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20 Most Famous Vietnamese Pornstars

By Tibs →
Vietnamese girls are reputed to be among the most beautiful in the world (just have a look at my ranking of the  15 sexiest models in the country  to convince yourself). Most of them have a mix of Southeast Asian and Chinese features: Dark hair, almond eyes, pale skin, and a usually slim body. Because Vietnam is a conservative country, it is hard to find an "authentic" Vietnamese pornstar, meaning a girl who lives in Vietnam and who has Vietnamese nationality. The only one you will see online are usually from leaked sex tapes or webcam recordings. That said, don't despair! There are actually plenty of pornstars of Vietnamese ethnicity who have foreign citizenship, most often American or French. In this article, I have combined the most beautiful girls among them, professional or amateur, active or retired. If I forgot someone, please just leave a comment! Need Privacy When Watching Porn? If you need total privacy when watching porn, you should use a VP

30 Most Famous Filipina / Pinay Pornstars

By Tibs →
I was surprised to discover that there are so many pornstars with Filipino blood. Most of them are actually American by nationality, but they have at least one parent who was born in the Philippines before emigrating to the US. However, it is much more difficult to find a Pinay adult film star that still has the Philippines nationality. Indeed, unlike in the US, there isn't a real porn industry in the country except for some amateur productions. They do have some softcore erotica though, as well as male magazines like FHM (see here for the Hottest Pinay FHM Models ). Need Privacy When Watching Porn? If you need total privacy when watching X-rated content, you should use a VPN. This small software, easy to install, will hide your IP address so that nobody knows what you are doing online. You can check  PureVPN  for instance, it only costs less than 2.88$/month. Here is my list of the most famous Filipino pornstars, cam-girls, and erotic models:

Why Porn Websites are Blocked in Saudi Arabia (And How to Unblock Them)

By Tibs →
If you've tried to access a porn website while in Saudi Arabia, you've probably seen an error message that looks like this one: There is a special agency within the government of Saudi Arabia whose task is to track down any website with pornographic or erotic content. Even something very mild may be flagged and added to the "forbidden" list. Porn websites are not the only ones blocked by the government. Any website with "haram" content such as homosexuality, bestiality, nudity, vulgarity, drugs, or gambling will be impossible to reach in the country. The block will also affect websites that promote atheism, hate speech, and of course those who are opposed to the Saudi monarchy. In total, there are millions of websites that are blocked, which can be annoying for someone who is traveling to the country for a short period of time.

Taiwan Nightlife: 15 Best Nightclubs in Taipei

By Tibs →
Taipei nightlife is considered by many expats as one of the best in all Asia. It is a combination of the best things the region has to offer: Modern venues, reasonable prices, friendly people and approachable girls. The number of nightclubs is limited though. Many are only open 3 nights a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesdays are actually getting more and quieter, even with lower entrance fees. SeekingArrangement is the #1 Sugar Baby Website in the World - You Can Join Free There are surprisingly few Westerners in Taipei and as a result, you will get more attention from normal girls compared to  Singapore  or even  Bangkok  (not to the level of Jakarta though). Note: This review was last updated on January 8th, 2019.  Where to Party in Taipei + Hotels A particularity of Taipei's nightlife is that almost all the interesting bars and nightclubs are located in the central area,  near the Taipei 101 Tower . Two nearby complexes have several clubs, bars

Cazbar (Mega Kuningan)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cazbar is a long-standing expat hangout in Mega Kuningan. If you are a newcomer in the city, above your thirties, you may want to try going there to meet other people. It isn't as busy as it used to be, but there are many regulars who come for the laidback atmosphere, the friendly waitresses, and the decent pub food. Also quite many Indonesians among the customers. Upstairs of Cazbar, there is a area dedicated to watching sports, with mainly (each time I go there), English Premier League + Rugby. The bar also have free wifi and some imported newspaper titles.

Social Club (Saigon)

By Tibs →
Social Club and Rooftop Pool Bar is one of the most happening venues in Saigon. It is located on the 23rd and 24th floor of the luxurious  MGallery Hotel Des Arts , which was officially opened at the end of 2015.   Obviously, the main reason to visit Social Club is the view on Ho Chi Minh City. It is splendid, particularly at sunset with the swimming pool in the foreground. Unfortunately, you cannot dip in it as it is reserved for hotel guests and members. Weekend nights have started to become busy, with both locals and expats. They have DJs on those nights. It is not yet a party atmosphere, but you can get a good warm-up and meet people. During the week, it can be quieter, except at sunset time. If you need to take someone on a date, it's a recommended spot.