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Wind West Pub (Vientiane - Laos)

By Jakarta100bars →
Wind West is a popular live music pub located in Rue Setthathirath in downtown Vientiane. It was packed when I visited (Saturday night) with a chic local crowd, and about 10% of foreigners (expats or tourists). The oldest bar in Vientiane (since 1992), it is housed in an independent building that you can easily spot from the street. There is no entrance fee and a dress code normally applies (no shorts and no sandals, though most foreigners didn't respect the rule).

Phoenix Nightclub (Vientiane - Laos)

By Jakarta100bars →
Phoenix nightclub is located on Thadeua Rd, about 3 kilometers from the tourist center in Vientiane (just a few hundred meters after Paris Cocktail). It's easy to spot from the street as it is inside a white, flashy building. Phoenix is officially targeting an upper class crowd, the "hi-so" (high society) of Laos: It has a modern design, it features guest bands and DJs from Thailand, and they have a strict dress code. In reality, it is not that stylish. It is quite dark, with mostly young people wearing t-shirts, and the music is boring EDM. Even on a Saturday night at 1AM it was 2/3rd empty.

@Home Nightclub (Vientiane - Laos)

By Jakarta100bars →
@Home (or At Home) is one of the popular nightclubs in Vientiane , particularly among foreigners (expats and tourists). It is quite large but it was only half-full when I visited it on a Saturday night. I'm not really sure I understand why expats like to go there instead of Marina or Gold Star . Maybe it is for the girls (among which some were definitely hookers), maybe it's for the music (a mix of trance-techno). The entrance was free and the price of drinks is standard for a Vientiane nightclub (25,000 for a beer, 40,000 for cocktails).

Mittaphab Club and KTV (Mekong Hotel - Vientiane)

By Jakarta100bars →
Mittaphab Club and KTV is the nightclub of the Mekong Hotel on Souphanouvong Avenue. It is about 500 meters from the tourist center. I saw it as I was walking by and I decided to have a quick look. The entrance was free and I just had one beer (25,000 kip). It is a rather large disco but less than 50 clients were there. It is a bit old-fashioned: You have a podium for the live band, a dance floor just in front of it, and used sofas all around. The music was Laotian. The male customers were above 50, with some Chinese, but most girls were in their early 20s (except a few older ladies). Obviously, they were hostesses from the karaoke next door. In fact, after a quick research on internet I discovered that the  Mekong Hotel  is a hotspot for prostitution in Vientiane and that girls from the club can be taken to a room. Prices I found were 90,000 kip for bar fine, 300,000 kip for short time and 600,000 kip for long time.