5 Things You Will Love About Nightlife in Jakarta

By The Jakarta Team

Those who had the chance to party in Jakarta will understand in no time why Jakarta’s nightlife is often referred to as “Asia’s best kept secret”. Few people imagine how active the nightlife can be here, in the most populous Muslim nation in the world. Jakarta100bars.com is currently writing a guide of nightlife in Asia, and as we are progressing, we are realizing that for all of us, the city that has the best nightlife in Asia is Jakarta. Here is a list of the 5 things that make us love it here:

  • The diversity
The 12th largest city in the world, Jakarta is the capital of a huge archipelago of over 17,000 islands. As a consequence, the megalopolis is home to a lot of diversity, with various influences and cultures. Add to that a strong Chinese community, over 100,000 expatriates, and a youth that has studied all over the globe (the owner of Dragonfly for instance studied in Boston), and you will get a cosmopolitan town that never sleeps.

Jakarta has everything, and it is very often better than elsewhere: Luxurious bars in Jakarta are more luxurious than the ones in Singapore. Chinese mega-clubs in Jakarta are bigger than the ones in Shanghai. Expat bars in Jakarta have nicer expats than the ones in Bangkok… And so on. I think that if you take a look at the bars presented in our blog, it will give you a good idea of what's available here. Some suggestions for the lazy (click on the link to read the article): Live music, salsa dancing, arab joints, jazz clubs, Reggae & Blues bars, house music nightclubs, one-stop entertainment, international DJ stars, intimate venues, metal & hardcore, dangdut, karaoke, striptease, massage parlours, expat bars, sports bars, gay clubs, Japanese salons, backpackers bar and even some unclassifiable curiosities!
  • The freedom
There are a lot less rules in Indonesia as opposed to Europe, especially if you are a foreigner and if you have money. In general, many problems find solutions quickly here. You never wonder in Jakarta whether or not you will be able to enter a club or not. You just put a shirt and a jean and that’s fine. If you are a smoker, Jakarta will be your heaven: Smoking is very common everywhere and actually, in some clubs there is so much smoke that breathing is smoking. If you are drunk, you don’t need to worry about drunk-driving as there are many taxis available quickly. If you choose to drive, you won't fear the cops: Rp.50,000 and you will get away with almost anything. The cheap cost of living also gives you more freedom since you don’t have to care that much about the prices of the drinks and the cover charges, except in the luxurious places of course. The town is also paradoxical: Even though Indonesians are conservative, Jakarta has hundreds of massage parlours, karaokes and clubs where drugs are available very easily. In that case, beware of the apparent freedom, because a night out could easily end as a nightmare.

  • Indonesians
Foreigners usually imagine that Asians are shy, or don’t know how to party. This couldn’t be more false: Jakartans are great party-goers who love to dance and get wild. And the best thing with it is that they want to share it with others: No matter in which club you are, you will always find someone to talk to, and it is quite common to be invited to a table of people you don’t know and share a bottle with them. Indonesians will never make you feel unwelcomed and will be very curious to discuss with you if they can. Don’t miss this opportunity to socialize with people from different backgrounds and even do some networking… Girls are usually very friendly too, even those who belong to high-class society. All you need to do is to be very respectful and not behave as if all of them were prostitutes or “easy women”.
  • Bar-hopping
What I really love when partying is moving from bars to bars and change atmosphere a few times during the night. To go from classy hotel bars to huge mega-clubs and finish in a small bar singing karaoke, without any hassle and no queues. In Jakarta, there are so many places, usually within a short distance, that bar-hopping is just awesome. Cover charges are usually pretty low or inexistent and queues are very rare so you won’t lose any time going from place to place. If you navigate with a taxi, you won’t have any difficulties to get one and the traffic at night is usually pretty good.

  • The opening hours
In Jakarta, if you come on a Friday night, you can actually party non-stop until Monday morning, and I’m not kidding. All you need to have is a good knowledge of which clubs open when. If you hate the frustration of having to go home at midnight or 1AM in other Asian cities, you will love Jakarta. That is why planning a week-end of party in Jakarta can be so exhausting. Certainly, these are also the best.

What about you? What do you think of the nightlife here? Is there something special about Jakarta according to you? Drop a few words, we are curious to know what you think!

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18 comments to '' 5 Things You Will Love About Nightlife in Jakarta "

  1. I discovered Jakarta in March 2008, and had been visiting this nightlife haven ELEVEN times since then (in less than a year).
    Yes, Jakarta night;ife is Class 'A'. check it out folks.

  2. Been to many cool night spots in the US like Hollywood, Vegas, NYC, Denver, Florida...But nothing can really beat Jakarta nor Bali! I love the Indonesian freedom!!

  3. Can't wait to be in Jakarta...

  4. I'm going on 18th of oct 2010, From what i raed here it's gonna be great partying in jakarta, ok i'll see jakarta nightlife and share with you ....take care

  5. The friendlyness of Indonesian girls fully depends on your looks. Being well behaved and well groomed and well dressed is also very important but your looks will be the main factor for the girls to decide whether or not to take you (girls always are the ones in charge). I lived many years in Jakarta and have seen the nightlife and the people change a lot especially the last 12 years or so.
    Red Square is one of the best places to pick up sexy girls and with immigrants and Dragonfly the place to pick up artists, models and sexy rich girls but only for tall and handsome western guys.

    If you are not tall and not handsome you will have a hard time chatting up the goodlooking girls. On the other hand if you are tall and not handsome you will still attract your share of models and actresses without any problem. If you are both tall and handsome you won't be able to beat the girls off with 20 shitty sticks, you might even consider bringing a bodyguard.

    So it is all about looks in the first place (Indo girls are crazy about tall guys believe it or not) but you still should be a bit nice and polite and well dressed. Also try to smell good Indo's are very sensitive of smell.

    If you are like me, short and not handsome you can still get girls if you make a really big efford or (very important) if you are self confident. One of my friends is short and bald and ugly but he gets his fair share of sexy girls in Immigrant en Red square only because he knows how to chat up the Indo girls and because he has a huge self confidence. He told me once that if he would not be confident he would not be able to get any of the girls he has gotten.

    ANother thing about the crowd in Dragonfly, Red square and Immigrantdon't look for a girlfriend there. 99% of the hot and sexy gals who go there are just looking for a one night stand, they are looking for sex but not for a boyfriend so don't try to fall in love with them because they will not fall for you, they only want your body that's all (ofcourse there are some exceptions)

    1. Awesome write up ... is this still applicable in Year 2014 ?

  6. hello guys, which club should i go on sunday night and monday night? unlucky for me because i cant go on friday. will only be there on sunday.
    suggestions pls.

  7. Red Square/Bats/Club 36/Stadium/Kemang Beer Garden/Sun City/CJ

  8. In Jakarta, if you come on a Friday night, you can actually party non-stop until Monday morning, and I’m not kidding.

    Can you give me a rundown on this?

  9. You can party non-stop in some of kota's nightclubs, in particular Mille's, which I've never seen closed... Stadium is also opened all day on Sunday, same thing with Millenium (they have a lounge with western music now so expats can go)

  10. DAMN it !!! last night i spent one of the best night of my life,i partied at kota and kemang.I forgot which club,but it sure is lotta fun

  11. Terrible club compared to others in Jakarta. Went there last Saturday night, stayed from 12 midnight to 3 am, and it was such a tiny place, too crowded, boring and the girls were not pretty all....some rather ugly in fact. Full of old codgers now as well. Complete waste of time.

  12. Just got back from 3 nights in jakarta and can confirm that it the best place in asia to party. It makes bangkok seem like a church fete. Go there and enjoy just dont expect too sleep.

  13. Jakarta, the best party you will ever experience in your life if you know where to go. Rules in the club are just for guidelines, freedom are guaranteed, mainly if you have lots of money.

    and besides, Jakarta is the only place where people actually has the energy to dance from start to finish.

    Asia's best kept secret.
    and also a Big Durian, some can't stand it, but others can't get enough of it.

  14. That's why i'm not interested in getting western guy in jakarta, most of contaminated

  15. Bro i'm a short [5,7] western white guy but considered quite handsome [blue eyes, light hair]. I had no problems picking up hot girls in Dragonfly, infact, doing better than taller guys who weren't as good looking. So that's your personal story, don't generalise. Yeah the tall handsome guys can probably get hot girls in any country, they dont need to go to Jakarta .

  16. I am in the 40s planning to travel to Jakarta the 17/04/2013. I am professional, not big wallet but enough to support a weekend in up-scale Manhattan, looking for fun, good lounges and perhaps discos but of course rounded, good looking girls, like me, and not prostitutes unless they are so pretty and drinks have an effect. Which hotel do you suggest to stay that can be my centre of hanging around.