I recently wrote about meeting Vietnamese girls in my article about the best dating website and apps in Vietnam.

Online dating in Vietnam works great (especially VietnamCupid, Bumble, and SeekingArrangement), yet I still find it is much more fun to meet girls while partying. As long as you are not too shy, you will see that it is quite easy to approach them on a dance floor or at a table in a club/bar in Saigon.

Naturally, some nightclubs in the city are better than others to meet girls. To make sure you are not wasting your time going from one place to another, I've listed below my top 12 favorite venues.

12 Best Bars and Nightclubs to Meet Girls in HCMC

Lush has been one of the top nightclubs in Saigon for more than 6 years already. Managed by a group that includes some foreigners, it attracts young tourists, expats, and a lot of normal girls. The ladies night every Tuesday is fantastic, with a ratio of at least 1 guy for 1 girl. There are some hookers too, but they are discreet. The entrance fee is around VND100,000.

Ratio guys to girls: 60% guys and 40% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Around 15%
Male crowd: Foreigners (backpackers, tourists, expats), Vietnamese gay guys, Viet Kieus
Female crowd: Vietnamese girls from the middle class (typically office girls, teachers, etc) looking to meet foreigners.
Age of clients: 20-35
Pick up possibilities: High
Dress code: Shorts allowed but it's better to put pants and shoes.

While Lush is the easiest club to pick up girls in Saigon, Glow is nonetheless my favorite. It is outside, on a rooftop, offering a really cool vibe that you don't get elsewhere in the city.

The design is also perfect for meeting people. If you can secure a seat near the oval bar, you will be able to make eye contact with plenty of hot girls. All you'll have to do then is to invite them for a drink.

Girls in Glow are a usually higher class than the ones in Lush. Beware as there are more escorts too. In the same location, there is also an intimate bar called Hyde.

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Around 20%
Male crowd: Expats, businessmen, foreigners who come to Saigon regularly, some Viet Kieus.
Female crowd: Upper-middle-class Vietnamese girls + some escorts and gold-diggers.
Age of clients: 25-45
Pick up possibilities: Medium
Dress code: Casual

Bui Vien Street Bars and Clubs
There are at least 50 bars and clubs in Bui Vien, the backpacker district of HCMC. Most are lined up next to each other and you can simply walk from one bar to another until you drop. They are not all the same type: Some are bottle clubs targeting Vietnamese groups, some are hostess bars for older expats, and some are nothing but a few plastic stools on the sidewalk. In general, they are cheap, crowded, loud and tacky. With pretty much everyone drunk, it is an easy place to meet both foreign and Vietnamese girls.

Check in particular Republic and 1960 (student crowd):
Sexy dancers in 1960
Ratio guys to girls: 60% guys and 40% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Overall around 20%, but up to 100% in some girly bars.
Male crowd: Very diverse but generally low-class: Young backpackers, tourists, Vietnamese students, etc
Female crowd: Backpackers, tourists, Vietnamese students, prostitutes, massage girls.
Age of clients: 18-55+
Pick up possibilities: Medium to high
Dress code: Holiday wear (flip-flops, shorts, etc)

Envy is one of the most famous high-class nightclubs in HCMC. It is huge, with a large stage that welcomes various types of performances (acrobats, live music, sexy dancers, etc). It is popular with both rich Vietnamese and foreigners. It's very expensive (up to VND400,000 entrance fee) and elitist, but if you belong to that kind of crowd, you can meet some of the most beautiful Saigonese girls in the city.

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Less than 15%
Male crowd: Rich Vietnamese, 30+ expats
Female crowd: Pretty Vietnamese girls invited by the male crowd. Occasional groups of Vietnamese girlfriends.
Age of clients: 25-35
Pick up possibilities: Low to medium
Dress code: Chic

This lounge gets quite crowded in the evenings, especially on Tuesday (ladies nights), Friday and Saturday. Women who go there are usually educated and independent, with a fair command of English. Most are above 30. Typically, they are looking for expats with a good job.

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Less than 10%
Male crowd: Mix of rich Vietnamese and expats
Female crowd: Educated, pretty women
Age of clients: 25-40
Pick up possibilities: Medium
Dress code: Casual chic

A trendy rooftop bar. I recommend their ladies night on Tuesdays especially. Top atmosphere with various performances all night long.

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Around 25%
Male crowd: Mix of expats, tourists and Vietnamese
Female crowd: Vietnamese and foreign, usually accompanying a guy unfortunately
Age of clients: 30+
Pick up possibilities: Low
Dress code: Chic

This famous rooftop bar is one of the most expensive in Ho Chi Minh City. The great view and upmarket atmosphere make it perfect for a date, or for a special occasion with a group of friends. There are often beautiful Vietnamese girls there, including celebrities and models. You always have high-class escorts working too.

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Around 30% in late evening
Male crowd: Wealthy expats, tourists, businessmen. Some Vietnamese groups as well.
Female crowd: Groups of Vietnamese friends (high-class girls, prostitutes)
Age of clients: 30+
Pick up possibilities: Low to medium
Dress code: Shorts and flip-flops are not allowed in the evening.

This is a typical Vietnamese elite club, chic and designed to accommodate groups. You have really hot girls inside, the kind that has fake boobs and killer bodies. It's not so easy to approach them, however, as they are generally coming with other Vietnamese guys. Try befriending the latter first before chatting with their girlfriends.

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Not sure if the girls are prostitutes or not. They do look like gold-diggers, though.
Male crowd: Rich Vietnamese, Asian expats and tourists. Few white foreigners.
Female crowd: Pretty girls.
Age of clients: 25-40
Pick up possibilities: Low
Dress code: Nice shoes, shirt and pants.

Apocalypse Now is very touristy and full of prostitutes, but still you can manage to come home with a normal girl if you are lucky. Clubbers usually go there at the end of the night, after other bars/clubs have closed.

Ratio guys to girls: 65% guys and 35% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: More than 50%
Male crowd: Backpackers, tourists, expats.
Female crowd: Prostitutes, Backpackers, some normal girls.
Age of clients: 20-45
Pick up possibilities: Average (if you don't pay)
Dress code: Dress as you like

This hip-hop nightclub has a Japanese theme and it is popular with trendy Vietnamese from the upper class. You should visit it as a group and order bottle service. A good place to network and to meet elite Vietnamese girls.

Ratio guys to girls: 70% guys and 30% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Hard to tell. Probably a lot of sugar babies.
Male crowd: Mostly spoiled Vietnamese guys
Female crowd: Friends and girlfriends of the male crowd above
Age of clients: 18-35
Pick up possibilities: Low
Dress code: Dress to impress

Blanchy's Lounge
Previously called Blanchy's Tash, this is a nice place to have pre-party or after office drinks. It's not as crowded as it used to be, but they always have a few groups of girls who are open to meet expats.

Ratio guys to girls: 60% guys and 40% girls
Percentage of prostitutes: Less than 15%
Male crowd: Expats, Vietnamese executives
Female crowd: Classy women, educated and with a proper job
Age of clients: 27-45
Pick up possibilities: Low to average
Dress code: Office wear

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