50 Best Bars in Jakarta (2017)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
The following article is an update on the most happening bars in Jakarta as of 2017. I visited them at least once this year and I'm ranking them starting with my favorites.

You can just click on the name of each bar to see my full review (if I have one).

Currently, my favorite bars in Jakarta are:

A recent addition to Jakarta nightlife, Basque is already one of the most happening venues in the city. It is very popular with young expatriates and Westernized Indonesians. There is also an increasing number of unattached ladies looking for foreigners. The restaurant serves Spanish Tapas.

Facebook: Basque

Opened in early 2017, Léon is a serious competitor to Basque, but it attracts mostly rich Indonesians (and a lot of sexy girls trying to get them). It actually consists of two venues: The main one, a huge room with a high ceiling, a long bar and a garden, is open to anyone (as long as you dress properly). The second one, smaller, is a member-only speakeasy.

Instagram: Léon

The most famous rooftop in Jakarta. The view is not as good as in Cloud but the atmosphere is less "business-y" and more relaxed. A must for tourists. Strict dress code in evenings: No shorts.

Facebook: SKYE

Another rooftop near SKYE in the Plaza Building (Plaza Indonesia). It is conveniently located in the heart of the city and it offers fantastic views of Jakarta by day or by night. Below Cloud, you'll find some chic but expensive restaurants (Gaia, Salt Grill, etc). It used to be my favorite bar but it has become a bit touristy and their prices have jumped 30% last year.

Facebook: Cloud

Lucy in the Sky started as a laid-back, unpretentious open-air café. Today it is a hip bar, rather expensive, attracting all the cool kids in the capital. Recommended if you are 20-25 years old hipster. Entrance fee of IDR150,000 on weekends.

Facebook: Lucy in The Sky

Walking distance from Basque, Loewy has lost some of its customers in the past year. It is still happening though, and a great place to eat casual French food and to hang out any day of the week. If you are alone in Jakarta, the bar area is an easy place to socialize (and also to meet girls). Most clients are expats.

Facebook: Loewy

Recently renovated, Safehouse is a small bar/club/restaurant catering to a small community of trendy expats and upper-class Indonesians. It used to focus on electronic music, but now they have more eclectic events (hip-hop, old skool, new wave, etc).

Facebook: Safehouse

J. Sparrows
J. Sparrows is a busy bar and grill in the basement of Noble House building (the same as Basque). Nice interior design (1930s Art Deco). I recommend it for a date.

Facebook: J. Sparrows

Pao Pao
Located in Senopati, Pao Pao is a narrow restaurant (serving dim-sun) and bar (mostly whiskeys and rums). 1930's Shanghai interior design with a dim red light atmosphere. It is usually quite full with Indonesian customers.

Facebook: Pao Pao

Monty's occupies a whole 3-floor building in Senopati. The third floor is a hidden speakeasy lounge with live music and an elite crowd of Indonesians. It's better to go there with a group of friends (with a reservation) and to order bottles. Very expensive.

Facebook: Monty's

Discreet but sleek lounge with large bay windows overlooking the Mega Kuningan roundabout. Popular with girls more than guys. Not too crowded but fine for chilling. DJs or live music from Wednesday to Saturday.

Facebook: Flow

The newest expat bar in Jakarta, it is part of the famous International chain of Irish bars of the same name (they also have branches in Singapore, Dubai, New York, etc). Modern, with affordable food and drinks, perfect for watching sports.

Facebook: McGettigans

Located in the vicinity of Lucy in the Sky, the Pallas and the nightclub Fable, Hide and Seek is not as busy as its neighbors but it has more interesting events and DJs (tech-house mostly). Young crowd.

Instagram: Hide and Seek

Just recently opened, Savoi is halfway between a nightclub and a bar. It is built on two floors, usually full of mostly rich Indonesian-Chinese guests. Tasty cocktails. Live music and DJs.

Instagram: Savoi Ultra Lounge

Popular hangout on Senopati. During the day, it is an American restaurant with a diverse crowd (including a lot of middle-aged jilbabers). At night, it is famous for hosting Rn'B and Hip Hop events (by that time, the jilbabers are replaced with young Indonesians).

Instagram: H Gourmet and Vibes

Slowly becoming one of the oldest bars in Jakarta, EP is a hangout for the expat crowd in Kemang. Very large with several rooms (restaurant, sports bar, pool tables, beer garden with live music), it manages to be busy every night.

From the same group, you can also check their sister properties, all part of the Bugil's Group: Cazbar (Mega Kuningan), Double Doors (Puri Indah), De Hooi (Pondok Indah), De Burse (SCBD) and Frank's (Kemang).

Website: Bugils Group

BATS and CJs
Some people prefer BATS, some people prefer CJs. Both are quite similar if not identical: They are 5-star hotel bars with imported live bands and a crowd of husbands having fun away from home. Recommended for older visitors/businessmen who not too comfortable exploring the city. Both are very pricey.

Websites: BATS and CJs

Social House
The restaurant and bar Social House is not a really exceptional place, but it has such a strategic location within Grand Indonesia that I often end up there by convenience. Average food but a wide selection of drinks. It is normally crowded every day. Nice view on Bunderan Hotel Indonesia.

Facebook: Social House

Cork & Screw
There are 3 Cork & Screw in Jakarta, but the only one I've been to recently is the Pacific Place's branch. This wine lounge and restaurant is possibly the busiest nightlife spot in the whole mall, even more than Potato Head and Hard Rock Café. Most customers are Indonesian-Chinese in large groups. You can also buy wine bottles. It's better not to visit alone.

Facebook: Cork & Screw

Also a restaurant/café, Union is very popular with a diverse crowd, from office workers to socialites. Recommended for after-work drinks or for first-time dates (easy to find). It's better to make advance reservation as it is often full.

Facebook: Union

There are two Camden in Jakarta, one in Cikini and one in Gandaria. Both are very popular and busy almost any day of the week. They have an outside beer garden and an indoor area. Cheap prices, perfect for students or backpackers.

Instagram: Camden

Owned by the same people behind Union, The Dutch is a restaurant specializing in cold cuts and sausages. After 10 PM, the music gets louder and you start to see a crowd of drinkers at the bar. Live music on Friday.

Instagram: The Dutch

Paulaner Brauhaus
The famous chain of German restaurant is just above Social House in Grand Indonesia Mall. Live music every night and the famous Paulaner beer on tap.

Website: Paulaner Brauhaus

The original 1930s' speakeasy bar in Jakarta. It has a secret entrance leading to an intimate bar with live jazz every night. Great atmosphere.

Instagram: Prohibition Jakarta

Popular with expats. The single ones go there hunting for girls, the attached ones go there on dates. Good food (steaks) but a bit expensive.

Facebook: Bluegrass

Underground speakeasy bar with a hipster theme (if that's a thing). Young, artsy crowd. Busy only when they have events.

Website: Lola

Masters Sports Bar
A hidden, expat-owned sports bars with the largest screens in Jakarta and 5 professional pool tables. Probably the cheapest prices in the Mega Kuningan area for beer.

Facebook: Masters

An expat bar near Taman Rasuna. Dozens of TV screens on which you can catch any sporting events. Pool tables. Good value Western food.

Facebook: Aphrodite

Primarily a restaurant, their stylish bar can be a great place to go for a drink if you choose the right evening (too quiet on weekdays). They are serving some of the best cocktails in Jakarta.

Facebook: E&O

Potato Head
Potato Head used to be the hottest bar in Jakarta, but that was almost 10 years ago. It is not empty yet, but it would certainly need a refurbishment of some sort to make it exciting again. Great location in Pacific Place. Overpriced.

Facebook: Potato Head

Molly Malone's and Murphy's
Two authentic Irish pubs that were opened by an Irish-Indonesian couple (I'm not sure if they are still the owners as I had heard they were planning to move back to Ireland). One is in Kemang, one is in Senayan. Both are friendly, affordable and busy. They have sports on screens, pool tables and live music.

Facebook: Murphy's and Molly Malone's

Beer Garden
A group of affordable beer gardens (duh...) with 4 locations in Jakarta: Menteng, Radio Dalam, Kemang and SCBD. Usually, they are happening every night (at least the ones in Menteng and Kemang).

Facebook: Beer Garden

Queen's Head
One of the best venues in Kemang to have drinks. Beautiful design, delicious food and an interesting crowd.

Facebook: Queen's Head

Burgundy bar in the Hyatt Hotel (Plaza Indonesia) is generally quiet, but I really enjoy it simply to look at the view of Thamrin/Sudirman. Live low-key music.

Website: Burgundy

Parc 19
Same owner as Léon, Parc19 is a restaurant and bar in Kemang with live music or DJs depending on the day of the week. I find it expensive.

Facebook: Parc19

Liquid Exchange
The closest bar from the Taman Rasuna apartment complex (at least 18 towers), it is generally busy all week long. Indoor and outdoor area. Nothing special but good enough for an affordable drink while watching sports or listening to live music. Same owner as the expat bar Aphrodite (200 meters away).

Facebook: Liquid Exchange

Motion Blue
Jazz bar featuring different artists every week. Entrance fee around IDR150,000 inclusive of one drink. Check their Facebook for the updated event schedule.

Facebook: Motion Blue

Bauhaus is a speakeasy with a bohemian/hipster design (but quite expensive and popular with the elite). Not too busy on weekdays but they have good parties on weekends. Same owner as Lucy in the Sky.

Instagram: Bauhaus

Super Loco

Mexican restaurant and bar with DJs on Wednesday and Friday. Next to Hard Rock Café.

Facebook: Super Loco

From the same owner behind Camden, this is another student bar with very cheap prices (IDR25,000 for a beer during happy hour from 5 PM to 8 PM). Cheerful, yet messy, atmosphere. Located in Gandaria.

Instagram: Halfway

Sports bar, part of the famous American chain, with hot waitresses who stop their work every 30 minutes to dance. Expensive but fun to try.

Facebook: Hooters

The Hard Rock Café in Jakarta is just outside the mall Pacific Place, sandwiched between Super Loco and Cork&Screw. It looks modern and it is spacious, with a large stage for bands to perform. Not as packed as the Balinese branch, especially during weekdays, and a bit touristy (out-of-town Indonesians).

Facebook: Hard Rock Café

If you are in PIK, Mixology is one of most happening bars in the area. It serves Soju, which is popular among the young Indo-Chinese community in Jakarta. Not suitable if you come alone, bring at least a friend.

Facebook: Mixology

Vin +
A group of wine lounges with four locations in Kemang, Senayan, Central Park and Pondok Indah. It never gets crazy but it is fine for sharing a few bottles of wine with a group of friends.

Instagram: Vin +

Melly's Garden
This giant beer garden in Menteng (walking distance from Jalan Jaksa) is an all-time favorite of middle-class Indonesians, young or not, who enjoy the daily live music and the cheap prices. Number one bar for backpackers in Jakarta.

Facebook: Melly's Garden

Another elite speakeasy bar with live music and a hidden entrance. Next to the Senayan Golf Course.

Instagram: Proof

Missing a Bar?
If you think a bar should be included here, please drop me a comment and I will visit the place (if I haven't done it already).

Photo source: All of them were taken from the Facebook/Instagram of the venues mentioned. If you want one to be removed, just ask me!

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  1. One of the better live bands that I've found in Jakarta is at Shy Rooftop in Kemang. Friday and Saturday are pretty packed and have a really good vibe.

    1. Thanks for the tip... I thought Shy Rooftop was closed actually... I need to visit again...

    2. Ya definitely give it a go. I was there only about 2 months ago... don't know if it closed since. I live close by so if you're heading down, let me know! I've only checked out half the bars on this list so I'll slowly be ticking them off.

  2. Any good normal bars in North jakarta?

    1. In PIK there are a few such as Mixology, Hugo's, Bienvenue, Wu Bar... I'm not sure which one is the most happening as I rarely go there... Also you'll find a few in Kelapa Gading... last time I went to the Barrels in La Piazza and it was fine... nothing comparable to South Jakarta though...

  3. I like the way you wrote all this stuffs. To be honest, i often visit this blog just to read it. Let's grab a drink when you are in Jakarta :) cheers. Tria