Jakarta Nightlife Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs

By The Jakarta Team

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Dear Readers! This year, we decided to update our ranking of Jakarta's best bars & clubs, by taking three elements into accounts (1/3 of the ranking each):
- The popularity of the clubs on Jakarta100bars.com
- The number of fans on Facebook for each bars & clubs (when more than one group, we took the group with the most members)
- The votes of the Jakartateam members (15 votants, mostly expats, each with an excellent knowledge of Jakarta nightlife), the team behind Jakarta100bars.com (see "contact us" at the bottom for the names).

We did 3 rankings for each of these elements, and then, we gave 20 points for the first one on each list, 19 points for the second one, and etc, until the 20th which got only 1 point.

We also gave a bonus following this rule:
1st ranked: +10 points

The result: A fair, honest ranking of Jakarta's Best Bars & Nightclubs for 2010.
So, for 2010, the winners are:

1) Stadium (71 points)
Stadium may be a shit-hole for many people, but it is the craziest club in Jakarta and it is absolutely unique. It remains Jakarta's best club for 2010.

2) Dragonfly (59 points)
2009 was a huge year for Dragonfly, it hosted a dozens of the best international DJs (almost twice a month), making it one of the best clubs in Asia without any doubt. Dragonfly was the trendsetter for all of Jakarta nightlife, raising the bar really high for any competitors.

3) Red Square (56 points)
Maybe the most packed club in Jakarta, and the most popular with young expats. I have friends coming from Hong-Kong and Singapour only to spend their whole weekend in Red Square!

4) Blowfish (54 points)
Still strong, the sister club of Dragonfly is a hub for Jakarta's socialites and drew many great DJs in 2009: Grandmaster Flash, James Zabiela, Tiga and Erol Alkan to name a few..

5) Immigrant (45 points)
Immigrant was the biggest surprise of 2009: An truly beautiful club with a great design and an upmarket, cosmopolitan atmosphere, with an amazing view of Jakarta by night.

6) X2 (43 points)
X2 remains huge, drawing each week, more than 5000 clubbers inside its 4 clubs for Jakarta's biggest parties. 2009 highlights included Dirty South and Sander Kleinenberg!

7) Club 36 (42 points)
Kota's most popular strip club is always full, any day of the week, any time of the night..

8) Hotel Alexis (36 points)
Another naughty joint, Alexis Hotel is the next generation of Kota's one-stop entertainment nightclubs: Luxurious, international (and not only in the name) and.... mischievous!

9) Centro (34 points)
Opened 6 years ago, an eternity in the fast-changing Jakarta nightlife scene, Centro has a large and loyal fanbase, and since Embassy's closure, it is home to the city's most talentuous DJs.

10) BATS (29 points)
BATS is a myth in Jakarta, even when you want to avoid it, there's always a friend to drag you there. It is still a fun place to party though, with a dancefloor full everyday of the week.

And those who didn't make our Top 10, by rank:
11) Musro (27 points)
12) Sun City (23 points)
13) Mille's (19 points)
14) BBs (18 points)
15) Barcode (16points)
15) Second Floor (16 points)
17) Golden Crown (13 points)
17) Malioboro and Malio Club (13 points)
19) Buddha Bar (11 points)
20) Mad Dogs (10 points)
20) Vertigo/X-Lounge (10 points)
20) Kampus (10 points)
20) Top Gun (10 points)
24) Triple Nine (8 points)
24) Nu China (8 points)
26) Heaven Club (7 points)
26) Eastern Promise (7 points)
28) Luv's Bar (6 points)
29) CJ's (6 points)
30) Amor (5 points)

Details of the calculation (for any question don't hesitate to contact us: Jakartateam at gmail.com):

Table 1 shows the ranking of the clubs according to their popularity on Facebook:

Table 2 shows the favourite night spots of Jakarta100bars.com reviewers:

Table 3 shows the popularity of each place on www.jakarta100bars.com, with a screen print of Google Analytics statistics:

16 comments to '' Jakarta Nightlife Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs "

  1. I agree at 100% with these rankings! Great job!

  2. I think X2 could be in the top 3, but apart from that, it is a much better ranking than the one done by Jakarta Java Kini, that includes mostly expats bar. Thanks for your post and for making such a great blog!

  3. R. Sullivan (Australia)January 9, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    Been waiting for a while for the updated ranking of Jakarta's best bars... I love your website, it's the only one about Jakarta nightlife with real and honest reviews and none of the user generated content that is usually available on the net. Please can you review more bars in Blok M?

  4. Its unfortunate that my favourite strip joint Malioboro is not in the top ten. But yes, Alexis and Club 36 deserved the votes. And yes, my top vote would be Stadium too.


  5. Oh dear, I was on a 2-day business trip recently (March 30-31) and was suprised to find out that FOUR strip joints, including the famed Malioboro, have suspended full nudity dancing and topless dancing for a couple of weeks because of police harassment.
    I hope things will get back to 'normal' when I visit jakarta again in a couple of months or so.


  6. Jakarta truly is a paradise for nightlife lovers!
    My favourite spot is Malioboro!
    Awesome place!
    Hope It can make it to top 10 next time.

    Malio's fan from JB, M,sia

  7. that is not true, stadium have 69,000 member on facebook & have great updating review and very cool like's

  8. The data is from 2009... you should check the rankings for 2011..

  9. mine is:
    1. Stadium
    2. Alexis
    3. Malioboro

  10. U put dragonlfy, blowfish, X2 along with other strip bar? put into category dude!! jeeezzz

  11. You forgot about Apollo, the best gay bar in Asia...my fav bar!

  12. talked to some of the hottest jakarta girls i know and they seem to like x2 and red square ... but some like stadium as an after party...so all should be good places to find 10s and im not the hottest guy in the world and am 31 so most guys if you dress well and have a decent personality should check these places out to meet the hottest

  13. jakarta girls will do anything for the money..

    1. Dude! Try hangout outside the clubs, bars, etc! There are many respected girls and women in jakarta!

  14. I think mine living the girl is

    1. Apt Rasuna ( So Many indonesian girl)
    2. Karet Pedurenan Residence ( Indonesian girl & mix oriental)
    3. Apt Sudirman Park ( High Class Indonesian Girl and College girl )
    4. Apt Bellagio ( Super High Class girls )
    5. Apt Kelapa Gading ( PR {public Relation} Karaokean Girls, Calling girls)
    6. Apt Taman Anggrek ( So many Oriental girl in Here )
    7. Apt Kemayoran ( Malioboro Girl, Alexis girl, Club 36 girls)

    So many Men or Big Bos can pay the girl for living in there & then get girls that are way more attractive than what they could have had in their home.

  15. 1. X2
    2. Alexis
    3. Blowfish