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Asia Entertainment City: Disco, KTV & Spa (Yangon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Asia Entertainment City is a large nightlife complex occupying the 7th, 8th and 9th floor of a building in Mingalar Market. It is next to the nightclubs  JJ ,  Channel V  and NASA . The 7th floor  has a KTV and a spa/massage parlor. The massage certainly includes a plus plus or sex. I was told it costs 4,000MMK for the basic body massage. I don't know if more tips are required. The KTV is called 747 and the rooms are looking tired.

NASA KTV & Entertainment (Nightclub) - Yangon

By Jakarta100bars →
NASA KTV and Entertainment is one of the nightclubs that you will find in Mingalar Market, a short taxi ride from downtown Yangon. The other ones are JJ , Channel V, Asia Entertainment City, Franc-Franc and 9-F. It is in the same building as the MZ Hotel which, I suppose, has short-time room and a friendly policy towards prostitutes. I visited NASA on a Tuesday night around 10PM. The entrance process is similar to that of nearby clubs: A well-dressed host will escort you from outside the club to the elevator, then to the ticket counter (entrance fee of 5,000MMK with one beer). After you undergo a very thorough body check, he'll get you a table and call a waiter. He will make sure you drink arrives, then ask for a tip and leave.

JJ Entertainment Club (Yangon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Pictures were forbidden inside the club so all I have is this lousy photo of the entrance. JJ is a nightclub and KTV located in Mingalar Mon Market, 100 meters off Banyar Dala Road (Yangon). It is in the same building as Channel V nightclub , Club Franc-Franc and opposite NASA KTV. It has a similar concept as Emperor : In the early hours of the evening, you can watch a fashion show performed by young Burmese girls (who happened to work for the karaoke) and once finished, a DJ will play very loud house remixes until 2AM.

Emperor Club and KTV (Yangon) - Myanmar

By Jakarta100bars →
Emperor is a nightclub and KTV located in downtown Yangon, walking distance from the Sule Shangri-La Hotel . It is considered one of the most upper-class prostitution venues in the capital and it caters mostly to Asian guests (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Burmese). For reasons I cannot comprehend, it is also popular with normal tourists, including Western women. It must be featured in the Lonely Planet or some other travel guidebooks. I visited on a Saturday night at 11PM, just before the closing time of 12PM. A guy, friendly but hungry for tips, escorted me from the street to the club on the 5th floor of an old building. I quickly got a clue what to expect as 2 girls in the elevator started to chat with me. They were friendly and spoke a rather good English but once I said I was not looking for company, they lost interest.