Top 10 Best Bars in Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars
Update 2017:
I wrote an update on this list available here 50 Best Bars in Jakarta

As promised on my Jakarta Nightlife Guide, here is a list of my 10 favorite bars in Jakarta.

I made the list based on my personal preferences only. If you are a Western expat in your 30s, you will probably find it relevant
. If you think a bar should be included here, please drop me a comment and I will visit the place (if I haven't done it already).

For more recommendation about the best bars in the city, you can also read Jakarta's Best Beer Bars and Beer Garden and last year's ranking: Jakarta's Best Bars 2014.

1) Cloud Lounge
Cloud is the best place for a drink in Jakarta in my opinion. You have good music, good people, good view, good service and good food/drinks. I only wish it could become more wild sometimes late at night.

2) Safehouse
The newcomer Safehouse is small and not particularly pretty, but it may have the best music in Jakarta. Visit it if you are into electronic music (and expats).

3) Loewy
The ever popular Loewy is always happening, especially in the evenings around its main bar. Lots of expats and lot of expat hunters.

4) Potato Head Garage (closed in 2017)
Potato Head Garage is not always happening, but when it does it is usually for fun events with a great crowd. Visit it on weekends only.

Popular hangout for the cool kids in Jakarta. 

First rooftop bar in Jakarta, similar to Cloud with a slightly less impressive view. The service gets messy when they are busy.

7) BATS and CJs
Band in CJs
Some people prefer BATS, some people prefer CJs. Both are quite similar if not identical: They are hotel bars with live music and a crowd of husbands having fun away from home.

8) E&O
Primarily a restaurant, their bar can be a great place to go for a drink on the right evening. They are serving among the best cocktails in Jakarta.

9) 365 (closed in 2017)
Alternative bar with usually a good music selection and an interesting crowd.

Union in Plaza Senayan
Those places have been around for half a decade now, which is an eternity in Jakarta. They are not exactly bars but they are still popular with upmarket Indonesians who want to drink and hangout.

As you may have noted, there are 14 bars listed above. Indeed, Jakarta's Top 14 Bars did not sound well to my ears. Photo Credit: I took the liberty of taking them from each venue's facebook page.

14 comments to '' Top 10 Best Bars in Jakarta "

  1. I would have put Face Bar among the first ones. It has been around for several years already and it brings many expats, especially teachers, NGOs, journalists.

    I also like Burgundy in Hyatt if you are looking for a quiet spot for an after work drink or a date.

    I didn't visit Jaya Pub since it was reopened. The old one was definitely worth being on the list.

  2. Thibaud, you forgot to mention Umbra. You should spend more time in Kemang, don't be lazy to come here ;-)

  3. Thanks for all your guides :)! They are very helpful! Looking forward to your spa plus guide for 2015

  4. Face Bar should be on the list due to it's cocktails and friendly service. They do not do many promo's but the happy hour is the best in town.Very humble staff and the Indian cuisine can be listed among the best in South East Asia.Worth the price

  5. Do you know when and where 8-bit bar Jakarta will open?

  6. Can someone here tell me a recomended bar near depok?

  7. just wondering whats the dress code like in jakarta? smart casul? short/ bermuda and t shirt possible to enter?

  8. go to bars with out dress codes, jaya pub or face bar do not have such things. just bring your own good attitude and the staff is lovely in those places. no loud music and the guests are eclectic as well.

  9. I note the age range mentioned in the opening paragraph.
    Any chance of some reviews for us old-uns - say expats in their late 40's / 50's ?
    I don't like CJ's / BAT's (for a number of different reasons), Burgundy is OK and EP.
    I went to Blok M last week-end and it was absolute crap - ended-up drinking in Jalan Jaksa and then MB.
    Any newer places opened in the last year or 2 I could try on my next visit ? Bit of music, some pool, EPL when its on, few girls knocking about - bit like JJ's in its hey-day or LM's.
    Anyway - keep up the good work.

    1. Maybe try the bars in Bellagio mall: Masters, Jimm's and Everest?

  10. Is there any place to chill with a beer and doin a paper and stuffs?

  11. ECO just got demolished.

  12. ECO just got demolished. Literally, they knocked it down.

    I still prefer de Hooi. Best live music scene in the city. Great daily promos. Fun crowd. Big venue.

    1. lol how is de hooi a big venue...