Jakarta Nightlife 2012: My Top Recommendations

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
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For 2012, this rankings of Jakarta nightlife's best venues are based on my personal preferences only. My criteria for assessing whether a place is recommended or not are varied, but most important of all is whether or not I'm having fun there. It all depends on the music, the people, the atmosphere, and the staff. What I generally don't care about is the design, the level of respectability, the presence or not of prostitutes, or the cleanliness.

My objective is not to give good and bad points, but to help you decide where to go or not in Jakarta if you want to have a great night out, not simply sip on a Mojito and stares at other people sitting next to you. I may not always be right, and that's why I would love to have your feedback by email or simply by commenting this post (very easy, no registration necessary).

Overall, the Top 20 Venues I would recommend in Jakarta this year:

1) Domain
Fun-loving, laid-back upper-class crowd. Eclectic music & events.

2) Immigrant
For a guy: The most beautiful girls go there. Period.

3) Stadium
Used to be my number one, but I'm getting older and I no longer have enough energy. Full of surprises, always something happening, great for anybody who likes underground clubbing.

4) CJs
Always crowded with an odd mix of businessmen, prostitutes, party girls, expats and tourists from the 5 continents. Good live band.

5) Mille's
The place to go after all the above clubs have closed. 

6) Red Square
Still the favourite place for under-40 expats to find their girlfriends. Unfortunately, too empty during the week, too crowded during weekends.

7) 365 Eco Bar
Not crowded enough, but friendly and trying to be different, which is rare in Jakarta.

8) Beer Garden
Diverse crowd of Indonesian students + some expats. Usually good bands.

9) Tempus (Ex Mistere)
I've always loved Tempus (previously known as Mistere), in Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan, even though it is generally empty. Great centerstage and bands with top-notch service.

10) Burgundy
Most romantic place in Jakarta to have a drink, with a fantastic view on Bunderan HI.

11) BATS
Same that CJs but smaller and more western. Difficult to find a place to sit if you arrive to late.

12) Sun City
Grandiose club with perfect sound system, best enjoyed if you book a table with a group of friends.

13) MO Bar
Good DJs but the crowd not consistent. Can be excellent or boring to death.

14) Club 36
Always crowded, always lively until early morning, with non-stop strippers on the bar.

15) Millennium
The loudest sound system in Jakarta, always crowded and closes late. Since last year, it is playing more and more western music (used to be only Hardcore Techno).

16) Golden Crown
Opens late, the live music room is usually happening. 

17) Malio Club

18) Dragonfly
Not as happening as it used to be, but still OK if you are lucky to go there on a good day. Still crowded with models & co.

19) X2
Not to my taste but still popular and interesting to meet you boy/ girl friend.

20) Blowfish
Popular with younger clubbers, mostly wealthy Indo-Chinese, and now specializing in hip-hop/R'n B.

Specific Rankings, if you want something a little more precise depending on your age, wallet or personal preferences:

Top bars/clubs if you are younger than 25 (and wealthy)
1) Blowfish
2) TriBeCa
3) SF Club
4) 999
5) Tipsy

Top bars if you are younger than 25 (and/or broke):
1) Beer Garden
2) 7/11 and Circle K
3) Melly's Garden
4) Equal Park
5) Bremer

Top bars for young executives and expats:
1) Domain
2) Immigrant
3) Dragonfly
4) Shy Rooftop
5) Loewy

Top bars if you are in transit in Jakarta with no friends (and want to meet some)
1) CJs
2) B.A.T.S.
3) Eastern Promise
4) Red Square
5) Jaya Pub

Top "male" one-stop-entertainment (massage, disco, bar, restaurant)
1) Malioboro
2) Alexis
3) Golden Crown
4) Sun City
5) Illigals

Top pick up spots:
1) Loewy
2) X2
3) Red Square
4) MO Bar (on Ladies' nights)
5) Domain

Top 5 Adventurous Night Clubs in Jakarta
1) KSC 117
2) ML Disco
3) Monggo Mas
4) Exotis
5) Siera

Top Nightclubs with longest opening hours (perfect for clubbing after 5am)
1) Mille's
2) Millennium
3) Stadium
4) Golden Crown
5) Exotis

Top Bars for "Sexy Dancers"
1) Malio Club
2) Terminal Classic Lounge
3) Bunker in Hotel Classic
4) Club 36
5) V2 Lounge

Top "not very well known" bars I like to go occasionally:
1) Jaya Pub
2) Sports Café
3) Dyna Pub
4) Face Bar
5) Marley

Top Live Music Venues:
2) Tempus (Ex Mistere)

Top Sports Bar
3) Fez

Top New Openings 2012 (reviews to come)
2) Umbra

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  1. Top "male" one-stop-entertainment (massage, disco, bar, restaurant)
    nommor #1 Alexis Upscale :)) the best there is in JAKARTA

  2. yes indeed Alexis is tha best much better than Malioboro in Alexis you can bring the girl to the pool in Malioboro not :((

  3. Malio Club = Strippers paradise :))the music is sometimes a bit loud ;( but he you are in a strippersclub what do you expect haah the beste places to sit is in front of the podium :)

  4. Hey Thibaud, great to see that you're updating the site. I've been enjoying your reviews.

    I was wondering if you know of any obscure small pubs that are perhaps not crowded but a great place to chill nonetheless?

  5. Obscure small pubs: Try Dyna Pub or Jaya Pub

  6. I am arriving in Jakarta at the start of July. I am not 25 I guess youngish expat type..what is the first port of call for a little bit of possibility vs. gaurentee, if you see where I am going...

  7. small place is Face Bar in the Lanna Thai building; dimmed lights, great music and cocktails and the weirdest pool table i ve ever seen.

  8. please date your posts. since nightlife changes so rapidly, it is useful to know how recent a review is. great site anyways. thanks

  9. I just turned 21 and am here for a couple of weeks in Jakarta! I don't really know anyone here, would anyone know some good spots around town for a girl travelling alone to check out?

    1. For next time trip you can poke me thru runoutthyme@yahoo.com only female alowed...

  10. Well, that's unusual. What sort of places are you looking for?

  11. Well, I'm not the typical girl I guess haha. I'm just looking for a place with a nice chill atmosphere, possibly with good live music, fairly priced drinks, just a good place to meet other students/people besides a bumping club. Just want to find something to do so I don't die of boredom, but also not waking up smelling like cigarettes and bad decisions :p

  12. What's a good non-smoking chill-out lounge for groups of friends (4 friends) with live music but not loud enough that you can't talk to your friends.

  13. Well have u ever heard Luna Negra? That's one of the restaurant in jakarta which presented the good ambience. should try..

  14. Hei important here alone n would like yo drink somewhere tommoro Monday...where is urn best suggestion where ill be able to meet a girl as a companion?hope i get a reply soon..thanks alot ...

  15. Jakarta is a place with many clubs restaurants and bar come n go,most want to make a fast buck but few like Jaya Pub and Face Bar have weathered the storm

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    Thx a lot for your efforts to create this website !

    Greets from Switzerland

  19. I will be visiting Jakarta throughout August and was wondering how it will be with Ramadan. Will bars & clubs be open and if so, will they be lively or dead? Any advice on the best places to go?

    Thanks in advance...

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  23. Fantastic Update.. been following it for a while and good recommendations.. tonight's gonna be Immigrant.. Lets c how that works out for me.. ;)

  24. I'm female in my mid 30's & going to Jakarta for about 10 days. Could someone tell me really nice places with nice musics (either disco types or live)? Where would be the best places to go on my own without being seen as weird...

    1. You can find me in runoutthyme@yahoo.com cheers....

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    i am planning for a jakarta visit by end of Jan or early Feb. Any girl/girls interested to join me?. prefer to go for sightseeing, clubs, shopping etc. together.


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