also find an executive karaoke inside named Papillon. Open from Wednesday to Saturday Night starting 9pm until 3am. Free for ladies. Rp100,000 FDC for men.

Address: Jalan R. Sukamto No.8A, Novotel Palembang
Phone number: 0711-369777
Blackberry: 276ECD1D

Twitter: CSNovotel

Neo PC (Princess Club, Hotel Princess)
This is the best nightclub in Palembang in my opinion. It is located on the 5th floor of the Princess Hotel and it was just renovated in 2015. Contrary to CenterStage, it attracts more young, normal people and particularly students. The best day to visit is on Wednesday night for their Campus Night.

They have a DJ every night from 7pm to 2am (4am on weekends) and a live band playing famous songs from Monday to Friday. Many special events (check their facebook or instagram below). Sexy dancers (called Devious Angels). Entrance fee Rp75,000 to Rp100,000 on weekends only (1 free drink).

Address: Princess Hotel, 5th Floor, IBP District D2 No. 608, Palembang 30134
Phone number: +62 7113 13131

Instagram: NeoPc Palembang
Facebook: Neo Pc Nightclub

Update December 2016: They do not have live bands anymore.

Mansion Executive Club
Mansion is a luxury night club, popular in the Indo-Chinese community. They have regular live bands followed by DJs. Sexy models/dancers between breaks. Most people go there with a group of friends before or after visiting their KTV. If you see hot girls in the club, they are either with one of those groups or lady companions. If they are LCs, the prettiest ones cost Rp600,000 for 3 hours (this does not include sex or anything, they just sing with you and make you drink more).

Address: Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Palembang, Ilir Barat I, Palembang
Phone number: +62 711 445557

Website: Mansion Palembang
Facebook: Mansion KTV and Club

S-Lounge in Selebriti Entertainment Center
Selebriti is famous for its karaoke. It's a clean place where you can go party with your colleagues after work. They also have a lounge/bar called S-Lounge with a different theme every night. The best one is the Campus night on Wednesday. Many pretty GROs. Live music and DJ. Sexy Dancers occasionally on weekends. Open every day from 10am to 2am.

Address: Jalan Veteran No.1243, Palembang, South Sumatra
Phone number: +62 711 323 333

Darma Agung Disco

Darma Agung is a "diskotik". If you are familiar with Indonesia nightlife, you may know that it is the term used for any drug-oriented nightclub. They play "funky house", fast-paced remixes of famous songs. They have a spa, needless to say the therapists are prostitutes. They were raided by the police several times but they must benefit from strong protection as they've been around for 20 years!

Address: Jalan Kol. H. Burlian No.45 KM7,5, Palembang
Phone number: +62 (0) 711 417 267
Facebook: DA (Darma Agung) Palembang

I saw something funny on the way out, I'm not sure if it is intentional or not. Instead of "In" and "Out", they wrote "In" and "Ex" on the doors. Inex is a well-known slang word meaning ectasy.

B'Nice Luxury Club and Karaoke
Very local place. Live band and prostitution. Friendly.

Address: Jalan Letkol Iskandar No. 1, Palembang
Phone number: +62 81958 782835

Venus Club and KTV
This is more a KTV than a club. You have a small lounge though open from 8pm to 2am with live music and lady companions.

Address: Jalan R. Sukamto No. 41, Palembang
Phone number: 07113 60014

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