Restaurants, Bars & Clubs in Kemang

By Jakarta100bars
This post is a photo journey of all the bars, clubs and restaurants located in the main street of Kemang Raya, Jalan Benda and Taman Kemang. I have not visited all of these venues, very few of them actually, but I thought it could give you an overview of places to visit if you go there. If you are mostly interested with nightlife, you can also read my review Kemang Nightlife. For the list of restaurants I visited and reviewed in Kemang, please click here: Kemang.
Fabric Lounge (Ex-Splash): Cheap Beer
Fez (expat bar) & Kinara (Indian Restaurant)
Cafe Firenze (Italian Restaurant)
Fourties (Restaurant, Wine)
Holycow (Meat restaurant)
Hookah (Middle Eastern food & Shisha)
Hyde (Restaurant with Western & Asian Food)
IWS Noodle Cafe
El Asador (South American Restaurant)
Elysée (French Restaurant)
Dijan's (Dutch Restaurant)
Dim Sum Inc. (24-hour Chinese restaurant)
Dim Sum Festival (Chinese food & Dim Sum)
Diritna (Lebanese restaurant)
Dreamers Café
Eastern Promise (Expat bar)
Brownbag Café & Sandwiches
Triple Nine (Nightclub)
Cafe Gitane (French Restaurant)
Cafe Mondo (Lounge & Café)
Casa Espana (Spanish Restaurant, Live Music, Salsa)
Casa Restaurant
Common People Restaurant
Cowboys Pub
Cuadrilla (Mediterranean restaurant)
Die Stube (German Restaurant)
Eco Bar (Bar & Night Club)
A Tavola (Italian Restaurant)
Alcoholics Bar & Restaurant
Magokoro (Japanese restaurant)
Anomali Café
Little Baghdad Shisha Café
Beer Brother (Beer Garden)
Beer Garden
Beergasm (bar)
Boxmart (convenience store turned into beer garden)
Broadway Kemang (Restaurant & Café)
The Basement (Live Music)
Ori Steak Restaurant
Opi's Kebab
Murphy's Irish Bar
Neo Amor (Nightclub & Bar)
Never Been Better (Restaurant)
Nutmeg Western Restaurant
Oenpao Dimsum and Noodle Restaurant
Mamma Rosy Italian Restaurant
Moe's Place Western Restaurant
Liberica Coffee (Colony Building)
Lucro Sky Bar & Restaurant
Kampung Kemang (food court)
Kedai (Indonesian food)
Kedai Kak Ani (Indonesian food)
Nu China Bar & Club
Kemang Kok - Ramen and Katsudon
Bagel Bagel & Kopi Korner (café)
Largo Bistro (European and French Restaurant)
Koi (European Restaurant)
Village Coffee and Kitchen (Café)
Vin+ (Wine Lounge)
Wargim (Indonesian Warung)
Warung Kopi Sruput & Warung Pasta
Yolo Restaurant & Gustare Il Caffé (Coffee house)
Toscana Authentic Italian Restaurant
Treehouse Lounge & Café
Tuckerbox Craw (Bar & Restaurant serving boiled crawfish)
Umbra Lounge, Bar & Restaurant
The V Door
The Venue Lounge & Bar
Tipsy Nightclub and Dragon Flames Chinese Restaurant
Tokove (café)
Torigen Japanese Restaurant
Parc19 Lounge and Restaurant
Pizza Barboni (Pizzeria)
SF (Second Floor) - Nightclub
Signature Café
Soul 18 (Bar & Club)
Soulkitchen Restaurant
Spanky's Ribs & Martini (Restaurant)
Star Deli (Pub & Café)
Stockroom (Restaurant)
Sulawesi (Manadonese Restaurant)
Taco Express (Mexican Restaurant)
Takigawa Japanese Restaurant
Tanoshii Mise (Japanese Restaurant)
The Droids Coffee and Grill

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  1. Beer di Kampung Kemang murah banget cuman 20rb/botol