Little Tokyo is not the name of a bar, it is the name of an area of south Jakarta with a lot of Japanese massage parlours, karaoke and other sleazy sex places. It is not limited to the south, but 90% of this places can be easily found in Jalan Melawai VI and VIII. The opening hours are not very late, from 6pm to 1 or 2 am.

There are at least twenty japanese karaokes in Jakarta, which are very similar. The most popular one seems to be Melodi Karaoke (they have a website here), and other places include: Jawa Jawa, Gokurakucho or the Rifle Bird, Jawa Jawa, Kasumicho Bozu, King Kong Karaoke, Komachi, Minami Aoyama Mama Karaoke, Roppongi PAPA (this one is in Setiabudi One), Cantik Tokyo Karaoke, etc, etc... Many of them, I'm not making up the names, you can find the complete listing on this website here, it is the made for the Japanese community in Jakarta.

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  1. Are there japanese prostitutes in Jakarta or these girls are all indo escorts?

  2. No Japanese girls, only indonesians

  3. Hi, I'm Japanese and I go to "Little Tokyo" for dinner or karaoke a few time a month.. As far as I know, there are about 20 karaoke bars and each bar has about 50-100 ladies. All bars are Japanese or Korean style which means that there are many private rooms, room size depends on the number of customer.

    For first time customer, all available lady stands on the corridor and customer can pick up one of them. Then go to a private room with her and just drink and karaoke. They serve fruits, snacks, and drink, beer or house whisky bottle. If you buy a bottle of whisky, bar keeps it for 3-6months (expiration depends on bar) and you can drink next time you come.

    Usually more than 1 person go together and share fun in one private room, so there is no sex there. But kissing or touching are ok if a lady you choose allows. I think most ladies allow. In one bar, we play game and some ladies take off their clothes one by one everytime they lost.

    For sex, you need to pay about 500,000rp to the bar so that you can take a lady outside and later possible. But in addition to the bar fine, you need to pay tip to her. Tip price depends on a lady but average price is very expensive. Most ladies work like prostitute. Many ladies want to be a girlfriend of customers, so possible to meet her in private if she likes.

    The price for drink in those bar is about 400,000 to 1,200,000/person without buying a whisky bottle. If you go with many people, they give you some discount such as a free whskey bottle.

    Well, Little Tokyo bars are something like that. Hope you have some image now. It's very japanese or korean culture way to have fun. I don't know western people like it or not....

    1. hi. I am Indonesian lady. Really?
      I lived here 22 years but I never go there night time.
      I am so concerned that kind of situation happened here.

  4. hi There, I'm a lady, and sometime I like to have fun in Little Tokyo, just for karaoke, drinks or just want to know because I'm a very curious person. unfortunately ther's no male escort from Japan ha!


  5. Hey I'am not foreign man, I went there to that place it called "Cantik Tokyo" I sent many girls are waiting outside for customer/client to come in. I came there by myself and few girls just sit and spend karaoke with me. They don't ask you to come upstairs. The owner is very friendly. I like that place

  6. Do they have Korean songs at those Karaoke bars?

  7. Ooohhh... I surprised.. I never knew that place, us that convinience?

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  10. Curious that you didn't mention the Maribaya Bar in Hotel Melawai on Jl. Melawai Raya. Maribaya is opened from 11:00 till 23:00 with a shift change at 17:00. It is officially a massage parlour in the hotel, at the 6th floor, with a selection a girls to choose from for a massage and additional service.