SHY Rooftop is an elegant bar located on the top floor of the Papilion Building in Kemang. It is just upstairs of SHY restaurant and offers a comfortable area for chilling. They have a live band on most evenings, playing acoustic songs... nothing too loud.. Good atmosphere that reminds me that of Public in Taman Ria Senayan.

A recommended place to have an early drink. They have a very extensive list of Martini cocktails but they are all very expensive, around Rp 100,000. But if you come on Wednesday night, they have a buy one get one deal that makes it look more affordable.

Photos taken from their facebook fanpage. You should check it for updates on events: SHY Rooftop.
SHY Rooftop Kemang
Level 5 The Papilion
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45 AA
Jakarta, Indonesia, 12730

Tel: +62-21 719 9921

Opening hours, from Tuesday to Saturday: 8:00 pm - 2:00 am

Website: SHY Kemang

11 comments to '' Shy Rooftop Kemang (Hotel Papillion, 45AA Jl Kemang Raya) "

  1. Cozy place in Kemang. But the price is lil bit expensive i think. But i like this place.

  2. wwent there on last Friday, and just finished partying on around 4am. there're still pretty much ppl there when i went out.
    ussually they serve the live music (last time i had an accoustic band) up 'till 1am then changed into dj, thats the time when all the youngers get some dance.
    however it SHY is well-arranged, there were some of my friend who get a lil bit too drunkand get on the sofa and table but the waiters tends to manage it well, strict but polite :)

    personal thought, SHY and barcode are the best place in Kemang

  3. i love the accoustic band that perform every thursday nite.. if im not mistaken, the band name is urban vibe..

  4. On Friday, November 4th 2011, a 17 year old girl was stabbed to death in Shy Rooftop.

    You can read: Siswa SMA Pangudi Luhur Tewas Ditusuk di Shy Rooftop Kemang -

  5. ^

    a 17 year old boy ! not a girl.. idiot

  6. The club covered up the incident. They cleaned the crime scene before the police arrived. Bad management. I better stay clear of this place in future.

  7. Oh Rubbish! Jakarta is a city of 20 million people. These nasty things happen in all large cities. I am sure management has nothing to do with it. I had many great nights at Shy Rooftop and cannot wait for them to re-open!

  8. I promise I will never go there since my class mate named Raafi stabbed to death in SHY Rooftop. It's been a half year since he's gone. By the time he got stabbed, the security and the bartenders were just looking at us like nothing happened. None one of them helped us to bring him to the hospital. Bad security and management. I hope this place will always be closed.

  9. I went here last night and the acoustic band were really really good. This place is expensive but the vibe is great and the staff are excellent too. I'll definitely be bringing my friends here when they're in town.

  10. This is a great place to hang out when you want to get away from seedy bars. Great music, drinks and top class service. Have only ever had fun nights here. Even on a weeknight you can party til very late here with a good crowd. Perfect if you are local or an expat like me in my 30's who wants to have fun without feeling like I'm surrounded by 20 year olds.

  11. Just one word... AWESOME!!!