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Abuba Steak Restaurants

By Tibs →
Abuba Steak sounded to me like Abuja Steak, the capital of Nigeria, so I had a strong feeling against this restaurant before visiting it... Fortunately, it was a great surprise and a place I recommend to everyone, excluding vegetarians. The outside doesn't look so great and would need some painting. The inside is similar to that of a warung, basic but clean, with some posters of meat ads. You have about 30 tables, and 1/4th of them were taken when I visited. Many people seemed to complain on internet about the smoke of cigarettes, but in the Abuba I visited, in Wahid Hasyim, no smoke at all since there is a private/closed room for smoking. There is also a small musholla for praying in the back... My only concern was that the AC was not functioning very well, so it was a bit hot for eating. Click on the picture to see the menu

Mamink Daeng Tata (Makassar Cuisine)

By Tibs →
  Mamink Daeng Tata is a famous Indonesian restaurant, with mostly food from Makassar, Sulawesi. They have branches in Tebet, Permata Hijau and Pasar Minggu. I tried the one located on Jalan K.H. Abdullah Syafii'e, which is quite easy to find: Coming from Jalan Rasuna Said, you need to follow Jalan Casablanca, pass Park Lane Hotel and Harris Tebet, then a fly-over bridge, and if you look carefully on your left, you will see it. Daeng Tata is a very simple place, not fancier than a warung, and it brings a mixed crowd of Indonesians from various social backgrounds. You may see a few expats, but it is rare. During the day, it can get hot since there is no AC (at least in the one I went to), so it's best to come at night, with some mosquito repellent. While most customers come for its Barbeque Ribs, I advise you to try their Coto (Soup) or their Konro (Soup with Boiled Ribs) as well, two specialties from South Sulawesi. The service is very fast, I didn't have to wait more t

Warung Desa (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Warung Desa is a restaurant chain with two locations in Jakarta. The first branch, the only one I visited, is in Jalan Agus Salim (ex-Sabang) while the second, more recent, is in Tebet. They serve mainly Indonesian food, with some Chinese, Western and Arabian dishes as well. The design is rather modern and the inside is clean, with air-con. It is a big step-up for the usual "Rumah Makan", even though the prices are only slightly higher. The nasi goreng for instance costs only Rp12,000++, and the mie ayam Rp12,000++.