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Viorre Massage (Gading Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
Viorre Massage is one of the numerous cheap massage parlours in Gading Serpong. It has just 10 therapists who will end your traditional massage with a handjob.

Malibu Massage (Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
Malibu is a small and affordable massage parlour that opened in August 2015 in Serpong (Tangerang). It is cozy and clean, with a choice of approximately 10 girls. They only offer a handjob finishing with "ice sensation". Full sex is not available. The price is all inclusive: Room + 90 minute massage + HJ. There are 3 types of rooms: VIP with AC and shower inside (Rp100,000), Suite with AC and bathtube (Rp130,000) and President with Jacuzzi (Rp150,000).

Grand Royal Spa (Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
Grand Royal Spa is one of the best spas in Tangerang/Gading Serpong. Located behind Hotel Atria Residence, it is rather large and well-equipped. You will find hot and cold water pools (respectively 40° and 6-8° celsius), a sauna and a main lounge. Small snacks and free drinks are given to all customers. Princes are rather cheap, from Rp200,000 for a 75 minutes traditional massage all inclusive (full body massage + handjob) in the standard room. If you want a deluxe room, with a door instead of curtains and toilets inside, you will have to pay Rp100,000 more for 75 minutes. Facilities only will cost you Rp75,000. No aquarium but you can choose your therapist from photobook.

Gymnastic Spa and Shiatsu 69 (Gading Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
Gymnastic 69 Spa and Shiatsu is one of the dozens of massage parlors to have opened in the Serpong area recently. It is quite similar to other venues in the area. Facilities include hot tub, hot and cold pools, sauna, karaoke and main lounge. The prices range from Rp160,000 for a massage in the deluxe room to Rp208,000 in the Super VIP room (with bathtub, TV and spring bed).

Sekushi Massage (Gading Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
Previously called "Hydro Massage", Sekushi Spa is a Japanese/Korean style massage parlour located in Tangerang, Gading Serpong. The particularity of Sekushi is that the therapist girls wear special costume (cosplay). The costumes depends on the day: You have school girl, air hostess, army, traditional or hawaiian uniforms for instance. The standard massage includes a plus plus for Rp140,000 (90 minutes) in the Deluxe room or Rp110,000 in the Regular room (without shower). They also offer more options such as the twin massage (2 girls) for Rp200,000 and the Flaming Ice Massage (Blowjob with ice) for Rp150,000. They also propose a mysterious "Geisha" treatment with their top therapist for Rp185,000.

Lunatic Massage (Alam Sutera)

By Jakarta100bars →
Lunatic is a massage parlour located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. It offers basic and clean facilities in a discreet area. Services that are part of the massage include a handjob and petik mangga (balls massage). You can get more depending on the girl (naked body massage, private shower or blow job). The therapist can also wear special sexy costumes like schoolgirl, kimono, sexy animal lingerie, flight attendant or nurse. Prices for the standard room is Rp130,000 for 90 minutes (tips recommended) and for the deluxe room with locker inside, Rp170,000. As you can see on the picture above and below, high-ranking officials from the Indonesian police congratulated Lunatic Massage on their opening. This means several things: The place is owned by someone close from the police / the owner has close ties with the Police. Either way, welcome to Indonesia! Congratulations from the Police!

B'Fly Massage Parlour (Gading Serpong)

By Jakarta100bars →
B'Fly is a cheap massage parlour located in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Recently, the area has been experiencing an explosion in the number of budget spas competing with the more established brands such as Delta or My Place . Those places include Dragon Spa , Jupiter , Orchid or La Maestro in Alam Sutera.

Orchid Spa Gading Serpong

By Nyoman →
This is a small massage plus plus place located in Gading Serpong, where you can have a full range of special massages. It is sometimes referred to as the "Kampus". Orchid Spa Massage Plus Plus Ruko Marketplace (Pasar Modern Paramount) Blok P35-36 Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Goji Massage (Japanese-themed) Gading Serpong

By Jakarta100bars →
Goji Therapy is a massage parlour located in the Ruko Paramount Tematik in Gading Serpong. It is quite small with about 10-15 therapist available. It is Japanese-themed yet their signature treatment is the Swedish massage. The price is cheap and includes a happy ending: Rp120,000 for 90 minutes (and only Rp100,000 during happy hours from morning until 3pm) Goji Therapy (Gading Serpong) Ruko Paramount Tematik (Pasar Modern Paramount), Blok N39 GS, Tangerang