Is Jakarta becoming a hipster place ? Yes, if you refer to Awan Lounge, located in Menteng on KH Wahid Hasyim. I discovered this place thanks to a friend and we went there together to have a casual drink before going clubbing.

Awan Lounge is located on 9th floor of the Kosenda Hotel, a recent boutique hotel located steps away from Ocha & Bella Restaurant. First advice: don't come with your car since the parking is very small ! Apart from that, I found the place very nice. This is definitely the kind of rooftop bar that this area needed.

Kosenda hotel is a boutique hotel with a very unique style: I would define it as hipster but it could also be trendy/relaxing or even Arty-fancy. Awan Lounge is located on the rooftop of the Hotel. The great thing about this place is the view of the Jakarta skyline. You can see Thamrin Residence, Thamrin Executive but also The Plaza and Keraton at The Plaza from this Bar.

They have elaborated cocktails starting at 99 K and also finger food which I did not try yet. This place reminds me Lucy in the Sky, apart the fact that it is smaller. It could definitely be a very trendy place if they put good music and a good DJ (and not Badminton games on TV like when I went there !).

Overall this place is totally worth the detour. Enjoy a drink in a relax atmosphere and with a great view of Jakarta's skyline with a trendy crowd. You can try the couch/bed table at the very entrance if you want a more intimate experience.

I've also written a complete Hotel Review here, for those interested in checking in.


Awan Lounge Rooftop Bar
Kosenda Hotel
Jl. Wahid Hasyim #127, 
Jakarta, Indonesia 10240

Telephone :+62 21 31922988 

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  1. top little spot, great location, but small, maybe 60 people max.
    get in earlery for the best seating, i think it opens at 5pm.