This guide will give you insider's tips and recommendations to help you prepare a memorable bachelor party (or bachelorette) in Jakarta with your friends.

I will answer all the questions you may have about the best clubs to visit, how to get around in the city, which hotels to choose, how to meet Indonesian girls and how to stay safe.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please write a comment or send me an email

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This review was updated in September 2019.

Why choosing Jakarta for a bachelor party:
Really, why Jakarta?
Jakarta is not as popular as Bangkok or Manila for bachelor parties, probably because the city has a poor reputation: Endless traffic jams, pollution, chaos, underdevelopment and very few tourist attractions.

All of the above are true. Jakarta is a mad city, yet it has a few advantages compared to other Asian capitals:

- It is not difficult to mix with Indonesians, guys and girls. Indonesians usually speak good English and are friendly. In particular, if you come for party, you can expect meeting girls easily in clubs or through online dating apps.

- Endless nightlife options, all relatively safe to visit. You have a mix of posh clubs and more local venues where you won't feel uncomfortable even if you are the only foreigners there.

- Nightlife curfews are usually ignored, meaning you can keep on partying until early morning.

- No difficulties to enter clubs with large groups of male.

- There are few foreigners staying in Jakarta compared to Bangkok. For this reason, being a "bule" (white person) can be an advantage, especially with girls.

Is it smart to organize a bachelor party in a Muslim country?
You may also wonder if it is a good idea to organize a weekend of debauchery in the capital of a Muslim country.

As of 2019, many middle-class Jakartans follow a moderate version of Islam and they don't mind drinking a bit of alcohol, having sex before marriage and even eating pork once in a while.
That's not the majority of the population, but that's enough to have all nightclubs packed on Fridays and Saturdays. Most Indonesian-Chinese are protestants or catholics so they amount for a large percentage of clubbers in the city too.

Indonesia is becoming more and more religious though. I think that a ban on nightlife activities and alcohol in Jakarta is very likely to happen in the coming years (I'll write about that in the near future). One more reason to enjoy it while it lasts!

How much will I spend on a 2-night weekend bachelor party in Jakarta?

Jakarta is more expensive than Bangkok. For a decent night out, you must spend at least 150$ per day (excluding the hotel). If you plan to go to the top luxury karaokes and massage parlours in the city, then it will cost even more (up to 500$ per day).

The big problem is that alcohol is heavily taxed and it's hard to get a cocktail for less than 10$.

If you cannot spend that kind of money, I advise you to go somewhere else. Try Vietnam: Saigon Nightlife.

Recommendations to make sure your stag party goes well

Keep the party in the clubs. Don't show that you are drunk in public space. The country is Muslim and even though Indonesians are easy going, you don't want to offend anybody. Local media love running stories about disrespectful foreigners. If you don't want to make national news, you should understand that and be smart, even when you are drunk.

Do not visit during a religious holidays (Ramadan, Idul Adha). On National Day (August 17th) and at Christmas/New Year, Jakarta is more quiet than usual. It is better to enjoy Bali nightlife during that time. It is also best to avoid Jakarta during the peak of the rainy season (January-February). Jakarta can be flooded during this time, making transport more difficult from one point to the other.

Drugs are not legal, but they are widely available, especially in North Jakarta. Foreigners are more likely to get into troubles because they lack the connections and information that some Indonesians have to avoid going to jail (see for instance the story of Christopher Daniel Sjarif who got away with killing 4 people under LSD). I would recommend not taking drugs in Jakarta. If you do, never ever carry anything with you, buy it from someone you are sure you can trust, and prepare some cash in case you get arrested.

Prostitution is not legal but it is tolerated as well. There are rarely crackdown on brothels and massage parlors in Jakarta (unlike in Medan or Surabaya). To avoid any problems, make sure that your hotel is girl-friendly: Jakarta Hotel Guide.

Since Jakarta can be intimidating, it is best if a local expat help you organize or if you can come to scout the city beforehand.

Jakarta Hotel Guide: Where to sleep in Jakarta for a bachelor party?
You need to make sure that your hotel is located in the center of the city and close from Sudirman street. Jalan Sudirman is the backbone of Jakarta, it is connected to almost all the important streets and buildings you'll need to go to. 

For this reason, I would recommend one of the following (please book through Agoda, I get a small commission out of it):

5-star hotels:
Grand Hyatt Hotel: It is connected to Plaza Indonesia mall, in which you have the Immigrant nightclub, the Dreams lounge and Cloud rooftop bar.

Kempinski: It is connected to Grand Indonesia with several popular bars like Paulaner Brauhaus, Social House or Skye.

The Mandarin Oriental and the Pullman Thamrin are good as well and they were renovated just a few years ago.

The Mulia Hotel and the Shangri La are not as centrally-located but they have very busy bars with lots of working girls. It can also be an option.

4-star hotels:
There are several Accor properties in Jakarta which are relatively new. Mercure Sabang is located in the center. Novotel Gajah Mada is quite up north but it is interesting if you just want to party in that area.

Other central choices: Check the hotels in those locations - Plaza IndonesiaMega Kuningan, Rasuna SaidPlaza Senayan.

If you are wondering if your hotel is girl-friendly or not, you don't have to worry. Almost all hotels in Jakarta are except small family guesthouses. For more information, please read: Girl-friendly and sex hotels in Jakarta.

Read also: Where to Stay in Jakarta - Best Areas for Tourists.

Best luxury apartments starting 100$ per night per person:
A great way to enjoy your bachelor party is to rent an apartment during your stay. The cost for a 3-bedroom all-inclusive apartment is not that high if you split the bill.

The apartment makes it easy to buy and store booze, and it is a comfy place for starting the party.

I recommend you to check the following, all located in central locations:
Fraser Residence: The best choice - They have 3-bedroom apartments and it is brand new.
Ascott Jakarta and Aston Rasuna have 2-bedroom apartments only.

You can read more information here: Best Apartments for Bachelor Parties in Jakarta

How to get around in Jakarta?
Considering you might spend a lot of time in traffic jams, your transportation choices are crucial. I strongly recommend renting a minibus or minivan to get around in the city. The price is reasonable and it will assure you continuous fun throughout the weekend.

You can rent a isuzu for instance and pack it with beer and music. The price is about 90$ per day including the driver, cheaper than paying several taxis each time you want to go somewhere.

I used the services of 911 Rental several times and it was always a great experience. You can also try Jakarta Rent Bus. Make sure to explain to the driver that you are planning on partying in the bus to avoid any troubles.

If you choose to go with taxis, just remember to negotiate the meter in advance. I use Blue Bird and Express but other brands are fine too. The dangers of taxi is overrated in my opinion. If you go inside a "bad" taxi, your only risk is to lose a 5$ or to do a few extra kilometers.

Read my guide: Getting Around in Jakarta.

Are there strip clubs in Jakarta?
This is not an advertisement for Marlboro...
I wrote a review about the best striptease and sexy dancer clubs in Jakarta. That's a good start for you to read. All the places mentioned are great for a bachelor party, but the best ones are naturally the most expensive.

The priciest is 1001 Sexy Pool. Renting a karaoke room with a jacuzzi filled with 10 super hot girls is possible but it would cost you around 2,000$ for 1 hour. In that same spot, you can also play volleyball with girls in bikini in the pool. Malioboro is a bit cheaper and very popular as well.

If your budget is limited, you can go to King Cross, Classic or B'Fashion Hotel instead (see my review here: Striptease and Body Massage in B'Fashion).

Otherwise, a private lap dance in a strip club like Malio or Tease is not that expensive. If you pay about 10 ladies drinks (Rp500,000), you will be more than satisfied.

Where to party to meet normal girls?
I wrote several reviews that should help you decide about the best clubs and bars to visit in Jakarta: Jakarta Best Clubs, Jakarta Best Bars, Jakarta Nightlife Guide.

If you are not very familiar with Jakarta, I would just stay with the classics: Dragonfly, Boca Rica, Basque and Basque. Those are the nightclubs with the most foreigners and with the most girls looking to meet foreigners as well.

What are the things to do in Jakarta during the day?
Spa and Massage Parlours
The best thing to do in Jakarta during day time is certainly to go to a spa. They are cheap, well-equipped and you can find them everywhere (see my review: Finding a Spa in Jakarta).

Visiting a museum, a monument, a historical building, a mosque or a traditional market:
If you are interested to do cultural sightseeing, you may want to check my reviews in the category: Things to do in Jakarta.

If you just want to kill time, the best you can do is hangout in a mall such as Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan or Grand Indonesia. I love spending afternoons in De Luca in Plaza Senayan and just look at the people passing by.

Dating an Indonesian girl
You can get a date on Badoo or Tinder quite easily with my guide: Dating Websites in Indonesia. A great place to bring your date is the Blitz Cinema in Pacific Place. Choose the Velvet auditorium which is specially designed for couples. You can also bring her to one of Jakarta's rooftop restaurants.

Bachelor party schedule for a 2-night and 3-day stag weekend:
If you come to Jakarta for a full weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, I would recommend the following schedule:

Friday Evening:
- Dinner in a busy restaurant near the party spots, such as Loewy/Bluegrass/The Dutch/Basque
- Then, drinks at a rooftop bar like Cloud, Skye or Henshin
- Party in Basque/Boca Rica/Dragonfly/Fable starting 1am (book a table near the dancefloor)
- After closing, go to North Jakarta (Colosseum or a 24-hour karaoke like 108 Club)

Saturday Afternoon:
- Spa and Karaoke session in 1001 Hotel, Illigals, Sun City, Malioboro or King Cross: From 3pm to 6pm.

Saturday Evening:
Same as Friday evening above

- Brunch in a 5-star hotel like Raffles
- Spa session: Delta or My Place.

- Dinner in B.A.T.S (steaks + live music + girls)

To make your decision, you should also check the DJs coming to Jakarta or if there are any cool festivals like Djakarta Warehouse Project, Java Jazz Festival or Color Run while you are here.

Confused? Please send me a message and I'll do my best to help you organize your trip.

Photo credit: Kuclukoye and Indra Kurniawan. I also took the party pics on the facebook page of Immigrant. If your face is in there and you want it removed, just ask.

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