For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014. For 2015, The Best Bars in Jakarta in 2015The Best Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015The Best Strip Clubs in Jakarta in 2015The Best Rooftop Bars in Jakarta in 2015Jakarta Nightlife in 2015

Each club in Jakarta says it is the best: Best in value, best in the atmosphere, best crowd, best design, etc... Actually, you've probably read a couple of those magazine rankings about the Best bars, the Best Clubs, the Best lounge or the Best restaurant in Jakarta. But how can you trust them?

My advice: Don't believe anything you read: Magazines get their money from those same bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants, and it's only natural that those who pay the most reach the top spots.

Thanks to internet though, we have a very easy way to check which venues are actually the hottest in the city.
It's very simple: I looked on three websites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare) how many fans each venue had.

On Facebook, I took the total number of fans/friends/group members.
On Twitter, I took the number of followers.
On Foursquare (a website used to tell you’re friends where you are), I took the total number of people who checked-in the venue.

The results are not perfect: Girly bars do not appear so popular, because people don’t say on facebook they go there. Also, some clubs are very active on the internet but it doesn’t always mean they are popular. Yet, I think it gives an very good picture of the trends of Jakarta nightlife scene, and it is very similar to my 2010 Top 10 of Jakarta Nightlife.

Here are the 2011 Most Popular Bars & Clubs in Jakarta on the web (click on the name of the venue to read more about it from

The 4th floor of Stadium Jakarta

1) Stadium (Total score: 73,853 fans): This is what I call a cult following! Stadium is number one, way above the rest of the competition. The most popular nightclub in Jakarta.

2) X2 (51,832) was renovated and re-launched after Ramadhan 2010. The biggest club in South and Central Jakarta, it can have 2,500 clubbers at the same time in one of their 4 themed rooms. A bit pretentious for me, and their DJs are playing too much commercial tracks.

3) Immigrant (14,179) is a club popular with expats and executives. It is more sophisticated and stylish than the huge majority of Jakarta’s nightlife spots. A good alternative to Dragonfly.

4) Social House (13,797): Very trendy restaurant and lounge. Visit Social House  if you enjoy being surrounded by glamorous people. Some young expats.

5) Dragonfly (Total score: 13,467 fans) has set itself as the coolest place to hang out in Jakarta for young expats and celebrities, partly due to their prestigious DJ events. The place to be if you want to hang out with the Jakarta’s elite.

6) New Musro Jakarta (13,326) has been around for ages. It wasn’t so popular a few years ago but after being renovated, it is back on track. Big room full of a mostly Indo crowd.

7) Barcode  (10,549) is the biggest club in Kemang, it has a nice rooftop area. Less expensive than similar clubs in Central Jakarta, but with a younger crowd.

8) Centro (10,351): One of the most popular disco in Jakarta, currently under renovation. The crowd was mostly made of young Indonesian students. Popular with gays too. CLOSED.

9) Kampus (9,852):
The “underground” nightclub of Central Jakarta. Expensive and luxurious, but dark and full of drugs. Same owner than Stadium, they also share some of the DJs. CLOSED.

10) De Hooi (9,688) is a friendly expat bar, also popular with locals. There is always something happening there. Recommended if you leave nearby.

11) Blowfish (9,641) is not as hip as it used to be, especially after a brawl in the club killed 3 people. Still very popular though, especially for special events, but with a younger crowd than Dragonfly.

12) Indochine (9,146) was designed and marketed to be a huge hit, but it is rarely crowded, or at least not enough for a venue this size. Check for their special events though, usually happening.

13) Golden Crown (8,247): Huge one-stop entertainment in Glodok (North Jakarta). Very popular among Indonesians but very few expats go there.

14) Segarra (7,697) is a bit hard to reach, especially if you leave in South Jakarta and/or if you don’t have a car. Worth checking if you happen to be in the area though, or even better, for the Sundaze parties (once a year or so).

15) Malioboro and Malio Club (7,608)
If you are interested in Jakarta’s darker side, Malioboro spa and the Malio Club should be on your list. The 2 places are part of a big luxury complex, where a lot of things that are illegal in Indonesia can be found: Striptease, massage parlours, prostitution, etc. I hope you have a big bank account though.

16) Hard Rock Café (6792): One of the oldest live music venues in Jakarta, Hard Rock Café is not as hip as it used to be, but it stills has a lot of fans, especially with visitors from Asia. Many famous bands played here, but on a regular night it isn’t better than any other places. It’s just more expensive.

17) Millenium (5,660)
Enormous one-stop entertainment, with a disco the size of a football stadium and a smaller one, with western music, than is very similar to the small room of Mille’s. Lots of Chinese customers. The music is really loud and 90% of the customers are high on ecstasy.

18) Tribeca (5,578)
NYC style bar and club. A good place to listen to RnB.

19) Red Square (5,415) is where all the young expats go. They raised the prices and introduced an entrance fee, but it’s more packed than ever. On weekends it is almost unbearable. The key to this success? Lots of girls, many of them flirting with prostitution, and wild parties where everyone ends up dancing on the tables.

20) Luv's bar (5,283) is still a discreet club, but it has the potential of becoming more popular. Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights for a visit since it can be quiet during the week. Very similar to Red Square for the concept.

21) Club 36 (4963): Very famous and crowded gogo bar in the Jayakarta Hotel. Always full and lively.

22) Loewy (4,962): Similar to Potato Head, this partly-French restaurant is expensive and popular with expats and socialites.

23) Potato Head (4,889) is outrageously expensive in my opinion, but it serves good food. If you want to be surrounded by chic people, among them many expats, this is the place to go.

24) Bin17 (4,751): Wine lounge and restaurant serving Italian/Indo food. Nice outdoor area. CLOSED.

25) 365 Eco Bar (4,585): Alternative bar in Kemang with a great musical variety: Live bands or DJs depending on the evening.

26) Portico (4,503) Poshy restaurant and lounge. For my taste, it is too “bling bling” as we say in France.

26) Decanter: (4,233): A stylish and expensive wine lounge. It holds wine tasting and table manner classes regularly. Live music, jazz or acoustic, on weekends.

27) V2 (4,163) is hot and a cheaper, but still costly alternative to Hotel Alexis and Malioboro.

28) Melly's Garden (4,042): Very crowded and cheap beer garden, one of the best drinking joints near Jalan Jaksa.

Second Floor (3,826) is a success story in Kemang: It started as a cheap drinking hole, then upgraded into a modern lounge, and since the beginning of 2011 they even have a club named SF Club.

30) Poste Kitchen and Bar (3,585): Chic restaurant that has live acoustic music on Fridays and Saturdays.

31) Rolling Stone Café (3,424): Quite recently opened live music venue, good bands but average food.

32) Domain (3289):
Trendy urban lounge, restaurant and bar with busy parties on weekends. Good DJs.

The infamous Hotel Alexis (3,266), where you can find the 4Play club and the Bathhouse spa, is still one of the hottest clubs in Jakarta, but it is becoming a victim of its own popularity. The prices have skyrocketed beyond reason, and it has seen many of its clients shift to other quieter spots.

34) Bibliotheque (3265): Elegant bar and restaurant, impressively decorated as an old library. You have a live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

35) Grand Manhattan Club (3228): Bar of the Borobudur Hotel, recently renovated. The crowd may be a bit old.

36) The Green (3124): Electronic night club in Kemang with affordable prices and a lot of students.

37) Nu China (3,071): Very popular club in Kemang, it can be pretentious at times, especially if you aren't a regular.

38) Triple Nine (2,998) is a large club in Kemang. Crowded on weekends, the music is electronic and not too commercial. Average prices.

39) Black Cat (2,793) is the most famous jazz club in Jakarta. I’m not a jazz fan but people don’t seem to complain about it. Expensive food and beverages.

40) Brewhouse (2,780) is an upmarket beer joint located in Senayan City. Fine for those who like hanging out in malls.

41) Minus 2 (2,756): Comfortable bar with house music on the speakers. The outside area is great for looking at people walking by in FX mall.

42) Beer Garden Kemang (2,656) is a little bit more upmarket than most of the drinking joints in Kemang, while being affordable. The main reason for going there is that everyone else does.

43) Paulaner brauhaus (2,612)
German restaurant and upmarket beer house, the most authentic you will find in Jakarta. Rather expensive and full of expats.

44) Palladium (2,597)
Nightclub of the Hotel Kaisar. Not really on the map of Jakarta nightlife. Almost only Indonesian customers.

45) SHY Rooftop Kemang (2,553) is a good place to start an evening, especially during cooler months in Jakarta. Good for dates/intimate dinners during the week, it is more crowded on weekends.

46) Pastis (2,320) is a chic restaurant and bar with upmarket prices. It specializes in Mediterranean food (so-so) and is also recommended for its wine list.

47) Amor café and club (2,121)
Club and café opened 24 hours. Starting to be a bit old for Kemang...

48) Illigals (2,099) is the most promising nightclub in North Jakarta. It is very new (end of December 2010) but it’s already drawing regulars in its lounge and karaoke. Not so many expatriates but that could change since the music is western.

49) Little Baghdad (2,054):
Shisha smoking night spot in Kemang, no alcohol served.

50) Elbow room Gastro Pub (2,048):
Relaxed restaurant/pub with good European dishes and live bands on weekends.

51) Vin+  (2,022):
Wine lounge and shop. Well-designed and cosy but expensive, just as any wine lounges in Jakarta.

52) Backstage Beach Café (1,918) is a venue in Ancol to listen to live concerts. Too pricey.

53) Mistere (1,901): One of my favourite hotel bars in Jakarta because it has two rooms: One quiet with salsa dancing twice a week, and one live music stage with a great sound system.

54) Marley bar (1,886) is becoming more and more popular, especially with NGO/Embassy/journalist/teacher expatriates. Simple and relaxed atmosphere, with an eclectic music selection.

Flirt Bar (1,642) in Fashion Hotel is famous for having sexy dancers shows and pumping house music. A bit expensive.

56) Eastern Promise (1,624): One of the most popular expat bar in Jakarta, ideal if you just arrived in the city.

57) Mad Dogs: Expat bar in Cilandak, many regulars (1290). I lowered the number of fans of facebook to a reasonable level, on par with the Foursquare figures because I believed their account had too many fake fans.

58) Bremer Beer Garden Kemang:(1,204) A popular beer garden in Kemang. Average prices for Kemang.

59) Oscar Pub Jakarta (1,252) is a bit old-fashion and brings a crowd of regulars, some expats and some Indonesians. Not really a girly bar. Live music.

60) The Pub Kemang (1140) is an entertaining venue with beer-drinking, sports-watching, live music and pool as the main occupations. Very friendly. I lowered the number of fans of facebook to a reasonable level, on par with the Foursquare figures because I believed their account had too many fake fans.

61) Cazbar(1,130): Expat bar, a good place to meet new people in Central Jakarta. A lot of sports on TV.

62) Tabac (1,121): Good place to go to grab a beer after work. CLOSED.

63) Capocaccia (1,109): Restaurants and bar with live music on occasion. A bit posh. It could make you uncomfortable to get drunk there.

64) Only One Club (1080)
Pretty nightclub, not so happening except on weekends.

65) Ninety Nine (1,072) is mostly a restaurant, but it is also a popular hangout place among the Jakarta’s socialites. A bit overrated.

66) No2 Café (1339)
Student café in Kemang, previously known as Embrio club. CLOSED.

67) My Bar (991)
Hostess bars with lots and lots of girls from all types and all ages. Fun when you're drunk.

68) Niteflight (987) is a small club with mostly regulars and groups of friends. Tiny dancefloor and progressive music.

69) The Venue (920): Lounge and bar turning occasionally into a night club. Nice outdoor area. Popular with rich kids (high school and college) in South Jakarta.

70) Murphy's Irish Pub (908): Authentic Irish pub, recently opened (2010).

71) Bloeming (869):
Beer house specializing in flavoured beer of all kind. Reasonable prices for a mall.

72) Tiga Puluh (760) is not very popular anymore, only with some older expats and the clients of Le Meridien. Live music and working girls are the main attraction here.
73) Revo8 (737)
Themed-bar about WWII. Famous for its Fuhrer Nachos, SS Fries, Panzer Macaroni or the Eva Braun mocktail.

74) Apollo (727):
One of the few gay clubs in Jakarta.

75) Everest (720):
Friendly Blok M bar with mostly regular clients (expats and locals).

76) Sun City (708):
Excellent night club in North Jakarta. It is surprising there aren’t many expats there because it has the standards of a western club. Except for the prostitutes though.

77) Pitstop (657):
Bar with a modern design located in the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel. It has live music and it is not very crowded.

78) Phoenix (650)
Phoenix replaces the Nine Muses club. It is still very new but it intends to attract the same crowd with a nice garden and soft live music.

79) CJ’s (631) is similar to BATS: An entertaining hotel bar with live music and a lot of ladies looking for an expat “friend”.

80) Cork & Screw (625):
Upmarket restaurant, bar and wine lounge. Chic, yet casual atmosphere.

81) Chameleon (617):
Simple and relaxed restaurant and bar with reasonable prices. Sports on TV everyday and live singer on Saturday nights. CLOSED.

82) Rajamas (614)
One stop entertainment in Kota. Gloomy from the outside, but not too bad inside. The music is some kind of hardcore techno almost unbearable to human ears.

83) Comedy Café (570):
They imported in Indonesia the concept of stand-up comedy bars, and turned it into a laid-back café with all kind of performances: Singing, comedy, dancing, etc. Many gays and lesbians.

84) Mille’s is a big nightclub (473), popular among the wilder expats for its little dark room, a haven for hardcore clubbers, open non-stop on weekends. Currently under renovation (January 2011).

85) One Tree bar (473):
one of the few non-girlie bars in Jalan Falatehan. CLOSED.

86) MnB (462)
Live music and striptease (sexy dancers) in this little bar of the Sparks Hotel.

87) K7 (450):
Very big one stop entertainment, in the middle of Jakarta's old colonial center. Rarely too crowded but good DJs though. One room, huge, has "funky house", and the other, smaller, has progressive.

88) Tartine (429):
Expensive restaurant with average food, but the general atmosphere is relaxing, especially when they have live music (jazz/soft rock).

89) Burgundy (408) is one of the finest hotel bars in Jakarta. There is live jazzy music every night so it doesn’t really get crazy. Good for talking and relaxing.

90) Blu Martini (364):
Chic bar of the 5-star JW Marriott Hotel.

91) Satu Lagi (342):
Expat bar and restaurant, located in the Hotel Kristal. Rather quiet, but it has its fans. One common facebook for Hotel Kristal, I gave 100 fans.

92) MO bar (341) is the latest happening bar in the city. Located in Mandarin Oriental hotel, it draws a smart crowd of wealthy locals and expats. Renowned ladies’ night on Tuesdays.
Facebook estimated to 300 fans. (approximative 300 cz more one group 
for all Mandarin Hotel)

93) Cocktail & Friends (294):
Popular café with an outdoor terrace. Located in Jalan Jaksa, it is cheap but not classy.

94) Sydney 2000 (284)
Hardcore Techno Kota in this big night club of North Jakarta. A bit dodgy: I call it the ectasy factory.

95) Tipsy (268):
Cheap bar in Kemang, some expats.

More of a restaurant, but they have salsa dancing and live bands on a regular basis.

97) D’s place (230):
The hottest place in Blok M: They have pole dancing, wet t-shirt competition, and lots of working girls. Clients are mostly expatriates.

98) Liquid Exchange (221):
The originality with this bar is that the prices of the drinks fluctuate depending on the demand, just like in a trading room. Cool design too.

99) Stix (219)
Small hotel bar of the Park Lane Hotel. Famous for its steak, for which you can get interesting bargain during the week. Live music and some working girls.

100) BATS (184) is almost always full, even on a Monday night. It has a bad reputation among expat wives since most guys go there to do improper business with fun ladies. Very entertaining though. The low scores comes from the fact that few peoples brag on facebook about how they love going to BATS.

And 5 more venues as a bonus for reading the whole ranking of Jakarta nightlife 2011’s best bars and best nightclubs:

101) Highway to Elle (183)
Hostess bar in Blok M.

102) King Cross (174):
Men's club with strippers on stage, less expensive than Club 36 or Malioboro.

103) Zen (161):
Small high-class strip club and karaoke.

104) Flanagan’s (128):
The first Irish pub in Jakarta, inside Sari Pan Pacific Hotel.

105)Top Gun (99):
It is not well ranked here, but it is the most happening bar in Blok M. Many freelance working girls and expats from all ages. They also have live music and pool.

Soon to come, a ranking of the best restaurants in Jakarta. If you have any remark, or if you find one mistake, please leave a comment. 

60 comments to '' 2011 Jakarta Nightlife's Top 100 Bars & Nightclubs "

  1. For me, usually trips to Jakarta are for chiki chiki only, so interesting to see such a wide ranging Jakarta night life.

    This time, I went to a few clubs like Blowfish, Immigrant, Redsquare, but the crowd is all too "old" for me. Also, note readers, "high-end and luxury", it means that the music is boring, people are boring (not to mention OLD), mostly Chinese, and Nobody is on drugs.

    For the age group of 18-23, and those who like to really party, I recommend Stadium, Milles, Kampus, and Kota Nightlife spots (Malioboro, Millenium, etc).. Kemang area bars are in that age group, but its boring. Nobody is on drugs and you won't feel the dance vibe there.

    Here is my weeekend regime:

    Malioboro sauna, scrub in the noon.
    If its saturday, sunday or monday, just go to stadium, pick up a few rolls, and RAGE.
    Move the party to Mille's. Rage Rage Rage.
    After, take a cab down to Gatot Subroto, Delta Spa massage with HJ finish (Kuningan). Come down from the E.
    Head to Kampus, start rolling again, and RAGE.
    Head over to Kemang area, ask young lookin guys inside Nu China for Ganja.
    Light up a few J's in that area in alleyways.
    Head back up to Kota, go back into Malioboro and chill.. Get a few dances, but no bonking. I don't recommend the expensive ladies though.. Service sucks more often that not, unless you have the EYE to get the good ones.
    Afterwards, go to Stadium and then Milles.

  2. Hi, thanks again for your great reviews.
    Stadiums is still on top as usual, no surprise for Asia’s best club (I have been in most Asian large cities)
    Strange than Red Square is only 19th though and X2 really doesn’t deserve the 2nd place.
    Anyways, I found that 2010’s ranking was more reliable, mixing Facebook, popularity on 100bars and writers personal choice.

  3. Hey, thanks for your comment. The 2010 ranking was more personal and subjective indeed. But for 2011, I liked the idea of having a list of the most popular bars and clubs of Jakarta from an internet perspective. It is not perfect since many great venues are not among the first ones, but it gives a good overview of the nightlife in Jakarta. People can still have a look at the Top 10 from 2010, things are not so different actually except for a few places. For 2012 I'll come with a new idea to be more fair... Cheers!

  4. FYI One Tree in Falatehan is now Maxi's Bar. Not much difference between the two and still a good place to hang.

  5. Very interesting ranking even though I noticed that it's not as accurate as the one for 2010. The good thing is the summary of the review for each places, perfect to know more details about where to party in Jakarta! Congrats for this great blog!

  6. Awesome reviews about Top 100 Bars & Nightclubs in Jakarta! Very informative. I only visited some of the clubs listed on the post, I will surely visit more clubs thanks to this article!

  7. mantep kali foto bemo jadul di side bar tu gan...

  8. Hi and thanks for all the hard work; really appreciate it.
    What I was wondering is if you could list top places to go by nights; say Tuesday is ladies night in MO or Wednesday is great for Red Square and so forth..
    Global trotter!

  9. Always have a great time at
    Red Square. Best looking women in Java, and best ownership group. It is a joke that it placed so low for 2011 but happy to see it so. Hopefully all the tourists and drunken rookies idiots will go to the top 18 after reading the rankings. I like to be able to hear women compliment me on my game.

  10. Mr. Perfect and his mistressMarch 22, 2011 at 6:03 AM

    March 2011
    Try Birdie. It is in Jl Kmang Satu just after Mc Donalds. A nice bar with outside seating. Bintang beer is only IDR 17,500 per bottle. Single vodka/tequila 15k and double 25k. Very good prices, good music, pretty waitresses. The perfect place to start or finish the night. They open at 5pm and open till the last jest leaves. Had some great evenings in there already. Best is that carpark is available - not that I would ever drink and drive ...

  11. I think it's irresponsible to lay out the whole Indo nightlife openly like that on a single site. The final outcome can only be to bring all the farangs down here and ruin the ambience for all.

    Or have the authorities crack down on the night to stop the growing reputation of Indonesia as a sex tourist haven. Asian culture is about letting everything go, AS LONG AS IT REMAINS UNSPOKEN. Publishing all the "dirty secrets" is a big "loss of face" for the whole city and country.

    Let the long term expats and authentic mongers learn by experience and enjoy their life. The frustrated dregs of the West and elsewhere can stay in Bali, Bangkok, Pukhet or the Philippines, no need to bring them here.

  12. Tabac closed last year. Rumors that owner will open a new place. Where & when to be confirmed.....

  13. Hey, PC... Calm the f# down, kid. Do your parents know what you're getting up to on the weekends?

  14. @PC: aaaawwhh... poor kid... yeah... no fun isn't it when people aren't trippy, not spilling drinks on you and burning your t/shirts with cigarette, no rush of being caught by some cops, no law breaking, no fighting, tsk tsk... how COULD some people have fun and dance without drugs???

    Btw, jakarta100bars, I'm surprised that Centro made it to ur list. We're talking about the Centro at Darmawangsa right? Hasn't it been closed since... I even forgot when, but even before 2011 started. N I also checked the website, but it's not there anymore...

    And, Kampus, I forgot when, but recently, also just closed.

    Anyway, nice list. And thx to PC for the funny druggie-specific list. LOL.


  15. Near Mangga Dua is mostly a red light district.. the live music room in Golden Crown can be nice, and only 10 minutes away... try also K7 though I haven't been thre in a while and it may be dead.. For the nearest "decent club" (without prostitutes), you'll have to go as far as Plaza Indonesia in Immigrant..

  16. Thanks for calling it like it is. Jakarta needs more people talking about the truth. It's good for the economy and good for Indonesia as a whole. It's important in this life to take care of the Bules for they are the ones with the money, work ethic and strength to stand up and say, "I want my life choices and don't care what your views are about it!" Indonesia needs more brave men and less fearful little boys.

  17. love it... can you update it again??
    why dont you try to make a voting (updated in a month) at facebook,etc and in this website about 10 most attractive venue..

  18. Hi readers, I've just updated the listing by indicating which venues already closed... Before the end of the year I'll prepare a 2012 ranking...

  19. great review !

    sebaiknya tiap tempat disisipin foto layoutnya.. dan kalau bisa gmn crowdnya..soalnya ad bar yang kebanyakan ababilnya sekarang2 ini....

  20. This is very good. A very useful review for me.
    and the comments are good as well.
    big thanks to the author.

  21. hello guys, me and my friends gonna throw some bachelor / hang over party @ jakarta and we gonna stay at aryaduta semanggi. so can anyone advice me which club that we should go and where can we get a nice beautiful young stripper for us at the hotel. i really need a feedback on this asap. we gonna fly there 26 nov 2011.

  22. Hi there, regarding the bachelor party, I live in Singapore and had 1 in Jakarta in early November.

    Our program was the following:

    Friday night:
    - Red Square, CJs, V2, Malio Club, Millenium, Stadium, Mille's

    Saturday late afternoon: Spa in Hotel Classic

    Saturday: Dinner in Japanese restaurant in Jalan Melawai (forgot the name), then Blok M bars (jalan Falatehan), then Immigrant, Club 36 and Stadium

    Sunday: Spa in Malioboro

    Extra: We stayed in Kempinski and rented a mini van for 10 people. Total damage: 10M per person! But Totally worth it, my best bachelor party so far...

    To anser your question about stripper: check Hotel classic, malioboro, alexis, club 36, V2

    Have a great night!

  23. thanks for the feedback sp. really appreciate that.


  25. Does Musro really have thirteen thousand fans? Me and my friends went there 2 months ago on friday night. The place was empty only about 20-30 people inside. We lost interest and left around 1.30 AM.

    And I agree with your list Stadium all the way baby....

    And I don't like getting drunk at X2, Blowfish, Dragonfly, Immigrant, and high-end clubs in south jakarta because they sell overpriced drinks. I rather go to local cafe, pub or bar drinking cheap beer/alcohol. Well maybe for social or light drink is okay.

  26. I just visited Sun City on Tuesday.Unfortunately for me, I couldn't spare the time during the weekend. So not very many folks were there. Only the show on the podium was going on with a few people watching. However, for your tip, there was a wine promotion was going on which is One+One bottle. The kind was just Moscato (spumante or whatever sparkling) the price was 810000R.If you are not interested in hard liquor, it may be a reasonable choice.(or not.) Anyhow, it was expensive....

  27. And it will be wiser not to order it if you don't bring a companion. Two bottles requires two humanbeings to consume it without serious hangover..Even though I shared it with my companion, I got through hangover the other day.

  28. Hey--everyone. Coming to JAK with some friends from NYC (guys + girls)...what would be the groups best idea for a really great place to spend New Years--were all mid 30s--looking for a high end spot--not really intereseted in a mega club--more into scene--cost less important

  29. to Anonymous @12:28..

    if you are looking for places with a "scene" that takes cues from the 30-something creative professional lifestyle you get in NYC, then the Ismaya Group offerings (Social House, Dragonfly, Blowfish) may cater to your nightlife needs, as some of the shareholders happen to be NY/SF grads.. Ditto with dining spots Loewy, Casa, Canteen, Potatohead etc. Also worth mentioning: Immigrant, 365 Eco Bar, Poste and Segarra.

  30. anyone knows where is the place shown on the first pic on top, the one with the sexy dancers on stage?

  31. First picture is in Golden Crown, Glodok, Jakarta (the live music room)

  32. Will be in Jakarta on Xmas eve. Is cj a good place to get drunk and have fun? Five of us two couples and a single. We need good live music, dance mode, and plenty of gals for my single fren. Any advice and suggestion?

  33. BATS at no. 100 LOL

    I know it's going downhill in terms of band quality but it's definitely still in top 10, and in terms of live music in top 3

  34. If you visit Tashkent, visit , will guide you guys!

  35. Chameleon still open until now...

  36. Great blog, I love it.
    For sur my next clubbing experience will be "Stadium".

  37. Hi guys can you help me? i will be in Jakarta soon, where i can find girls for massage, hj, fj...near Depok? help me please!!!

    Thank's a lot to everybody!

  38. hlo buat yg ada di hotel amperium,,,, By Boy.
    no hp{081279746501}

  39. Hi everyone! Does anybody know the place - it is on second or third floor of parking. Big nightclub with many rooms. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of this place in Jakarta. Please help!

  40. I think you are talking about X2 night club.

  41. X2.. Maybe.. The taxy brough us on the 3 or 4 floor.. I remember the entrance thru car parking on 3 or 4 floor of some building...

  42. I know BJ and HJ... but what is FJ??? Enlighten me pls... ^_^

  43. FJ = Full service / FCUK

  44. Dear all, will be in Jakarta from the 28th, any good plan for new year eve ?

  45. Hi all!
    I'm an Indonesian girl, my name is Anggi and I'm 19 years old. Tomorrow night, 8 pm at DragonFly Jakarta, there's a NYE Celebration with a BANG! EDM's rising star Gregori Klosman. I have 2 free entries, too bad I haven't found any companion, yet. Is there anyone out here interested with this and planning to go with me? if there is, just let me know by invite my pin BB: 20f3427d or my phone number: 083873147080. I'm really looking forward a companion. Uhm actually, I'm looking for a bule one, a good one and a nice one guy to go with me.

    Thankyou, cheers! xx

  46. Recently i went to Eastern Promise after hearing so much about it.I must say it was not as fantastic as many claims. I have to say the service was a real disappointment. It took me at least 15 mins for one of the divas to take my order although i was trying to get their attention even if there is only 5 people at the bar at that time. When i finally got the waitress attention she gave me such an attitude as i disrupted her from messaging on her phone. The service staffs portray as if they are Gods gift on earth! They really have to do something about their staff.

  47. from sunter u can pay 50k by taxy blue bird

  48. i was there.... at 3 am.... but "CLOSED"

  49. I'm at classic, who can party with me?

  50. I'm a man want to joint with your party....jahahahahaha

  51. Does anyone know non-smoking night clubs? I need one. (please mail me mianakitty @ yahoo com) thanks in advance.

  52. i am in pluit any one can help me to know good bar live band and good girls 24 hrs service . i sm in laguna apartment

  53. BAR CODE closed for 5 months already !
    nr.7 on the list :-(

  54. Now we at Jakarta I n my Friend are lonely ..... we need night life n we need girl companion....we from Malaysia......If interested girl pls text me at ....082137888841

  55. It would be awesome if you could sort the bars by location as well as rank ie if I am staying in south jakarta i know what bars are in my area. just a thought...

  56. Its just awesome to know that someone really made this 100 rank I love you!

  57. maybe im old and boring but the Face Bar is best for me, they even have some great lounge house music, chic decor great Indian And Thai snacks and great service. Unpretentious place where you can go alone and meet other people, if not the manager will introduce you to other friendly people.

  58. Hi Guys,

    I am planing to visit Jakarta during the month of Ramadan. I appreciate if you guys suggest me places for massage and girl hunting.