Kemang Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs

By The Jakarta Team
In this post I will list quickly the most interesting nightlife places in the area of Kemang.

I do not party so much there for two reasons:
  • It is a bit far from where I live (Menteng) 
  • The crowd in Kemang's clubs and bars is usually a bit younger than me. Most of the patrons indeed are sons & daughters of middle to upper class Indonesian families, plus some expat kids, rather than executives.
Kemang is one of the most dynamic clubbing areas in Jakarta though: The scene is constantly changing and, apart for a lucky few, new bars close within 2 or 3 years. I've seen 3 different periods in Kemang nightlife:
  • When I first arrived in Jakarta, 6 years ago, Kemang clubs were very cheap and basic. People would go there only because you could get drunk for almost nothing. 
  • Then, slowly, nicer and trendier clubs began to appear, like Amor or Barcode. This was a period when almost every club looked identical. Each places had the ambition to attract classy/stylish people. The prices started to rise and I almost stopped going there. 
  • And then, I've recently rediscovered Kemang: It is actually a really cool area for partying. Clubs can be very different each: The music, the prices, the theme, you will find a lot of very distinct places. Also, since all venues are so concentrated, you can easily crawl into at least 3-4 bars in one evening, which is always a fun thing to do.
According to me, the best places to party in Kemang are:
  • If you are young, expat or Indonesian:
Barcode CLOSED
Codefin building, Jalan Kemang Raya 8
Phone number: (62-21) 7182208
Email Barcode: info at

Triple Nine STILL OPEN 2016
Kemang Arcade Building on the third floor
Kemang Raya 20 A
Phone number of 999 club: 021-7182284
Email: triplenine at

Nu China STILL OPEN 2016
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24 Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 62217193854 | 622153691026
For infos & sofa booking: Call Mira (087886084589)

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 67,
Kemang, South Jakarta
To call them : (+62-21) 719-1333

Tipsy (STILL OPEN 2016)
The Beat Building 3rd Floor
Kemang Raya No 29
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 21 718 2970 Fax : (+62) 21 7179 3960
Email address:

The Green (CLOSED)
JL. Kemang Raya No. 25
Phone number: 021 834 8411 or 021 7181 555
Email : or

Second Floor and SF Club (REPLACED WITH K43)
Jln. Kemang Raya No. 43A
Email: riodejaneiro at
Phone: 62 21 7182555 or 62 21 7182666

Splash Kemang Adrenaline Park
No. 71-80 Jalan Kemang 1
Kel. Bangka, Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan 12730

The Venue STILL OPEN 2016
Jl. Kemang Selatan No.2
Phone number: +62-21 780 5610
Mobile : +62 (0) 838 82 42242

Attics bar and lounge CLOSED
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 24A
South Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 719 4273
Fax: +62-21 717 93960

Birdie Warung Bir CLOSED
Jalan Kemang I no3
Phone number: +62-21 9127 9207

  • If you are getting older and you want quiet/classy venues (but more expensive):
SHY Rooftop
Level 5 The Papilion
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45 AA
Jakarta, Indonesia, 12730
Tel: +62-21 719 9921

Queen's Head Jakarta
Jalan Kemang Raya No 18c, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62 21 7196160

Jalan Taman Kemang Raya No. 6A,
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Phone number: (+62-21)7191357

Elbow Room CLOSED
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24 A
Phone number: (62-21) 719 4274

  • If you want to be with other expatriates:
Bremer (CLOSED)
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 8
Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone number: +62-21 7199304 

Beer Garden
JL. Benda No.7, Kemang

Tel: +62-21 789 1145 

Murphy's Irish Pub
Kemang Raya No. 11
Tel: +62 811 138 249 

Eastern Promise
Kemang Raya No. 5
Phone number: +62-21 7179 0151

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 78-B
Phone number: +62-21 719 2677

  • There are also some cool alternative venues:
365 Eco Bar
Aksara Kemang parking lot
Jl. Kemang Raya, no. 8B.
Phone Number: +62-21 7191032

Tree House CLOSED
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 72, Kemang, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 7179 1168

Do you think I forgot one of Kemang's night clubs or bars? What is your favourite place to party in this area? Please share with us your own experiences! 

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31 comments to '' Kemang Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs "

  1. how about venue,,?have u been there..?
    its a dj club, the room size is almost the same to red square..
    mostly kids in they're early 20, very crowded in ladies night (friday)..
    but its also have backyard with pool for anyone who just want to drinking and talking.

  2. SHY rooftop is the best ! high-end ppl everywhr. thr are no hoes, thank god!

  3. yyyyeeeeeeaaaaah... in our opinion kemang isn't really good since it's FILLED with junior high schoolers and "Anak Labil" <-- ask any jakartan teen, they'd know. We prefer to go to Blowfish, Buddha bar, Indochine, etc. Though 365 ECO bar is quite okay I suppose.

    We're girls. 18-20. college students. (if that helps with the target market thingy..)

  4. Hi Thank's for all infomation about the best address in jakarta/ night life.
    Come september I shall vist a few of them for sure.
    The only place i have been and enjoyed is the bats.

  5. For a nice cold beer I normally go to Birdie. Nice beer warung. Cheap!

  6. Where's the place in kemang for an attractive bule like me to meet hot women?

  7. im 30 but am told all the time i look this place far too young for me still? i was thinking about x2 instead of barhopping here but am not coming to jakarta alone and dont know anyone...what would you recommend? any help? btw im white and canadian...apparently these things sorta matter lol

  8. Casa , have you try , too bad because it's cozy place

  9. Not been to casa yet, but it' more like a restaurant I think... I can see it's usually very crowded... Will try to go soon.. Thanks

  10. Venue is for local dance lovers.... why Star Deli is not mentioned? Quite a decent place for these who likes expat surrounding and draft Bir Bintang

  11. please go to clubbing in kemang if you are a teen, thats my opinion, and that is amazing for a teen

  12. Hi all,

    I am gonna check this area next week. which is the best place to find a non-working girl?


  13. The Venue is the worst night club I ever in to. The music is more like 'dangdut koplo', too much smoke my eyes is burned, too crowded, the floor is dirty because of cigarettes. The only good thing there is I entered for free and there is a television upper the bar so I can watched tv while really bored and busy avoiding stranger boys who want to make a conversations. The hospitality is sucks. The toilet is dirty.

  14. How about X9? have you been there?
    Its a new night club at kemang, and have huge room with mini stage for performing sexy dancers.

  15. Where is good to go on Sunday night in Kemang ?

  16. Just arrive in Kemang, alone, anyone want to join for a venture weekend around area club/ massage, whatever with an asian guy like me?

  17. how about UMBRA ? it's a club for the teenager , and most of the music is EDM which is so popular in indonesia right now

  18. How about B1, boys? Is it good?

  19. Kemang Party BoyApril 8, 2014 at 6:28 PM

    You should update this post. There is a great beer garden now in Kemang called Beer Brother, it is between Parc 19 and Cowboy. Very cheap and quite busy.

  20. I love Kemang.. Everything is here before u go clubbing.
    Yes there are tons of teenagers around this area. Because of one reason.. Its so cheap. I mean duhh..

    Kemang is a venue full of restaurant,Clubs,bar,cafes,Karaoke,shops,minimarket and there is a new big shopping Mall called Lippo Kemang. It looks like the Jakarta version of Kuta Bali. But ofcourse without the sunset and no beach. There are so many good bars for adult too. But I wont rate the club as 5 stars thou. I mean the club in Kemang is kinda small and not for adults. But its the best hang out place because its not that far from senayan,SCBD,Sudirman or thamrin where all the best clubs are. Maybe only 10 minutes with taxi if no traffic. If you are tourist or new in jakarta you should hang out here and bring some friends :) There are a lot of place that you can chill,drink,shisha and stuff

  21. second floor udah berganti nama menjadi HANGOVER :-)

  22. Hah kemang, it's been time visit venue me & partner as we have personal relationship with waiters and securities there, serve special strong liquor with normal price 'n quickly get drunk hahaha, best thing is when we surely far gone the securities will guard us from nuisance till it's we drunk, happy and safe

  23. New to Kemang: Parc 19, Beer Brothers, Cowboys, Queen's Head and Umbra should be on your list...

  24. Splash was closed and now it has Fabric Garden Lounge instead... Same concept of cheap drinks and student crowd...

  25. It can also be impossible to meet anybody in Jakarta, i been living in Kemang 5 weeks now and have not found one single friend, whether male or female.

    Maybe i look wrong, maybe too jelek I am caucasian from Holland 41 years old.

  26. Anywhere in Kemang for dropping a pill and dancing the night/morning away? ;-) Some ayam to look at would be good too :-)

  27. If anyone need local friend to guide then i can help u with pleasure

  28. Hey guys, I never go to a club before. I'm in my early 20's and I wish to meet some Expats around my age there without wasting my time around teens club. Can you suggest me the right clubs/pubs/lounge?? Thanks xxx

  29. Hey, anonymous! I'd love to be guided by you hehehhehe! But i am not young female though lol! I'm 40 year old female from philippines. I will be living there in kemang jakarta starting from june. I need somebody to go clubbing with me once in a while. If you are interested to be my drinking buddy,email me see ya!

    1. Hey.. Kamustaka mare.. I am andri.. I live in pasar minggu, which is very close to kemang where the bars is only 10 - 15 minutes from me..
      And my email also is : Phone +6281381965579..thank you.. Maraming salamat.

    2. Any drinking buddy to join here? Male expat here.. 36 years..