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Colors Pub (Surabaya)

By Tibs →
Colors Pub is one of the most famous bars/clubs in Surabaya. Centrally located on Jalan Surabaya (next to the Society Complex), it is part of the same group behind Eclectic and Our Bar. It is mostly a live music venue with a large performance stage and tables all around it. They are opened every day of the week, with a different event each night (see their Instagram below for the updated schedule).

Club Foreplay (Surabaya)

By Tibs →
Despite its kinky name, Club Foreplay is a normal nightclub with a crowd of students and executives. It is actually one of the rare venues in Surabaya without any hookers or lady companions. It is located inside the popular mall Sutos (Surabaya Town Square), one of the favourite hang-out place for young Surabayans. After midnight, as the cafés become empty (among which Eclectic ), Foreplay gets more crowded. Foreplay is oddly L-shaped, with two massive pillars in the middle. For this reason, you cannot see everything at once inside, which is not usual. It feels more like a bar than a nightclub. The dance floor below the podium is also tiny as most of the space is occupied by tables. 

Coyote Bar (Ten Club and Karaoke) Surabaya

By Tibs →
Coyote Club in Surabaya is one of the most infamous party spots in the city. It is owned by a group that owns several other clubs, bars, and spas in the city.

Kowloon Nightclub Surabaya (C-Bar)

By Tibs →
Kowloon International Palace is a one-stop entertainment complex in Surabaya. It features C-bar (live music), Kowloon (nightclub) and a Chinese restaurant. They also do weddings and concerts in their function hall. It is located on the 5th floor of the mid-class mall Plaza Surabaya. The first time I went there, the taxi dropped me off at the lobby, but there is no lift so I had to walk through the parking to get there. Make sure you get dropped on the 5th floor.