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The Dining Room at Immigrant (Jakarta) (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars →
Before it went under renovation, the club and the restaurant of Immigrant were not truly separated. You had clubbers next to you when you were dining, along with loud music and a terrible smell of cigarette smoke. This was obviously a problem and the owners of Immigrant have solved it by opening two different venues: The club Immigrant, and the restaurant, The Dining Room at Immigrant. Both are still next to each other on the 6th floor of Plaza Indonesia, but there is no direct connection between them. The Dining Room at Immigrant is probably one of the best venues for eating casual Western food in the mall, along with Moovina, Saint Louis (La Moda) and Bistro Baron. Compared to those, it has the advantage of being in a quieter location, and therefore more suitable for a date or an intimate dinner. It doesn't have a garden but there are large windows and many plants, giving the place a fresh feeling that it did not have before. I visited during lunch on a weekday.

Ismaya Catering Co. (Grand Indonesia) - The People's Choice

By Jakarta100bars →
Ismaya Catering Co (Changed its name to People's Choice in 2014) is usually one of the busiest cafés in the level 5 of Grand Indonesia, which is already the most interesting area in the mall for dining/hanging out.

H5 (Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!) Level 5 Grand Indonesia

By Jakarta100bars →
H5 (Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!) is a restaurant with a complicated name. I had to ask the waiter where I was because as I wanted to write my review, I could not find the name of the place The name could be a reference to Happy 5, which is the nickname for a party drug in Malaysia ( Nimetazepam ). Since H5 is owned by the OPCO group , behind the nightclubs Domain and Embassy , it would not be impossible. OPCO is also the owner of some popular restaurants like Yellow Fin or Portico .

Jill in MarketBar (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Jill in MarketBar is a restaurant located on the Level 5 of Grand Indonesia. It  is named after its owner, Jill, also behind two similar venues in Jakarta: MarketBar in Lippo Mall Kemang and MarketBar in Kota Kasablanka (see below for more details). The menu features mostly Western dishes, the kind you could find in a restaurant in Australia or England. In particular, I noticed they have "Fried Mars Bar", which I only saw in those countries before. They also serve all the most common Asian dishes. I asked for a Vietnamese Baguette sandwich but I was brought the Fish & Chips. As the waitress was friendly, I didn't say anything. My Fish & Chips was not too expensive (under 100,000rp), but it was very ordinary. The design is ok but I would not go back to Jill in MarketBar for eating. In the same area, I would recommend to you instead H5 or Ismaya Catering Co .

Awan Lounge Rooftop Bar (Kosenda Hotel, Menteng area)

By Nyoman →
Is Jakarta becoming a hipster place ? Yes, if you refer to Awan Lounge, located in Menteng on KH Wahid Hasyim. I discovered this place thanks to a friend and we went there together to have a casual drink before going clubbing. Awan Lounge is located on 9th floor of the Kosenda Hotel, a recent boutique hotel located steps away from Ocha & Bella Restaurant . First advice: don't come with your car since the parking is very small ! Apart from that, I found the place very nice. This is definitely the kind of rooftop bar that this area needed. Kosenda hotel is a boutique hotel with a very unique style: I would define it as hipster but it could also be trendy/relaxing or even Arty-fancy. Awan Lounge is located on the rooftop of the Hotel. The great thing about this place is the view of the Jakarta skyline. You can see Thamrin Residence, Thamrin Executive but also The Plaza and Keraton at The Plaza from this Bar. They have elaborated cocktails starting at 99 K and also f

Morrissey Hotel Jakarta

By Nyoman →
Morrissey Serviced Apartment Entrance Morrissey is a very trendy place. It is a long-stay hotel full of expats and executives working in the area. Everybody knows Morrissey originally for their famous Italian restaurant, Ocha & Bella with charming modern design. I like the atmosphere in the lobby of this hotel, full of old-fashion objects like a 1950's motorcycle, a Vinyl reader or an Antique typewriter. Except for the first picture, I took all the pictures myself with my cell phone for this review, sorry for the approximate quality !  1950's Sidecar Motorcycle in Morrissey's Hotel Lobby 1. The Location Morrissey Serviced Apartment is a located on Jl. Wahid Hasyim, in the Menteng area. This Hotel hosts on his ground floor the famous Ocha & Bella Restaurant , which is one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Jakarta. On the same street you will also find Bars like Beer Garden Menteng , or many other hotels like Akmani Hotel, Kosenda Hotel or

Tom Tom Thai Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
Tom Tom is a Thai restaurant located on Level 5 of Grand Indonesia Mall. I decided to eat there because it seemed modern and chic from the outside. It is also closing at midnight instead of 10pm for most restaurants in Grand Indonesia. The food was not too expensive and its presentation was attractive, but unfortunately the taste is very far from what you could have in Thailand. I had a Green Curry (Rp 48k++) which had no spices at all (it tasted a bit like Opor Ayam if you know it). My friend had a Pad Thai (Rp 58k++) which was bland as well. The supposedly "Fresh" orange juice (Rp 30k++) was probably not 100% fresh (or it was done with local ones).

Kosenda Hotel Jakarta

By Nyoman →
Kosenda Facade After being to Awan Lounge Rooftop Bar in Kosenda Hotel , I was curious about this place. Now that I read the Wall Street Journal Review, I thought that international attention on this Hotel must be a good thing and I had to try it. 1. The Location This Hotel is located on Jalan Wahid Hasyim 127, very close to Thamrin. Jalan Wahid Hasyim is a busy street for Hotels (Oria, Akmani, Ibis but also Morrissey , FaveHotel), Restaurants (my favourite being Ocha & Bella) and Bars like Beer Garden Menteng. The street is very close to Thamrin which makes it a very central location, with a close access to Bunderan HI and Sudirman. The location is thus perfect for a 2/3 days business trip in Jakarta. 2. The Design Teak Wood in the Hallway

Keyaki (Hotel Sari Pan Pacific)

By Nyoman →
Keyaki is a Japanese restaurant located in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, on Thamrin. Sari Pan Pacific used to be one of the Best Hotels in Jakarta back in the 1980's. Now with growing competition on the Luxury Hotels Segment in Jakarta, it is just a good hotel with excellent location. Two outlets are still very popular and worth the detour in this Hotel though, it's the Sari Deli (Pastry and Delicatessen) and the Keyaki Restaurant. This Restaurant is located inside the Hotel, on the right side when you enter through the main entrance. It is still a very popular Restaurant among business men staying at the Hotel or Japanese food connoisseurs. You can read my review about Good Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta , if you want to compare.

Goedkoop Kedai Kopi (Coffee Shop)

By Unknown →
Located in BenHil (Bendungan Hilir), Goedkoop is a small, cozy coffee shop with a Dutch-inspired theme. The food and drinks list is rather common (see menu below), except for some Dutch specialties, but the place has a friendly vibe. Goedkoop Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 62, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Opening Hours: From Monday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm From Friday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm Opened from 7am to 10pm on Sunday

SKYE Bar & Restaurant (Menara BCA)

By Jakarta100bars →
SKYE is the latest venue opened by the Ismaya Group, and for this reason, we can guess it will be the place to be in Jakarta for at least the next 3 months.  The Menara BCA has 57th floor and is 230 meters high. Located on its 56th floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's skyline. The history of rooftop bars and restaurants in Jakarta has shown mixed results, with most places now closed ( Vertigo , Kampus , Pure , Cilantro , etc...). I wish more success for SKYE.

Pesto (Italian Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
Pesto is a stylish Italian restaurant specializing in pastas and pizzas. Its vintage, industrial design is quite similar to other venues in Jakarta such as Loewy , Potato Head or Immigrant . If you enjoyed the theme of those places, you should be delighted in Pesto.

South Beauty (Chinese Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
  South Beauty is a chain of Chinese restaurants , very popular in China for their Sichuan food. They opened their first international branch in Jakarta at the beginning of 2011 and positioned it as an upmarket venue. I visited South Beauty at lunch time, but i think it is the kind of restaurants you should go to during the evening as the atmosphere is cosy and dim-lighted. As you can see on the pictures, the interior is quite spectacular, with lights and furniture selected to impressed the visitors. The menu is very long, and interesting to read as many of the dishes are not usually seen in restaurants (at least the ones i go to): Sea cucumber, shark's fin, abalone, etc... But choosing was difficult since everything was extremely expensive:  Only the accompanying dishes cost less than Rp100,000... I tried a few things: The spicy and sour black fungus (Rp35k++), the braised e-fu noodles with mushroom in abalone sauce (Rp38k++) and the stewed beef with pickled bamboo s

Afterhour (Sarinah)

By The Jakarta Team →
Afterhour is a famous pool-themed bar opened in Jakarta in 2001. Similar in the concept with Score or La Forca , you have quality tables and quite a lot of special events that make it a popular venue for playing pool as much as for hanging out with friends. You have a DJ every night so if you are not used to it, beware because it can be quite loud and disturbing while playing. Afterhour is more expensive than the average pool venues in Jakarta, especially the drinks at the bar.

Bebek Bengil (Jakarta Branch)

By Jakarta100bars →
Bebek Bengil is a Balinese restaurant, originally from Ubud, Bali, which opened a branch in Jakarta in 2009. It was quite a challenge to re-create a Balinese atmosphere in Central Jakarta with the pollution and the traffic, but the final result is not bad. It would have been better to make it in a house in Menteng though because in its current location, you cannot help but see the towers all around the garden. There is another Balinese restaurant nearby which is more peaceful in my opinion, Baruna ( see review ). The specialty of Bebek Bengil (which means "dirty duck") is the Crispy Duck. They also have some popular Balinese, Indonesian and Western dishes, but I didn't try them. Here are a few pictures of the food we ordered: