Jalan Jaksa Nightlife

By Jakarta100bars
This review will give you tips about the recommended nightlife around Jalan Jaksa, the backpacker street of Jakarta. Click on the names of the venues to see the full review.

For those staying in Jalan Jaksa, there is a fair number of bars available walking distance. None of them are high-class, but some can be fun and laid-back, perfect for meeting people or having a beer.

There are three places that are usually the most lively, with a healthy mixed crowd of locals, expats and tourists: Cocktail and Friends, Equal Park, and Melly's Garden (a bit further on Jalan Wahid Hasyim). They are quite similar, with an open-air space (bring mosquito repellent!), cheap beer (around Rp25K for large bintang) and basic food (western snacks and street food dishes). Equal Park is more of a live music venue, with reggae or rock bands every night. If you are looking for a bar with no frills to spend the night, these are the best spots.

Memorie's Café is busy also, but there are a few working girls among the clients, making the atmosphere more trashy. It has live music too and quite many tourists so it is easy to meet someone there if you are alone.
If you need AC, Absolute Café is another favourite of Jalan Jaksa nightlife, but most of its customers are regulars: English teachers, journalists, etc.. They have a pool table with TV screens showing English Premier League the more often.

Ali's bar is one of the oldest bar in the street, and it is a meeting point for the African community in Jakarta. Pappa Cafe is getting old, and I wouldn't be surprised if it closed soon. Late at night, you'll always find a few people there though. (Update 2017: CLOSED)

A few venues are very quiet: Obama's Fan Club bar, with AC and big screen TV, and Joker, a bar with working girls, Indonesian live music and older clients.

There are a few surprising venues near Jalan Jaksa, particularly on Jalan Wahid Hasyim. The most interesting is the Dyna Pub, with a funny interior design. It has air-con and the owner is very friendly but it's not a happening place. On the same street, you have some prostitute/girlie bars, such as Baku Pada, Embassy 21st or Baby Dolls Café which have live Indonesian pop songs from the 70s and 80s. It's an experience, but you'll probably die of boredom after 10 minutes. (Update 2017: CLOSED)
For eating out, all the cheap venues in Jalan Jaksa offer value for money but average quality. If you are ready to spend a few extra rupiah, you could try those restaurants, still walking distance: Tiga Nyonya (for traditional Indo-Chinese cuisine), Abuba Steak (best-value steaks in Jakarta), Beirut Lebanon (Lebanese food), Samarra (awesome setting but average middle eastern food), Ya-Udah Bistro (German food, but the quality decreased recently) or Garuda (open 24h).

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  1. Hi, interesting review of Jalan Jaksa, but you forgot to mention KL restaurant which is always very busy... a little down the road, the middle east café has good kebabs and it is a nice hangout spot too.. Alex

  2. i tripped there 2 times.. but (i guess) nothing special on it...

    any comment?

  3. The Jalan Jaksa area is a place to visit if you stay a few days in Jakarta, as the atmosphear is very special, a kind of magic cocktail between a backpacker spirit, kampung life (especially in the small gangs around the main road), and some strangers who have been living here for a long time, trying to build a new life...


  4. nothing specials ...boring

  5. what is that place (on the second photo) ? looks interesting. actually that picture reminds me of chinatown in s'pore. the crowd, and beers. i am about to go there to have some fun with a friend.

    - a not so hot indo girl

  6. I think the photo is KL cafe. I ate their many times on my last trip. Next door to memories cafe.

  7. yea, that picture is KL Village cafe, that always busy...

  8. Jl Jaksa should be policed by Tourist police. The local police shut every bar in the street over Ramadan and stole the beer and liquor stocks. This stock was bought legally from Bintang and liquor outlets, in one place 12 crates of Bintang and 12 bottles of liquor, were taken, to the value of around 5,000,000 Rp. These places are licensed to sell alcohol; there is no reason for the police to remove the stock, they were working to the permitted opening hours. When confronted by local workers/residents the police just laughed.

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  14. Going to Jl Jaksa tonight, hoping to hangout with some locals. Call me 081297137443. Aq bisa bicara bahasa :-) Nama aq Rudi

  15. how is the situation on this street? how are the girls? Can you find easily freelancer to get to room?

    1. Situation is fine. Girls are mostly bit(understatement)worn out. You can take them to Nicks hostel or memories cafe/hostel. Dont know their prices, never asked.

  16. Street is well dead, died some years ago to be honest. Anyway, all bars closed except memories, which is up for rent and has stopped selling food no patrons and just sad - just dont waste your time, end of an ear.