Update July 2018

Illigals just changed its name to 108 The New Atmosphere. I haven't visited yet as I'm not in Indonesia at the moment. I will write about it around August/September. From what I've heard, it's pretty much the same as before. I think the change is only a way for Illigals to keep a lower profile.

Contact details:
Illigals Hotel & Club
Jl.Hayam Wuruk no.108
Jakarta Barat, 111620

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  1. Went there this weekend and only the club and Karaoke are open. The hotel and spa they say are a few weeks away. The facilities look impressive but it is too early to really know what kind of vibe the place will have. It was pretty empty this weekend.

  2. still empty of visitors. still waiting for developments ...

  3. What is your obsession with CCTV cameras? They may have some for security purposes but i don't think they will use it to tell your wife about your nightlife naughty habits...

  4. im sure this venue will going to be one of the most coolest place to hang around in west jakarta, yet we are still waiting for its latest updates.

  5. Went there Nov 12 and the place was still a ghost town. The Karaoke rooms seemed to be somewhat busy but the spa is still not open and the bar area was empty. It is a beautiful facility but I am puzzled over their lack of progress with getting all the services open.

  6. I can arrange a good party with your place..of course with a good DJ & advertisement 4sure..

  7. went there a couple of times, last time i went there, had trouble having a sofa, despite the vast amount of money spent. had to stand for almost 3 hours till we got tired n just got a karaoke room. they should really put minimum charges on sofas, or at least keep some for those really drinking, not just some young kids drinking beer n stayed all night. *peace*

  8. Does anyone know the prices of lokal and prc ? Thnx

  9. Went there last week (dec 16th) to have a look, the club & karaoke now open, yet the SPA & hotel will be ready in January. The Chief Security take me have a look to the club & karaoke room.
    The atmosphere very nice, very good ID etc. Will check back to the Illigals next month. This will stand up along Alexis & Malio

  10. I went there last month on a saturday nite, only to the ground floor though.

    The minimum charge is relatively high for local standard. You have to spend at least Rp 5 mil at the table and more for the lounge. That's why people always come in group. When I walked in the 2nd time they asked me if I knew the minimum charge. I told them I was already in.

    The crowd is mainly local Chinese groups, where girls normally play hard to get. I dont want to waste time, so I left for a better known bar to get ladies.

    Well structured building.

  11. its januari are there any prices on the locals and prc in the spa and hotel because i hope this place can be better than alexis which at the moment the best place for high class hkrs :)

  12. Can I meet foreign girl there?

  13. There are foreign girls in Illigals working as escort, but few expat women if that's what you are asking.. The escort girls are mostly from PRC and Thailand.. I think that Hotel Classic/Malioboro/Hotel Alexis have more choice regarding foreign girls.. If you want to meet expat girls in Jakarta, it's best to go in the south, Dragonfly/Immigrant are good options

  14. It's after the end of january, and the spa and hotel still not operational yet. The club was quite okay, but the karaoke room was not.

    The final verdict will have to wait until the spa opens.

  15. Agus must be a serial killer getting his victims from places likethat. That's why CCTC are a big NO for him ;)

  16. its februari hoeraah are is the spa open???any one i'm very curious if this place is better than alexis :))

  17. can somebody pleaseee tell me that the hotel and spa is open in Illigals i will be in july in jakarta and i want 2 know what the prices are for the girls lokal and prc???thnx alot :)

  18. I was there on last week went there at around 1am and the night club 1st floor was empty ..so felt no point n wanted to leave then i was asked to go to 2nd floor ..which was karaoke and local companions ..minimum spend is 1.5m ruppiah..and its a cover charge ..+ u have to tip the ladies..top end place i liked it ..

  19. hmm that's cool that you hav3 nice g@ls in illgals but what i want 2 know is when is the hotel+spa plus plus open and what are the prices of the lokal girls ande prc girls and do they als have a swimming are like alexis??

  20. Hello Guys, I just came from that place Illigals, and there is no sap or girls. only bar, party ambience.

  21. are u serieus???damn thats sad 2 hear i was expecting a nice place than alexis with more girls and luxiery :( i hope someone can check out the hotel & SPA

  22. I was just there on Sunday, 6 Mar 2011. The spa was not open. The security guy said it would be opened later this month. It may be that they want to wait for more crowds before deciding to open the spa.

  23. March09,2011

    Hello Guys, Illigals is dead, do not waste your time and taxi expenses going there. It took me one and half hours in taxi to get there...too much traffic jam.

    Then went to Emporium Spa and It was closed too. dead end.

    instead I went to Oasis Spa,...really good experience.

    Its clean, good location and cheaper than Alexis. Located between Hotel Peninsula and Hotel Astika in Mangga Besar.

    BTW its better to use TransJakarta Bus service, easy to use, cheap and faster than Taxi, since it runs through a dedicated line, which means NO TRAFFIC JAM. only Rp 3,500 per ticket. Stop at Mangga Besar station and walk 150 meters.

    When you entered, you can choose the type of service you want, they have different services and package deal, also offer Body2body.

    Good thing you only pay on your way out. No pressure. They only charge you Rp80,000 if you use sauna-spa facilities (US$9), you can either use the Spa the whole day, then go upstairs to check the girls before deciding what to do. Which i did.

    if you go upstairs and do not like the girls, you can walk out with out paying anything, but first you have to get the front desk girl permission to do that. she speak fair enough English.

    You enter and are given a locker number, a key and free coupon for snacks-food in the second floor, right where the girls are... clever.

    You open a locker.. You change into swimpants and you can go to the sauna, hot jacuzzi, steam room and little Freezing pool.

    then I went to second floor and you are shown a room full of girls, around 50 girls total. Only 20 of then do b2b massage. take your time to choose girls, do not rush your self, spend some time there.

    I asked the girls to stand up to check legs, skin and general condition...hehehe

    then you just pick one.. there are pretty one and not so pretty ones too.
    Nice bodys and also not so good bodys.

    I took the package deal:

    1 hour b2b massage + 1 hour VIP massage: Rp420,000

    Important: the b2b massage included b2b soapy massage, sucking good and sex. It was really good, they know what they are doing. My girl was beautiful, long black hair, long legs, 24yo. you have to tip her afterwards, she earned good. I gave her Rp100,000 and she was happy.

    then went down to relax in the Jacuzzi for a while and later went back to the second floor for my second part of the deal.
    VIP massage: you have to choose a different girl for it ( from the lot that do not practice b2b massage)

    I took a little young cute Indonesian 18yo, 45kilograms, 1,55mt, long black hair, little perky boobs.

    VIP massage include only massage, after massage you have to negotiate the sex part or Tip, she ask me Rp600,000 and we negotiate paying Rp400,000.

    Advise: Lowballers gets bad service, be nice and get good service.

    she dont wanna suck but she fuck like the is no tomorrow...amazing. (anyway I got a good suck from b2b girl). I spend 40 minutes doing it and enjoyed every single minute. awesome body, cute pussy soft skin.

    Numbers as I remember for your reference:

    only B2b massage: Rp360,000
    VIP massage: Rp250,000

    Package deal:

    B2b massage + VIP massage: Rp420,000


    B2b tip: Rp100,000
    VIP massage tip: 400,000

    Towel-water-Jacuzzi boy tip:Rp30,000

    Grand Total:

    Rp950,000 (US$107)

    For your reference i went there at 2:00pm and left the place at 6:30pm, happy and fresh

    Hope this info can help you to have some fun while in Jakarta

  24. thnx very much for your very good review but i find it very sad that this new place Illigals is waiting very long for them to open their spa& hotel i always go to Alexis because of their high standards and very good service i was hopen to find it to in Illigals any way i will ben in july in jakarta and hopefully their spa will be open

  25. March 2010
    Went to Illigals. Great design but relatively empty. DJ is just ok. Female dancers go topless but not nude. OK they were all pretty. Some performers did a 'Black Eyed Peas' show which was fun. There are better places in town though. I won't go there again.


  27. Now thats such a beautiful place. Yet, I noticed from reading several of the postings they sure need some revisions and new forms of marketing to truly be successful.... I wish them luck.

  28. Can somebody please tell me when the hotel&spa are open thank you very much and if they are open what the prices are thank you again

  29. Seriously, this place is just a tease. Heaps of potential but it just is not there yet. How can they be open for 6 months and the spa still not be open for business? There are a dozen other places in town to go instead of this place that are worth the time and effort. Maybe once this place gets a clue they will be something worth going to but for now, don't waste your time or money.

  30. Try illegals spa..

    Damages:150k for facilities
    Included:sauna,steam room,standards hot cold pool,buffet,n new one...oxygen room..
    Damage room 2 session for 300k
    Extra(45min) session @ 150k
    FL damage 800k locals no imports yet..(included room+fl) extra tips in the end at ur own expense

    Local therapist came from other hotels around the area..like sun city,classic etc.. Pls don't ruin the market price..they will offer 00 for Fj.. Might as well go fo FL

    Come certain timing will give u extra show a the pool area ,
    can't remember timing but I think is 7 9 11 pm..need to reconfirm again

    Btw it's on level 4...
    Been twice n quite happy with the place

    Enjoy Life

  31. Illigals Hotel and Club

    Went there last Saturday, after a long time the spa & hotel now open for business...

    IMO this is yet the best Spa in term of the facilities, very clean for a IDR150k minimum charge... The arrangement of the Spa is superb and very nice...sauna, steam room, oxygen room, lounge.. good combination

    The hotel room currently for IDR500k per nite inclusive B/fast. the room actually facing the Spa... very spacious room... (i dont think this hotel is suitable for those with family in their group)

    the got dancer on the pool area; at the moment only 5 of them which 1 of them hanging in the cage above the pool side (totally naked)the other 4 only topless; then the same operation of lap dance..hahahah. last Saturday there were 2 groups of them. in future the number of dancer might be more than that...start around 7pm to 11pm only..

    NO import yet; all local, not many of them if to compared to Alexis / Malio..yet in future the will be more...

    Went for the karaoke...find out that the songs choices is many more compare to Alexis.. the total bill or less like Alexis. Yet we already decided next visit to JKT must repeat at Illigals Karaoke...


  32. I would never visit this dirty place whenever i arrived in Jakarta

  33. will go by the end of this years.... cannot wait...yummy!

  34. I saw girl on globalnanpa site from illigals. She look like prostitute! Is that possible in muslim country?

  35. Dear all,

    will be in jakarta soon, can i book when of the 100 rooms for my stay there ?

  36. went to Illigals to check it out.. i happened to go in when it was happy hour 20 % 2pm- 3pm or something ..funny thing is that they never mentioned any thing..if it was not for the discount ..everything is lack luster ..i mean all is clean and spic and span but the staff lacked any friendliness .massage is ok , girl very average but as i said i did not come for any thing there than massage and to check the place out, so i can't comment on the sex part.I would rate Illigals as just any place in Kota with the usual Mainland China girls , cute hostess in tight mini skirts..

  37. I have sex party in the karaoke room. All naked. including the LC, just pay for $300 per LC. Then everything is incontrol. Yes. The best night in my life

  38. So it seems everyone is writing about the spa and sex. Well I am a clubber so Iam unsure so the spa's. Club on ground floor can be quite but every second weekend they have had international dj's so if u want a table or lounge u better book in advance. 1.5jt min charge for table or 5jt for sofa on special nights other night 2jt for sofa. The sofas are good because u have ur own space and they have curtains that can be closed if u want some privacy. The kareoke rooms are really good min charge 2.5jt 6hrs good sound a good selection of music. I never sing kareoke but I do book the rooms for the dj mixes and the security of no one botHering u 10 mates some girls good music its pretty much ur own private club. Plus most clubs that have rooms are 24/7 so no rush to get home

  39. pada suatu malam ku ke illigals karaoke... LC lumayan... hanya pada saat kita on semua LC ada yg mengecewakan.. Apakah ada yang tahu menghubungi salah satu LC di ILLigals karaoke....????

  40. At last night On 24 july 2012 I have been visit to illigals karaoke room.,this is my pleasure place we've got a nice party during at there. But I'm really disappointed while we check the bill because the bill all isn't not correctly with the item.
    And we complaining about that with the cashier.,the different bill is too far with the true order..first the bill is ( us$ 380 ) this is not suitable with the order during we stay at the room after that we complaining and the bill is ( us$ 280 ) this is true with the list our order.
    For our
    Please for the management of illigals trainning u employ with the honesty,professional.

  41. my friend told me this is rite place she just heard form others too..cuz we plan to have parteeeehhh so she suggest we go there..umm a bit disappointed to read the comment earlier,i hope now really open...i cant wait to get 2 days full parteeeehhhh xD

  42. Went to the spa at 6 pm yesterday, a Wednesday. It was pretty quiet. No girls dancing in the cages and only a few lurking about by the entrance.

    It is a SUPER NICE place. Big and clean with a friendly and helpful staff.

    At registration they did the check in and talked about massage/spa packages but once inside the staff promoted fucking with their FLs not massage.

    Mamasan and some guy with better English brought over three sets of girl with various prices. There was a very cute Russian and some good looking Vietnamese for 1.6 to 1.8 million and so-so, good, and super hot local girls for 800,000. I went local but kept thinking about the hot Russian.

    Local girl tried to be friendly and chat but was not a fun party girl (like the Russian who I watched afterwards). Rooms are super nice, big, and clean. Awesome showers.

    Unlike Alexis the girls don't party in the hot tub with you. That was a let down.

    Thinking I was come back and stay in the hotel. The bar looks like it could be fun. The whole place felt very safe and orderly, surprisingly so.

    Going to hit up Alexis tonight.

  43. Oh, yeah, the hot tubs are OK, nothing that amazing but the sauna and steam room are really big and nice.

    There was also a free buffet! I was hungry after the session.

    Service for drinks was super slow and ordering was complicated even with English and my bar Indonesian.

  44. Any recent reviews or exp on the KTV here??

  45. The club on the first floor became one of my favorite in Jakarta. The music is similar to Stadium, and it's quite dark but it's clean, no too smoky and crowded... The service is good, you can easily get a table, to sit and drink with your friends and there is space enough to dance without being disturbed... A good way to enjoy Kota party without going in a too crazy place.
    Never tried the SPA and other facilities.

  46. is it possible to buy some cece or ikan or i inside this place?

  47. Indonesia is a muslim country, but its nightlife is better than thailand! Illegals have some cute honeys. And they even let you come inside without condom.. Enjoy!

  48. Did you actually came inside a hooker without condom?
    Say hi to AIDS my friend

  49. The music is good but not great. The crowd mostly old people. The hospitality is little disappointing. But very comfortable place to chill out.

  50. How is the place these days?

  51. How is it these days?

  52. the spa is located in 3bth flower ( push the button '3b' in elevator) . the facility is the best good one in jakarta. (very very cozy ) / Price ( only sauna and pool -->190k, /sauna,pool,and 90min massage -> 450k, /sauna,pool,and loving -->850k(local lady), 1250k (china lady) . after loving , write tip price on tip paper ( lady give you the tip paper) and then pay all thing on counter.
    these days there are no buffet.

  53. @Agus: do comment here once you have found the spots where the cctv cameras are located and where it is missing.

  54. Got ripped off few weeks back in this place. We booked a karaoke room with around 16 men and chose various package deals (bottles + girls). In the end they charged everything separate which led to an overcharge of 4 million rupiah. Total damage was around Rp. 16 mio. Way overpriced and the staff was extremely unreasonable when we tried to explain and settle this. Would not recommend this place. There are so many better places to go in Jakarta.

    1. obviously if you're a foreigner they will try to rip you off. but if you already have indonesian common sense you should have a deal on prices before you enjoy yourself.

  55. been there for once a week at least.. haahha best place for everyone so far. you don't need to pay if you wanna come (exept for weekends ofcourse). It opens like everyday, the waiters are extremely friendly.. i actually make friends with the waiters and the manager hahaha..
    Stadium Production always makes an event there (usually on friday night), and they bring back all of the Stadium DJ's, MC, etc.. if you are an ex campus goers, this place is great.. hahaha, and also.. its easy to get ikan here, just call the waiter and ask for apoteker..

    - V -

  56. Went yesterday. very very nice facility. Paid 1.7 mil for full service in the office theme room (note this includes tax of 35% and 5% service charge!) . Girl was gorgeous.

  57. So is it still ok overthere plan to go this weekend

  58. Disappointing club.

    Was there some weeks back from 12midnight, Friday till about 4am.
    It never filled out. Not even close.

    Ok music, but 150k entrancewith 1 imitation red bull and 1 unbranded apple cider, w t f.
    Also someone approached me if I needed E, at 450k a pop. :S

    Anyway, probably won't go back.


  59. I've been to their spa recently, did the office theme with local. Cost was 900k for one hour.

    Enterance fee was 120k.
    They also have an option for the type of girls.

    Local or 'special'. Will try to do the special when I have time.

    I am curious whether u can get an in-room massage if u have a hotel room

  60. Update. The price for 'special' masseuse for the thematic spa (office, gym, hospital theme) is 1200k. Rates are inclusive with tax and service charge, so prices are final excluding tip.

    U can tip via cash or u can write the tip down on a small piece of paper that they provide and pay later when u checkout of the spa (u pay for the entrance fee when u check out as well)

  61. Planning to visit Jakarta in November for a weekend. Heard about Illigals and interested to visit that or other places. Anyone with similar ideas? Drop me an email at: lobowolf2010@gmail.com

    Anyone interested to join?

  62. Went there 2 days ago and it's pretty crowded in the week days, one of the best nightclub i've been so far, and i have a plan to go there Tomorrow with my friends. Friday is my favorite night to go, because at that night, All of the stadium dj's and crowds gather here to enjoy Om bobby's music!!

    1. If they play it smart, Illigals (club voyeur especially) could manage to attract the crowd from the now-deceased Mille's...

    2. Is there any E sold inside illegals?

  63. Went there 2 days ago and it's pretty crowded in the week days, one of the best nightclub i've been so far, and i have a plan to go there Tomorrow with my friends. Friday is my favorite night to go, because at that night, All of the stadium dj's and crowds gather here to enjoy Om bobby's music!!

  64. Was there last night, it seemed quite crowded at 12 am. Tried to find out the E but impossible. Waiters refused to give me a hint or recommend anyone who could sell E

  65. The spa is a nice place to find peace with Indonesian massage. Neat, no std,but they do try to fleece you with money. For about 1m rupiah, you should be able to get everything done with a masseuse.

  66. hi guys, planning to go on septmber,
    so is this place same as Classic Lantai 5?
    i mane, with nedu dancers on stage and other LC walking around, with plus service?


  67. Illegals has now changed name to 108 Club. They reopened the nightclub this past Monday 2nd July, 2018 night with an all night party with Stadium legend DJ Bobby. You will see they also have a small Aeroplane now out the front on the main road. They haven't changed too much inside just the name and branding is different and Club/Karaoke/Spa/Hotel still operating.

  68. Seems rebranding has killed it. Too bad. Saturday night 3am, no one dancing on the floor despite a full house at the tables. They positioned couches around the dance floor and it acts to discourage people to go out. No more curtained off private booths. Crowd isn't the same. Random girl DJ, meh music. Alas, a lot changed in a few months.