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Greyhound Café and Bar (Grand Indonesia)

By Jakarta100bars →
If you've been to Grand Indonesia recently, you may have noticed a new café/restaurant/bar on the ground floor of the West Mall. Replacing Mad For Garlic, Greyhound is the latest venue of the  Arena group , also behind several famous restaurants like Penang Bistro or Seribu Rasa. The name Greyhound will probably sound familiar to those who know Thailand well. This is where the brand first started, in Bangkok more specifically, in 1997. The owners came from the fashion industry and their idea was to create a venue that would unify their love for design and their love for food. Their first opening met with immediate success and, since then, they managed to open 30 more outlets in 6 countries, including in Hong Kong and Singapore. The one in Grand Indonesia is their latest franchise, and it comes with a twist. Unlike the other branches, it also has a lounge concept with a beautiful bar, a long list of cocktails and spirits, and DJ events on Saturd

Tom Tom Thai Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
Tom Tom is a Thai restaurant located on Level 5 of Grand Indonesia Mall. I decided to eat there because it seemed modern and chic from the outside. It is also closing at midnight instead of 10pm for most restaurants in Grand Indonesia. The food was not too expensive and its presentation was attractive, but unfortunately the taste is very far from what you could have in Thailand. I had a Green Curry (Rp 48k++) which had no spices at all (it tasted a bit like Opor Ayam if you know it). My friend had a Pad Thai (Rp 58k++) which was bland as well. The supposedly "Fresh" orange juice (Rp 30k++) was probably not 100% fresh (or it was done with local ones).

Blue Elephant (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Blue Elephant is a Thai restaurant belonging to the eponymous Blue Elephant Group. It has locations in various cities of the world (London, Paris, Bangkok, Dubai, etc.) and it specializes in authentic, fine dining Thai cuisine. If you are familiar with the restaurants from the Face group or from the Tugu group, you will find many similarities, particularly the ethnic design and the rather expensive prices. Together with Lan Nai Thai, Blue Elephant is often considered as one of the best Thai restaurants in Jakarta, and both are headed by a Thai chef. I was not hungry when I visited so I only had a few bites off my friend's plates (Tom Yam Koon, 45K++ and Tamarind Duck, Rp125,000). I was surprised to see the portions were very small: One dish could hardly be enough for a meal. While the Tom Yam was average, with an unusual sour taste (maybe it's the authentic way?), the duck was excellent and it was presented nicely. From this small sample, I was not impressed, but I have to a

King of Thai (Thai Restaurants)

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King of Thai is a casual dining restaurant located in various malls in Jakarta and specializing, you guessed, in Thai food. They are usually quite small, with minimalist decoration: Nothing could remind you of Thailand apart from a few photos. At lunch time, it should be crowded so do make a reservation if you come with a group. My experience there was limited to their much-praised Mango Salad (Rp26,000++) and the Roast Duck with Rice (Rp42,000++). Both dishes were satisfying considering the price and the location, in Plaza Indonesia. The only thing that really bothered me was the noise coming from the bowling alley next door, so I advise you to visit the place only for quick eats alone or with friends. Roast Duck with Rice (Rp42,000++) Mango Salad (Rp26,000) Overall: Recommended for casual, affordable meals in malls. Opening hours: Everyday from 10am to 10pm

Pad Thai (Mangga Besar)

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Pad Thai is a discreet Thai restaurant in Mangga Besar.  It is not a fancy venue but it looks modern and cozy, with some posters on the wall reminiscent of Thailand. As with most restaurants in this area, the food is cheap and good-value. For a full meal with drinks, Rp50k should be enough. Pad Thai specializes in Tom Yum and Kwetiaw, with some Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng. We tried a bit of everything: