Some of the readers of this blog have never been to Indonesia. They are preparing a business trip or an expatriation here and they wonder about the nightlife in Jakarta. Surprisingly, the first question men ask me usually before arriving is not about their housing, their kid's school or the number of medical facilities.

No, the question I get the most is this one: "Are the Indonesian girls pretty?"

Western people can rarely differentiate two Asian girls: Ask anybody in Europe what is the difference between a Thai girl and a Korean girl, I bet you they will not be able to answer that. Yet, after many years spent in Indonesia, I can proudly say that I will recognize an Indonesian girl very easily, and if I'm wrong it will mean the girl is from Malaysia.

Malay-Indo girls are very different from other Asian girls: Apart from the long black hair and the tiny body, they are easy to recognize for many reasons that are hard to explain: It's a combination of different elements, but to sum up, I would say that on average Indonesian girls have a darker skin, larger eyes, thicker eyebrows, a small nose and a fantastic smile.

There are different kind of Indonesian girls of course, and I will give an example of the most typical girls you have a good chance to meet:

The Jilbab girl: (Photo Credit: Rikie Rizza)
Except in Jakarta and in Christian or Hindu areas, the Jilbab is a very common sight in Indonesia. If you go in the country's provinces, at least 1/3rd of the girls will use one. There, girls usually hide skin from their bodies too by wearing jeans and long sleeves shirts. The jilbab is coulorful most of the time, but do not let us see any hair.

In Jakarta, girls are more liberal. The typical middle class girl is 1m60, slim but not skinny, and she wears jeans + a T-shirt that covers a shoulders. Since there are so many counterfeit products, it is not surprising to see girls carrying a Louis Vuitton. In malls like Mangga Dua Square or in the buses, you will see a lot of them, looking simple, but pretty (Photo Credit: Moriza):

In the bars and nightclubs, there are a few broad types of girls:

The fashionistas/models/selebriti/socialites and all the girls who wish they were like them. You will meet them in X2 or Dragonfly. Many are half Chinese or mixed expat/indo, and you will see their skin is whiter than other Indonesian girls. The great thing with Jakarta is that you actually have a window of opportunity to date models and actresses, even if you are a very average man. Many reasons can explain why Indonesian girls like so much being with expats, but one thing is sure, if you are decent looking, you stand a chance with everyone in Jakarta. Those girls may look like these:

You also have in this category the upper class clubbing girl: Very sexy but never trashy, perfect make-up and hairdo (Photo Credit: Thanks John)

The bargirls are different in the South (Blok M and the 5-stars hotels bar) and the North (Stadium, etc): In the South, they are trying a bit too hard to be sexy and they tend to show off with expensive accessories their boyfriends bought them. It will sound like a cliché but it's true: 90% of them smoke Menthol cigarettes. In the north, they often have a black (or at least a unicolor) mini-skirt, whitening cream on the face, and maybe a Nokia on their hands.

That would be mean to put some photos of girls here and imply they are prostitutes so I will let you imagine the picture. For the skirt, it's something like that (Photo Credit: Vabio Aurelio)

The Balinese girl, in my opinion, is a concept of its own: Balinese girls are very difficult to go out with compared to Javanese girls. They are not as sexy but they are exactly what we imagine the exotic girl is like (Photo Credit, for this photo plus the first one in the article: Sukandia).

The SPG (Sales Promotion Girl), and her friends the PR (Public Relations) and the GRO (Guest Relation Officer) are middle class, very cute girls who use their charms to promote whatever they are paid to promote (Photo Credit: Basi Banget):

At last, the Party Girl, especially in Jakarta, is a fun girl to hang out with, one you will not very long to fall in love with because she is beautiful and because she makes you feel alive:

Overall, girls in Indonesia are stunning and it's difficult not to fall in love quickly upon arrival. Actually I think this will be your main problem: Avoid falling in love too quickly, before you've got a clear understanding of how the relationships work in Indonesia.

I hope now you have a clearer idea of what do Indonesian girls look like. Of course each of them is unique, but I'm sure expats who've lived in Jakarta will agree that there is an Indo style.

Please, feel free to comment!

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  1. i like this article because of your writing style....

  2. Oddly enough, the girl in the last pic is a decided party gal, she & her whole group of friends. 'D' will sometimes open up a FB account, post tons of great pics, get deluded w/ it all, and then close the account.

    Coming from where I am living just now, most of these pictures are heavenly! Kudos on them & your insights.

  3. I believed that you have so much experienced about Indonesian woman,but no matter what, who are you to categorized layer by layer of a woman's groups in Indonesia,it's totally overrated....
    You have no right to discriminate and your information is offensive against Indonesian's woman.
    If your reasons is just to give standard information for "love life,sex life" to all the new expat whose new here in Jakarta city,the info you got will mislead and mis interpretation for the woman whose exactly you've describe such as:The typical middle class girl is 1m60, slim but not skinny, and she wears jeans + a T-shirt that covers a shoulders(Now when expat see that criteria they'll assume "Hmm,middle class group),bar girls 90% of them smoke Menthol cigarettes(Have you do the proper survey),The Balinese girl(Indonesian have more than 20 provinces Bali is just one of them,what about the other woman's that from other province??)
    Basically the information you gave is wrong and it's not nice just because based on your experienced,and I believe these woman on the picture is not really happy that they have they picture in it for sample,do you know any of them???they might take legal action if they see this.
    Yes,your info might help for those new comers in this city...but it's not 100 % correct.
    As you know Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands. With a population of around 230 million people,and Jakarta it self have more than 8 million people.And now from your basic opinion,you've just created your own conclusion which really overrated to all woman's community here.
    Please as a woman,have some respect to our community,we are not commodity to expose like this,especially to categorized in different layers and stages.

    1. Haha...yea. Great...i like this comment..but well, most expat just pretend to come to bali, batam, and jakarta, because sex there so much easy. When you come to another province like padang, jambi, and aceh, girls here so much classy and untouchable because most from noble family. Noble family not mean they are rich. But they are more cultured and avoid sex. If you gonna find wife from sumatra, i bet you will lucky because they are kinda worker woman. But shame, not much interested with western. Woman in java, some (sory) standard face than woman in sumatra. But they are more attracted with expat. You are become atm for some of them. Maybe not when you become a husband, soon after married you will know. But...there is lot classy indo girl too who make their guy lucky.

      Actually, when girl going to club, for indonesian...they are less cultured and cheaper...thats how indonesian people's view...maybe different with western view anyway. There is still much categories of indonesian girls anyway...morr than your fingers...

    2. as Indonesian girl who live in Medan, what you said is true about different girls in Sumatera n Java. but not 100 percent of girls in Java are easy. and also it's not 100 percent girls in Sumatra are not interested to West and European, Women and girls that I know had married with american, sweden, Uk...

      however, I also never go to club and I will never go to there in my life.. as you said that they are less cultured and cheaper that's what Indonesian people's view and maybe it's different with western view

      in Medan or North Sumatera the girls or boys speech is faster than in Javanese, the way to walk, work is faster and many thing. it's because of the culture in Sumatera is different..

  4. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I understand your concern about this
    article, but i can assure you that I had no intentions of being offensive
    when I wrote this article. Actually it was just an excuse to post the
    pictures of some beautiful indonesian girls and to show my readers how some Indonesian girls look like. Not all of them, just some
    that I find representative of the types of girls I've met while being in
    Jakarta. It's not porn, nor sex, it's just some nice/clean pictures that
    are already available on Internet and for which I have asked the
    authorization of the photographer. This is not a very serious blog, and it
    should not be taken seriously. I hope you understand, cheers.

  5. I believe you hit the nail on the head with your view of Indonesian girls, it is pretty much spot on. I also believe you could have been a lot harder but then that could have been slanderous, but in a nutshell in my experience is that Indonesian girls are lovely, however their reality and a bule reality are so far apart.

  6. I believe that the person who wrote the third comment should wake up to themselves and smell the coffee, what what written is basically true.
    The comment
    "You have no right to discriminate and your information is offensive against Indonesian's woman"

    I believe that Indonesian men do and say more offensive things in Indonesia than any bule can or do say. The only reason anyone comments on Indo girl / bule relationships is because they are reacially different, however if they see an older Indo man and much younger Indon woman/girl they naturally assume that the girl is a daughter, niece or granddaughter but this is not always the case.

    And the final word from this person
    "we are not commodity to expose like this,especially to categorized in different layers and stages." What about the Indonesia government trying to screw forgeigners out of 500 Million Rupiah so that it would be put in a bank in the event that the marriage breaks up and the Indonesian woman gets something. Believe me, in Indonesia if a marriage fails they are not assured of getting anything from their ex-husband.

    Overall I like your writing, keep it up

  7. The ass hole that got offended must be a very ugly bitch. Ignored the bitch and just grab the cream of the crop.

    What we mean girls we mean the fuckable ones bitch. The rest for all practical purposes don't exist.

    Of course there are layers. Those are layers you'll never cross.

    Ugly bitches always get offended. There nothing will change that.

  8. Fun article but not really the truth. What a huge suprise for me to read a blog discussing this matter. Fun & funny. Dum & dumber comments posted by tourists.

    I remember when i pointed my finger to an expat's face and simply said : " U want to be deported tonight???" because he acted like 'sexiest man alive' and said unpolite sexual words to me. He apologized to me like a beggar after that.

    Bule always think that they are perfect and rich and King in jakarta.Deal with the fact that most of Indonesian people ( women) are not rich people. Rich here means can't afford car, apartment, Rp 100.000/ glass drink every night, manolo shoes, herve leger dress, etc. Of course these kind of women are easy target for average class people(bule men who only have average apartment, with only thousands Euros ( max hundred thousand euros ) on account and car from company but act like Donald Trump) . Please check on malls & clubs. U can see those women who with those bule most of them are not rich women or even not well educated women. Most of them are from low class society. Seriously. Most bule like to be in relationship with these kind of girls because they are easy. Easy in everything. Easy to be controlled on daily life also on bed. I have been several times with bule also with locals.Doesn't matter with bule or locals,the relationship should always based on respect, feeling, and equal partnership.

    But, i really confuse, why so many low class/ cheap/ no manner bule in Jakarta? Or actually they were perfectly gentlemen in their country who suddcnly turned into loosers in jakarta because of the easy access they got?? Pity....

    Men always intimidated by women who equal with them, no matter where. So, they decided to take the easy one.

    Use your logic, will a normal good looking smart wealthy guy will choose bargirls for serious relationship? to be the mother of their children? Maybe happens 1 : 1000.
    But in jakarta , in 1000 bule, 900 bules in relationship with those kind of girls. For me, that is unique and fun topic for a book.

    1. Totally agree with you
      I experienced the same thing..

    2. u can not judge someone without know why she do that kind of stuffs , going with young n old man ... u just dont know anything about bar girls ... by the way any day u can become one
      for ur question why man choose a bar girl for a serious relationship cause he found what he want with her , she maks him feel happy , comfortabl , smilin 'n his face morning and malam
      So just shut up and respect bar girls from poor countries most of them work for their family ... they re ready to do anything just to c her family membrs feel okey
      Live with'em and know 'em , and then come judg 'em

    3. I am sure this one is ugly bitch whp comment. discriminating another woman...

  9. I'm wondering... where am I in that categorization???

    Dude, you are still incomplete there ;)

    Not all of us either LOVE partying or wore a jilbab. please update, hence people will not get the wrong impression of us.


  10. Obviously, you have never met Jakarta's typical white collar girl? Sheeesh, I can imagine what kind of Jakarta crowd you have been hanging out with....

  11. Gee.... I’m having difficulty finding what category do i fit in ?

    I’m single, have postgraduate degree, i have people working for me, i don't particularly give a shit to Expat, nor their money.
    I smoke menthol cigarette, I don't wear jilbab, I occasionally clubbing to meet up with my mates, i don't do bed hopping, nor i wear provocative clothes. I hate make up and despise skimpy clothes. I don’t have model’s figure nor the face (thank God !!) and not a socialite. I’m not obsessed with malls, branding goods and clothes. I definitely not an ugly bitch… I am actually quite adorable according to my male friends *wink-wink*

    Ohhh… I also USE MY BRAINS lots … On top of that, I have excellent sense of humor…

    So… Which category do you think I am ?


  12. Are you mixed? Indo-european girl? American indo girl? I think you would be a party girl type with little twist of nerdism/bookwormism

  13. To Tron,

    Nope !!! I don’t have Caucasian blood in me…
    You are in your liberty to think what you wanna think. But FYI I’m not a party girl, NOT AT ALL. I go clubbing moderately,.. I love good books, and I read comics… including super hero comic… (hates chicklit and cheap romans), I love photography, I love travel… and I love to meet new people just to broadened my horizon… does it makes me what you called “little twist of nerdism/bookwormism” ??

    I would prefer to call myself a modern woman, who know how to enjoy my eccentric life smartly,… without being a parasite… and I don’t have to show my butt or my boobs just to get attention… or man, or money, or…… **you name it**


  14. you know almost everything! lol I cant stop smiling when I read this article. I used to date an old expat guy. He is 20 years older than me. I dated him because I was dying to practice my English ;P. At the end, I decided to stop meeting him since I stick to my decision to save sex for marriage and he kept asking me that thing, and I thought that I started to fall in love with him and it's not good so,be it. Btw, I can tell my self as a well educated woman in her 20 something age, smart, independent, good looking, felt a bit bored once with local guy, a kind of woman that people won't expect to date an expat guy.
    But after all, I love this article. It's real and interesting. :)

  15. I have been all over the world and Jakarta is just one of my stops. I find the article basically accurate, but there is always the exception. The thing I find most discouraging is most women AND men smoke here, and this is a turn off to me.

  16. This comment is very interesting:
    "Bule always think that they are perfect and rich and King in jakarta. Deal with the fact that most of Indonesian people ( women) are not rich people"

    Well, sadly yes..., not 100% but 99.99% is true.
    I am an Indonesian man, have been working for multinational companies (with white people/bule) almost 18 years in several countries.
    Back in Indonesia 18-12 years ago, I remember most of my bule colleagues had relation with marginal women who mostly chase bule for money and better life.
    I call them marginal, because for us – the local men – they are bad women, really bad, I mean they are man eater, money sucker and expect to be married by bule (for us they are not better than hidden prostitute), and they are willing to do anything to attract /satisfy bule.
    It's very sad to see that reality, but in fact it's true.
    As a consequence, bule treat them like a prostitute, prise them just for their body, for sex.
    Because of these women, unfortunately, it becomes general opinion about Indonesian women in bule's mind.
    In fact, there are very very few bule build a healthy relation with good Indonesian woman, not a man eater, not a prostitute, not a money sucker. Those women are educated women, some with good career and even rich, good behaviour and attitude.
    Those bule use their healthy brain, heart and love rather than just their d*ck.
    Many of those relations end up in happy marriage.
    And just for your info, not all of Indonesian women like bule, they believe bule is:
    - Easy come easy go
    - Free sex
    - Has got different culture
    - Has got different religion (especially for truly moslem women).
    Well, I am not saying that Indonesian men are perfect, there are many bad Indonesian men as well, with (very)bad behaviour/treatment toward women.
    So, what I am trying to tell you here is, wherever you are, if you have money, power and position, you can use it to attract your sex opponent, especially if your sex opponent is much poorer, weaker than you and desperate.
    I can tell you this, because I am a senior executive from a multinational company in the UK, and have been to many different countries (including poor countries; Asia, ex USSR, North Africa, Eastern Europe) where the bad girls are willing to queue just be closer to me and attract me sexually, and it’s not in Indonesia.
    Btw, I am married man and never betray my family. Because I look women with my healthy brain first rather than my d*ck, and my heart/love be always with my wife/family.
    Betrayal, is not because you are bule, is not because you are in Indonesia, is not because Indonesian girl, is not because you are men, it’s just the dark side of human character.

    1. Ah, i like this comment. Sound so smart anyway...

  17. I'm totally agree with the last comment.
    Definitely not just cuz you're bule, but cuz you're men who (most of the time) has more money.
    If you wanted to know, I think Chinese men are the wealthiest and also the most generous people here in Indo, but they don't come crying like expats do, cuz they know who/what they deal with here.

  18. This article is very very entertaining...Thanks to the are great to entertain people with your articles...By the way, I like your writing style..It's cool & funny...I can't stop laughing when i read the comments...and i like the second last comment which talked about brain not d***...i think you appointed it to all guys in the world..not girls...thank you for that..finally there's a guy can speak like that...
    and for -L-, are so coollll....!!! I like your comment..very brainy comment...
    and at last, for all foreigners and Indonesians, please do not be offended by this article...this article is about someone's's not about the writer is true or not...everyone is free to speak out what is in their minds. We can read, see, and listen to everything, but it doesn't mean we can judge something is true or not till we experience it all by ourselves..everybody is unique because of different character, and how the way they see the world thing is unique too, depends on what they have experienced... peace... :)

  19. im indonesian girl..

    short comment:
    @L.A I agreeee with u...
    peace world..!!

  20. I been to jakarta few times and I can say its like sodom and komora haha no seriously there girls there are Hot and very sexy ...very willing as well ...they wanna havea good time -

    Great post by the way

  21. Ooooh you missed one more !!!
    A desperate houswifes in Jakarta...who screwing around her old fat hubby,hidden they expat hubby,for party with young guys......they were spread everywhere in the club's of Jakarta!!!!! This kind of Indonesian that you can't miss on your writing,lesson for some new expat....because once you screwed them,and piss them finished!! Coz lot's of them hv money to spend to get cha!!! and you know in Jakarta.....MONEY still have out!!

  22. AH!im gonna laugh on this one
    coz i feel there are hotter picture of indo girls than in your post. So update and change the pic to a hotter one!! hahaha
    In Indonesia girls are way too beautiful to describe...

  23. Clearly you have been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Its kinda obvious since you are so acquinted with the dirty clubs and bars you have met with working girls. to find out good girls that value relationship ( not money), you should hang out more in the decent place suvh as church, bookstore and join local comunities

  24. I think it is hypocrite to expect a good girl while all you care from them is to get easy sex. you want to sleep around then you get gold digger. You want to have real relationship then approach good girl. Yes they are not the one you can get one night stand of and hang out in dirty places. Word of advise: change your venue

  25. I agree with you, but I am not one of those. You missed the sporty, adventurer girl. always wear flip-flop and sport shoes coz like to travel a lot...but also can dress up and wearing heals for
    "party". Maybe you haven't meet them..coz they like traveling ;)

  26. you missed the super super rich girl type....

  27. Just like Yasmine and L, I don't fit into your categories either. I have been into social/humanitarian works for more than 5 years now and prior to that I was 5 years working as radio and TV broadcaster. Being a person who was on-screen, sure I am not included in the ugly bitch criteria. I love dressing up, put on the make up and wear heels at work and parties but I also go with flip flops, sandals and yoga pants. I sing in a rock band with my friends, but I also go to karaoke. One weekend I'd be pampering myself in the spa (and thanking God for blessing us with the good ones here in Indonesia), but on some weekdays I would be on a 12 hour road trip in my office's landrover for a mission (and thanking God again for the beautiful hills, forests and ocean views) :). I travel, I dive, I snorkel, I hike, but I also joined belly dance classes. I'm into photography and reading but like L, I'm not into chicklit at all. My aunt said I have the celebrity look (sure, because she often sees me only in family parties), but people who work with me said I have the chic version of NGO look - and I have some other humanitarian worker friends who are just like myself: we are nice, confident, adventurous, caring but assertive, well-dressed in comfortable but pretty outfits. We don't usually dress like any girl in your list - so yeah, I think commenting on your blog is a good way to help expanding the categories that you have written here.

    We have many pretty girls in Indonesia, but not all of them belong to your categories. There are million other pretty girls who DEFINE THEMSELVES as scholars, white collars, artists, humanitarian workers, adventurers, environmentalists, community organizers, law enforcement entities, politicians, business women, smart housewives, and we all look different. We also have tribal ladies who dress up in compliance to their traditions. We also might not be as 'cute' as how 'cuteness' is defined in your criteria.

    Now that I'm finally tempted to comment on your blog, I also would like to share a little insight for another kind of common stereotyping on Indonesian girls. I came from less privileged family. My mom was a civil servant earning only $30/mo - which made the only income source for our family-of-four after our dad passed away in 1991. But unlike most comments and writings about Indonesian girls in your blog, I work my *ss to become the person that I want to be. When I was 23, my 52 year-old expat boss proposed me and offered his company as an incentive to the proposal. It offended me. I refused and I lost my respect over him totally. So here I affirm that poverty is not an excuse to trade a woman's soul and dignity, nor a way to stereotype them.

    Now I've hold a master's degree from the US (funded by a very competitive scholarship), traveled to some countries through exchange programs/conferences, have a decent career in leading international organization, love everything that I do through my works, earn good income, support my family, and enjoy my life. So my Indonesian girlfriends: we are born Indonesians, and we might grow up poor, but we CAN earn our lives, dignity, and true love as long as we can respect ourselves first!

  28. Yes, what you said is true, but only from the perspective of a party-going bule. You see girls on the street and you meet girls in pubs - that's the profile you would encounter.

    But that's really hardly a good cross section of Indonesian women. I've been married to an Indonesian girl for a long time and last 1.5 years we've been living here. I've got to meet many of her friends and there are as many different personalities as there are people. What does strike me, however, is one thing. Most of her friends who got married for money / security (married to Indonesian men naturally) have got pretty unhappy marriages - they are people like any other on this planet, it's just that their culture requires them to maintain the image of 'good wives' and to keep soldiering on regardless of the spousal problems. Still, one thing's for sure - they are nothing like the party girls depicted in the article. :)


  29. Hi everybody,

    Once again, this article is not serious, it is just to show pictures of Indonesian girls I found pretty. This is not an ethnic study of Indonesian girls, this is not about all Indonesian girls. I know each of them is unique, I'm just trying to entertain myself and the readers.

    Please look at the rest of the blog, there are 500 articles much more interesting if you want serious information about Jakarta.



  30. As a few people have already said, this article makes sense only if you live the exact same life as the author. If you actually have better things to do than party all the time, and enjoy forming real and lasting relationships with people based on their personalities, then this article will not make sense to you.

  31. hey thibaud, love your site mate, avid fans from les pays-bas. keep posting.

    @ asri; "the chic version of the NGO look". girl, thats a classic line, haha love it! you should put it on a shirt

  32. Guys love party Indonesian girl!!

  33. hah! so simple to categorized us. im not one of them. looks the author like to party all night long so he met all of those. poor you.

  34. that's what she said

  35. a very interesting article... almost everything mentioned here are true...

  36. Hi Thibaud,

    As you say this is not a serious article, so I don't think it is also a serious thing to change the title as it is very misleading to generalize like that. I wish you have more respect for the people where you live now. I challenge you to find a more suitable title for this article.

    I used to live/studied in Europe and I dated European men there. Western/European men act really differently here, and it's a pity thing that relates to their integrity.

    In Europe it's more common for average women to go to bars/club after work, cos they can afford the lifestyle. But here a type of girls put their money to look hot and go to bars, where average women put their money for their family or hobbies.

    I wish to tell the expat men, you are not the hunter, you are the victim. Ask yourself if you really having a good time or wasting your time.

  37. Hey Thibaud,

    What you should do is publish an article "What Do French People Look Like?"



  38. Hi,

    I feel sorry for you. its clearly that you have known nothing about Indonesian woman, or woman in general. Your knowledge are very poor and you are proud of yourself to write about Indonesian woman?. Doesn't matter if this write is just a "write" to share information with your pals, but yo have insulted our dignity and pride as Indonesian woman. Do yo ever think of that ?
    You have no right at all whatsoever in your writing to categorized Indonesian woman like that, or any woman from other country.

    Every where you go,at any country, at the bars, you will always seen the local woman with foreigners, yes some of them are prostitute, some are not, most of them are colleagues, business partner, happens to be foreigners, but believe me being a prostitute is the last thing woman ever want to do,to support their family, that is also part of the mistake of the society, the government,etc .
    What is wrong if Indonesian woman want to party hard after 12 long hours working their bud off at the office working for the end month closing financial statement ? Why man can do that and woman can not do that ?

    So, to make it short, I think you better withdraw your writing and apologize to all Indonesian woman. Write something that educated your reader, in a positive way and not to insult anyone , any gender. Think first before action, that's what a gentlemen do.


  39. Hang on a sec, so the blogger(s) is from France? And s/he claims in another post that men don't cheat in France? HAHAHAHA...that right there stops me from being offended by this blog. Speaking of freedom of speech, what a BIG FAT DUMB LIAR you are!!! Having a mistress and blatantly cheat on spouse IS a common practice in France, non?

    Go ahead and continue to 'think' you are superior just because you are white. You get to think that way cause you only hang out with these losers anyway. Your companion is a reflection of who you are. Not all Indonesian girls love white skins, or adore your freckled and rough skin. I love my man just like I like my coffee, black with a little bit of sugar. I'm nothing like those girls you describe. First of all, I'm a woman, NOT a girl. I may be petite, but I have a brain bigger than yours apparently. I have lived and studied for years in Europe, and I find many white men are so offensively stinky. Yup...maybe I shoud start a blog generalizing white men eh Frenchie? On second thought, I'll leave mindless writing to you.

  40. Other than being a serial cheater, stinky like a is another all are a bunch of whinnies! Moan, complain, all the fricking time! Write that!

  41. *roll eyes*

    interesting article !

    I am man, and I settle in Indonesia for 4 years....

    U are good at generalitation ,

    but some ppl take it and read it as Newspaper hot issue. XD haha

    They take it too seriouslly :V

  42. dear whoever wrote this article, way to go! been laughing my ass of reading all the comments.
    i have to share a story here to back up my point of view. i dated an expat a few months ago. after a few dates, i decided to at least pay for dinner at that night. the guy was surprised, he said i'm the first indonesian girl ever who actually paid the dinner, even though he made me promise that this is the first and the last, he said, i quoted directly "some indo girls refuse to pay even little bills like tips or cabs or such. it's like i'm paying them to hang out with me" OUCH.

    all i'm trying to say is if you don't want to end up with a gold digger, don't look for girls at club or bars, go to coffee shops or book stores. that if you are looking for a good time with a girl and not having to feel like they rob all your money. if you feel like you have enough money and are willing to spend them on girls, you can spot a lot of gold digger girls easily.


  43. Going for my first trip to JKT in the coming week,though this is not my first trip to Indonesia.
    Very informative article to me and I don't find it offensive in any way.
    No interest for clubs or bars or one night stand but very keen for a mistress in I believe Indonesian partner should be better.Am I wrong to have a mistress in JKT if I have a good reason to myself?Will mistress be look down upon?

  44. SPGs are a whole different league from PR people who are more about media relation as well as involved much managerial skill and all.

  45. Indonesia girl is cutiest in the universe...

    1. and don't forget they also the cheapest, ugliest, stupidest in the world. Please, accept this fact. I'm so sorry for that.

  46. Geesh will you girls lighten up? And give the man a break!
    This article serves as an excellent primer for newbies...
    Notice in the URL is so if you're looking for a PhD dissertation on "an Anthropological Study on Why Indonesian Women are HOT" you are in the wrong place.

    These assessments are from personal experience, if you are NOT a "white guy" being hit on, how can anyone criticise his experience of Indonesian women? ALOT of Indonesian women can see the benefit of being treated like equals which I can't say is what the Quran teaches (it's okay to beat your wife just look up "Disciplining your wife in Islam"). Under Sharia, men have the right to take the children too.

  47. I like when you wrote "I would say that on average Indonesian girls have a darker skin, larger eyes, thicker eyebrows, a small nose and a fantastic smile." we are like that :D

    But not all Indonesian girls are gold digger, me, my sisters and friends are totally an attractive educated women, we love to go to the bars and clubs and wear a sexy fancy dress, but deff we are not a sluts and gold digger :)

    I never allow foreigner pay my bills for sure.

  48. indonesian people have their "eastern culture" about "being good girl/woman" (as never cheating, smoking, sex before married, drinking alchohol, etc..) eventough nowadays many girls do not concern about the eastern culture anymore, but maybe around 50-60% of population still stick to the rules.
    they (indonesian women) have their own pride for being good woman , so if u write these articles, may be they will got offended or not agree with ur articles.
    indonesian not as liberal as western, so.. better be careful when u claim or writing sumthin.
    or u can adding "indonesian grils guide for night life"? or adding others ordinary girls type :)


  49. The middle class woman doesn't go to the club very often, they have a rich father n mother n will never allow them to live in the "jungle". Party girl obviously coming from the "lower class in the society" who fortunately have a good looking face n sexy body. You (the writer) must check who s been called "middle class woman" or she look like "a middle class" because for some reason she can buy the things like a middle class. You can see the difference between the real "middle class" and "the fake middle class" when you talking about their family.. then you will find out who she is. im indonesian woman can recognize easily whether she came from the "middle class society" or "lower class" (we called it from a real village but the destiny says different.. in a few days she became a posh lady - read: culture shock). My husband also expatriate n live here for about 18 years, and he knows precisely which "a middle class woman" by the way she talks. I think the writer should make a good research to write about indonesian woman. What you write above is only in a NIGHT LIVE STYLE.. NOT ABOUT THE REAL LIFE. If you feel been cheated because you pick up the wrong woman at the wrong place. Sorry to say..but its true.

  50. You seem to forget to add to this article that despite of these types, Indonesian girls NEVER or at least rarely whine all the time like Bule women/girls do. Just like on the Survivor or Fear Factor show, the Bule women would cry to death just seeing a worm and all or just to eat liver n stuffs, or from many articles/blogs I read, Bule bitches err.. i mean women (or even men) would whine if they get a tiny apartment/house here in Jakarta, as if it was the biggest problem in the world n they lived in hell Hahahhahaa

  51. Are you living in Indonesia now? You can get a problem because of this topic.

    If you know Indonesia better then you should know how the Internet laws work in Indonesia. Don't forget that Indonesian people (men or women) are easily offended and when they feel offended they would sue you.

    Be very careful with what you write man - especially talking about something that you just know for some years?

  52. do you know what i think about french guys?

    they're boring. with dead-like pale skin, pinokio nose, speak VERY TERRIBLE english (please..learn basic words and pronunciation before talking). they dress up a lot so we can't tell whether he is straight or gay. and the hair...oh my god, they have the ugliest thin hair.

    but then again, it's a personal opinion. who would guarantee what i say is objectively true?

  53. @Everybody,

    As the author stated, this article is not meant seriously, i think it's good also to appreciate his thought & experience. People can have their opinion, why should we got offended ? Let it flow.

    Also we indonesian are also known for the kind heart & forgiveness.


  54. Be careful to the one who wrote "ALOT of Indonesian women can see the benefit of being treated like equals which I can't say is what the Quran teaches (it's okay to beat your wife just look up "Disciplining your wife in Islam"). Under Sharia, men have the right to take the children too"
    you are definitely do not know anything about Islam. We Moslem treat our Women with far more respect than you know. Women are 3 times more important than Men in Islam. Be careful now do not say things that you only have little knowledge about.

  55. I think Indonesian women are the most beautiful people in Asia. Well, in Jakarta. The upper class clubbing girl and fashionistas/socialites pictures that you post are not as beautiful as the girls in Jakarta. In the South at least. In the North you'd probably find more Oriental looking girl, but people think they're not as cool as the one in the South. We have the best nightlife. The partygirls, SPGs, and bargirls are whores (not literally but they are easy if you're not from this country), and usually come from the lower class. So if you're looking for a one-night-stand it shouldn't be too hard to get them to bed.

    My point is we (the upperclass clubbing girl) are more beautiful than your pictures XD

    P.S. not all middle class/upper class go to the club but most of them smoke. It's funny how most people drink, and not smoke in the US. But it's kind of the opposite here in Indonesia. Most people smoke, but don't drink.

  56. haha I cant believe so many people being so defensive here :D..

    Of course the author is far from perfect..

    But, to quote some outrageous comments from the reader: "no upper class girls goin clubbin"-- this shows that reader never go to club (or only go to lower level clubs)

    It's exactly the opposite

    MANY of Indonesian girls ESPECIALLY high society, and upper class goin to club

    the opposite for mid class/lower class... they rarely go to clubs because of the expense-factor (except the working girls) :D

  57. :D Another OUTRAGEOUS comment
    "" The upper class clubbing girl and fashionistas/socialites pictures that you post are not as beautiful as the girls in Jakarta. In the South at least. In the North you'd probably find more Oriental looking girl, but people think they're not as cool as the one in the South""

    Can tell this reader profile as follows: Mid-class (since she can use internet), doesnt have an active nightlife at all, only hangout in south jakarta, never go to top-of-the-line clubs in jakarta, and lastly sorry to say kinda r#cist? :D

  58. Well, first of all we have to thank the author of this blog to keep all those comments posted here we all could see the opinion of Indonesian people.

    I think that we do all agree that this article is a generalisation and a too easy fast track to describe a whole nation, thing which is impossible. the first mistake he did is in the title, he should say my experiences in Indonesia, or even being more specific My experiences in Jakarta and Bali. I was there a couple of months ago and coming back I read this article, the only point i agreed on is about the difference between people from Jakarta and Bali, and its not an offence to anyone saying that is true, its also the same in all the countires like Madrid and Barcelona, Paris and Marseille, Rio and Brasilia or even Dubai and Abu dhabi.

    Talking about prostitution, well, as they said its the oldest job in the world and like every where else in the world, Jakarta and Bali have a their part also, its also true that in Jakarta and Bali the numbers of mixed couple (local + bule) is more important than any other place, i am talking about real couple and not about the one night stand, i have been there only once and my short experience doesn't allow to share my ideas here, i am going back soon and i will try to understand this amazing Indonesian civilisation because its really unique what is happening here and it deserve more time

    The other point that most of the people have highlighted was the expression ",,,middle class girls ..." its definitely politically incorrect.

    I am Muslim and i was impressed by the way Indonesian people live their religion, i was in Jakarta the night before the Eid celebration and it was impressive, in every corner a mosque with people praying all the night, looking from the balcony it was like all the city was praying at the same time, Indonesian people have all my respect for that and we should learn a lot from them.

    that's it for me

  59. I am Indonesian of Chinese origin. I just like to make a comment, Indonesian women and Filipino women are god's gift to mankind. They are wonderful once tried never go back, javanese in particular.

  60. im an expat in indo too...
    after reading all the comments here, i just realize that there is a lot of hatred between the locals and the expats...
    but let me tell u...all the comments here are not true...but most are ...
    the reason y most foreigners judge indonesians is coz of the rate of hypocricy...
    it is true that many foreigners date the cheaper girls...
    but its also coz many of these girls are willing to do anything believing this guy is gona marry them and take them

    at the same time, many indo girls live way above their standard...just for socializing...

    like...they wana have a cup of coffee at starbucks which costs like 50 or 60 thousand rupiahs...and after that finally go home in public transport...
    if u offer them a drink at a bar, they choose the most expensive one...which they wud not do if they had to pay for it...
    they also conveniently invite all their friends for a drink, when the bill is gona be paid by the new bule who they just met...

    lastly, pls note...most indo women i met...always speak bad about indonesian men..
    so,,,all the problems start from the local girls actually...

    ( btw, i dont categorize every1, but this is the impression what people get...

  61. It seems that someone got badly screwed up when he arrived in jakarta ,,,

    Come on dude, in any other place in the world, when you invite a girl in a bar for a drink she rarely goes for the apple juice ,,,,,

  62. well, she wud if she had to pay for
    and for fuck's sake...she was not invited also...
    she invited herself and her friends conveniently...
    its different outside, we usually go for a drink after a hard day at work...without many maneaters around
    i can talk like this, coz im not one of those sick old foreigners who r losers in their own place, yet can get a bang in jkt...

    coz the girls make it that way...

  63. in short...
    indonesia is caught between the EAST and the WEST...

    u know wat? in the west, people dont give a shit about each other, coz they do everything openly...
    they dont act like angels...and bring the name of religion into everything...

  64. one Question : why mostly Bule having gf or wife ugly indonesian....

  65. I agree... hypocrities and east meeting west, creating the 'new' indonesian surrounded westerners.. I don't know if it's apply also toward other expats from other country such as from Japan or India.

    As an indo woman (whose quite a feminist :)),simple rules really with man: woman, power and money; which I could see power and money also to get woman. Most of older men imagining having sex with much younger women, some are go and get them.
    So, there's demand and supply rules.
    You want a woman or many women, you get her/them. Don't cry such a baby when she/they treated you not the way YOU WANTED and saying that you have heart, etc... Are you really?

    I don't hate man (I have a very nice good looking bf)... just be a good bf you will get a nice gf.

  66. Hey, writer!

    I love this article!
    Sure this is only the general picture of how Indonesian girls look like, and to be honest it is much annoying when people become so sensitive about it. How on earth do they think that you're being offensive and all?
    That's silly because you mentioned "most of Indonesian girls" instead of "all of them" - so why bother?
    I am a Eurasian and have spent a lot of time growing up in Indonesia, and I am totally agree with you :D

    Well, keep on writing! :)

  67. we were talking about bar girl, everyone know how bitchy they are.. don't have to be so sensitive..

  68. Is this really the way how expats see Indonesian girls?? Those are representing Indonesian girls in Jakarta, and maybe Bali - just like you mentioned. Girls in Jakarta are different, compared to other town in this country. In fact, every town has its own type of girls. And they have different kinds of beauty image also (for example: girls in Sumatra are physically different than girls in Java). You guys have to travel this country more often!

  69. hey there the writer of this blog, I saw that you've given some nice comments about, sorry, not Indonesian, but girls from Jakarta and Bali and I thank you for that :) Though, I have to say that some of the things you said here are very, very flame-worthy, lol.

    I'm an Indonesian girl, 23 yo, kind of unemployed (lol) and like L, I love comic books, mangas and good books, I love old Indonesian literature and history. I love photography, fine art, especially sculptures. I also watch football (not the stupid American ones) and I love games especially survival horror like silent hill or FPS like CS and COD. I love to dress up and put on make up, in fact this has become one reason why I look forward to going clubbing. I am barefaced during the day because of the heat but I love make up so I love times when I can spend hours perfecting my eyeshadow. I smoke kretek and menthol, I love wearing sexy clothes and go clubbing, and I choose clubs over bars because I love dancing, from ballet to traditional Sumateran dance. I'd like to think that I'm pretty well educated (I graduated with an honours degree) though a little lazy, I love traveling, I love hiking and getting lost for days in some jungle only to find myself running out of food and realized that I'm screwed, I write children book as a side job (to accommodate my smoking and clubbing habit...).

    No I don't fit any of the categories you have just written above, even though we have probably met in the clubs or bars, many, many times over. I do talk to expats, and I love making foreign friends (foreign, I said, not WHITE) because I love to hear other people's stories. And yes I like talking to guys more, particularly if they're my type, more than to girls, simply because I'm not gay (don't be a hypocrite, if there's someone cute you'd rather talk to them than talking to someone who's not your sexual preference). A lot of times some bule have been mistaking me for someone who they could chat up and bring back home for a one-nighter. I DONT do those kinds of things, and I've seen some guys walking away from me muttering "uptight whore" (yeah sure oxymoron but that's their logic apparently).

    Let me tell you this: girls like L and myself are NOT uncommon in Indonesia. A lot, and I mean A LOT of girls are like me or L. They love to read, they love comic books, they love adventure and no, they are NOT fascinated by your skin colour. If there are guys who goes "Wow you're so different from those girls..." it only means that you don't know where to look... One more thing, hether you're foreigners or locals, you're fun enough, we will be your friends, and if you're worthy, we will be your girlfirends.

    So I thank you for saying a lot of good things in your writing, but really, can you summarise people? It's a reckless thing, I'd say, because even those working girls and those ayams probably have something unique if you ever know them a little better, but I am still flattered by some of the remarks you wrote here, so cheers to that. I enjoyed your blog greatly, so good luck and keep partying!!


  70. Guys and especially the new visitors to the J city, don't be that cheap going to bordellos or grabing chicken from immigrant or Cj's.
    Girls in Indonesia are amazing and I do totally agree with KS and with all my respect Bali and especially Jakarta are full of wonderful women who can be a real partners in life, wish you to be as lucky as i am....

  71. I never beent to Indonesia,
    I live in Washington, but I been to Asia - Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. For me it was interesting to read this post because it gave me some idea about Indonesia. Of course I understand that this description is a much simplified version of real Indonesia, but it's ok. The description is still good enough to stir my interest to go there and get to know this country.

    By the way, the description of foreigners was also simplified, it is said the majority like relationships w prostitutes. I m not offended, but it's not true. It's just many expats who live overseas had bad marriages with western women (who came from "decent class") so they want a relationship without much obligations for which ladies of the night fit quite well. However this does not mean that all westerners are the same. I have no interest in relationship with prostitutes, although i use their servises once in a while, after my divorce.

    I plan to come to Indonesia next year to explore some business opportunities and i would like to meet a decent girl for a serious relationship. Anyone who has good knowledge of jakarta and provinces and willing to share some information on culture, lifestyle, good hotels, bars and restaurants or anything else is welcome to email me.

  72. in Jakarta the locals want to come over as modern, means like smoking, tattoo, black berry. only few know this was cool a decade ago. same like the fact where bule goes it's cool. but buying things does not make you modern . JKT has skyscrapers and huge clubs but the mindset of the people is still kind of backward. So don't be fooled by the way they dress or upload their pictures on face book. if they are so modern they would understand(mostly does not work in Asia) a very subtle humor which the French do share in the West called sarcasm..:)

  73. hmm I got mixed feelings too reading this post.

    I am a 100% Indonesian (quite good looking) man,with light brown "colored" skin, worked out body and in a good shape, 182 cm height, know fashion, non-smoker,etc. In short : people call me very attractive.

    I live for some years in Europe now (got my degree in medicine here, now working as a doctor ;)), I have €€€€€€€€€ and I don't mind spending millions of Rupiahs for one night partying.

    To be honest, I love Jakarta's nightlife more than in any European countries, most of the clubs in JKT are marketed more to upper class society without being formal. I sometimes flew over the weekend to Spain, Italy, France or UK for special occasions or executive clubbing, but I just found it too formal - not really my taste.

    Well, I think we should differ "easy type" from "cheap type" of girls. I must admit, there are many "easy to get" girls in JKT, yet (attention!) not all of them are "cheap". I mean they're not money oriented at all, 100% looking for fun.

    One reader commented that the Indo girls speak a lot of bad things about Indo men - funny! I always experience the opposite. Maybe that reader was talking to "cheap type" of girls, who were just trying to get some "victims" NOT fun.

    I often experienced (=saw) most Bules treated ALL of the girls in the club as if they're all prostitutes. They tell the girls "I buy you some drinks" while trying to have some physical contact or very obviously giving the impression "let's f*** NOW!" or whatsoever. Oh man! They really don't know how to treat a woman/girl with respect - seriously.
    Once I was in the club in JKT, an angle (she's a perfection of human being) randomly grabbed my hand suddenly and told a Bule (who was trying to tease her) that I was her boyfriend - I was kinda like "hmm.. okay, lucky me". I told him to stay away and he went and gave me "fine, you win!" look. LOL
    She later explained everything to me, that she became hating foreign men because they are so disrespectful, keep treating her "equal" like prostitutes, which she is not. And it was not the first time it happened to her. I feel sorry for her.

    I never showed any sexual intention to her but the chemistry between us went up and we ended up spending the night together at one of JKT's most luxurious hotel and we had so much fun. I was shocked that she refused all the bill (about 1000$) when check-out. I then promised her for Bali trip to "repay" it, she agreed and we went to Amankila for 6 nights, all at my expense. Friends with benefits? Perhaps ;).

    She's an "easy type" (which I like), but not "cheap" at all. She loves to be respected as a normal woman, because in fact she's not a prostitute. She really needs some fun, not victims. And she knows exactly what she's doing.

    One other point : it is NORMAL for men in Indonesia paying all the bills. We as Indonesian men do it as a pride, and it's NORMAL. I was even shocked I first came to Europe that I had to split the bills and the girls refused my kind offer to pay it all. DO NOT ever misunderstand that you "deserve more" after paying the bills here in Indonesia. The culture is different there.

    The last thing : as long as you show your respect, you'll be respected too. That's the rule, globally! I am an open-minded person and I know for sure that the writer has no intention at all to disrespect any single Indonesian woman out there, but it's important to know that it's not appropriate classifying them like this and make it public as I am an Indonesian and know the local culture there. I assume the writer also lives there, so s/he has to just accept and follow the local rules there. Just like me, here I have to show my integrity by accepting "new rules/cultures".


  74. Oh yeah forgot to mention. For me (and most fellow Indonesians perhaps) having fun doesn't always relate with sex. I could chat with some Indo girls in the club for hours! About what? Who knows. Just join their circle pretending "you're lost" and enjoy the friendly atmosphere! Indo girls are amazing!


  75. you're a buleh gils

  76. 2 thumbs up for "q" post hehe

  77. I want to ask the people here: Where do you think in ----ASIA----- has the best nightlife?

    I heard for overall fun it's Jakarta/bangkok. For most affordable it's bangkok/manilla. For the most stunning girls in seoul :p... Let me know your comments guys :D

  78. Here is my top ranking :

    1 - Jakarta for being Jakarta
    2 - Singapore for the most beautiful girls i have ever seen
    3 - Bang Bang Bangkok ...

    i have been also to KL, Phuket, Bali,,, but the nighlife there is nothing comparing to my top 3,

  79. @Raja Ampat : fyi, I am a frequent clubbing traveler and been to several clubs in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia even to the exclusive ones. I don't mind paying 100$ for a drink and I sometimes spend ten of thousands for nightlife. I just love it!

    In most European countries, there are just 2 type of clubs : super-fancy one where you can spend $$$$$/night and I know not everyone can afford it - super exclusive (which I like). Or the other are just "normal" ones (very popular among students), which I find BLEH! The toilets are dirty, stinky in every corner, the music sometimes sucks, etc. And the people smell like sh** - seriously!

    In Asia it is different. It is more marketed to the upper class society (I know you can find the "filthy" ones too) BUT you can get almost the same atmosphere, equally great time, equally clean and comfy like the "super fancy" ones in the West for the fraction of the expenses. The VOM is fantastic there! Although alcohols are normally more expensive than in the West, but when it comes to exclusive places, they put the price higher here in Europe. I don't drink much beer, but take it as an example. In fancy club in Ibiza it can cost you about 10-40$/bottle (depending on the event going on) and in JKT for about 5-10$.

    I have been to Tokyo, Seoul, Ibiza, Paris, Milan, Hamburg, London, Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, KL, Jakarta, etc. But Jakarta ends up being my favorite. Great value and wonderful people!


  80. @Q : I didnt realised that we were in the , Dude, no one gives a shit about how much you can pay for a drink and if you need to tell everyone about that so go to a bar and try to impress the ones who can believe you ,,,

  81. @Q... thanks for the insights. Mostly I agree w u. But drinks @ the most expensive club in jakarta cost u at least $10 per glass... I've been to top club in US they charged $10-$15 per drink.. So it's not much difference cost-wise :)

  82. Interesting!!!!.You have done something highly difficult in Indonesia: SOCIAL DEBATE!!!!! Any mature traveler like myself (34) love tips when going abroad. Your description is accurate but incomplete: Jakarta it is a MUST party city: sex, pleasure, last and carpe diem are part of religion. Jakarta i the most well known kept city for party involving easy girls these days. I lived 4 years in Jakarta and I left to Tokyo. It is true -as one girl wrote- that bule can not afford a high-class Indonesian cute woman ANYMORE. Chinese local guys are marrying stunning, sexy, tall Javanese girls. So, guys let's face it China is taking over us!!!!!. However, many of these very rich girls changed habits when they've secured their income and the next generation: Then they go to SG and meet their bule lovers mostly with a latino touch taking classes of Tango or Salsa, painting with "foreign teachers" everything paid by their husband who spend time with their several mistress that are in turn fucked by their bule lovers again. So, i would call this a virtuous circle. Besides, Indo gals are not doing anything different than eastern europeans girls are doing with ugly American guys.
    Probably your only mistake was to create a categorization which is TRUE but incomplete.
    When foreigners criticize this clubbing appetite for low income girls for middle average income looking boys progressive women react dramatically harsh because they do not understand context, they are immature, they spend to much time in facebook and few hours having sex or they react very irrationally due its young society is very insecure about a nation that is in a very early stage. Thus, progressive women, many of them who have written in this blog tell you things they hardly will explain in public. You see Indonesian of all kinds have a different sense of proud than the Japanese and the Koreans.The Japanese are very self-aware about its past, present and future the Indonesian only know they need to protect themselves from overseas due the trauma of the post colonial times. Thus they smile to us but deep inside they have a sense of admiration and hate about everything that comes from overseas. You can criticize politicians, corruption, etc but not its spoiled complacent society. Your involuntary goal turned to be something wonderful. Your audience -male- looking for tips changed to progressive female who do NOT have any social space to talk about these issues since there's no room to discuss about the discrimination, abused, bullying women suffer from local men. Indonesian men are very jealous and insecure and this might explain why some Indonesian gals would have less stress with bules. It is true that we men look any chance to date easy women in bars in Jakarta as we do as well in London, Sao Paulo, or Bangkok. However, I have not experienced the same attitude towards these kind of blogs in Brazil or London where women are also easy, stunning and ready for sex and party!!!!!!!!. The different is that the Brazilian and Brit girls understand context. In Indonesia everything goes fine if you tell the Indonesian that they are great, fantastic and do not criticize their family. At some point, you can be a exotic guest boyfriend with her youngest daughter however this will change if you do not offer a more stable relationship with her especially if she is Muslim. Thus, when you touch the root of its social problem girls will stop immediately smiling and will fight back behind a computer aggressively proving themselves they can defend from bule males.
    Finally, look forward to see your next edition. Please make sure you also include places where older nasty good-looking Chinese mature girls pick up younger men in Jakarta these days. I had sex with an older sexy and smart TV presenter from Indonesia that offered me a great night of pleasure a year ago in Kemang. I need more research on that: where they meet up now, etc.

  83. Hi All,

    I am 28yo female 100% Indonesian and I like this topic. I had such certain face expressions when I read this topic and the comments. I do not know which categorize of girl in me, but I do respect the writer as he has successfully made all of us left these variation of comments.

    I also understand how several girls are refused to be treated the same as those prostitute, neither do I. But after all (i have dated bule and local) it depends on our self. Women tell Men how they want to be respected and treated. and understand that some prostitute have their own personal reason why they have to do what they do.

    and for the writer, I understand how you have such of experiences and this website is for sharing. unfortunately, you can't limit who read your blog. and to be honest, as female, I am sad to read several topics in the website which caused such insecure feeling for female who dates/ married expat. if you can make "sex & the city" topic private, that would be great.

    This is not about whos being hypocritical or the smartest or knowledgeable. but respect each other.

    Keep up the work for the writer. for females, It is such a fact that Indonesian females are smart and responsive. for Expats enjoy Jakarta!


  84. I like judgemental people, there is absolutely nothing to hide and I find your comments rather amusing. So well done and thanks!

    In fact, it was so amusing that I decided to make a few print off in RGB and I distributed it in bars/clubs in Indonesia.

    This way, I was hoping not only would it educate those poor Indonesian girls about what expats see in them, but also for them to see the reasons behind their photos taken by random Gwia-lo's, one of which was...just like you.

    Out of curiosity, were those innocent pretty faces aware of their photos being posted here? I bet not.

    Where are you off to next? I am also writing about catching a yellow fever in Beijing. Can I post your photo(s)?

  85. it's a good thing to know that apart from posting your own opinion about indo girls now you about to educate them.


  86. Good article. Reminds me of my trip to Jakarta 10 Yrs ago. I went to the dark side....Stadium at Hayam Muruk.

  87. I love the way you say "I would say that on average Indonesian girls have a darker skin, larger eyes, thicker eyebrows, a small nose and a fantastic smile."
    oh, that is me (for sure)! Thank's for the compliment :-)

    Actually, some of us would love to make deep relationship with foreigner, but we don't have a chance because OMG YOU WENT TO THE WRONG PLACE!!

    FYI, I, and MOST OF GOOD GIRLS here NEVER GO to those nightclubs :-p I guarantee you!

    Go to public place like universities or mall.
    Say hi, smile, and make friends with the local people.

    We never expect nightlife in Jakarta as a normal life.


    a virgin univ.student who spent 21 years in Indonesia (and accidentally visit this page, lol)

  88. Wow, I like this post and totally agree with the writer.

    I have met all typed of Indonesian girl as mentioned on the article (I'm also Indonesian girl), and most of my foreign friends also comment about Indonesian girls like that. It is a true fact. However, the important things are how to make our self looks good in the community and society and how to keep our basic principle in life. Hehe..

  89. Hi,
    Thanks for the interesting and easy to understand article. Gives a good survey of what a foreigner can expect. For me as a German most of the pictures are really exotic and I am getting more and mor gladful about my stay/internship there. :)


  90. Guys, seriously, don't get lost in the bars and booze. Indonesians really really like us in case you haven't noticed, even when we're drunk and boorish and foolish. You won't get that deal back home, I checked. You'll just be a drunken boorish fool. So congratulations on finding this place! Now get yourself out of the gutter, clean yourself up, and go find a girl who is ten times better than any girl you'll ever get back home. And if you're buried in girls and have lost the ability to tell one from the other, then just chase the ones that won't sleep with you. Good luck

  91. 1. Indonesians girls are cute, pretty and sexy
    2. Prostitution is a business. Men get sex women get the pay. This is win win situation/fair. no one to be blamed
    3. Smoking is not the benchmark clubbing girl. it a habit of unhealthy life
    4. Western men likes Indonesian girls or Indonesian girls likes western men is a human things.
    5. The most important is whatever we are, whatever we do, WE OWN THIS COUNTRY
    6. You may stay with respect or just leave if you don't like. the door is always open :-)

  92. nicely said from anonymous form June 22...

    I totally agree..

    I could tell a whole story about my opinion, as I see it from all different angles... I'm European born indonesian who moved to indonesia couple years ago and I can say, every country has their plusses and minuses... just respect others to get respect yourself.

  93. You should update your article, I think. The lesbian/bisex girls. They are more daring to show themselves these days.
    And you guys must be careful, who knows you already dated one of the femmes. Haha. This type of girl gave me a hint last night, even she has a handsome gf --'

    This is just my opinion. So, no need to be offended lah.

  94. Some great comments in here! And I love to see the Indonesian girls in here sticking up for themselves, or having a laugh!

    Indonesian girls are undoubtedly the nicest in Asia (yeah, I've checked, 16 years traveling at least 20 trips a year across SE Asia to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Japan (only twice in all that time!) and China. (oh yeah, Australia too, but that place is of no use to anyone of my age).

    Yeah, true, money talks, but that is the case anywhere in the world. Plenty of old fat guys in the west married to beautiful young girls, they just have to be VERY rich old guys.

    Prettiest girls in Asia, great smiles, confident and amazingly at ease with themselves, sex (and all bodily functions for that matter!)and at ease complicated relationships. (unless you are in one with them and get caught straying!).

    But you can give a girl a peck on the cheek for her birthday, then get told by the horrified crowd that she's a virgin, and NO-ONE has ever kissed her before! (Hey, you call THAT a kiss?!!)

    You cannot cover all the types by any means, because there are as many here as anywhere in the world, but a one of notables would be the romantically adventurous housewife/girlfriend married/attached to the rich guy who travels a lot (not necessarily bule, but hey, that sounds like someone I know, except I'm not rich!)

    Another is the upper middle class student/graduate girls, don't really care about bules, but pretty adventurous and plenty of male and female friends ... been out with friends in a few groups like this and these kids are remarkably relaxed with each other, discuss all sorts of topics including every aspect of sex without that slightly poisonous judgmental male/female divide I saw in Oz when I was a kid. In a word, mature.

    Great place, and are all great people, both male and female.


  95. Oh yeah...

    One more thing: Indonesian girls were MADE for jeans! the perfect body shape, right length for their legs ... nice legs, great bottoms... just lovely.

    China, too many girls with flat bums, and long bodies; Philippines, too many big bums, chubbly legs; Vietnam (not too bad, great susu, but not quite the perfect bottom shape) Japan, Korea, got some notables, but just not so perfect!

    (proviso: I'm talking a numbers game here, ANYWHERE you can find such perfection, just it is a lot more numerous in Indonesia!)

    From a grey, a bit wrinkly, very imperfect, buncut OldOz.

  96. hi -- I'm expat man 31 and like to have sex with expat woman

  97. they lie a lot! is lying become culture here?

  98. Oh wow. I think you've forgotten one category: us.

    We are usually in our late 20s or early 30s. We graduated from college/university, quite smart, have OK to well paying jobs.

    Our looks vary. Some of us are thin, some fat. Some well toned, some flabby. Some are pretty, some are not. Some are light-skinned, some darker. Long hair, medium, short, jet-black, dyed, straight, wavy etc. Some wear make up, some don't. Some have good taste in fashion, some could care less. We have different personalities as well. You know, like in any other country.

    We go to bars/clubs on the weekends, sometimes on work days straight after work, mostly with our group of friends. We try to look nice as we're bored as hell with the Mon-Fri office get up. Sometimes after we've had enough alcohol, we'd dance suggestively--"grinding" our "safe" straight male friends or--if we have any, our gay bffs.

    Some of us would probably allow a bule or two to try their best pick-up lines if they look decent enough. We don't take guys home thereafter, but if they give a good impression, they might get a number. JUST LIKE WE WOULD TREAT LOCALS or any other men.

    What I'm trying to say is: good observation, mate. your classification is at least 75 percent correct. But please don't forget that there are girls who don't fall into these categories you made :)
    include the "normal" girls as well so as not to give this piece of writing a condescending tone which might prompt all bule men to assume that every sexy looking girl in a club is doable ;)

    And remember that some of those girls you mentioned above can be categorized as having some sort of problems with their self-esteem. I suppose the same goes with the aging/bald/unattractive bule who receives ego inflation from said girls in exchange for money. But, hey, whatever, right?

    PS: I get that it's sometimes overwhelming when you "stand out" in a club full of half-drunk people, and girls are looking at you "with interest."
    I got that all the time when I was in NY, San Diego and LA. The same when in Paris and Madrid. Because I look different, and that's part of evolution I guess.
    As for the male bules, well, they make more money than most locals. factor-in poverty and discrimination and gender roles and the post-colonial mindset....there you go. And of course there are those girls with "white fever," but, it's all about preference, right? Everyone's got "a type"

    Lastly, my dear foreigners working in polluted, traffic-hell Jakarta, do what you gotta do here. Work, have fun, party, get chicks. Be nice, don't stereotype us too often.

    This article was quite entertaining but could be offensive. Choose your words carefully next time.


  99. I reckon it's a funny article but later found out that the comments are actually funnier. God,some people surely should loosen up shouldn't they? this was meant to be a fun site, not a bloody academic blog...

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  102. You missed out something :) Something BIG :) Indonesian girls from Batam, Nagoya :)

  103. HI! Enjoyed the article! Hey... i am not a frequent voyager and admit up front my english can be pretty bad,,,

    1 - liked your comments... my only experience with indonesians was one long-distance cyber relationship

    2 - may be i didnt take time to read all the good material in the Blog. will appreciate lots if you expand and elaborate in this line at the end of your post: "Avoid falling in love too quickly, before you've got a clear understanding of how the relationships work in Indonesia." (or point me to the right article..)

    Thanks in advance!

  104. Well, Indonesian girls are vary. By means, VARY. We're Indonesian have got to do a lot of effort just to know them all, and we've been doing it our entire live

  105. Just come across this blog, and the comments would make a nice new article since it's longer and far more interesting than the article lol. Cheers


  106. wow..this article lasted for more than two years..
    amaze by how an article about girls can attract so many comments..
    girls are still girls no matter where they are..all u need to learn is the traits in each place..i think that whats differ them from the other..

  107. i like ron better. i just like ron...mwahhh wherever you are ;)

    Ron's *wink wink*

  108. After more than twenty years traveling to indonesia I can say that a lot of what you write is true

  109. Wow! If you come to indo, you have to come to RAJA AMPAT too. Nice place, like bali! But, you can see Cendrawasih(the bird of Papua) at there. Owh, i'm forgot it :D, i'm fellin, and i'm javanesse girl, i'm 13 years old, my fav color is white and blue, my hobby writing stories (like Enid blyton). I never go to clubbing:D, i'm just go to school, study and playing(like a children), i love math! And i hate civic :/. I have a boyfriend, his name Travis Garcia, from LA, yeah! He love me(indonesian girl). Thanks for this article! I agree. Alright, i'm sorry if im wrong, my grammars is so bad. Correct me if my grammars wrong. Terima Kasih(thank you)

  110. Read this article and all of its comments from the beginning. Pretty interesting! I am an Indo girl n love to hangout with bule friends.moreover bule gila! (Crazy bule), back to college, at office, hangout places or even church, they are fun to get a long with. To all expats, enjoy Indonesia!! To some Indo girls who also commented here, dont be too serious, just take the bright side, some guys here think we are hot!! One even said that jeans are made for us (yeah, u r 100% right).

  111. i recently visited Jakarata..i found very beautiful girls & women over there...specially gilrs having very cute smile's...just falling for each and every girl i have been seen over you jakarata

  112. this is very funny...girls in america are worse than jakarta hahaha...u dont need to pay them to be your prostitute....anyhow wherever you are in this world there will always be good girls and bad girls and gold diggers in every country what else is new

  113. LOL.the writes seems came to the wrong place and meet the wrong people to describe..if you think only about JAKARTA and describe it as Indonesian women..oh make a big mistake dude..there are many many other places that you need to visit,and need to meet a lot more people and community then you can describe who we are (women)rather than telling and described us as a cheap gold digger a.k.a (bitch) and make us into your stupid types..think about it..this is about big community and I dont like the way you describe us on your stupid and shallow blog...we have dignity,manners,and pride..not as gold digger,or party lover who could be with you whole night..thank you..:)

  114. ahahahaha easy reading and funny to some points.

    I like it.

    And to those who wrote in comments, come on people.

    Bule is bule. Even when they went to an island without human being, just animals, they will still write piece of article like this. No surprise here. Bule will still categorizes each fuckable animal according to layers!

  115. what a spectacle! It feels like being in open debate just by reading the article.
    The writer clearly has funny way on surveying the fact for his article.
    I find this article not offensive at all yet it is also severely true.
    I am PR practitioner for well known company. I earn good salary for what i'm doing. I graduated from one uni in Australia. fortunately my study also brought me to my boyfriend (which is a BULE) who i have been dating for 2 years. we are in very serious relationship in fact we are getting married soon. When i came back to Indonesia with my bf for holiday; many girls in either shopping centers, clubs and others are giving me that nasty look like i just took their food! some of them are really obsessed with bule. i got an experienced when i was dancing with my bf in one of the club in jakarta, bunch girls just bummed me randomly and saying "you wont get a chance next time whore" i was so i never feel comfortable to have a date or just simply hang out with my boyfriend anywhere in Jakarta

    1. I had the same experince when i went to mall or club with my bf. they just need to get a life!!!


  116. I am Female, was born in Indonesia but raised overseas.
    Recently I had to travel to Jakarta for a biz trip.
    The reason I checked out this website is to find out places where I could have some drinks/chill.
    This trail of discussion is very interesting ;)

    My 0.2 cents: if I am a visitor/guest in a foreign country, I should respect my host.
    I wouldn't do anything offensive to the host nor behave in an unacceptable way/politically incorrect.
    I would stay out of trouble and wouldn't jeopardise my career. Unless you are someone who has nothing to lose ;)...

    Today we are in year 2012, not 1912, i.e. the French is no longer colonising Vietnam, and Indonesia is not under the authority of the Dutch.
    therefore if you are in Indonesia as a visitor, then the Indonesians are your host !

    To my local Indonesians Friends: don't take the article personally.
    Firstly everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. This is the 'internet' - the 'WorldWideWeb'- the 'cloud' where there is no limit.
    Secondly it's a gain to the writer (or whoever owns this website) to generate traffic to their website.
    The more comment we put, the better it is for their biz. The writer probably wrote something controversial on purpose.
    There is nothing like a 'bad publicity', it's all about biz.

    On the other hand, after checking out a couple of places and see how the local girls behave themselves......
    the description of Indonesian girls in the article seems justifiable...haha ;)
    they are so 'willing & inviting'.
    However I guess, it's the same case as in other SEA countries like in Thailand or the Philippines,..or even in China and Vietnam.
    The 'Bule' men seem to have a 'yellow fever' when they are in Asia.
    They like to try the local delicacies. and the locals like to try some foreign exotic food. The Demand and Supply meet here.

    Nevertheless the previous comments are all valid, it's not a representation. It's just a generalisation.
    I should perhaps check out more places... different club/bar would perhaps have a different crowd.
    I am yet to explore and analyse...

    anyone interested to join me (checking out places) my email is gen_XYZeditor @
    cheers !

  117. Congratulations to "Q" for being so handsome and rich.

  118. Met couple foreigners through a friend who loves socialising with them at Senayan Arcadia...
    Found it funny that most European men are very polite, respective and non judgemental, whilst the Americans are just sexist pricks who look down on asian girls....
    And who said bule pays for the expensive drinks? I paid for myself thank you...

  119. I like the info. Indeed indon girl can not respect themselves. Once they see bule, either low, middle n upper class they thought they will fulfill their fantasy as they have seen in tv. Hence, hi indon girl" respect yourselves before you expect they respect you.... U re so cheap...

  120. too many of you are taking this article seriously and personally. enough said.

    -a not so hot indonesian girl

  121. You forgot 'College Students' category, sub categories : Bitchy College Students and Normal College Students.

    Bitchy college students or "ayam kampus" are basically simply sexually liberal college girls, theyre usually hang around as a group so it makes them easy to spot on besides their heavy makeups and tight clothes (usually the buttock and breast area). "Friends" in their gang can make out with them, possibilities arent closed to other "friends" outside their gang either.

    "Normal" college students girls are ordinary girls who dont care too much about looks, light make ups, comfy and simple clothes- boring kind of clothes sold in less edgy stores like Matahari, Zara, Debenhams. Sometimes they hang around together in group that's not conspicuous. They dont talk about sex, and a male friend hitting on other female friend for sex is IMPOSSIBLE to happen.

    There are certain universities with "ayam kampus" as major population, usually expensive private uni with so-so academic rating. Public uni with good academic like UI and IPB are guaranteed at least 80% ayam-kampus free.

  122. I've yet to finish reading the comments. Will save it for later, very interesting and trust me I laugh out loud in the mid of d nite as i read thru. I'm Indonesian woman and recently retire myself from working for various world class multinational companies. I've never been educated abroad nor that I married foreigner.I traveled moderately mainly for business.

    I came from family of politicians, bankers, medical practitioners (specialists), civil servants, high ranking military.I was raise to be independent, so there I work my butt up and able to afford a lifestyle I want to.

    I've had casual date with Caucasians in the past. Must admit Caucasians were more romantic and fairly good speaker/listener. But none of them able to take me to bed. why? coz I always paid the dinners, the drinks. Didn't matter if it cost me millions, coz I didn't want to sell myself short. when they invited me to "have more fun" (bed), I declined & they backed off coz they knew who's the boss that nite.

    While having dinners or drinks I meticulously evaluate, measure their intellectual and intelligence. Surprised with what I found NONE of them were smart enough to amaze me. Even at works, I found NONE of the caucasian bosses eligible to be called smart!

    In the past I always thought western world filled with highly intelligent and very well educated people, it's d result of 350 yrs dutch colonialist sitting in Indonesia brainwash. But... wow wow and wow I found completely opposite.

    I found only 2 real smart Caucasians in my life.One was one of my boss the other one is a friend in the US, a famous author and tutor in trading world.

    Now, reading the article and comments from Caucasians here, another jaw dropping finding, you guys really shallow. I mean plain shallow have no substance and less knowledgeable.

    Anyways.. just stating what I observe and what I experience about Caucasians.

  123. I should tell that I am a little bit surprised knowing the fact that I, one of the Indonesian girl itself, don't know much about those girls at the bar or party girls. It's amazing for me that you genuinely know, haha. But well, I feel that I am not included in those categories, even for the middle-class girls since I don't live in Jakarta... maybe I am the students category, you should include the others, since there are still so many unique categories! :)

  124. After reading this article I would like to visit Indonasia after making several trips to pattaya it gets abit boring going there everytime. but atleast i get to polish my rod as they say. Id be intrested to know the best places to stay where good action is something like 50-80 usd/night accomodation that you can bring back a companion if you get lucky. Also where can I find the really nice girls the ones that are wife material since im born again single. im in my early 40's Arab

  125. oh well okay.. there are still lot of indonesian ladies that you don't know yet...
    don't just posting some of sexy ladies picture in your article.

  126. load of crap, yet more rubbish

  127. off Course, the VERY HIGH QUALITY WOMAN of INDONESIA never Meet JERK
    Danke Schon,

  128. Interesting statement about Indonesia girls. How long have you been living in Indonesia, if I may ask?

  129. just wondering, does describing yourself in a very long paragraphs, on the comment section approved to be selling out or showing off?
    i can understand those women who want to clear things up, but you don't have to make a biography, i meaaaaaan...

    we are all suffering from post-colonialism where caucasian people (or anyone who carries the blood) are prefer to be better than indonesians. that is why often people think that Bules are fascinating and etc. that if you have a Bule partner then you're the hottest chick in the world, no, that's not it.
    the problem is within the people's mind, it's just a matter of opinion.

    sincerely, uncategorized indonesian female

  130. just wondering, why so many woman become pissed off, I am Indonesian woman, but about this article, its great and entertain.i like it, simple words and informative. i try to read this article 3 times, and nothing wrong. you should take this article from different point of view. Thinking that you are somebody from somewhere out there, and you arrive in the middle nowhere with the new people which is deffrent (off course you cant find origin Indonesian woman with the blonde hair) ?? then you read this article.. for me its would be helpful,

    anyway.. this blog very help me to do my job :) Thanks for the writer!!


  131. Hey guys! I'm 26,decent looking and interesting in traveling to Indonesia. I make a great living...I could easily bring and spend $12,000-$15,000 for the month(not to brag but just give an example). So I'm not broke and I'm comfortable spending.

    I want to get laid pretty much everyday when I'm in Indonesia if not every hour ;) I'm ok messing around with the massage parlors and hookers now and then but I would prefer not to pay for sex on the regular. What are my chances of meeting girls there and getting laid everyday without having to pay. I understand dinner and gifts here and there are ok but I just don't want a prostitute.

    If anyone can answer my question I would appreciate it :)

  132. I haven't finished read above comments but, I'd like to have clear explanation, why bule prefer "exotic" Indonesian lady? Don't you ever be informed by your fellows that almost 90% bule's girlfriend of wife are the UGLY Indonesian women type. UGLY yes UGLY. And Sorry to sounds rude, but this is true. Dark skin, short, long black (unhealthy) hair, too small nose, Guys! That is not exotic, that is ugly. Don't you realize that most of beautiful Indonesian ladies try hard to hold their laugh when they met bule-indonesia couples anywhere? Because they think that bule are just so stupid in choosing their partner. And Indonesian men are thankful to you bule, you don't choose the beautiful one. lol.

  133. oh gee, man, i smoke menthol cigs but i dont go to a nerdy girl who spent 12hrs a day working in front of my PC with buttload of coffee.oh, i dont wear miniskirts, i dont have long black hair as well.
    do your research. putting Indonesian girls into rough categories like this is kinda demeaning, IMO.

  134. This article about girls, but it seems the author is not an expert to judge the girls, he just judging from the skin around the outside only, no assessment of the whole personality, tastes, beliefs, their assessment of the man and so on. This is only a very low valuation and rude even make wrong judgments about the girls as a whole, though not a serious article but this is embarrassing and degrading the author's own

  135. trust me, a lot of indonesian girls are still innocent (no. i am not saying most). they may dress good cause they try to look pretty but they have no slutty intention. and they are too far to trust a guy if he can touch their emotions. thus, they are vulnerable to being abused.

  136. Well....I get a jilbab, middle-class girl as a wife...

    Behave and talk like any ordinary middle-class girl...but no smoking, partying and drinking, of course


  137. Alot of arguing going on in this :p id just like to say. stop arguing over it. just words. People are people, they're all different. True some bules are total dicks cuz they are nobodies back home. and some Girls are classified as mentioned above. But everyones different, dont argue about it.

  138. I totally agree with you bro.

  139. totally agree too.
    I mean, it's stereotype, ppl! there're always some who are different. but if you were to list each & every one of them, I don't think the internet'll have enough storage.

    besides, as an indo girl myself, I found this article pretty accurate *chuckles*

    love your writing style!

  140. Very racist comments :-((.Not all caucasian are dogs.

  141. I can see who you are and your socially,,
    And just a bit of truth in it

  142. wow astir you sure like talking about what you have achieved you should be a bit more modest lol

  143. Great article! What is the percentages of virgin girls in Indonesia? Let's face it no man wants to marry a whore--they are just good for sexual relief(like going to a toilet)--so, please tell us who are interested in marriage, where we can find pretty, educated, virgin brides there? As a 45 yo Medical Doctor, who is of Muslim Arab descent, but living in the U.K., I have fked probably 50 or more girls in Thailand...Please elaborate on the clean girls. Recently I met and had sex with a girl from Bali(Hindu) but while I would never marry a devirginized nurse(whore) like here...This encounter has made me interested to find a good girl from that part of the world? Please elaborate. Thanks.

  144. Does anyone know how Indonesian women view African American males...would we be deemed as exotic? or would I probably not have much luck....honesty is the best policy! I'm extremely curious as I may be traveling there soon!

  145. Curtis, do you go to the gym?

    Because in my gym I saw this African guy (embassy staff or something) seemingly educated with a ripped body. I've seen him with his pretty Indonesian girlfriend. Not sure what kind of background she is from according to the above classifications or their nature of relationship. But they seem to be enjoying each other.

    Hope that helps.

  146. LOL... those who complained are actually desperate for a bule, but can't bring themselves to it for the the fear of social stigma being labelled 'easy'.

    As an input, just so you know that most of us expats prefers the exotic types (that you locals considered ugly) and their beautiful bronze skin because that's what turns us on. Beauty has different definition for us. In the west, there is a consensus that beauty is on the bones. You know, proportion, symmetry, etc.

    So it doesn't matter how pale you bleach your skin or the cost of your luis vuitton dress, we'd rather prefer to be with your housemaid if she is more proportionate and symmetrical than you.

  147. I can understand his segmentation. It's not offensive. More info, Indonesian boys are more likely to falling love to what you called 'upper class clubbing girl' and the least is what you called exotic girl when the truth is the 'upper class clubbing girl' type are more likely to falling love with bule type rather than exotics girl does. That still mystery for me I still try to fire out..

  148. As a half-Arab/half-Indo guy, who is Muslim too, to the Brit Doctor, come on, are you serious about the virgin girl?????How many virgin girls are out there these days? I have done many deeds when I visit and head out to clubs and beaches...none virgins.
    But I do agree that there are good girls who go clubbing--few and far between--but they do exist. Estimations on virginity: Non-Religious: 1. Upper class girls: 50%; 2. Middle Class, Urban: 75%; 3. Lower class: 90%...The religious girls, some jijabi, some non-jijabi, about 90% virgin before marriage. You can find them everywhere outside of clubbing and prostitute areas...Go to universities, mosques, and work places.

  149. Curtis, if you can play soccer well, has good stamina and good body build, then no matter how dark your skin is, Indonesian woman would love to date you.

    For anon who looks for Virgin girls.
    You can find pretty and virgin girls in Jakarta but if you are not a virgin yourself, why should you looks for virgin?

  150. just wanna share my experience as indo gal... indonesian women are not only good in our country but when my company transferred me to the head quarter office in Maryland, USA (yep, I was an expat in USA lol with a fancy condo and a bunch of nice perks the expats get here)... I was still a 'hot stuff' there in USA, many men fell in love with me and I never ran out of dates if I wanted to haha
    I know I broke so many hearts there in US and also here in Jakarta, but that's just because we, indonesian women ROCK!!!! We know how to dress up, maintain our look naturally beautiful, respect our men, how to treat them well... before they do whatever we ask them, we got them whipped without them knowing ooopppsss!!! HAHA!!

  151. To the virginity-obsessed-men: is that all a woman is worth? As an Indo gal, who lived in the U.S. for 6 years as a student, and who married a _virgin_ I still can not understand the double standard that a lot of men still have when it comes to this stuff.Why is it that you can man-whore your self with "50" or more "prostitutes" in "Thailand" and then demand a "virgin girl"? My husband definitely wasn't an angel--but he cared about "me" irrespective of my hymen--that's no double standard. Maybe this isn't the right place to bring it up, just sad that there are men who relish defiling themselves and then turn around and demand a pure girl. Why? Explain your self.

  152. i think this is the time for indonesian girl going back to the roots of islam, these bule's is just virus in our society with their western life style which will ruin our culture, to be modern no need to ape those western, modern is about your mind, not tatoos, or sexy clothes, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

  153. one comment upper mine is an bloody idiot too. I know the author just give a personal opinion, and you know, the commentators in this article (include you) are also give their personal opinion toward the article too, right? why did you so serious taking their opinion toward this article? :P

    1. Because they are living their lives in rosy hue. They don't wanna admit that Indonesia is just like... Indonesia. A diverse republican with Dutch law, not islamic country.

  154. LOL this article was from 3 years ago, and some people still finds it offensive *GRIN*
    Mr writer man here was just having fun, people, simply stating his view and review based upon the surface generalization of Indonesian women, not the whole bunch of them. I'm sure he was aiming to portray the girls most likely to be seen by bules on common socializing spots.
    Though not agreeing with some of the descriptions, I must say you did great, mr writer man XD You forgot the chubby side of town though, which at times can home more fun than the "average measurement" gals hehehe

  155. dear author, you are successfully stealing me from my job by reading your blog this morning, it IS awesome, very interesting how you can perfectly describe Indonesian women looks like and behavior, i guess this is what we saw everyday, if we are talking about Night Life... :) .. to make it more balance, if i could suggest you to write about the Indonesian women during the day time.. hahaha.. yeah you know what i meant, *sigh .. keep writing..! keep sharing! ...

  156. Happily, indonesian women are interested in modernity (so being easy with sexuality) and listen to their needs more and more, care their natural beauty and think at being more attractive and smart instead to want to be some slaves of hypocritis pseudo-religious men who conduct themselves as pigs out of their home-countries (you can see them doing this in Thaïland or some other countries) then are "fathers of morality" at home.
    Which normal man would look for a virgin girl to marry with?? Virgins are for newcomers, not for experimented men. Each age of life its pleasure, that's it. Or go start a psychotherapy.
    Any development comes from the women, in all countries. When men struggle women, there is no evolution. Even with teraliters of oil under the feet... just look around. It is now easy to know all grace to the Internet.
    Indo girls geeks should perhaps spend a little less time to chit-chat with friends and more on learning.
    Indonesian women: fight for your rights! Gather and obtain decent compensations after divorce, use your body as you want to, don't mind what others say (they do worse than what you could do) teach to your men that love and sex is a share, and that your pleasure is much more refinated than men's pleasure, and always have in mind that westerners women had to fight also to gain their freedom and equals rights to men not so long time ago. It is an everyday battle to be accepted as a you are. Most of men are stupid "domestic tyranoes" if you let them do, but you could easily dominate them if you want.
    Apart from this (but related actually), why did the "moral promoters" who commented this entertainment blog let their words here ? Were they looking for some bars ? some night-clubs ? some easy girls ?
    Indonesian girls: we love you! Hold on! Keep your ultra-skirts if you want it and turn men crazy in love with you: you have the power, never forget it.

    A bule who respects any girl. My GF is a beautiful divorced woman of 40. Delicate and "asiatically" refinated up to the bed. But it maybe because I respect her and her erotism, her fantasies...which we share frankly for our joy.
    Make love, not war !

    Respect to some of the indonesian men who wrote here, as Dr Q and some others. The country needs you.

  157. Women / Girls are all the same all over the world when it comes to fooling around. What makes Indo-girls so nice however is their really beautiful skin and hair, their humble attitude and respectful manners. Bad expats are bad expats anywhere in the world as well but surely there are some nice white guys in Indonesia as well, I met plenty.

  158. It's so hilarious how some of the guys that comments here are foreigners (usually caucasians) who think that any Indonesian girl are going to fall at their feet and swoon over them just because they're a 'blue'.

    First of all, not all of us Indonesian girls think that 'bules' are the most attractive male creature on Earth.

    Second of all, we find it extremely annoying when we see a drunk (or even a fully sober) 'bule' walking around Jakarta - thinking that he's the hottest male on the block.

    Okay, I'm done sharing my two cents.

  159. Haha.. This has been going for (what) like 3 years? Interesting indeed! Okay, in my honest opinion, the girls who were/are complaining with this article is simply because they had/(still) have not-so-good experiences with bule. Listen girls, be who you are. You're not a prostitute or not dating bule for his money, then show it. Because no matter how you try to play it nice, bule or men in general are not idiot! You will be busted eventually as you forget which mask that you're wearing. If you don't wish people to judge you, don't make yourself as a means of judgements in terms of everything (say appearances). If you could care less, thats great! One step already to get closer to date bule, which is "mind your own s*it". If you have done all the nice things to get bule, but then still no luck, ask yourself, have you been really true? No matter Indo, Bule, Arab, African, love is the same. It is never easy to find the real love. Cheating, ripping-off, boy don't they are the same everywhere in the world? Stop complaining about this article, I have been there myself. Hoping from one guy to another, not for their money but I enjoy their kindness and generousity, and they enjoy my company, so why not? It is like normal dating everywhere, even when we're dating Indo guys. Don't deny that we all ask some things from our boyfriend, and tell me if that doesn't feel good! The thing here is, don't take this article personally. This is the point of view of the writer, the writer is bule, so he sees from his bule prespective who is dating Indo girls. What could go wrong by spoiling each other when you're in love?

  160. i was married for five years with out any child,because of this my husband
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  161. You probably can't tell Filippinas from Indonesians either. They can't tell each other apart. Philippinos are from Malay stock. Brunei is a smaller country. You probably can't tell them from Indonesians either. The Thai do look different, though. They also tend to be taller.

    As in most countries, most girls aren't especially good looking. I'm married to an Indonesian, and my wife is beautiful. But on average, out of 100 young thin girls from Indonesia and a 100 from China or 100 from the US, I'd probably find more US or Chinese girls to be attractive. But a pretty Indonesian girl can be very pretty in a unique way. Lot's of Chinese kind of look alike. A lot of US movies feature a generically pretty blonde without a unique face. There is something about beauty on a unique face, and youc an see that in Indonesia.

  162. owh wow. Judgemental kinda writer who only hang out with...sorry..sluts.

    Do you know that in Jakarta, there are a lot of smart hard working and owh so pretty women? Educated and don't even need your money and lil treats?

    It's offending. No wonder many expats act like jerks here. This is how you introduce them to.

  163. I have to repeat this question: Why mostly Bule having gf or wife ugly indonesian??? Hahahaha.. i had an expat neighbor in Sentul city who marry his maid. but they happily live ever after.. cheers ! ean

  164. oh wow.. im really speechless
    i believe the writer just giving his two cent so im not gonna take this in defensive manner.
    im 31 years old working girl. im not upper class but i know im educated. and i date a caucasian right now lol
    the reason is simple, im curios how it will went with all differences.
    we talked about this issues so many times me and my boyfriend. i know how most caucasians view indonesian girls. i always told my bf if he ever put label on me im gonna kick his ass. and yes i will do it.
    dont get offended just because some people make assumpation, girls. let them be.
    for me, men are men. no matter if they're asian or caucasian or other. we treat them right and they will too :)

  165. The 'upper class clubbing girl' picture.... i have failed to associate those girls in the picture with the term 'upper class' lol. Please use a picture that actually suits your caption. Duh.

    One more thing, please do not mix PR girls with spg. They are so different in real life.

    Anyway, it was a fun and entertaining article to read and the comments made my night :D

  166. wow amazing article & comments lol i think the author should compile all comments above mine on "what do indonesian girls look like part 2" to give readers better insight

  167. Hey writer, write the next article with complete insight about Indonesian girl. I wasnt include in your category. Really, this article could mislead expats who read it!

  168. :) a comment more fun than article hahahahaha :))))

  169. I never found Indonesian girls that are sooo attractive....I think everyone has different styles....but I prefer North Estern Asians...or Europeans

  170. That comment I like very much (Anonymous said...
    I have to repeat this question: Why mostly Bule having gf or wife ugly indonesian??? Hahahaha.. i had an expat neighbor in Sentul city who marry his maid. but they happily live ever after.. cheers ! ean
    February 11, 2014 at 6:18 AM)
    and I guess it has to do with falling in love to fast with Indonesian girls. As a European I have to say they are very special and prove being very adorable, kind and for sure most of them are the better choice to have as a wife compared to the very demanding and spoiled European ladies (many... not all...) Amazing blog anyway.

  171. this is not indonesian
    this is jakartan..!!

  172. I'm a young British expat, arriving in Jakarta soon.

    I have no interest in bar girls, party girls or a princess living on Daddy's credit card...

    What's a good way to find a really quality girl in Jakarta? I'm talking about a beautiful, sophisticated and intelligent girl who is a joy to be around. A girl who does work she likes, is emotionally mature and intelligent, and has a creative hobby like art or travel, etc.

    There are many girls like this in Paris and London. How about Jakarta? :)

    1. you will never get in the club, you can find only on Campus when you studies there, many indonesian girls very emotional and need time to get deep relationship

  173. Interesting point of view Ms.Kitten!

    Yeah in the UK, clubs (the nice ones, at least) are places for everyone to come and dance and enjoy themselves with friends. They are not necessarily thought to be "cheap"... our Royal Family (Prince Harry and William) have been to nightclubs many times. I've met celebrities and sports stars in London nightclubs... even a politician or two, heh.

    Maybe things are different in Indonesia... I guess I will soon find out.

    Anyway, I'm still looking for tips on meeting a lovely girl there. Maybe I should try the bookshop? (haha)

    1. I am than perhaps have same question like u Jack...where I can find those nice westerner which are serious nice person etc ? I wonder how to figure this out =)

  174. I am a wife and mother of two children . Im Indonesian. I'm a Muslim. I'm mixing Java and North Sulawesi. but my face is more towards oriental. I spent my time just for my husband and children. I love this job. my husband (je is Indonesian too)really appreciate me as his wife and mother. I rarely feel bored at home. hehe .. I remember when college days, I lyk to go to the bookstore, window shopping at mall, walk to the park with my friends. I never went to the club and I think it does not suit me. some friends asked me that I closed my mind. I told them, I'm not open-minded or those who do not open their minds to me? If im still single maybe i ll thingking twice to get merried with foreign men.hehe.. hmm so,how I see my hubby, i jus see how he treat their parent especially his mother. Tats how he respect n apreciate me as a women.hehe
    peace n love from me. :P

  175. ini yg buat dan punya artikel orang indonesia, yg ngaku jadi bule muji2 padahal org indonesia, niatnya pengen indonesia itu semua bule suka, yaelah basi fake gue tau.

    1. hm, iya... gue juga curiga gtu. basi

    2. ngga, yang punya orang perancis, namanya thibaud.

  176. :just recently I was in a relationship with a beautiful funny intelligent young woman BALINESE and what I thought was true love quickly came to an abrupt end when her mother found out about us ... no contact for days and when she finally responded her excuse was that her mum said if she continued a relationship with me because I was a bule that she would take her privileges off her and she would have ro stat at home and if she choose to stay with me she would be kicked out if the family and not her daughter any more ..? (Speaking to her friends I found this to be true)and Finally after speaking to many of my balinese friends male and female I came to the realization that some balinese mothers have a strong belief that foreigners are a bad influence on them and that they would loose there respect for themselves and there heritage. . In my case that was not true I was learning balinese and bahasa and was ready to convert to hindu just for her.. its the first time ever to be dumped via text and I didn't think a balinese girl as strong as her would be so gutless but I quess thats how much influence and strength the mother has over there daughters .... lesson learnt the hard way. ...!!! Oh well what im trying to say is that its her loss ... I offered her that world and she chose poverty good luck to her and I wish her all the best....

    1. a long-standing custom to the balinese is like the ten commandments to the jews. it doesn't take an einstein to figure this out.

  177. // The Balinese girl, in my opinion, is a concept of its own: Balinese girls are very difficult to go out with compared to Javanese girls. They are not as sexy but they are exactly what we imagine the exotic girl is like //

    Based on my experience in Bali.
    In GENERAL.. I repeat, IN GENERAL Balinese girl will pick Balinese male over any foreigner male and I'm sure one of the reasons are their culture. And who the hell said they're not sexy? There are many Balinese girls with nice legs, beautiful skin, cute face, bright smile and smart.

    There's a BUT.. Most of them are already in relationship since they were in university, then graduated, find a job and get married (and so on..) that's why you rarely see them clubbing, besides many of these girls don't like clubbing anyway.

    I'm not saying that all of Balinese girls are good, we all know that there are bad girls in any country, races, etc.

  178. OP, you forget the nerds. And you know, "invisible" girls can be more stunning too. Oh, OP, have you been to Bandung? If haven't, then you're missing out. I highlight, "Beautiful girls are beautiful girls, ass is ass, boobs are boobs, no matter what race they are" ;)

  179. You Indonesian women bring disgrace to Islam and Muslims in general.

    I can't believe Indonesia is do called largest Muslim country. All you immoral prostitutes (some might be good) need to get dumped in US or some European country, than you can leave our religion and be a 2nd class citizen and serve the westerners. No real muslima would do that... Shame on you all.

  180. I'm 28 yo Indonesian female wearing hijab living in Indonesia since i was born. I have female friends of all backgrounds (religious long wide hijabers who are homebody to urban socialites who leads a high fashion life, and sex before marriage). I can definitely state this article is fair enough and close to truth. The writer even made a smooth/polite comments which deserves our appreciation. Whenever i asked my foreigner friends about Indonesian women, they said worse than this article. That we're sweet, caring, aggressive but submissive and materilistic. And you know what? We can't be upset with them because that's the quality those bule chasers showed to them. Yes, it's a serious problem for those who live in rosy hue and never try to befriend those who have different backgrounds from them, but No, it's not an insult because for our foreigner friends, they're just trying to give their honest opinions, not lip service. Indonesia is not that religious and it's the truth everyone should know, apart from the fact that it's a country with biggest muslim population in the world.