Several speakeasy bars and lounges have opened recently in Jakarta, following an American trend that started around 2008, 

In case you are not familiar with the term, here are a few ways to recognize a speakeasy:

- The theme of the bar is the 1920s, particularly anything reminding of the prohibition era (Gatsby, the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties, etc...)
- They serve classic cocktails, fine spirits and put a lot of emphasis on the skills of their bartenders/mixologists.
- They are hidden, promoted through word of mouth within a specific community, or accessible for members only.
- A retro or hipster dress code is encouraged, in particular beards, suspenders, berets, fedoras, forearm tattoos, hats, etc.
- They have live jazz, soul, oldies or any kind of laid-back retro music.

What makes it fun in Jakarta is that Indonesia is actually considering prohibiting alcohol, so there is some logic for speakeasies to develop. People do want to be discreet when they drink, while being surrounded by like-minded people.

This is my list of the best 6 speakeasy bars and lounges in Jakarta. 

Prohibition (Senayan Arcadia)
Prohibition was the first speakeasy to open in Jakarta, and it is still the best one to date. They have a beautiful secret room, dimly lit, with jazz bands every nights from Tuesday to Saturday (starting 9pm).

Hemingway (Senopati)
Hemingway pushed the concept of secrecy to the maximum. There are no signs of it on the street and to access it, you will need to enter through a hidden door within the Kingsman tailor shop (a reference to the movie Kingsman). 

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Monty's (Senopati)
Monty's is just a few meters away from Hemingway. It is a small building with a normal restaurant on the first two floors and a speakeasy on the third floor. While it is not so impressive in terms of design, it is usually crowded with Indonesian socialites, celebrities and "sons of".

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Nip and Dram (Sudirman)
Opened by the same people behind Monty's, Nip and Dram is a very exclusive whisky bar near Sudirman street. You can get a table only if you spend a lot of money so it is suitable only to those who are really into fine whiskies.

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Lola (Senopati)
A new addition to the nightlife scene in Jakarta, it is located in the basement of the restaurant Fujin. It is a hybrid between a speakeasy and a hipster bar.

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Proof (Senayan)
Proof is a sort of alternative to Monty's for those looking to hangout with Indonesia's richest. It is very exclusive with live music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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Update April 2017:
There is a new speakeasy bar (member only) in the basement of the restaurant Léon. It is called Goldstein (click to read my review).

More bars than could be considered speakeasies:
- 3rd Avenue (Senopati) because of its 1920s interior design
- Bauhaus (Mega Kuningan) because it is hidden and trendy
- Motion Blue (Senayan) because of its jazz schedule and cocktails
- Chambers, the new bar between Potato Head and Cork&Screw in Pacific Place Mall
Gatsby party in Jakarta (Playroom - PIK)

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    1. Thanks for the tip! I will check it out... I had never heard about it before...

  2. New speakeasy bar in SCBD: Dirty Laundry bar which is hidden within Bottega Ristorante (walking distance from Lucy in the Sky).