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New Grand Club, Hotel and Spa (Jambi)

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New Grand Club and Executive KTV is the second most popular nightclub in Jambi after Golden Palace . It is located inside the Grand Hotel which is girl-friendly and has the best massage parlour in the city (see Octopuss ). The hotel itself does not have very good ratings on Agoda but it might do the trick if your plan is to party. It is also near from the popular shopping mall Jambi Town Square.

Mars Spa (Grand Indonesia + Pondok Indah)

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Mars Spa is a massage parlour for male only. It is cheap and relatively clean, with services similar services to  Delta Spa or MyPlace . It is a recommended for those looking for a massage near Sudirman or Thamrin area. It is a cheaper alternative to  Fortune Spa . Mars is build on 4 floors. On the first floor, you have small spa facilities like jacuzzi and sauna. On the second floor, there is a lounge with about 20 girls. Half of them are "plus plus" therapists while the other ones are prostitutes. Above are rooms. The price for 90 minutes massage in a standard room is 190,000rp, in deluxe room 250,000rp and in the VIP room 280,000. You must add a tip for the girl at the end. If you want to sleep with one of the prostitute, you must take the all inclusive package for Rp700,000. The basic rooms only have a curtain so you can hear people having sex next to you. About once a month, they have special party in their lounge. I visited when they had naked girls dancin

Octopuss Spa and Massage Parlour (Indonesia)

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Octopuss Spa is a chain of middle to high-end male spas located in several Indonesian cities. It can be compared to the  My Place Spa or Delta Spa  chains. It also operates some other brands such as Cumi Cumi Spa in Bandung. They provide 4 types of rooms/massages with prices ranging from 20$ to 45$ for an hour. Typically, they will have the following amenities: Hot and Cold Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi (Steam) and Gym. The current number of locations is likely to expand fast. At the moment, you will find Octopuss Spa in the following cities: