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Le Bistro (French Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Le Bistro is a charming French restaurant in front of Sari Pan Pacific hotel, near Sarinah. It is a real gem and one of my best discoveries so far in Jakarta. Le Bistro is actually the oldest French restaurant in the city, since 1976. It is owned by Rima Melati , a famous Indonesian actress, who is also behind Jaya Pub and La Bodega Grill in Cilandak. The inside looks quaint, with many antiques, probably bought in France. The tablecloth had old stains on it, but it was clean and adding to the atmosphere (that's my opinion). With some famous French songs playing (Brel, Souchon, Brassens, etc.), it is among other things perfect for a romantic dinner. There were a few customers that evening, all expatriates (Japanese and European).

Jaya Pub (Thamrin)

By Jakarta100bars →
After 8 years living in Jakarta, I finally visited Jaya Pub, the oldest expat bar in the city (since 1976). It is really a shame I never came before because the place would have deserved a review on this blog a long time ago. Owned by Rima Melati and her husband (also behind Le Bistro and La Bodega), Jaya Pub looks like a survivor. Not only has it been around for 35 years, it also hasn't changed during that time: Toto for instance, one of their employees, has been working here since the beginning. He is now 70 years-old, probably the oldest bartender in Jakarta. The decoration is nothing but the accumulation of all the souvenirs and photos gathered over time. You cannot help but feel nostalgic in Jaya Pub, especially if you've been an expat for a while already.

Kahyangan (Shabu-Shabu Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Kahyangan has to be one of the most expensive Asian restaurants in Jakarta. It is part of Nikko Hotel, near the Hotel Indonesia roundabout. I read a few reviews on internet about this place, but I imagine the journalists didn't actually pay for their meals. If you eat there for free, it is a great place indeed. You have an incredible view over Jakarta, attentive staff (though they can be pushy to make you order more) and stylish design. Bring a date here and she should be really impressed.

Pitstop Bar and Live Music Nightlife Jakarta (Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, Jalan Thamrin)

By The Jakarta Team →
Pleasant hotel bar, unfortunately not very happening. They have a decent live band on week-ends, and the crowd is mixed indonesian/expats, most of whom are guests from the hotel.  The day I set foot in Pitstop was a very special one, as it was the 100th bar I had been to in Jakarta. I finished the night early morning in Emerald Disco, which became my 107th. Operating Hours Everyday except Sunday: 5pm to 12pm (until 3am on Friday and Saturday night)

Zen Club, Karaoke and Sexy Dancers (Thamrin) (Updated 2015)

By The Jakarta Team →
Zen is an unofficial bordello owned by the Alexis Group. Expensive karaoke for rich Indonesians/Chinese and discreet Expats (see photos below). Entrance fee is 75,000 min. Amazing looking girls though. Sexy dancers, maybe topless, but I didn't have my glasses that day. Classy enough to bring clients (if you work in oil). Live Music from Monday to Friday in the main lounge. They used to have Romanian sexy dancers every Monday and Tuesday but I'm not sure if it is still on. I heard there was a police raid there during ramadan last year, with a few expats being taken to the police station.